Sony Xperia Z Ultra GPe now receiving OTA update for Android 5.1

by: Matthew BensonApril 9, 2015
sony xperia z ultra aa design standing

With the Z Ultra GPe now receiving Android 5.1, we must ask: will the standard version be next?

While Sony is gearing up to release its fourth Xperia Z phone, some phablet fans are still sitting pretty with the original’s larger-than-life cousin, the Xperia Z Ultra. For those who opted to keep things pure, the GPe variant was the way to go. Fortunately, Google hasn’t forgotten about the largest phone to have been offered with stock Android, as the just a few days after Android 5.1 hit LG’s G Pad 8.3 GPe, it’s now time for the Z Ultra GPe to receive the latest Lollipop build.

The update brings the hardware to build LMY47D. For those who can’t wait for the OTA to hit via traditional methods, the file can be manually downloaded and flashed via the link at the end of the post. The download comes in at 212MB which is about the same size as the G Pad 8.3’s update. Note that manually updating the device is not recommended unless you know what you’re doing, as if something goes wrong your Z Ultra might end up as a paperweight.

For those interested in a history lesson, please check out our review of the original Z Ultra for a tour of the hardware:

Has anyone with the Xperia Z Ultra already installed Android 5.1? Let us know your thoughts or experiences in the comments below.

For manual download, please click here.

  • Marty

    Strange that 5.1 is hitting all the periphery devices first rather than Google’s own Nexii. The Nexus 7 2013 nor the Nexus 9 have yet to receive 5.1.

  • M2

    Sony please update the xperia M2 to lollipop

  • g

    Does anyone know if this OTA can be flashed to a non-GPE Z Ultra?

    • sjesudasan

      Nope you cannot. It will brick your phone.

  • chris lynch

    The update fails to install on my and many other users’ Z Ultra… Something to do with a bad install/update to 5.0(.2?)…

  • Joe Zacha

    My Xperia UZ GPE updated to 5.1 just fine. Not sure what I gained.

  • Brian

    Stock GPe locked and unrooted, update fails everytime but insists on reminding me to update constantly

    • Michael

      do it via pc companion, if that is something it uses (im an xperia user but didnt even know this version existed)

    • Jon

      Where you ever able to update it?

    • Orlando Sablon

      The same thing with nexus 9, it’s a google software issue..

  • Jon

    I have a Sony Z Ultra and it will not update to 5.0 Lollipop. The update will begin and then give an error. I called Sony and Google. Both organizations will refer you back and forth due to not being able to support. Sony will say since it is the Google Edition of the phone they cannot assist and Google will tell you unless you brought the phone from them through the Play Store they cannot help you. The only thin Google will do differently from Sony is tell you yo clear the Cache and try to reinstall it. After doing it, the same thing happened. I download Sony PC Companion hoping that would help but it seems short. Neither Sony nor Google are willing to help you. It’s basically a paper weight with Kit Kat. If anyone out there has a solution to update the phone please help.