Marshmallow now rolling out to the original NVIDIA Shield Tablet (Update: OTA halted)

by: Jimmy WestenbergFebruary 2, 2016


Update (2/2): It looks like a few Shield Tablet owners are experiencing Wi-Fi issues after the update to version 4.0. NVIDIA has put a halt on the update until the company can get things sorted out. A NVIDIA customer care representative has posted some instructions in the NVIDIA forums telling users what to do if they can’t connect to Wi-Fi after the update:

  • Reboot your tablet 2-3 times. If this fails, power cycle your tablet 3-4 times (not reboot but complete power off). If this does not work, charge your tablet to 100% and attempt again a couple of times or so.
  • Factory reset your tablet. Make sure you backup any important files before you perform this step.
  • A couple of users reporting their WiFI coming back after leaving their tablet powered off for a few hours. Try leaving your tablet powered off for a few hours and then turn the device back on.

The representative explains that if the above methods don’t work, users still affected by this problem will need to email him a screenshot of the Advanced Wi-Fi page (Settings>Wi-Fi>overflow menu>Advanced). Once you take a screenshot, email the picture [email protected], along with your tablet type and whether you’ve attempted any of the troubleshooting methods. You’ll also need to include your GeForce forum username in your email.

NVIDIA will re-release the software update once the problem has been resolved. Have you had any problems with the update? If so, head to the NVIDIA forums for the full instructions on how to send in your error report.

Original post (2/1): NVIDIA is now pushing out its Android 6.0 Marshmallow update to the original Shield Tablet. The newer Shield Tablet K1 got a taste of Marshmallow back in December, so it’s great to see NVIDIA keeping up with timely software updates.

Similar to most other Marshmallow updates, the Shield Tablet upgrade 4.0 brings a good amount of new features that will make using the tablet much easier. Among the notable features are Google Now on Tap, improved application permissions, App Standby improvements, Wi-Fi connectivity enhancements, and January’s Android security patch. There are also a few new UI features, like the ability to use Google Now voice commands from the lock screen, the ability to personalize the Quick Settings menu, new NVIDIA wallpapers, and a new Camera UI.

NVIDIA also notes that if you’re using a microSD card, you’ll want to back up all of your content as Android 6 changes how expandable storage works. There are quite a few minor changes in this update, so be sure to follow the source link below to get all of the details.

The Shield Tablet upgrade 4.0 is now available for download, so head to Settings>About tablet to grab it. Have you gotten the update yet? If so, let us know how you’re liking it!

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  • Error: There was an error fetching OTA information. :-(

    • muddy46

      I get the same message

    • delthor7

      I had it too. After I tried a couple things, I chatted with an Nvidia rep who insisted that I factory reset it. I really didn’t want to, so I set it aside for a few hours. When I was about to back it up and wipe it, I checked for the update one last time and the error was gone! I was relieved that I didn’t wipe it.

      • Virtual Anomaly

        I hate every single company who says that. It’s the company’s fault that something is wrong,I don’t want to wipe my data because of you

  • Karly Johnston

    I thought all the originals were recalled due to exploding batteries.

    • muddy46

      Only ones with a specific battery model number were recalled, then replaced with the same model tablets, just with a different battery.

      • Daikenkini

        Actually he’s correct, all the originals were recalled. They all had faulty battery.

        • dica


  • Stephen Chen

    Updated to 6.0 last night, no WiFi issue so far; will check again when i get back home tonight.

  • Mr Whale

    Updated and now can’t get WiFi connection, wired Ethernet works fine though but it’s a huge pain to not have WiFi, hoping for a quick fix from Nvidia, might just have to do a factory reset or revert back to lollipop