Stick with Android: a cheeky response to Apple’s Move to iOS

by: Andrew GrushSeptember 18, 2015


Earlier this week Apple released its very first Android app, which ironically was designed to help people leave Android behind. We don’t find the existence of “Move to iOS” all that surprising, but what about the rest of us? Those who wish to stay with Android? For us, there’s “Stick With Android”.

The tongue and cheek jab at Apple’s latest app is a simple app that has just one function: providing humor. Upon opening the app for the first time you are greeted with a green screen and a single button that says “Click here to stick with Android”. Click it and you are greeted by a new message “Congratulations, you did it!”.

As priceless as the app is, its official description is actually even better:

Everything about Android is designed to be easy. That includes sticking with it. With just one step, you can keep your content automatically and securely on your Android device with the Stay on Android app. No need to save your stuff elsewhere before staying on Android. The Stay on Android app securely keeps you away from switching to another (worse) platform.

Believe it or not, the app has actually already managed to garner 548 reviews since its release yesterday. Of those reviews, 531 are 5-star and most of them are actually more hilarious than the app itself. As for the 12 others? All one-stars from people who either have no humor, are Apple fans, or both.

To check out the pointless yet priceless app for yourself, you’ll want to head on over to Google Play.

Get it now on Google Play
  • Omar Lopez

    Lol love it! Go Android!

  • Renascienza

    Amazing, really magic!

    I just installed it, and after just one touch I stood on the platform I have chosen at start. Fast, simple, reliable.

  • …it’s all fun and great but the description says… worse? Didn’t know Android was bad :P

    • Jason Louks

      Read it again, it’s referring to ios as “worse” platform. “The Stay on Android app securely keeps you away from switching to another (worse) platform.”

      • …yeah, as in “worse than Android.”

  • Absolutely fantastic.

  • Arkady

    we should get an app on Apple that says: “Move to Android”

    • Jonathan Kramer


    • pseudo

      What about “Adopt an Android”?

    • Basit Saeed

      Try that. It’ll be removed in no time just like other apps that have been removed by the mere mention of ‘Android’.

      • Lets make app that says – “All Hail Apple”. As soon as one install it, show them how to move to Android.

      • mobilemann

        this is sadly true, idiot policy by apple.

  • Andrew Jones

    I’m Android all the way, left windows phone to come here so Go Android

  • Dan McSweeney

    Did you guys notice the version number of the app is “l33t” ?

  • mrjayviper

    Is there an Android feature where I can easily device apps/data like when moving to a new phone or resetting current phone? I’m not talking about Titanium backup which would work but still not as easy for non-techies or Helium which seems to be hit-and-miss.

    I just iTunes backed up and restored my wife’s iPhone and it’s so painless. App data/iMessages/SMS are all there.

    • TheGCU

      Helium & Titanium will do apps & app data. Nothing wrong with a little learning curve. For media, just copy it to your computer and then copy to your new device. Or use an SD card. Just eject it from your old phone and insert it into your new phone. Google also has a phone transfer thing that works pretty well from what I hear.

      • mrjayviper

        you can transfer SMS/app data on microSD. and while titanium will work, this requires root and some people likes for things to just work. Helium seems to be hit/miss and not sure if it can transfer things like SMS and etc.

        What is this Google transfer app? care to link it? thanks

        • TheGCU

          I think the Google thing is built-in now on newer phones. For SMS, try SMS Backup & Restore. Sorry, don’t have a link.

    • Kan

      When you set up a new android phone, they still have a function called Tap and Transfer or blah blah like that, just turn on NFC and beam, that’s it. Is it simple than use computer?
      And if you transfer from the same brand, use their phone manager app, Samsung SmartSync, HTC Studio blahblah.
      Btw SmartSync by Samsung is a good choice. It’s work on all devices even iDevices

      • mobilemann

        You generally don’t get app data. And you don’t have to use a computer for that for iOS.

  • Hotbod Handsomeface

    Apple fanboys can’t accept that not everyone wants to be on an inferior OS with them.

    • smells like teen crap

      and yet all the Apple fanboys go to and talk crap about us, ugh how disgusting they are. they are limited with apple and they don’t have freedom. lol.

      • mobilemann

        i use both, and think you’re just a fanboy.

        • androidDude0923

          I use both as well and i still prefer Android (at least on mobile)

          • mobilemann

            fair enough

    • soupbones

      Yup. what do you expect. Apple is simple so they say. Just like apple users. Simple, maybe even retarded.

      • ctk4949

        You know what crapple ppl say their phone is easier to use, but when I try to do simple things. It takes multiple steps to do them, when on Android it will take far fewer steps.

        • mobilemann

          shocker, guy who doesn’t know how to use an OS takes longer to do things than on his native OS.

          • ctk4949

            How do you change ur WiFi?? I can just go straight from my quick settings, long press on WiFi logo and im in my WiFi settings. All crapple quick settings can do is turn off/on WiFi. You actually have to go in to settings and then wifi to change any wifi settings. You have to do the same thing to find out which WiFi you are connected to, on Android it shows the name of the WiFi in the quick settings. Soooooooo magical!!

          • mobilemann

            i have a lollipop note 3 in front of me. Same amount of steps. pull down notification bar, click and hold wifi, hit new wifi network. On iOS, hit settings, hit wifi, hit network. One step to find what network you’re on too. Magic.

          • Ki Shin

            Yes, because the number of steps equates to exactly how difficult/easy it is, right? The fact that you have to search and scroll through your pages or type for settings, then click on it, and then find and click on Wifi tab, is the same as just swiping down and holding? That logic.

            Also fyi, while you mentioned about pulling down the notification bar, you conveniently left out how to find the settings app(Hint: Setting isn’t on every page). Typical crapple IQ.

          • mobilemann

            you can put things on pages you want, if you access them frequently, i’m sorry i assumed you would figure something that simple out. And hitting buttons takes less time than long clicking them, so if anything, i was being nice to the android side.

            I use android daily. I’m just not a frothing fanboy about it.

          • Ki Shin

            Lol wtf? I’m sorry as well since you apparently don’t know how to read. Good job for pointing out something obvious, and yet nowhere did I mention that you can’t place settings on the home screen. I own both iOS and Android devices bud so don’t worry, I know how to use both. You say you use “android” daily and aren’t a fanboy about it, yet you are fanboying over the iPhone 6+. What kind of idiot are you? Not to mention, swiping down is actually less work on notification bar, while your hands are already on the top part of the screen. And no, hitting buttons does not take less time than long-pressing. Good try though. Did you expect to try and hold down the wifi button for 10 seconds or something? May want to cover up your bs better and talk after actually using an android properly.

            But hey, let’s get past your slow, unstable brain. If you knew anything about android, you’d know you could just add a settings icon on your home screen, or even a wifi widget. What a surprise. Someone who doesn’t know how to use an android, acts like an android expert on the internet to try and hide his fanboying.

          • mobilemann

            how am i “fanboying” over anything? I do use a 6+ (came from a note 3) I’ve never met someone who can type so much without saying anything. It bothers you that much that it’s the same amount of steps?

            how does anything i’ve written indicate i don’t know how to place shortcuts on an android home screen? Are you out of your mind? check my flickr kid (flickr dot com/jessedegenerate) I really do own more android devices than you, and i’ve done 3x more with them (let me know if you really want to talk about tech and a project you’ve worked on, most of my stuff has been automation for the last 6 months.)

            apart from that, have fun being a fanboy i guess.

      • mobilemann

        I do more with my iphone than 99% of you combined, and generate an income off of it, and i switched to iOS with the 6+ and iOS 8. What do you do with your mobile device? Most of you use them exclusively for social media. I’ve duplicated many of my setups with android, but it’s generally not as good of an experience. (google now plugin’s via xposed and autovoice blows compared to homekit)

        I do home automation, server administration, RDP/VNC over VPN, control my sab / sick / couch servers, and of course plex for media consumption, along with my fav youtube downloader, which also destroy’s tubemate.

        The software is better. Sorry.

        • John Doe

          and you are telling us this because you think we actually care?? Dude this is a Android site, we give a very little credit to Apple users. Suggest moving it along to a site that might actually give a damn about what you actually believe in … Bye

          • mobilemann

            You should know there are advanced users that do very technical things on all platforms. Anyone who thinks their platform of choice makes them somehow more intelligent than a user of another platform deserves to be taken down a notch or two. If it makes you feel better, i check equally intolerable apple fanboys over @ insider.

          • John Doe

            Sorry dude, but RPCng and VPN’g is not what I would consider being very technical. I do that with my Nexus 5 all the time. My quirm with you is that you come in here and tell us that iOS is sooo much better than Android, and I take offence to that, because that is a load of horse shit!! You believe what you want, but please do it somewhere else, as we are Android lovin people here.. and there is no place for iOS losers in our forums!!

          • mobilemann

            i don’t say *anything* like that. I refute idiot statements by others. RDP* btw, and yeah, that’s about the least technical thing i listed of about 15 things, but i don’t do it like some idiot with a broker (like users of teamviewr / chrome remote desktop etc.) I have a direct actual connection, 99% of the people here have no problem with that (lol security) and don’t even understand the difference either.

            if you click on my name and actually look at my statements about android, they are generally that i like it. You’ll get over it that a much more technical user than yourself prefer’s iOS, but still (gasp) uses android and participates in android forums. Sorry.

        • Airyl

          I’m sorry but the chances of that being true is 0%. Almost anything iOS can do, Android can find a way to one up.

          • mobilemann

            in my latest projects, many revolving around home automation, android has basically nothing good. There are hacks using autovoice xposed modules, etc, but none of them give actual google now integration like homekit. (gives siri integration)

            you simply have no fucking clue what you’re talking about, but not many people do. Android has to be better. It is in many cases, not in this.

            Try creating a tasker profile that automatically turns on VPN based on if you’re connected to a wifi network, and what one you’re connected to for specific apps. I can do that on iOS, i can’t on android. There’s lots of stuff. You would know if you had done anything besides sat on facebook and snapchat.

          • abazigal

            And it is this sort of mentality which explains why the iphone garners the majority of profits while Android oems are left fighting for scraps. You are hell bent on trying to win in features which simply don’t matter to the average consumers.

            Just take the most elementary of features – ability to get software updates on day 1 without needing to jump through hoops. Lack of carrier branding and bloatware. A curated and thriving app store which often gets apps first. The iPhone user automatically benefits from all this without even needing to do anything on his part. No need to “find a way”.

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  • 404

    Yeeaaahhh Android!

  • The-Sailor-Man

    Wow, flawless!!!
    The app works even with force touch.
    Give it try.

  • ctk4949

    My avatar has a crapple logo, I hope crapple doesnt sue me!! Freaking crapple!!

  • xmattjus

    Soooo many icons in that status bar.. Jeez! XD

  • Javid Nazim Mammadov

    Description sounds like a drunk depressed Apple CEO wrote it

  • Scr-U-gle
  • Janith Deshitha

    Um hasn’t anyone thought if Apple had done this for R&D purposes to see how many will switch to Apple? And probably crack jokes in the next Apple IO

  • Marty

    The “Move to iPhone” app is a response, probably, to the “Move to Android” app Google put out last year.

  • Manoj Chandrashekar

    Lol! This app has “0+” downloads and 3.5k+ ratings/reviews!!

  • Marty

    I’m glad for the Apple app. It’ll help make the move from my GS6 to an iPhone 6S that much easier.

  • Da Fuq


  • Red_Panigale

    80% of the market yet still afraid of a little app from Apple lol. Its hilarious to see fandroids react.

    Not surprising considering how they reacted to Ashley Esqueda buying an iphone

  • 404

    I rated it 5 starz! Yay!

  • don’t let me start. how miuch i hate apple. in level that is only in imagination can say it right. apple is close os in level that is fuckdup. for clear the storage , u need to got 5 steps. and it would delete all ure stuff… for just change wifi SSL or network. u need to get 4 steps. and the worst nightmare. sync files and set a ringtone… on android > settings> sounds> pick> ok

    on iphone>appstore>download an app> contact with usb cable>crop files and trim it to M4R > then sync they app to itunes< then copy the file to spasfic folder unplug and here u go. A FREAKIN NIGHTMARE.

    when i had iphone after 2 days i turn it back to my cellar opreator and got an Android!!! , it was a life changing

    im a type of a guy if u give me locked phone i would get pisst!!! and would be near wanna break it!!!

    the first day i had iphone i wanted to breakit . i scream’d “F**** APPLE WTFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF SON OF B8****”

    and my country dosnt got full support , even that in my town we got the APPLE HQ , apple products is for idiots.

    they say “is easy!! is better” well ure a Moron!! i can’t use products that is of apple or android Hybrid like huawei , im a man that love settings, alot of options. . I dont love jail!! ps im Steve jobs fan!! i got is steve jobs book , i keep it as a reminder for him. but never read it and dont gonna. im fan of is mind!! , if steve jobs know. there “bigger iphone” “stylus” he would come alive and kick tim cook ass!!.

    shame apple.

    • Sherpa

      Typical “what I prefer is what everyone should prefer” response! Good job!

  • Alan S

    This app has been life changing.

    Thank you Mr Developer, thank you.

  • Hiro

    “Cannot restore backup because it’s either corrupted or not compatible with this device” sound familiar? this is one of the reason I gave up on ios. besides, ios still requires more steps to do thing.
    ugly desktop that’s full of icons.
    no share api.
    no file manager which lets you move files in and out ftps, cloud, local storage, other devices, etc.
    ios is still lacking so much.

  • crutchcorn

    Best app ever