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Well well! After laying low all December, Saygus has finally shuffled to the social media microphone and hesitantly announced that their long-awaited smartphone, the Saygus V2, will be shipping sometime between now and the end of March.

Unfortunately, this is a story we’ve kind of heard before. Although Saygus is a little-known underdog that we’d really like to cheer for, this device originally premiered at CES 2015 – over a year ago – and has been plagued with postponements and missed deadlines ever since. Although the V2 drew appreciation at the showcase, many of those who pre-ordered wound up bailing on the device in spite of minor upgrades over the course of a year-long parade of delays.

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What’s going on with Saygus?

January 20, 2016

The smartphone went on pre-order in February 2015, and was slated to arrive in customers’ hands soon after. However, “delays caused by manufacturing issues” pushed the official release back to late May. Then June. Then October. Now the company is announcing that we can expect to get these phones in our hands by the end of Q1 2016.

Don’t blame us if we’re a little skeptical. It’s all well and good to cheer for the underdog, but at this point the V2’s specs are severely dated for its price range (~$400). While this may have been an excellent mid-to-upper range device in early 2015, the times they are a-changing. The major flagship devices of 2016 are about to be announced, and the V2 is going to find itself swimming with some more highly-evolved sharks than it can probably compete with.

Did you pre-order a V2? Are you still waiting around for it, or did you bail? Let us know which and why in the comments below!

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  • Fifen

    I pre-ordered the v2. and after a painful year I finally requested a refund. Still waiting on the refund after a year. But in the mean time I have a LG V10.

    • Armaan Modi

      Nice choice!(V10)

      • Fifen

        yeah I really like it.

  • Dan Satalino

    I bailed after their second delay. Fortunately, received my refund quickly. That phone could have shaken things up if it had been released on time. In 2016, it will fail miserably.

  • Dante

    the lg v10 is the perfect saygus alternative ( the only minus being lacking waterproof abilities)

    • Fifen

      I agree. Love the V10. Honestly if LG made a waterproof case that would make this thing super beast. and increase the sales enormously. Cause that is something I really wanted. but comprimised

  • ajftl250

    I’m sooo glad i didn’t order this by time it comes out is completely obsolete

  • Allanitomwesh

    Wow,they still haven’t launched this? That’s sad. Probably because of the dual SD card slots,that feature was fishy

  • BalazsArtner

    Does anyone even care anymore?

  • Gordon Wainwright

    I ordered in Feb … cancelled in November. Sad really … in an effort to avoid shipping buggy product, their poor communication has destroyed their credibility and likely their future as a tech company.
    Even if they had a cutting edge product … no one would have any faith in their ability to deliver it. All due to bad communication.

    I’ve backed Kickstarter projects that have been delayed as long or longer … and not lost faith, because the communication has been good. informative and timely. The Saygus experience just felt “scammy” …

  • DecksUpMySleeve

    Once more came and went(it’s mid April atm).