Sony Xperia “PP10” leaks

by: Matthew BensonFebruary 21, 2016

Mobile World Congress is just about a day away, but that’s more than enough time for some last-minute leaks to be let loose! Today’s topic is a curious new device from Sony, courtesy once again of Evan Blass, better known by his Twitter handle as @evleaks.

The device, which Blass has indicated is known as the “Xperia PP10” (final name unclear) definately has a more rounded edge aesthetic going for it, to say least. Take away points include:

  1. The clear presence of what appears to be a fingerprint sensor built into the Power button along the center of the right side. This speculation is based on the appearance on last year’s Xperia Z5 product line. It is possible that this could simply be a redesigned power button design cue however, and not include a sensor.
  2. The front glass looks to be 2.5D, a recent trend that has popped up in numerous devices as of late.
  3. The back appears to be made of brushed metal, or else plastic to simulate the effect.
  4. The device may allow multiple user profile, as suggested by the blue portrait icon in the top right corner of the simulated screen.
  5. The device, while having seemingly non-existent bezels on the sides, has rather pronounced ones along the top and bottom.


It is unlikely this is a new flagship – the Xperia Z6 for example – as the rear camera lens does not appear to contain any branding or insignia that would delineate its high-class status.

According to Xperia Blog, of the new phones Sony will announce at MWC, at least one will include a MediaTek Helio P10 (MT6755) SoC and 720p display. This could indeed be one of them, with the PP10 code name perhaps offering another hint. Also stated is that all the devices to be announced will be running Android 6.0 Marshmallow.

With this phone presumably just a day away from becoming an official product with the start of Mobile World Congress, it is just a matter of (many) minutes until the cat is out of the bag. For now, however, this image will have to suffice.

Please leave your comments below to let everyone hear your thoughts on this new leaked product and design language, and be sure to check back with Android Authority regularly to keep up with all the latest news and tid-bits from one of the mobile space’s biggest events of the year!

  • Luka Mlinar

    Massive top and bottom bezel as always from Sony but otherwise not a bad looking device :)

  • Marty

    Sweet! They got rid of the jointed construction. Nice.

  • SoThunder

    I like it. Hope it is a flagship with high end specs and loud speakers.

    • Robert Anghel

      si basically a z5. sony just introduced the z5 series some months ago and now it seems already obsolete…

    • Kody

      Doesn’t look like it. They seem pretty low spec.

  • Chief

    Looks really nice, I just hope its a flagship spec. Otherwise, forget it.

  • Hanson Eze

    Nice one…

  • Falenone

    At least that stupid plastic small thing is gone from between the display and the side bezel.
    What plastic thing? Look at the Z5 and you’ll see.

    But the power button is still on the side, if it has fingerprint reader it’s gonna suck again like Z5’s does. Unless they use some newer fancy tech for it.

    • Mak Cau Theng

      The plastic thing is using for waterproof, to prevent water spoiled into devices.

  • Javid Nazim Mammadov

    Top and bottom bezels are a little too thick. Hope it’s for the dual speakers

  • yiharng91

    maybe this is Xperia A, the new series

  • Fredrol

    Hope they finaly ditch the glass back! Then they only have to move the buttons uppwards so you have a place to hold the phone without clicking them!

    Looks great though! I really would like to own a Xperia!

  • T.J.

    A couple things:
    – What about the power button makes it “appear” to house a fingerprint sensor?
    – The icon on the top right just means that it’s at least running lollipop which natively supports multiple profiles. My old Moto X had it and my Nexus 6P has it. It’s nothing special.

  • Kanoosh

    at the end of the day, let’s just hope they ACTUALLY COME TO THE US! , not wait a year later.

  • James Garrett

    It looks like a mid or low ranger to me.

  • Ahmad Khan

    I like it. Hope it is a flagship with high end specs and loud speakers.and releasing date when you do hands on review?