Back in October, a source in Pepsi leaked the news that the mega-corporation would be releasing their own line of Chinese-based mobile accessories and even their own smartphone. We got some preliminary specs on the device, but heard no further word on the so-called P1.

Now, however, it looks like world’s 29th largest business is ready to make headway in the mobile market. The official announcement of the phone took the form of the $19 billion company launching a crowdsourcing campaign on the Kickstarter-esque fundraising platform JD Finance. Now we have a better idea of what this phone will look like and what exactly will be under the hood. The one thing that remains to be seen is whether or not there will be enough interest in the device for the campaign to meet its goals.

The Pepsi Phone will come with a 5.50-inch 1080p display and run an octa-core 1.7GHz MediaTek MT6792 processor. 2 gigs of RAM and 16 GB of internal storage are housed in a sleek metal frame and a 2.5D glass display cover.  The cameras are a 13 MP device on the back, and a 5 MP one for selfies. The battery is 3000 mAh, and a fingerprint scanner is mounted on the back side of the device. The P1 will run Android 5.1 Lollipop when it arrives and it looks like the price is going to be about $200. That’s some pretty impressive bang for your buck.


So far the project has raised $89,000, which is still a far cry from their $470,000 goal (3 million Yuan). The deadline for the fundraiser is December 3rd, so there’s no guarantee that this project will make it off the ground.


The first 1000 supporters who pledged $78 (499 Yuan) will receive a P1 device for their support, which was a screaming deal that is sadly no longer available. However, those donating even just 1 Yuan have a chance of getting a device, as these supporters will go into a lottery in which 1 of every 500 will win a P1. Supporters pledging the full price of the device $203 (1299 Yuan) will also receive a P1, and there are no limits on this donation tier.


We’re only two weeks out from the end of this campaign, so we may not see this product become a reality. Still, it’s an interesting project. These Pepsi Phones won’t be made by Pepsi, per se. Rather the company is licensing its branding for use on this product in addition to a forthcoming line of accessories and apparel.

What are your thoughts on the P1? Worth the Yuan or just a yawn? Let us know in the comments!

  • TJ

    So it’ll use natural parts overseas and use cheap knockoffs for the US, just like their soda.

    • sri charan

      shots fired….

      • none

        Or it will be a second-rate also-ran imitation phone. Similar to how Pepsi is a second-rate also-ran cola compared to the real thing.


    Pepsi Challenge v2.0

  • catapult

    arent they making enough money from drinkds, whats wrong with them??? its like google making towels for bathroom, they could have rather invested in creating their own line of coffee, tea etc,a profitable industry within beverages, closer relatively, to their beverage business, they are dumb

    • MC Wong

      Each time you use or look at the phone, it reinforces in your mind to drink Pepsi. Free advert for the 2 years you have the phone.

  • Fabian Taveras

    Its a yawn but it could have some potential. Like for example if you own a Pepsi phone you get $1 off any Pepsi product as long as you own the phone.

    • Karthik Endhiran

      I don’t get it for 200$ that phone has some pretty decent close to flagship spec. Why a yawn?

      • Airyl

        The processing package being used in this device is the MTK6592 chipset, which was the main CPU used by Chinese manufacturers in mid-range devices from 2 years ago. It was never that good of a CPU to start of with, with it’s somewhat lacking graphics performance and terrible GPS. Nowadays, there’s tonnes of better processors to choose from like the fantastic MTK6752 or the phenomenal Helio X10 from Mediatek.

        To put this into perspective, the Redmi Note 2 runs the Helio X10 processor, which is gastronomically better than the MTK6592 in every single way, yet the Pepsi phone is still more expensive than the Redmi Note 2.. Should be pretty clear by now.

      • none

        Style Nazi here: 200$ is incorrect. The dollar sign comes first: $200.

        • Ethan Campbell

          A play on the term Grammar Nazi?

  • Javid Nazim Mammadov

    Come on Pepsi, you have a ton of money, at least make a decent phone

  • Steve Butler

    So if the project doesn’t receive enough money to happen, what happens to the pool of donators money? Do pepsi just keep it and say thanks lads?

    Perhaps all business should do this. Repuest donations for a ridiculous project then when it fails to happen just laugh their way to the bank.

  • none

    It must have a removable battery and micro SD. Add in a good slider keyboard (horizontal) and it’d be a standout.

  • EQ

    “Today will be a sunny and hot day! Your current location will reach a staggering 35 degrees. Dont forget to keep hydrated! We have listed the closest shops that sell Pepsi. Keep yourself refreshed and healthy! – Love Pepsi” In before notifications..