Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge International Giveaway!

by: Derek ScottFebruary 28, 2016

Welcome to the Sunday Giveaway, the place where we giveaway a new Android phone or tablet each and every Sunday!

A big congratulations to last week’s winner of the LG G5 Giveaway: Jim C. (Australia). Enjoy your new LG G5!

This week we are giving away the brand new Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge!

Introduced at MWC 2016 in Barcelona, Spain, Samsung’s latest flagship offerings include the Galaxy S7 Edge. The larger of two variants of the newest TouchWiz enabled phones, the Galaxy S7 Edge is equipped with the latest Snapdragon 820 SoC, 4GB of RAM, a 3,600mAh battery and so much more. With a 5.5-inch display the real trick is Samsung’s use of two curved edges. We’ve seen the edge design and extra functionality before on Samsung phones, and the Galaxy S7 Edge takes that side-bar to a whole new level.

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Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Giveaway!

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Terms & Conditions

  • The giveaway is an international giveaway (Except when we can not ship to your Country.)
  • If we can not ship to your country, you will be compensated with an online gift card of equal MSRP value to the prize.
  • We are not responsible for lost shipments.
  • You must be age of majority in your Country of residence.
  • We are not responsible for any duties or import fees that you may incur.
  • Only 1 entry per person, do not enter multiple email addresses. We will verify all winners and if we detect multiple email addresses by the same person you will not be eligible to win.
  • We reserve all rights to make any changes to this giveaway.
  • This giveaway is operated by AndroidAuthority.
  • The prize will ship when it is available to purchase.
  • Jura

    What a gorgeous phone!

    Thanks Android Authority!

  • Charith Lakshitha

    Please be Mine!

  • Dexter Cruz

    Nothing is impossible. Just wish for the best!! Good luck everyone!!

  • Rohan J Singh

    another week another chance :D

  • Benjaminlikes GPlus


  • justinisack

    The wheel of chance spins again gd luck !!!!

  • Me till next Sunday ..and congrats Jim C

  • Fahad Usmani

    Why is it always Australia America Canada or some other European country and never Pakistan Iran etc?

    • Android Developer

      statistics. there are more people there that join this kind of competition, so there is more chance for those countries to win.

      • Fahad Usmani

        Yes but that doesn’t mean those countries can’t ever win. I haven’t seen anyone winning from Pakistan even once. Seems like they specifically prefer people from Western countries.

        • Android Developer

          it doesn’t mean they can’t. It means there is a very low chance for this to happen.
          The chance is probably very similar to the chance of a single person to win.
          I live in Israel, and I don’t think there was an Israeli person who won here too, but it doesn’t mean the chance doesn’t exist, and that it will never happen.

  • Jitin

    Congrats Jim C for the LG G5

  • Dian Kirana

    let me win this one please??

  • Sayed Nahyan

    I wanted the g5 really bad! Guess its OK…hope to win this time and best of luck everyone!!

  • Gello Hembz

    Do you ship to PH in case I win? :)
    Good luck to all participants!!

    • Israel Buenaventura

      there’s a winner from PH in winner’s gallery. so yeah they ship to PH. xD

    • Hericho Go

      hi im a filipino…. how many entries do you have?

  • Dhwanish Joshi

    Thank you so much Android Authority for such an awesome giveaway!

  • I don’t know how you manage this each week but keep it up. I just hope I win one of these devices eventually. Good luck to everyone.

  • Kimyban

    which color is on giveaway?

    • Adel AlFareh

      the color is “free”

  • Antony Guan

    Good luck to everyone, also everyone please say to yourself “I’m not gonna win”

  • Țuțu

    where can i check if i won?

  • James Erlngson

    Who thinks we should have a smaller prize each week for the top comment?

    Maybe some Android Figurines? or maybe some Stickers?
    That way all of us in the comment section actually have a chance at winning!!

    • Ainārs Lejietis

      Yes. Except for like 3-5 top rated comments. Because stickers or such stuff can be easily sent to several people without increasing costs and increasing happy people.

    • Žarko Stanić

      Or maybe just a picture of that device,just to make us feel good for 1 second and then we can continue hating game(contest),cuz you can’t hate player :D sry for my bad English btw.

  • Ginder

    I’ve a moto g right now..I want a new phone!

  • Bharadwaj

    Please rethink the Snapchat option….people without a smartphone will not be able to complete all entries. Includes me as well. Thank you !

    • Dian Kirana

      yup same here

    • Also my smartphone does not supports SnapChat…too bad for me

      • Saket

        same :P

    • Arch Angelos

      Just make an account you don’t actually have to use snapchat to get the entry points.

    • Melanie

      My phone has no space LOL I tried to download. My much needed apps are just too large. I need this Edge!!! :P

    • Ezzy

      It’s just an extra option for some. Some aren’t on FB either, or IG etc.

    • Reack

      People without facebook aren’t able to complete all entries.
      People without Soundcloud too, without Twitter too, where is the problem ?

      • Raul Madan

        there’s a possibility of winning with one entry though

    • Luis Miguel Leal

      Yeah you have a point, people without a smartphone (not my case though) should have more chances of winning one!

  • Shipping to India, North-East?

  • Jennifer Aseoche Duran-Timonel

    awesome prize! Thanks for this great opportunity.

  • Cristid

    Maybe this time I win, never won before!

  • !n$!$!on*

    hopes to win :)

  • Tbear91

    finally some international giveway’s ! :D

  • Saad Thahim

    Hope i win the Galaxy S7

  • Isaac Kofi Spellino

    I think AA should come out and specify which regions they don’t ship to do people from those refunds don’t even bother to enter any giveaway competition. Has anyone from Africa ever win?

  • Isaac Kofi Spellino

    I think AA should come out and specify which regions they do not ship to. When they do, people from such regions will not even attempt to enter such giveaway competitions because they are not going to be considered. Has anyone from Africa ever won?

    • 1213 1213

      You still get a gift card of which you can buy what you want with. Sounds like it’s an even better deal.

  • Rick_Deckard

    We never know right…. Good luck folks!

  • KeyserSoze

    Those “winner” photos are probably fake, they probably just paid those guys a coupla bucks (maybe even nothing) to take the “prize in hand” photos. Look at all the social-media accounts you have to sign up for, that’s way too much work. You then have to hand that valuable info over to them so they can benefit from clicks and page views or spam and track your internet activities.

    And what will you get in return? Likely nothing, I 99.9999% guarantee it! Don’t work that hard unless you are guaranteed pay.

    • 1213 1213

      So there is a 0.0001% chance of winning?!

      Great I’ve definitely got this! :D

      • KeyserSoze

        >> So there is a 0.0001% chance of winning? <<

        Nope, there's a 0.0001% chance this giveaway is legit. But let's say if you do have 0.0001% chance of winning, multiply that by the 0.0001% chance of giveaway being legit, your net chance of winning would be 0.00000001%. Hahahaha!

  • Mr.Right

    Edge !!

  • Javier Beltran Carceller

    Buen sorteo, gracias¡¡

  • Gimm Wolff

    Thanks for this opportunity. This is awesome phone and looks so beautiful.

  • Sonia Beltran Paris

    Genial, me encanta¡¡

  • nebulaoperator

    Shipping to MArs?

  • Arothander

    Had a Dream, I won a Phone, I wake up still no phone.

  • really wanna win!! my current phone is terrible and my previous phone got stolen overseas:(

  • nah

    Why does share with my friends doesn’t work i tried 3 times

  • Alejandro Llerena

    The souncloud entry is not working for me

  • Michał Gunia

    I hope 127 time’s a charm :)

    • Hericho Go

      how many entrie you have?

  • Mushfiqur Milton

    I want to win so badly. :'( :D

  • Cakefish

    Fingers crossed!

  • itfa

    Does anybody know if they have made an unlocked US version of the S7 edge?

  • Matic T


  • Toño Galan Ramon

    I want it… I love it… I need it… please !! My Galaxy S3mini no longer works well … it is damaged… It´s true !

  • Iskandar

    lets try again…. Congrats to the G5 winner from the last week

  • SkypeName


  • Margaret Gallagher

    Wow wow wow fantastic prize love to win please
    So generous

  • leo Gomez

    Send me way. Can’t wait

  • Stoffsprenger

    These giveaways suck. You never win despite not missing one of them in five years. When will sites like this finally reward hundreds of us who play every time and therefore promote them?

    • Alexandru Socol

      If you’d be the site’s owner, how would you do that?

  • lucaspart7

    Did Belgium ever win ?

  • Barry Perry

    hope i win i never win anything in my life

  • Anil

    iam not lucky

  • Arol Wright

    Here we go again…

  • Kaspars

    omg. i would shit my pants if i won..

  • Carol

    Would really love to win…one of these day’s.

  • Cory Wayne Chadwell

    Really don’t know what I would do with the s7 that would be amazing well anyways thanks for the chance to win

  • Tyski

    Hello, please tell me… Poland is a country on the list were are You able to send prize? My friends don’t believe me about this contest. How can You prove that the prize and the winners are true?

  • Marco Bairos

    This is the first phone that got me super excited for a phone. If I win anything ever through Android Authority I hope it is this phone. Good luck everyone

  • Gaynor Grant

    Great Comp! Liked and Shared!

  • Mailo Life

    I have some good plans if I win this smartphone.. It will be the best gift for my bestfriend Adam since he can’t afford having a decent phone ?

  • Stev We

    this is definitely the phone i want the most!!!!!!

  • Cristina

    Some female winner would be great ?

  • Kyuknox17(137)

    Maybe this time I’ll win

  • Tom Susala

    Android Authority ROCKS!!!

  • MKA_TR

    Dream phone ?

  • bobs

    Does the winner get an email or do we watch for the winner on the webpage?

  • RDTRGaming

    Good luck to everyone

  • dan rotaru

    How is the winner selected? Could someone explain please

  • LW

    Must have it to hold on to.

  • RickyLionHeart


  • Matt B

    That’s one gorgeous honey – you know you want to come to me :P


    Thanks AndroidAuthority for doing this – we owe you, BIG TIME :)

    Congrats to Jim, make good use of the modularity !

  • Sebastian Caine

    how to join?

  • Sebastian Caine

    really want to experience the vr!

  • Arch Angelos

    I’d be so happy if i won this phone, because i could sell it for so much money.

    • Yury Morales

      thats what i think in every giveaway hahah

  • Beno Tsintsadze

    i keep sharing but it wont give me the points?

    • Sayed Nahyan

      Yes,they shld also register using the link!!

  • kg

    please pick me this time!

  • KiwiBri

    would be nice to get this :)

  • Sheldon Watson


  • Jason


  • Sheldon Watson

    Samsung is my life

  • kelevro

    i’m really losing hope in these things :(

  • ♖R.J.

    Currently in need of a phone ?. Thanks for the opportunity Android Authority team.

  • John Kats

    im never gonna win :(

  • Michael Wilson

    They need some winners who actually look excited that they one anything! Look at the winner photos… Geez!

    • ghulam husain

      yeah they never smile

  • Edmond Leung

    Wow, prize Samsung is fab. & splendid. 2 fingers snap. It is tight, fly & off the chain. Thank you for the awesomeness, the contest, and generosity. :)

  • Hericho Go

    i cant complete it because of the share with your friends!!

  • Hericho Go

    im a filipino and trying to get this one!!! i just hate the last one…. the share with your friends!!

  • Hericho Go

    i really need a new phone because my old phone was a samsung galaxy note3 and its screen is cracked… please pick me!!

  • Sunita Katyal

    Really Wish to win

  • Gabriel Dalcomune

    Aw man if I win I’ll be able to replace my N5 instead of replacing its battery that can’t hold a charge.

  • purushothr

    Nice Phone!

  • Vinayak

    God at least once I should win Help me to win pls

  • Andry Christian

    I sent the link to all my friends, and many of them have already clicked as I personally asked, but apparently my entries did not increase.

    • ghulam husain

      they should get at least one entry only then it counts

  • Sandaru Dilshan

    Good luck everyone..!

  • Dear community members, I would like to know about the shipment to my country,

    As I read the terms and conditions of the contest it was stated that few countries aren’t being accepted for the shipment.

    I am a resident of Asian subcontinent-India.

    Do Android authority provide shipment for India?

    • Alina Shah

      Yes, I guess! I saw an Indian in the Winners Gallery.

  • Alina Shah

    Did you see what I see? It’s S7 OMG :O

  • Paul M Varghese

    I lost hope

  • Prabhath

    Never won …hope this time.

  • Mayooonaise

    Been entering these giveaways for sooo long now. This is the phone I’ve been waiting for since like mid last year. Fingers crossed I win.

    Good luck everyone

  • Minas Panagiotakis

    if your friends does not share ….to win …what are you doing kill them all …or change your friends

  • srgonu

    Waiting to win

  • Candle

    I really hate the giveaway. There must be some problem with the winner selection computer program.
    Always the winner always has abbreviated name or surname, eg. Pen S., Thomas H., etc.

  • nishant

    So the dream phone has arrived.

  • Raphael Dias

    Best Android website! Awsome phone!

  • I would love to have this as my daily driver!

  • Maximino Mayol Terana

    Im Craving for thisssssssss …. i wish i could have one…

  • Wolph Ramírez

    Why if the winners are people who post in the same comment section like all of us, they don’t post any comment excited about the smartphone they win..? and giving some words to all of us to stay trying.. or confirm the prizes are real

    • Sayed Nahyan

      You are right,I have thought about it before…if I would win anything I would flood the comment section bcz of happiness….now I really wonder if these are true!!

      • Nicoline Lopez

        these wins are true seen many thank-yous over the weeks from winner

        • Wolph Ramírez

          Thanks, that’s something… well, must realize is a bad luck thing for me :(

  • Thanks for the opportunity!
    Cross my fingers!
    Good luck everyone!

  • Thai Bao

    I need this

  • Jayair

    dame son i never win, but love this phone, will try one last time good luck guys.

  • Aris

    Xcellent! Good luck! ;-)

  • Aman Emma

    My Samsung galaxy S II which I bought three years back has now totally crushed, please surprise me with Galaxy Edge S 7

  • El zeta-

    Gracias !!

  • KpSkills

    Samsung galaxy s7 edge??

  • Last Kings

    best phone ever galaxy S Edge

  • Last Kings

    No one from Africa and Algeria won
    I hope to win

  • Vidaluz Ortuño Nacho

    How exciting!! :)

  • leo garcia


  • Anu Modi

    again hope to win.. love from INDIA :)

  • @uneezafareed:disqus

    Yeah, Mr Prabhu right?

    But the chances of an individual to win the contest is least.

    Do Android authority declare the winner on the basis of user entries(points) or is it a Random selection?

    • Alina Shah

      It’s random but the entries count too

  • Adebayo Bello

    Does anyone know how the winner is selected?

  • Sharan Shetty

    If we get more than 20 entries we should be atleast treated with pizza who agrees??

    • Alina Shah

      As if they’d give us xD

      • Sharan Shetty

        lol true xD

  • Baldo Sanfilippo

    liked and shared

  • I think referral link is the difference between winning and losing not the time….you followed the Android Authority

    • Alina Shah

      No it’s about luck. Is it just the two of us who always fail? xD

      • I’m getting hang of it.

        • Alina Shah

          What have you learnt exactly! xD

          • Either is this all fake but I’m still entering into giveaways online

          • Alina Shah

            Same here </3

          • Juan Tadeo

            or whats the other option that you have bad luck or that we are all pretty crap at the entries thing

  • Patricia Demedice


  • kittylt

    Thanks for this lovely giveaway good luck

  • fukovzonavabich

    how is the winner contacted? or is his/her name just announced on this page?

    • Alina Shah

      Yes and he/she gets an email too

  • Bristow Xavier

    I Am Definitely Not Going To Get This…………….Tried Almost 2 Times………….I Think Its Because I’M Under 18 Years…………..Hoping

  • Phaze

    It would be nice to have a own phone again ._.

  • Glenn Higley

    Thanks for these great giveaways.

  • Cee Neiton

    Who else here is 100% sure that hes not gonna win this?

  • Pranita Rao

    It would be really nice to actually get something for once!

  • Sergio Crespo Millán

    please from spain,samsung galaxy 7,sergio.thanks

  • Pablo Calero

    wheeeen wheeeeen is going to be my chance!

  • Pranav Unnikrishnan

    “You are creating too many contest entries” I’m unable to enter the contest. Great.

  • Ashley Faye Margrave

    i watched the samsung galaxy unpacked live stream thing for this, it looks awesome :)

  • Zulema Pontes Vidal


  • Venomous

    Good luck everyone! :)

  • Daggett Beaver

    Bad luck, everyone!! I want to win. Muahahahahahahahahaha. (okay, just kidding, good luck)

  • Rafael de Souza

    Eu quero ganhar esse smartphone da samsung

  • Kazi Ananda

    I just wish. I had this phone.

  • robero

    I wish to get galaxy phone

  • Darkaholic Saiko

    Good luck ladies & gentlemen..

  • Zorana Zaric

    Thanks for these great giveaways… This is fantastic phone! Good luck everyone :)

  • Ryuto Arisato

    I would be one of my happiest day if I got this.

    • Ted

      You turn into a day? That’s fantastic.

      • Ryuto Arisato

        Whoops my typo.

  • Senda Ogen

    Better late than never

  • Sheldon Watson

    i love your videos android authority keep it up

  • Mohammed Elborolossy

    Is the winner must be the one who has the largest number of entries or the entries are to increase the probability to win ?

    • ikaros02

      One entry is one ticket. They randomly pick one which is the winning ticket.

      • Krunal Urade

        Yep !

  • yehan wijerathne

    how do you choose a winner?

  • yehan wijerathne

    may be this my 9th GIVEAWAY!

    • Alina Shah

      Might be my 50th ;_;

    • Gabriel Dalcomune

      I lost track lmao

  • Alex Lin

    Hoping to win with one entry.

    • Alina Shah

      THat’s the spirit! :D

    • Even mine will not be enough ….here some people have got 200+ entries.

    • Azka Lazuardi Farghani

      How to entry? i dont understand

  • Gabriel Dalcomune

    Thinking of curved displays, how does it feel in hand?

  • Ryan Dede

    keep the faith and fingers crossed.. ;)

  • Leonardo Lucena

    I have faith, I will winer this gift
    Leonardo Lucena from Brazil

    I’m Samsung fan and no have money to update my mobile, I have a Galaxy Note 2, is very funny but outdated!

    Have a great day all!!!

    • Alina Shah

      Why is it funny?

      • He probably used Google Translate…I think he meant to say “cool”. “Legal, mas antigo” = “Cool, but outdated”

        • Alina Shah

          Allllrighht! :D

    • Ted

      I have Note 2 as well, but mine isn’t funny. I’m going to call Samsung. :(

  • Pavan Kumar

    All the Best to all!! try your best to get more entries!

  • Kalen G

    Definitely hoping to win this for my beautiful new wife!

  • Hericho Go

    how many entries do yo have?? i have 21..

    • Hericho Go


  • Sk Vignesh

    how many entries needed to win the giveaway?? currently i am having 100+.. Post Ur entries count.

    • Hericho Go

      i only have 67 how many is yours?? 100?

      • Sk Vignesh

        300+ enteries.. anybody higher than this??

        • Hericho Go

          howd you get that?? i only have 73… how many exactly do you have??


    waiting to win from a long time

  • DocThor Neuland

    Huuuu hopefully I win this thing… Would be perfect after my htc one m7 is about to die…

  • Brenda Galindo

    Please, please let me be the lucky one ??

  • abhishek patel

    plzz make me the winner this time atleast

  • Mahavir

    I want to win this S7 Edge cuz my old phone sucks and theoretically and practically the original Galaxy S looks like a flagship fron the future infront of my phone

  • Thiru Vetti

    I would love to win the Samsung Galaxy as my first Smartphone :-)

  • Ted

    This week I’m gonna win :3

  • EP4GT Ryda

    Congrats to Jim C for winning the #LGG5

  • Miloš Kramarčík

    podla mna genialny mobil, top mobil na svete, best mobile phone ;)

  • Salah Tazlok

    i hope to win this awesome smartphone :D

  • Asad Mustafa

    i have never won a prize in my whole life pray for me so i can win this one InshaALLAh

    • Alina Shah

      InshaAllah :)

  • Angel Chavez Acosta

    Good luck

  • Filipe Macedo


  • jeffery T frazier

    i would like a new phone mine is not working anymore it served me for 6 years

  • csmehdi

    cooooooool!!! god if you hear me!!! make this phone mine please T.T!!!!!!!!

  • Sagor Sikdar

    I am in love with this phone

  • Hericho Go

    i wish they put the rankings above… i got 51 entires… cause ive invited 15 persons…

  • F

    Should have more female winners ?

    • Ganja Bobby

      Sarcasm? That would be cheating. It’s random.

  • Krunal Urade

    I researched a lot about how to create snapchat and instagram accounts without smartphone finally found blue stacks and I got 2 more entries
    Hopefully my efforts will pay off :) fingers crossed

    • Hericho Go

      how many entries do you have??

      • Krunal Urade

        right now I have 35 for new giveaway i requested my friends to join me

  • This time hopefully i will be in the winners gallery ….. LOLs let me win this time.

  • Derek Goodwin

    hope 2 win ;0

  • Zohaib Khan

    Android Authority select me this time… Iam from pakistan

    • Alina Shah

      I’ve been entering in giveaways since a long time. They don’t make Pakistanis win, I guess :/

  • Georgia

    Great giveaway. May the luckiest win! Congrats…

  • jean depelteau

    Let us see what the s7 gives me when compared to the s5 … marsmellow is key

  • Sk Vignesh

    how the winner is selected ?? By choosing the person who having the largest entries?

  • yehan wijerathne

    hoping to win with how many entries?

    • Hericho Go

      how many do you have??

  • Hericho Go

    i wish i win…. i need this phone so badly!! got 73 entries…. i think i dont have the chance to win this phone…

  • yehan wijerathne

    good-luck to all of you

  • Ronaldo

    The luckiest one wins ofcourse. My chances to win are less than 0.01℅, but it never knows

  • HamidHelal

    do you ship it to Bangladesh ?

  • george kiriakou

    PLease anyone knows whats the app for this entry contest form?

  • Dieni Haqiqi

    Hopefully i am lucky!! InshaAllah

  • Mihaela J.

    How is that all the winners [at least in the pictures] are guys?

    • crysis63

      most males are techies.

      • Alina Shah

        No! They don’t let the females win -_- I’ve been trying since a long time!

  • Sheldon Watson

    i want this phone sooooo bad

  • Reza Ramadhan

    this is my phone :D, i’m colleger, i’m so happy, thanks God

  • Žarko Stanić

    Never participated in this things with luck factor,but we live only once…so il give a shot to this.Anyway i follow androidauthority and xda every day so why not :) What would Bender from Futurama say for this SG-S7 Edge?Probably something like “Hey honey..Nice CPU,ya got there”.

  • Ian

    Haven’t update my phone for last 4 years, after a lot of looking around on Android Authority and Samsung page i’d love to get one of these as a new replacement.
    This has to be possibly the best flagship phone that Samsung have released in a while from all the MWC 2016 videos that AA have done i can not see any phone that can compare to it.
    Thanks guys for all the updates from MWC 2016 it’s been great to see all the new phones coming out keep up the great work.
    P.S. I also did a i phone challenge like yourself Joshua but only for a fortnight, as a friend told me i’d never go back after using one, god how wrong he was while some things were ok I was so happy to get back to my Android and i’ll never give Android up again.

  • Nper

    I agree completely!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Breyannah

    Woah! I hope I win. ? I joined many giveaways, but then, I don’t evn win. ?

  • Joed Zamora Serrano

    This is my first time to join this Give away event :D
    Wish me luck.. :)

  • IzzIrfan86

    Be mine please…(!)

  • Uttarwar Anoop

    finger Xed

  • akshit patidar

    I love samsung’s flagship phones and wanna change my samsung galaxy Y with them but i cannot afford one……this is my first time.I am hopping for a new phone since release of samsung gs4 then waited for gs5 then for gs6…..but never had money to buy one of them.Don’t know how long this hope of mine will continue….:(

  • Piolo Villegas

    Please Android Authority Pick Me..

  • Dilshan

    I hope i can win this :) I just broke my s6 edge just by one drop :( Annnd i dont have any warranty……

  • abhishek patel

    plzz make me the winner this time atleast

  • Harem King

    I dont have snapchat and no friends in my Google account poor me

  • Gabriel Pablo

    I wish I win. I’ll give it to my mother if I won

  • kiwiruss

    hope to win this awesome beast as my Iphone 6 plus is getting real buggy and it looks to me like Samsung pay is about to clobber apple Pay. Its a pity they dropped the IR blaster, but I guess you cannot have everything. If someone wins this and prefers an iPhone, I’ll open to a trade for my 6 plus. Also sad its not got a USB-C.

  • suraj

    SNAP CHAT is Not That Famous Here in India

  • De Dead Guy

    “There is more than one way to win a game. You can win without fighting”-De Dead Guy

  • Wafa Mubarak

    To all guyz and girls who enrolled in the give away,so to cheer u heres my science and maths combined observation. :)
    There is no such thing as luck in this world. Rules, prerequisites, psychological states… There are any number of invisible factors that combine to produce an unpredictable but inevitable result. The victor of a game is decided before it even begins. There is no chance. For example, what’s the probability of drawing the ace of spades from a deck with no jokers?”
    “It’s one in fifty-two, right?
    Normally, yes. But what if it’s a brand new deck? The positions of the cards in a new deck are generally always the same. If you take out the jokers and draw the very bottom card… It’s the ace of spades almost 100% of the time.
    That’s right. I didn’t say a word about it being a new deck. In other words, you didn’t know, right? That knowledge turns the probability from 1.92% to 100%. In other words, the person with that knowledge is the inevitable victor. That’s the reason you have kept losing.

  • Shail

    This is my First Time participating in the Authority Quiz.
    I really envy this Device.

    Fingers Crossed !!

    Best of Luck to all my Authoritians.

  • Sk Vignesh

    i will try to win this giveaway..only 45hrs lefts.all d best to others..

  • Joed Zamora Serrano

    may the best human wins! :D

  • Uttarwar Anoop

    wish 2 win killer smartphone finger Xed tightly !

  • Alina Shah

    I request the winner to comment here after it’s announced

    • I have never seen a winner who has even commented in this section.

      • Alina Shah

        Haina?! Exactly!

        • The Dead Guy

          maybe its all fake,they might be choosing someone relative to them or known to them and rest all of us are being used by the android authority for promotion and expansion….
          any way May The Force BE With Every One And gud luck Insha Allah

          • Alina Shah

            InshaAllah :)

  • Tech Conqueror

    i like the waterproof technology in this version

  • Tech Conqueror

    i like the waterproof technology and the camera autofocus in this version of gaxaxy S7

  • tarun

    Hope I win this time.. All fingers crossed !!

    best wishes to all other participants.. :)

  • prabakaran

    Is this true

  • Luis Miguel Leal

    I just did the math, right now my chances of winning are of 0.001631%
    Wow that is sooo depressing.. :(

  • Aditya Harsh

    Please give it to me this time it’s even my birthday this month.

  • Arsalan Bashir

    Best of luck guys 35 hours left.
    Fortune favours brave

  • Τζοβανι Ντεντα

    Android Authority pliz select me this time… Iam from Albenia….i love this phone….GIVEAWAY in my house

  • Raul Madan

    i like this phone, its surreal in its own way..

  • João Monteiro

    Everyone with their smartphones and I’m still using a Nokia from 2005. #Sadlife

  • Creepy Pedro (King of WS)

    It’s crazy the amount of followers and and subscribers they get with ONE phone. We are all sheep.

  • seniya

    Hope 20th time is the charm! :)

  • G.

    How come there are no women winners…..

  • Uttarwar Anoop

    with great difficulty did snap chat entry too ! hope 2 win

  • My winning chance is 0.0054% which i think is highest that i have ever achieved in last 2 years

  • Andres E. Lopez

    Well, another great phone, another contest and another hope to win. I really hope to win and finally change my galaxy S4.

    It’s been great. I bought it in my home country, El Salvador (We get the octa-core version. gt – i9500). My first android phone and substituting my iPhone 4. They stole it form me with an 64 GB sd card inside. Man, that hurt a lot, after paying $480 cash for it + insurance on day 1 for the 16 GB version. I paid the insurance, that was $180, got another one that I’m using until today.

    Really hope to make the leap and win this badass new phone. Want to give it a try to the Samsung pay feature. My S4 heats too much now (idk why). and lags with some of the day by day android apps (facebook, twitter, etc.).

    Well, good luck everyone.

    And Samsung, if by any means you get to read this and want to donate a 64 GB galaxy S7 edge, I’d love to have it and use it as my second android phone. Yes, my second.

  • Žarko Stanić

    Let’s see,my chance is 17 vs 814282 and still counting :D if i could enter 47898,941176470588235294117647059 times i would maybe win that overperfect device :D

    • Hericho Go

      how many entries?

  • Joed Zamora Serrano

    21 hours left guyz.. So help me God! :D

  • Michał Bylica

    I’m keeping my fingers crossed, I’d love to have this phone so bad (still using my “self turning off” Xperia S)..

  • Gjovani Deda

    Android Authority….I love this phone like crazy…. please give me that phone….I would appreciate

  • Hericho Go

    201 entries… hope i win….. really really need this… please lemme win…..

    • How you got 201 entries?

      • Hericho Go

        by inviting people…..

      • Hericho Go

        by inviting people

        • They said in video that you can only get 20 by inviting….man i barely managed to get that 20 entries that makes my total 47 …..

          • Hericho Go

            i dont know… cause ive invited up to 95+ people…. and yeah ive heard it too…. i dont know why…

          • Hericho Go

            haha!! me too!! i really want to win this phone so bad… so i asked all of my friends and even my enemies tohelp me…. and this is what i get… nothing…

          • Do you think is this real or just a fake. I’m entering giveaways for last 2 years. I never saw a winner who has commented in comment section. All winners are unknown for me. I think they choose winners who have recently subscribed not the old ones.

  • wins4me

    Thank you, I love this giveaway, I need a new phone

  • Anthony Mikhael


  • Zombie brain

    Exited here to pls wish me luck to me or alina shah

  • Gjovani Deda

    Android Authority send this samsung galaxy S7 EDGE in albenia this time…pliz send my that phone

  • Lamar West

    I really & truly need that phone. XD

  • Hericho Go

    4 hours!! goodluck guys!!

  • Edo Firmansyah

    bismillah, good luck everyone

  • Dhruv Thakur

    Hope to winn

  • Sk Vignesh

    HopeTo Win This Giveaway .. All The Best To Others also… 2 hrs left…

  • 2hrs…….fingers crossed

  • arlene adams

    Hoping to win Samsung Galaxy S7 edge I have never ever had a new phone before

    • arlene adams

      Never had a smartphone in my whole life…..

      • L V

        me neither

  • Kenway

    If I win this phone I will give it to alina shah,……..

  • Kenway

    6 more minu

  • Kenway

    4 more

  • Sk Vignesh

    fingers crossed.. 3 mins more

  • L V

    it’s over!

  • Samir Patel

    I have been waiting since last year for the S7, I remember I would wake up each morning and check if there were any leaked photos of the the S7. I wanted this phone so badly, I would always talk about it wherever I went. I annoyed my brother so much with telling him that “I can’t wait till the S7 edge comes out”. When 2 of my friends came to School with an S6 edge I was so jealous cause I would always talk about the S6 and S7 yet I didn’t have one, all I had (have) is an LG Optimus One with broken speakers. I was honestly going crazy watching the S7 reveal. All I can say is that if I were to win the S7 Edge, I would be the happiest person alive.

  • Kenway

    Finished and who. Won

  • Dian Kirana

    who won?

  • Sk Vignesh

    when winner will be announced?? i am getting This Competition has ended..

  • Hericho Go

    who won?

  • Zombie brain

    Omg I can’t believe this guy I won……….. I got the email just now wheeeeeeeeeeeieeee
    Iam the world’s happiest person… Omg!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Zombie brain

      Yaaaaàaaaaaaaa I got it.. Omg

      • Hericho Go

        how many entries?

        • Alina Shah

          He/She had 1439

      • Alina Shah


        • Zombie Brain


      • Hericho Go

        show us the picture…

    • Ali

      Congrats BRo good luck wit the phone i hope you enjoy using it

    • I’m crying in corner…….. ???????

      • Hericho Go

        how many entries youve got… ive only got 221

        • Hell I just got 47, i don’t know how you guys can earn that high amount of referral entries

          • Hericho Go

            if hes the winner…. hes name must be on the top…. right?? or they tell the person first?

          • Hericho Go

            i made everything just to get this… and still im no winner… i hate this giveaway!!

          • Alina Shah

            I had just 21 :(

          • Zombie Brain

            i had 1439 entries

          • Sk Vignesh

            really? post screenshot dude..

          • Alina Shah

            How do you do that? :D

          • Alina Shah

            Congratzz! :D

          • Let meet together and cry in corner.

          • Let meet and cry together

          • Hericho Go

            howd he got those amount of entries… ive even struggled for 221…

          • Hericho Go

            okay… grainne o is the winner… zombie brain is totally lying!!

          • I woke up after a little nap, that Zombie brain has made all of us fool

    • Sk Vignesh

      how many entries you got?

      • Hericho Go

        you sk… how many entries?

        • Sk Vignesh

          i got 1000+ Entries .Hope I win, waiting for the announcement… I think Zombie brain is lying..winner not yet announced..

          • Zombie Brain

            i got 1439 entries dude its just a email.may be someone playing prank with me who know my real name and email id

          • Sk Vignesh

            i will try 2 win next time..

  • Junior

    Make 2016 great for me.

  • Yeshwanth Reddy Karnatakam

    Do you ship prizes to India?

  • arlene adams

    please… let me win….please…..

    • arlene adams

      let 2016 be my lucky year…..

  • Anugrah Putra

    I hope to win this phone

    • Yeshwanth Reddy Karnatakam

      Me Too

  • Yeshwanth Reddy Karnatakam

    When do they announce the winners of Samsung S7 and S7 edge?

  • Sk Vignesh

    let me try my luck.. how they select winners?? by the person who has highest entries or randomly?? anyone know pls tell

  • Isah Jasim

    Who Won This contest

  • Isah Jasim

    My smartphone is dead but i was have account on FB IG SC TW YT etc
    and made new account for that sound

  • Karan Rustagi

    results out ?

  • Gjovani Deda

    I hope to win this phone

  • Last week it took them split seconds to announce the winner and this time it is taking long time

    • Alina Shah

      It’s Zomibe Brain Manu! Let’s have better luck next time! :/

      • adam

        Hello,i would Like to Let You Know Zombie Brain is not the Winner Hes Just Bluffing cause i Send him a Email To his Real name and that fool thinks he won (hes such a idoit he belived and came running to my house telling so i showed him i was playing a prank on him)

        • Sk Vignesh

          anyway Zombie Brain has 1400+ entries, it seems. Zombie Brain will win if none is higher than it..

          • Junior

            We don’t know yet, and there’s no proof

          • Adam

            thats what iam also saying Zombie Brain cant win cause there are allot of tech savvy guy in MIT

          • adam

            he got that because he shared it in our college whatsapp group and other groups.
            plus there a alot of other tech savvy kids in mit who will have high entries iam sure

        • Zombie Brain

          adam its not funny at all that u share this to others,but iam sure i will win wait and see adam…….(god help me!!)

        • Alina Shah

          Adam that wasn’t nice of you anyway. It would have broken my heart, had my friend done this to me

          • Alina Shah


  • alina shan’s husband

    guyz why does it have 2 hours even after the competition ended
    Edit :i took the screen shot from smartphone and not from pc

  • Luke Thomas Knight

    How long after it ends is the winner usually announced?

  • Azka Lazuardi Farghani

    I really hope win this giveaway. I now how samsung it is. it’s very great phone.

  • WInner Announced !!

  • I guess they don’t select from India :(

  • Alina Shah

    Does the winner exist in real? :/

    • Junior


  • choully boy

    Snapdragon edition I love it , and good luck people

  • Where is that savage Zombie Man who made all of us fool

    • Alina Shah

      I’ve tagged you in the conversation.

  • Salah Lemyasser

    hi every one .
    i was wondering why the winners always have a name like : adam O , jason D , mathew J ? while we write our hole names in entries ????

    • Alina Shah

      I believe no one gets the phone. They’ve been fooling us! :/

      • Adam

        I knew it,guys and girls we r being used here for their advertising and expansion and all other things they tricked us to make advertisce them for free of cost.we really shud protest against this.

        • Alina Shah

          True! But how we should do that?

      • I love u

        Can I fall in love with u

        • Alina Shah

          No, because AA has broken my heart and no one can make it again! xD

  • Junior

    Lol, I think this giveaway is a fraud. The winner doesnt even comment, all of the giveaway winners never did. Fuck u AA. This is for advertising and the winner maybe isnt real or their staff.

    • AA is a fraud

      Ya that’s is the reality they all r there staffs,what’s there profit if they gave it us,its a cheap trick AA they made us to advertice its a 0 dollar investment for ad fuck u AA

  • Dzenan Brcic

    I never saw winners comment, i mean id go crazy if I win a phone like this. Ill stop entering this is all a big lie.

    • Aman

      I know right , I was thinking the same , winners never comment … uhmm
      :P you think we are doing the wrong thing by commenting here ?

  • Simo Dominion

    Sometimes I Wonder They Ever See My Name!

  • richardz123

    it would actually be nice if i won something :/ have a android tablet with 500mb left on space and a android phone with 300mb left of space soo yea need more space than 4 gb or even 850 mb

    richardz out

  • Kashif iqbal

    Yes I join

  • krityny n.

    When will the winner be declared?