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In case you feel like you’ve read this story before, this isn’t the same Xperia Marshmallow beta program we first heard about back in October 2015. That was for an experimental Marshmallow concept rather than pre-release software. So while beta testers in that program might be the only ones to ever see that particular version of Marshmallow on their Xperia phones, this new beta is the early stages of the software that will soon roll out to everyone.

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February 22, 2016

The beta firmware going out right now is Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow for the Xperia Z3, Z3 Compact and Xperia Z2. Once the bugs have been ironed out and everything is stabilized satisfactorily, the same version will roll out to all Xperia owners, starting with the newer devices and trickling down slowly to older phones and mid-rangers.

Xperia Marshmallow beta 1 Xperia Blog

The program was announced a month ago for Xperia owners in Spain, The Netherlands and Italy, but this is the first beta firmware to be shipped out under the new testing program. Sony has already rolled out Android 6.0 to the Xperia Z5 series and Z3+, so this beta firmware – 23.5.A.0.486 – offers an incremental upgrade over the latest publicly available update.

Xperia Marshmallow beta 2 Xperia Blog

Changes in the new firmware include the new launcher complete with search in the app drawer, the new Camera 2.0.0 UI which you would have seen in the Xperia Z5 models, and the removal of STAMINA mode. There is no option for adoptable storage and the app setting for doing away with the app drawer and putting all apps on the home screen has now been removed.

What do you think of Marshmallow on the Xperia range? Or did you like the Marshmallow Concept better?

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  • mbgrennes

    How about the z3 tablet compact?

    • coach

      It will get marshmallow, this is just the beta testing for the final fw

  • Haik

    Where do I get this Beta version ?

  • RiTCHiE

    RAW SUPPORT PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Neil D’Souza

    Rejecting the memory card by the new update[marshmallow] from Sony on Sony Z5 premium is not a good idea….. I had bought this phone because it supported an micro SD card and now due to the marshmallow update it has rejected the memory card.. Please do something Sony inorder to solve this problem or else people will prefer Samsung

    • coach

      They haven’t removed micro sd support, they removed the option of using the sd card as internal storage, as did samsung and lg in their new phones. But the option being in the Concept for Marshmallow fw, there is a chance to see it come back in a future update

  • Dan

    release release after 1 year waiting lolllllllllllll love my sony Z2 but lollllll
    Android Authority
    and XDA said the same history but on Sony webside nothing

    • coach

      This is just the beta testing, no point on putting it on their website, with official release in a month or so (for the z3 line and z2). The z2 was released 2 years ago, i don’t see any other OEM updating phones from 2 years ago

  • Kevin

    I have z3+ but no marshmallow update.

  • ichuck7

    Did you say the removal of stamina mode? That’s discouraging. I loved stamina mode. I know that marshmallow has battery savings built in, but that’s only if the phone is not moving (which has been improved in android N, but that’s irrelevant in this case).

    • Bishshoy Das

      I am getting more battery life with doze than stamina. I don’t want the stamina mode now. However the ultra stamina mode was still something different. I would like to have that.

  • Rainis

    Its funny how faster the z2s original 4.4.2 kitkat is compared to marshmallow, The most laggy part is entering the app drawrer, I press the “apps” section on my home screen, swipe from right to left to skip the first page, but it skips the page after i’ve swiped twice because it takes time as long as swiping twice. hope you understand.