SwiftKey, ‘the Android keyboard that learns from you’, will be getting smarter this week. No longer will you have to open a separate app to view your forgotten passwords because with version 5.3, SwiftKey beta users will be able to utilize the power and security of password manager Dashlane.

Dashlane’s app uses the world’s leading encryption (AES-256) to securely store your passwords and will soon be able to link with SwiftKey to autofill your passwords, making the tedious task of remembering, then successfully entering, your passwords a breeze. You may be concerned about storing all your passwords in one place, but Dashlane’s security model includes multiple levels of security to ensure the highest level of privacy for your data. It is also important to note that SwiftKey will not have access to your data but will act merely as an intermediary between the website you are visiting and Dashlane’s memory.

If you are a SwiftKey Beta user on Android, then this new update should be available for you within the week, and you will have the option to opt-in or out for this feature. If you are not currently a beta user, fear not. You can easily become one by clicking here, which will take you to the signup page. 

In the massive sea of 3rd party Android keyboards, perhaps this is what SwiftKey needs to reassert their dominance. Do you welcome this update, or are you still a bit weary about your keyboard suggesting your passwords? Let us know in the comments.

Post by Stuart Lombard

  • Latheryin

    To be honest it is a pointless feature for me. I never use a password manager. If I cant remember it then that is my fault to begin with.

    • Wolfgang Marcos

      Using the same password across multiple services is a huge security risk since if a hacker breaches into one he’ll be able to access all the others. Passwords managers are handy when avoiding such a risk by not only storing your different passwords but also creating devilish complex ones. I really recommend using one.

      • Latheryin

        I don’t use the same passwords. I have about 10 different passwords. All a mix of alpha numeric and symbols.

  • Kartikeya

    It’s Awesome!
    Would Make Life easier, and with Dashlane, I won’t worry about security either

  • Chris

    I only use swift key. all other keyboards are just wanna bes and try so hard but fail each time….

    • crutchcorn

      Fleksy certainly do not want to be lol

  • Creig Smith

    I already use SwiftKey, but don’t need the new feature because I have a password app with its own keyboard. It’s easy to switch between keywords, at least on Lollipop.

    • Chris


  • Rashad

    This is a nice surprise. I happen to use both of these things, combining them is perfect for me

  • patrick

    how does swiftkey compare to google keyboard? i’ve been using google keyboard as a replacement for the horrible samsung keyboard on my S4 and find it to work pretty well.

    • Chris

      It offers so much more. Predictive text, auto correct a shit ton of customization. Themes so you can have a keyboard that’s not just gray