Skully brings the power of Android to your motorcycle

by: Andrew GrushAugust 11, 2014


Google is officially bringing the power of Android to automobiles through its Open Automotive Alliance and Android Auto, but what about those that like to hit the open road on their bikes? The Skully AR-1 is a motorcycle helmet that aims to bring the power of Android to your Harley, Indian or what-have-you.

This smart helmet brings you a heads-up display on your face shield that can not only show you useful notifications, but it can also provide GPS data and it can show you what’s going on behind you via an integrated rear-facing camera. There’s also a way to connect to your smartphone for getting online and for linking up your music. The idea is that the Skully AR-1 not only makes life easier, it can also be a great tool for safety as well.

Of course, great ideas like this often come with a few catches. First, the Skully AR-1 isn’t something you can pick up immediately, as it is currently gathering funding through Indiegogo. It’s become abundantly clear that this idea has merit, however, as the project has already nearly tripled its original goal of $250,000 with 30 days left in the campaign.

The other big catch is that early bird buyers will have to give up $1,400 for a Skully AR-1, and it is expected to cost $1500 when it becomes fully available through retailers. The team behind Skully estimates that the smart helmet will start shipping in May of 2015. For more details, be sure to hit up Skully’s website and their Indiegogo campaign.

  • Xavier_NYC

    This is pretty cool… Saw this on another site, having the ability to see behind you in the bottom right corner, navigation etc all in your helmet is pretty sick… If I didn’t have a fear of motorcycles I’d def get one…

  • Sal

    This a neat idea just hope it isn’t too distracting for the motorcyclist since they don’t have protection compared to a car.

  • crutchcorn

    That’s cool!

  • thunder

    Dam I need dis. Along with a bike and a girl or two I’ll be the coolest mother lover on my street.

    • Could get some Tinder in your helmet too, just cruise the neighborhoods while the kids are at school.

  • MasterMuffin

    I don’t get this. Don’t you just want to relax and enjoy riding? My father always says that he doesn’t want any high tech stuff with him while he’s riding. He wants to enjoy the fact that he can just ride, no phone calls, no internet, no GPS, nothing.

    • Good point, MM. Sometimes great to disconnect from tech for a while, and riding affords that wonderful opportunity.

    • Biker from Mars

      If you’re riding on countryside, then yes, get rid all those hi-tech stuff, enjoy the ride to the fullest :)

      But if you’re riding on traffic jam everyday just like me, integrated display on helmet is godsend. It’s more convenient and safer than put out smartphone from pocket every once in a while (when coming to a stop).

      • MasterMuffin

        Didn’t think about that. Finland is pretty much a big countryside (I’m from Finland) :)

    • Teic

      It’s rather amazing, and will undoubtedly do more good than today’s helmets, especially with the rear camera. Also imagine it in motorsport.

    • Aditya Bhatt

      Well said. Having technology everywhere in life creeps me out.

    • john

      I agree

  • bahrta

    The rear camera is nice but besides that Google glass makes more since. It’s the same price & can also be worn without a helmet.

  • Oli72

    On my Xmas list

  • luthan

    anyone else get the crappy vibe from the CEO’s tone of voice? as if he was presenting the fountain of youth or something. relax man, it’s a helmet

    • Gresom

      haha.. yep. “jjjjoiin the fjjjutturre’. Brrr. Sent shivers down my spine.

  • HavocNHell

    Too expensive for a helmet. Helmets are one time only after a hard drop. It may look safe, but it is the fact that it might have caused micro fractures in the helmet it may or may not survive the second drop.

  • HavocNHell

    I do not know what Europe uses besides the ECE Standard. For me, in the United States, a Helmet has to be D.O.T and Snell approved.

  • The-Sailor-Man

    If this helmet is not made of “premium aluminium design”, why should we buy it?

  • With aircooling, video streaming, you could park the bike aside and enjoy movie. And if it is a long road with no traffic, this is a real gift to have.

  • Gresom

    Not for me. I’m an avid biker myself (also Aprilia RSV4, like the vid). For me riding a bike is to get away from it all. It’s just me, my bike and my surroundings. I don’t think about anything else. I don’t need a phone or computer voice in my helmet. I have a zumo gps, but no headset. The rearview camera seems nice, but i can easily look around on a bike. So.. for me personally this helmet is adding all sorts of bullshit i don’t need. I need less windnoise, good ventilation and protection.

  • Not impressed

    Is it me or is the CEO of Skully trying to be Jony Ive?

  • John

    If you are a person who enjoys riding. You will know. Its all the raw elements that make it enjoyable. (Not doubting that the safety elements of this helmet are great) but thats the point of riding. Its that danger/freedom/road concerntration!!? that’s the enjoyment. This in my opinion will take that away. But. Looks cool no doubt.