This is what the Reddit app looks like

by: John DyeFebruary 3, 2016

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Ever since Reddit announced the start of the closed beta, we’ve been curious to see how their official app would function. Today we got the chance to peek behind the curtain and see what it is the beta testers are playing with.

Reddit screenshot 2

Right off the bat, we like the visuals. The home-screen icon as an elegant Material Design feel to it. The Reddit Is Fun icon looks downright shabby by comparison. The sleek aesthetics continue to wow once you get inside the app. Everything slides around smoothly and the Night mode option is something we’ll definitely be using.

Reddit screenshot 3

However, the home screen is a little bit clumsy. By default, all the images are shown at full width, which makes quickly skimming your Reddit front page something of a hassle. You can turn these preview images off, but getting it to actually work is extremely hit-and-miss. In fact, all the settings feel a little buggy, and you often have to restart the app to put them into effect. But hey, that’s what betas are for.

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All in all, it’s a pretty well put together app for something that’s still in development. We’re reluctant to judge it too harshly by its flaws at this early date, because if they can get the functionality to be as polished as the visual design, then we’re going to be looking at a pretty serious competitor here. For now, however, you’re still better off sticking with a third party rather than hunting down an unauthorized .apk of the beta.

Reddit screenshot

What are your thoughts regarding Reddit’s official app? Are you a part of the beta test? Let us know your opinions so far in the comments below!

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  • Galaxy366

    I’ll stick with Reddit Sync.

  • XTR

    How could I test that app?

    • It sucks, just stick to what you are using

      • John William Dye

        He’s right. It’s truly not very good at this stage. Maybe it will improve, fingers crossed.

      • no

        hey you’re that same idiot who said someone uploaded an APK to YouTube, maybe you should go learn how apps work

        • I got the apk off of youtube, if you couldn’t make out that it meant someone put the link to the APK in the description then guess who’s the idiot? Or did you want me to baby you and break down step by step how I got it? Sorry me no entertain idiots. Find a life!

      • XTR

        OK thanks, I’ll keep using Slide for Reddit

  • It sucks, trust me. I’m not in the Beta but some guy uploaded the apk on youtube.

    • no

      Uploading APKs to YouTube, good call dummo that makes zero sense

      • Someone could theoretically put a link to a download in a YouTube video description. It’s not “uploading it to Youtube”, but that statement gets the point across.

  • philnolan3d

    Well, it looks more usable that the website, that’s a step in the right direction.

  • sri charan

    It received an update yesterday which fixed some bugs and reply function works well now….

    • Henz

      Mind to upload the app?

      • sri charan

        I replied with a link to the apk and aa took it down….I don’t think we can post download links here….sorry…

  • Sarwar

    Dude, they asked not to post the screenshots in their user agreement. Its unethical.

    • neonix

      Screw that. This is the internet! Rules do not apply!!!!11

  • kcz7

    I see a Night Mode. YASSS!! Good job, Reddit. -from us night shift workers

  • anvesh dommeti

    i will stick with Relay for Reddit :P

    • Sikksens

      same, best one I’ve used so far!

    • neonix

      Same. I’ll give the official app a try, though, but I tested every third-party app on the Play Store and ultimately decided Relay was the most well-rounded and easy to use for me. These screenshots make it appear a bit messy, but I’m sure it’ll be much more developed by the time it’s released.

  • gg

    Should’ve acquired Bacon Reader instead. This is just burning money.

  • s2weden2000

    it smells i say it smells…