At Google I/O 2015 Google formally took the veil off of Project Brillo, the company’s new OS and platform for Internet of Things. Brillo is a new Android-based solution that is power frugal and should work with even the most basic hardware. Google worked hard with Nest to make Brillo, with security at the front of all their design decisions.

Brillo will be run through a centralized console and will support Bluetooth and Wi-Fi for connectivity. Not a lot of details have been shared on how Brillo will work, though Sundar Pichai did mention it will use a common language to talk to devices, called Weave. Weave is a new protocol that not only works with Brillo, but is cross-platform and can be used with other IOT OSes.

Brillo will hit developers in Q3 this year, though no word on when it will be fully ready for prime time. As for Weave, the full stack will surface sometime in Q4 of this year. This story is still developing, so please be sure to check back over the next few hours!

…. Developing …

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