Polytron Technologies shows off its transparent smartphone

by: Robert TriggsJanuary 29, 2013

transparent smartphone

Taiwanese tech company Polytron Technologies has released some information about its prototype transparent smartphone. From the pictures you can see that sadly it’s not entirely transparent, the camera, SD card and some of the electronics are still clearly visible. Even so, it’s not a bad start.

Whilst it’s debatable exactly how useful a transparent smartphone will be (I often misplace my perfectly opaque handset and I’d hate to have to search an almost invisible device), I’m actually quite interested in some of the technologies used in the prototype, mainly the transparent touch screen.

Taiwan firm unveils prototype of transparent cellphone

Personally I’d find much more use for the likes of Samsung’s flexible, transparent touch screen. I’d really like a touch screen that was thin enough to use as a keyboard on my desk, which I could then pickup and use as a news reader or internet browser if I wanted to take a break from sitting in front of my PC. As for use in a smartphone, I’m just not quite so sure the technology serves much of a purpose.

Polytron Technologies claim that a finished version the transparent handset could be hitting the markets before the end of 2013. Whilst I don’t think I’ll be rushing out to buy one, I’d like to see if there is actually any consumer demand for a transparent smartphone.

  • Ugo Marceau

    Looks awesome. But I’m worried that if you’re looking at the screen against a very light background you may not see a thing…
    These kind of screens would be awesome on a window: you look outside and the window tells you how cold it is outside. That’d be sweet !

    • Peterson Silva

      Yes! Don’t know why they’ve applied such technologies to a phone. Look around the house and you may find better ideas!

      • Rob Triggs

        My thoughts exactly. There are so many interesting ways you could use a transparent touchscreen around your home or at work, but it just seems wasted on a phone.

  • Joey

    Looks like a good start, but I’m 100% positive they went into the future to steal this idea from Apple and bring it to market before them.

    • Ah yes, because Apple is the only company with the ability to make “innovations”

      • bioman

        apple now is only an aesthetic device… they invent things before but they dont innovate

        • I was being sarcastic, I know what Apple does.

  • Noah

    Cool… and terribly stupid. Yet another way to mess with people’s eyes.

  • BrainOfSweden

    Definitely not useful for anything except maybe texting and reading stuff while walking, which can sometimes be a problem. I still want one though, just because.

  • Topcat488

    Looks like the windshield of my next new sports car… niiiiiiicccccccceeeeee.

  • Are you sure its not just some piece of glass or plastic with stickers. lol

    Cuz i honestly think you can’t make chips and batteries transparent yet.

  • imagine u lost it transparent phone!

  • is it April 1st already

  • McMagi

    While I don’t see much use for this screen in a phone, this would actually be quite interesting in tablets, interactive windows, and augmented reality.

  • Binom


  • Dog shit!! Where is a power supply?? It looks like a simple lcd display with some acessories!!! Don’t fuck our heads!!

  • Ксения

    думаю это хорошая идея такого смартфона..только как быть если телефон оставил или положил где то дома??мне кажется будет трудновато искать….если только звонить себе на свой номер…

  • nilaydon

    It looks promising, but how will you see the display if it’s hard to see while indoors? Current displays are hard enough to see outdoors for many phones.http://www.nwoow.com/techonology/worlds-first-polytron-technologies-transparent-smartphone-35361/