Smart Lock for Passwords and Saved Passwords website are now available to all

by: Jimmy WestenbergMay 29, 2015
Smart Lock desktop aa

Earlier this morning we told you about a new feature that was included in the newest version of Google Play Services, which is rolling out to devices as we speak. The feature is called Smart Lock for Passwords, which will automatically sign you in to compatible applications, as long as you’ve saved your login credentials into Chrome. Since this feature is specific to Google Play Services version 7.5 and not Android M, starting today, everyone will get to take advantage of the new service.

To access all of your saved passwords in Smart Lock, simply head on over to This new interface allows you to easily manage, view and delete passwords without the need to do it on your smartphone. From here, you can also disable auto sign-in or Smart Lock altogether.

Google Smart Lock passwords aa

On the phone side of things, you can find your Smart Lock Passwords menu in your Google Settings. The new option can be found all the way on the bottom of the screen. From this page, you can disable Smart Lock for Passwords and auto sign-in as well, though you still need to head to the webpage if you want to manage your passwords.

Password managers are already some of the most handy applications out there, so it’s really nice to see Google bake this feature into Android. Google should be rolling out the new version of Play Services any minute now, so try to stay patient if you haven’t received the new feature yet.

  • Julian Andres Klode

    Note that this obviously does not work if you use a sync passphrase to encrypt your passwords, which you should do.

    • Francis L-R

      Aaaah… I was wondering why this wasn’t working.
      Who doesn’t use a syncpassphrase, anyway?!

  • Lucas Baker

    I currently use LastPass and it would be a pain to move all my randomly generated passwords over to this. It also probably doesn’t work with every site and I still have time left on my LastPass premium so I’ll wait for a while.

    • MauriceGriffin

      Me too. Just renewed LastPass Premium too. By the time it expires this feature will probably be even better. I’d say this is bad news for LastPass and other password managers, but like Dropbox, they can still stay relevant by innovating and being on every platform.

      • Lucas Baker

        I much prefer Google Services over others like Drive over Dropbox and Docs over Word but I don’t think this is ready yet

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  • GeneJockey

    I have a Galaxy S6 and the version of Google Play Services is 7.5.71. But I still cannot see any options under Google settings to enable this feature. It is just not there on my phone. Anyone else not seeing this option yet? I know it is being rolled out but it is days now and I don’t know why I can’t see it. Galaxy S6’s had some (related or unrelated) problems with options for “OK Google” from any screen that were recently fixed and now this?

  • Choda Boy

    So, if you have multiple accounts with the same site/service/application, then you cannot take advantage of this? Is there a way to select which account to use?

    I will continue to use LastPass because I can use it on other devices (non-Android) and other browsers (Firefox), but it is nice to see Google adding something to Android/Play Services for this.

  • Hilly

    I’m sure this product is excellent but personally I steer clear of all ‘major’ password solutions just because they are more likely to be hacked. I will stick with my lesser known AES encrypted database for now

  • Roy Corbett

    I am using LassPass but this is very old app So, you can suggest me new app.