Reverse Tether: Sharing your PC’s Internet connection to your Android phone

by: Ken EastMay 8, 2012

Don’t you just hate it when your phone’s Internet connection is cut off? A lack of Internet connection really screws things up, especially if you are downloading something very important. You don’t have to worry anymore because there is now a way for you to enjoy the Internet on your phone by using your computer’s Internet connection. How, you ask? There’s an app called Reverse Tether that will do the trick for you. Read on to know more about Reverse Tether.

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Apart from calling and text messaging functions, your Android device is quite useless without the Internet. With out an Internet connection, you cannot download apps, movies, music or even use most of your apps. That won’t be a problem anymore because there’s a new way to access your computer’s Internet connection. Reverse Tether is an app developed by lightlan and is especially useful if you have a limited mobile data plan or none at all. Use Reverse Tether to enjoy your computer’s fast Internet connection without paying for any extra charges on your monthly bill. You can also choose to show your connection as 3G.

How It Works

To use Reverse Tether, simply connect your phone to your computer using a USB cable. Using the app is very easy because the the app will guide you on how to set things up on your computer. There is no need for accompanying software; all you need is your phone’s drivers installed on your computer for Reverse Tether to work. On the other hand, if you know your way around your computer, there is also an option for manual configuration.

After you have set Reverse Tether up, you can connect to the Internet instantly and easily. Every time you want to access the Internet, simply plug your phone into your computer via the USB cable and you’re set.

Although setting up the app is quite easy, there are a few things that you need before you can install it. First and foremost, you need to have your device rooted for Reverse Tether to work. You also need to have a tether option on your device and you computer should have an option to edit the network connections, which most computers do.


Reverse Tether also has some downsides. One great limitation of Reverse Tether is that it is not guaranteed to work on all devices. Based on the reviews, the app worked on some devices such as the Samsung Galaxy S2, Samsung Galaxy 5, and Sony Xperia Arc. Factors like carrier restrictions or the configuration of your phone will determine whether Reverse Tether will work on your phone. Also, the app is not free and although there is a trial version, it only allows you to connect for a certain length of time.

Some users, however, were able to use Reverse Tether on their phone and connected to the Internet with ease. Try Reverse Tether now and have a back up plan in case you lose phone’s Internet connection. You can download Reverse Tether from the Google Play Store.

  • craig0r

    As far as usefulness goes, this ranks right up there with “TV’s Better When It’s Turned Off” and “Your Abacus and You: Who Needs Batteries”

    • Gabba

      Hey now, abacus’ have some old-school cool attached to them; let’s not lump them in with this

      • Guest

        > abacus’ have some old-school cool attached to them

        No they don’t. They really don’t.

        • Gabba

          There’s no arguing tastes. You have your preferences, I have mine, I suppose.

    • Brad

      This app was designed for a niche market.
      Not for every Tom, Dick & Harry.

      Everyone must have heard the saying by now “There’s an app for that” since July there have been over 1 Million apps! In Google Play but I bet 99.99% of those apps you will never use or even hear of but that doesn’t mean they don’t exist or provide a specific purpose which someone out there cant live without.

      • craig0r

        The same kind of niche that still find a use for their abacii.

        Thanks Brad.

  • wifi anyone?

  • Yeah, I don’t get this. Wherever my computer has internet, there is a wifi network that I can connect to with my phone.

    The only place I can think of where that doesn’t apply is my mother-in-law’s house, but instead of fussing with this, I would just use the computer itself.

    • Brad

      That would be because this app isn’t designed for you.
      Many of the comments explain why its great for them. I.E they work on an Oil Rig and there are only Ethernet connections.

  • This would be great for my Motorola Atrix; it has a bug where the wi-fi presents an error and doesn’t work, so I’ve been using up a lot of data!

  • Human Bean

    Only a journalist would think an “Android device is quite useless without the Internet”. Its quite the opposite for humans that use it as a camera, a music-player, and many other things that don’t cost money…

  • Guest

    Let me get this straight… you are somewhere WITH various PC… *AND* high speed connections… but you are nowhere near a 3G or 4G cell tower of any kind… and nowhere near any wi-fi either?????

    • Yep, studying abroad with no data plan. Internet is through cable.

    • Kirtan Doshi

      yes…working on an offshore oil rig which has internet via ethernet on all computers but no wifi or mobile signal ….very useful for me!!!

    • loser

      typical ignorant American teen

    • [email protected]

      Or for me my internet connection I use to connect computer online is too far away for my phone to pick it up.. I don’t want to walk a half block down the road to get internet on my phone. Lol I notice this is an old post but is there any updates as to how this can be done without root? *sigh.. guess I better break down and root my devices

  • orange

    Reverse Tethering is very useful, I’m still wondering why android didn’t have this feature built-in.
    Some people prefer cable over wi-fi because of security and speed.
    Those who have experience WifiKill app might be understand :D
    Also imagine downloading those 1.5gb gameloft game cache over wifi. Hell, I’ll switch to cable connection any day.

    • Guest

      > Some people prefer cable over wi-fi because of security and speed.

      Huh? My cable connect is 7mb/s. My wi-fi connect is far, far fastest… but it still connects to my cable at the same 7mb/s. How is that “better”?

      My wi-fi is FULLY secure. (I wouldn’t set it up any other way.)

      Those are your 2 (false) reasons?

      • snoopy

        no wifi is FULLY secure! If you are sending data packets through the air they can be hacked! and Nothing is more secure that a direct line!

  • Vlcekrad

    This was winmobile 6.5 basic feature :-( I don´t know why there is so much noise about it on Android. This should have been here since the beginnings!

    • Bracknackvackenpack

      as a person who very recently moved from my winmo 6.5 phone to android (only because winmo phone was becoming faulty) I was really, really surprised this wasn’t a default feature on android. it’s very disheartening when one comes from a very dated OS to new one and find that it is, in some ways, inferior.

  • Dude

    Or you could just your home wifi??

  • Dude

    Got to have been written by an apple user.

  • divy

    Does this require your phone to be rooted??

    • Itfriendlog

      Root only so ur phone needs be rooted

    • Itfriendlog

      Although setting up the app is quite easy, there are a few things that you need before you can install it. First and foremost, you need to have your device rooted for Reverse Tether to work. ……………….. It does say so

    • rajj

      “you need to have your device rooted for Reverse Tether to work. “”




  • Tcprocpo

    sony xperia arc s is not working with the 3g emulation failed. any one help ? updated into 4.0.3 android model lt18i. cannot download and all apps cannot work without 3g download. helo anyone can 3g emulation with trial version ?

  • Vc

    because of this chi bai , i rooted my sony and void warranty, but cannot work

  • Shkshk19

    I installed in my s2 and not working. it is asking your mobile is not rooted or access denied. i have not rooted my s2 and i dont want to do. please help

    • Itfriendlog

      Root only buddy

  • Paramjot

    It works!!! thak u very much….

  • maestro17

    just modify settings as shown on the video :

    • Jesus

      WIFI=Moron, this is about connecting via a cable

  • bino

    Will it work on a ‘Tablet’ type android device (Not android phone)

  • James

    Is it possible to share this data got through reverse tether on other phones or tablets through wifi?

    • Brad

      I suppose once you have reverse tether enabled theoretically you should be able in enable WiFi or Bluetooth tethering on the phone to share with others as long as the phone has built in tethering.
      Try it out and let us know.


    Even after rooting my phone (Galaxy mini) reverse tethering is not working. Always showing failed.

  • Xperia arc user

    On HTC mobiles this feature is built in. As soon as you connect your usb to computer it gives options. Oh how I miss my HTC.

  • Mauricio
  • sam

    It doesnt work on Galaxy fit

    • Aquadog

      I’ve tested it on a galaxy fit and it works ok :)

      • hassan

        how !! it ask for root how can i root ?

  • Kain

    I have Xperia Arc S, with Android 4.0.4
    I Rooted my devise. did everything. It still isn’t working?
    It’s stuck at the Desired IP and Gateway.

    can anyone please help me

    • Soham

      Hey Kain..
      You can do this for any wifi enabled devices. You need to create an access point network from your laptop. For step by step discussion visit

  • kian

    Browser don’t open any webpage. Only Weather app and mail (not gmail!) works. What should I do? –Xperia arc s — android 4.0.4, can someone please help me?

  • I tried to connect my phone to intrnet using Reverse tether app… but it didnt connect… I don’t have any problems with my internet connection and I also followed the instructions in the software but it still doesn’t work. I use a Samsung Galaxy Ace. can anyone give me anysolution?

  • Soham

    I think there is no need of any app or any third party software for doing this. Any guys you can do this for any wifi enabled devices. You can do this by creating an access point network from your laptop. For step by step discussion visit

    hope this would help you.
    Thanks.. :)

    • Jesus

      I hate this sort of retarded comment. Reverse tethering is 100% COMPLETELY about connecting to the internet via a CABLE. People don’t come here looking to set up wifi connections. Moron.

  • arya

    Not Working with Motorola Attrix 2

  • Rähül Damn

    Is there anything that doesn’t required rooting…I hv bought my phone just abt 2 weeks and really don’t want to prick it so soon..and everything I want to requires rooting…so why don’t they sell rooted devices…with some extra cost…

    • rooting isn’t as difficult as you think….if you’re so fussed about root only apps you might as well root your device…it’s fairly easy with the help of youtube videos and xda forum……

  • tadams

    galaxy s????

  • where is the link to downloade reverse tethering..??

  • metallist
  • Dhez Narciso

    does this thing work on lan connected pc

  • mukesh

    can this done in sumung grand phone becuse their is no option like that

  • Chewbacka Grizelda

    I’m new to Android, so this is a dumb question, but how do I get this app on my phone? What web address do I type in on it? My phone didn’t come with this app already, so I’ll need to get it from somewhere when I’m connected via wifi at a Starbucks or something.

    • Chewbacka Grizelda

      Sorry. I just noticed the green link for it at the bottom of the page. Just wanted to suggest a traditional giant green button that says “Download” in large/bold white text, closer to the top of the page. That’s what I was looking for, initially.

  • harshvardhan

    my mobile was connected & internet was use for only surfing i can’t download any app or games from play store how to fix it

  • rajj

    gmail not working lg g2 802 internet in working

  • Govindarajulu .K

    Hi, how to root Micromax Canvas Spark Q380 ? Help me with any useful ideas. I’m tried using framaroot and few more apps.

  • Xuancong Wang

    it does not work on recent devices like Galaxy S7 with Android 6 and later