PornHub VR section will keep tech enthusiasts real busy [NSFW]

by: Edgar CervantesMarch 24, 2016


Great! Now I am the weird bearded guy in the team who happens to have written about porn twice in one week. I guess duty calls, but if you have free hand over your time you might just be able to enjoy a bit more entertainment than me tonight.

Porn is always pushing into new markets and VR is a steamy topic right now… as is PornHub’s new VR section. That’s right, PornHub has just launched its new VR section in partnership with BaDoink. This page will have plenty of content for your viewing enjoyment, all free and easy to access.

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VR porn is a very interesting phenomena. I had the chance to check it out once (for the sake of keeping myself in the loop when it comes to the latest tech trends), and can say it was definitely a crazy experience. But I can tell you one thing – finding content for testing was not easy. One had to go and either pay or download short clips from random sites.

PornHub is making your search for content easy with this new VR category added to their repertoire. And of course, this site has its reputation, so you wouldn’t just be diving into extraneous sites in the dark place that is the internet. PornHub ranks #65 in Alexa ratings and got about 21.2 billion (yes, with a ‘b’) visits in 2015. It is not only one of the most popular sites in porn, but also in the whole web.


The adult entertainment industry has always been known for pushing new technologies forward, and this is pure testament of that. VR may not be new, but it is certainly booming and everyone wants to give it a try. The porn industry is now joining reporters, musicians, game developers, movie producers, YouTubers and even ASMRtists (my personal favorite).

Want to give VR pornography a try? All you have to do is go to using your VR headset. It is compatible with the Samsung Gear VR, Gogole Cardboard and plenty of other VR goggles. Have fun!

  • Barath Panchadsaram

    time to buy a vr#lol

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  • Randy_Thompson

    Sadly it seems like their selection of gay VR porn is incredibly lacking. Just clips from Virtual Gay, which already produces content pretty darn slowly. Sigh.

    • Aki I.

      Be happy they had something. I couldn’t find any tree porn. Sigh

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    Edgar cervantes, bruh!!!! U had me rolling by the way u started the story………AWESOME job as always ???

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    Heh. Gogole.

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  • Pez Smith

    Porn, you say?
    Porn with VR support, you say?

  • Gumbopudding

    Ok this is just a collection of samples(no money shots) of badoinks website. Not really a VR section but a promo section for their VR movies.

  • Dusan

    Useless, just buy Samsungs VR since that way you can easily connect to your phone and hide yourself in the toilet ;)

  • The Doctor

    VR porn? Like I needed another excuse to rub one out during the day.

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    Well, isn’t that special!