T Mobile Simple Choice then and Now copy

T-Mobile is making a few changes to its Simple Choice plans that will give most subscribers more data, more tethering, and bring free international texting to everyone on March 23. According to T-Mobile’s press release, the International texting will be available in 120 countries worldwide. They have also increased their roaming to 122 countries.

The new plans increase the amount of data a subscriber gets across the board. In their new system, the data caps will be 1GB for $50, 3GB for $60, 5GB for $70, and unlimited will see a $10 price bump to $80. This is compared to 500MB and 2.5GB respectively, with 5GB being a brand new option. Of course, calling and texting remain unlimited at all prices. If you’re among the T-Mobile subscribers who are currently paying $70 a month for unlimited data, T-Mobile will give you the option to remain on that plan if you so choose.

It’s also worth noting that the data increase isn’t limited to the usual phone data but also to tethering. Under the new pricing system, each plan will have an equal amount of phone data and tethering. So if you get the 1GB data plan, you’ll also get 1GB of tethering. Unlimited data subscribers will have up to 5GB of tethering on their plans. Note, if you currently hold the $70 unlimited plan, your data will not go up. You’ll have to upgrade to the $80 unlimited plan in order to see that extra 2.5GB of tethering.

T Mobile Simple Choice cost tier breakdown 2014

It’s hard to find anything wrong with this move because there’s really nothing wrong with it. T-Mobile is giving each tier a little more data which is never a bad move. The pricing is going up as well but it was only a matter of time before T-Mobile’s prices got a slight bump. If you’re one of those with a $30 per month plan, we are unsure at this time if T-Mobile will continue to have that super cheap option for people who just need phone service.

Other than the price bump, the rest of these changes should be a pretty welcome arrival for T-Mobile subscribers. Will any T-Mobile subscribers be going all the way up to the $80 per month plan for that 5GB of tethering? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

  • The press release said if you currently have the $70 truly unlimited plan, you’re grandfathered in. They can’t change that plan unless you opt in, so current unlimited customers are safe.

    • Jm384

      That’s what I was reading too. What if I am not under contract anymore tho? They can’t force u in right? ( currently s4 payed off, simple choice unlimited 70 a month)

      • Paul Murray

        if a carrier eliminates a plan or changes it, you keep what you had unless you initiate a change. When you make a change, it’s gone forever and you fall under the new terms. This is all very straight forward. T-Mo is not being sneeky like VZ

    • HumbleGod

      Yep, this is correct. The author just did not do his homework. Android “Authority” indeed.

  • Scott Swanson

    I’m pretty sure the second chart should say 950 MB of data used in the bottom left. Not “950 GB”

  • smokebomb

    I have $70 unlimited. I better be grandfathered in. I moved to T-Mobile because unlimited was $70.

  • Mike

    T-mobile may be the cheapest but the service is still the worsest.

    • Couldn’t disagree more.

    • Roy

      Maybe where you live my where i live T – mobile beats Big Red in signal straight with 4G and voice it all depends where you live

      • Mike

        you’re right, i live in small town, nothing excellent to be expected, but people what their moneys worth. Don’t we all?

    • Dustin Kear

      Where I live the coverage is on par with Verizon, but the speeds are a lot faster

    • Joe12304

      They aren’t even the cheapest. This rate increase takes that title away.

  • Ivan

    This post is full of mistakes. May as well take the whole post down.