Welcome to the Sunday Giveaway, the place where we giveaway a new Android phone or tablet each and every Sunday!

A big congratulations to last week’s winners of the Nuu Mobile X4 Giveaway: Edwin B. (Bosnia), Shareece B. (USA), Henry P. (UK), Damir (Kyrgyzstan), Michael C. (USA).

This week we are giving away the highly sought after Nexus 6P.

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  • If we can not ship to your country, you will be compensated with an online gift card of equal MSRP value to the prize.
  • We are not responsible for lost shipments.
  • You must be age of majority in your Country of residence.
  • We are not responsible for any duties, import taxes that you may incur.
  • Only 1 entry per person, do not enter multiple email addresses. We will verify all winners and if we detect multiple email addresses by the same person you will not be eligible to win.
  • We reserve all rights to make any changes to this giveaway.
  • This giveaway is operated by Android Authority.
  • The prize will ship when it is available to purchase.
  • rimyl

    Wow im the first but this is my second time of entering i didnt win the first one maybe this

  • Gaurav Singh

    i have tried so many giveaways.. want to win my dream phone.. any colour is suitable for me.. please God this time.. :)

  • Ron Froneman

    Oh the dream phone is back once again #fingerscrossed. I hope i can upgrade to this from my old Galaxy S2.

    • Dean

      Nexus 6P, 6, 5X, 5 and more is now on sale only on

    • Lukuh

      Feel ya man. On my S3 LTE here.

      • Daniel Ace

        Lucky you bro!! 2 gigs of ram. Im still on the 3g version of the S3, lag for days!

        • Lukuh

          Oh yeah I remember when I compared my S3 to a 3g S3 in real life..the lag was unbearable there :(

          • Lazar Lazar

            I have a fucking azumi a40c

        • jeffsur969

          good for all of you guys…. me i just stuck at CM Snap @ 512mb, 2G network and grrrrrrrrrr. crappy……. i want to smash it.~!!!!!~““`

    • Asaad

      Hope you win the phone .. You deserve a new phone.

    • Esat Davutoğlu

      I wish you to win bro. You seriously need an upgrade

    • Richie B

      What service do you have… I’m half tempted to send you a phone so you can retire that s2…

    • akshay

      guys i am using nokia Lumia 520 you guys don’t have any idea how i fell :(

    • Karen Nicholas

      LOL, you think THAT’S bad?!! I’m still on a damned flip phone!! Bought my two little ones decent phones so they’re always able to get in contact with me, but as usual, Mom comes last..c’est la vie.

    • ich eben

      Why? I love my Galaxy S2 :)
      preordered mine back in 2011
      Runs perfectly fine on Minimal OS Android Version 5.1.1

    • eilegz

      well with cm releasing marshmallow for it i think you are alright….

    • warren

      Wow! I feel you.
      I’m on a Note 2, which is on it’s 38th month of use. Still working though sans the headphone jack.

    • Gaurav Singh

      i am using a crap. galaxy s advance running 4.1.2. it hangs and battery is worst now.. :/

    • Josip Norac-Kljajo

      I`m using fucking xperia mini (2011)

    • Anxhi

      I’m using nokia asha 201

    • WhiteTG

      i just want a touch screen phone i just only have nokia 130 :(

  • Michal

    maybe this one…please

    • Alina Shah

      Mutual feelings </3

  • Haseeb Ali

    Waiting for My Luckkk!

    • Alina Shah

      Same here :/

  • Alina Shah

    Nexus 6P, winner: Alina Shah Please :D

  • Alina Shah

    Best of luck to all the participants .

  • Ralph Renzo Ramiscal

    My dream phone, wish me luck ☺☺☺


  • ffuucckk

    Can you pronounce Huawei?

  • Javier Beltran Carceller

    Buen sorteo¡¡

  • Zulema Pontes Vidal

    Me encanta y Suertee

  • Arti Mancka

    love the black one, hope i win it

  • Barbara Squirrell

    Please, please me, me me. I just wish I could win something some time. LOL

  • Marko Todorovic

    Nexus 6P ooooooooh yeeeeeeeah………
    I wish I could have one !!!

  • vmxr

    attempt number 943276904u09 :X

  • Cristid

    Never won anytihing ! Hope this time is that time I win.

  • Haroon Khan

    Fake Giveaways! I just saw the names of two people who won last week or something and they again won this weeek! -.-

  • Dávid

    A month ago I had to sell my LG G2 and now I have to use my old Samsung Omnia. Plus I will have my birthaday next weekend (14th of February). So this is the best opportunity to get a new phone! I really want to win this time! :D

  • Vyrlokar

    Well, I recently upgraded my aging note 1 to a 3rd gen moto g, and I’m happy even if it struggles with some games. I could really use the upgrade to a proper flagship.

  • Dexter Cruz

    Nothing is impossible. Just wish for the best!! Good luck everyone!!

  • clicyu

    Luck be a lady tonight!

  • Thanks a lot for this contest..Fingers crossed really tight..Want to own this phone.

  • sunny

    This time its gonna happen man.

  • Iqbal Syakeer Hamzah

    I hope I will win this giveaway, I want to change my old Asus Zenfone 4…… any colour for the phone is good for me

  • Nasart

    me ._. please

  • ben75

    I would love to earn this phone! I think it is the best handset I could get after my G2! :-)
    Thanks guys!

  • Karen McHood

    I would love to win! All I have is a 3 yr old flip cell phone!

  • I’ll simply buy one from the amazon links here. Thanks #Android authority.

  • Tiago Eusébio

    Have you ever sent a prize to Portugal? No? Here’s your opportunity! I’m waiting for a silver Nexus 6P. :)

  • Adolfo Romero

    I’m from Belize, send it this way! :)

  • Mustafa Çolakoglu

    I got z5 but always feel fancy about this nexus..

  • Ray Carney

    From my research it appears to be a great device; definitely on my wish list! :-)

  • Enrico Maria Dal Compare

    Oh graphite this time, cool. Gimme that chocolate bar ;)

  • Sara Rodrigues

    Not lucky enough

  • Simien

    Would be a great win!

  • Elise Salvador

    nice phone..

  • Ruchit

    want this so badly…

  • Android Developer

    If I win I will tell everyone about how I got it.

  • bassamy99

    how many Giveaways i have to join to win nexus 6p i really want to win one

  • purple

    Is it mandatory, the account I use to participate, to have my real Name and Last name as a username / profile name so that my participation is considered valid? Those who use accounts with nicknames, are they automatically withdrawn from the winner selection process?

  • Kaushik Medhi

    Many Big Thanks for this Incredible Smartphone Giveaway. Wish to see myself in the Winner List !

  • Simranjit Singh

    So the all rounder smartphone is back for the giveaway…cool….fingers crossed

  • Chris Smith

    After many years of Samsung phones I am ready for some stock android!

  • Jeanie Potter

    win big!! Win 2016!!!!

  • My phone is bricked need a nwe phone now xD

  • JGuerra13

    Go win win best phone of 2015….

  • مُحمد مكتوم

    Waiting for My Luckkk!

  • Angela Simmons

    Yes Dream phone it is <3 Would be nice,crossing my fingers and hoping for the best. Good luck to everyone. Someone is going to be a happy camper.

  • Thanks for the opportunity!
    Would love to win.
    Good luck to everyone!

  • Solano

    i have tried so many giveaways.. want to win my dream phone.. any colour is suitable for me.. please God this time.. :)

  • Amaninder Singh

    Silver thanks! :)

  • know that i am 50% blind, i could really use the screen size;)

  • Craig Lawrence

    dunno, my pantech flex is pretty good

  • Dolly Ferrier

    Wonderful, I hope I win, it would be a great up grade from my nexus 5

  • Hopefully this time :D

  • Gabriel Dalcomune

    This is what the dream phone is. Best of luck all!

  • Rafael de Souza

    Eu quero ganhar eese smartphone Nexus GP

  • Rayhan Akram

    This is my 4th Nexus 6P giveaway, hope i win this time

  • pman124


  • Jave

    I have entered every single one of these giveaways and never won a thing. Please #AndroidAuthority let me win this phone. This is my dream phone and I know I can never put together the kind of money to get one of these myself.

  • Mike Mille

    Hope I win, really want this phone!

  • Isabel Maria Maqueira Marin

    lo quierooo, suerte

  • Milos Grujicic

    My friend told me about this giveaways. It`s very nice from you guys, thanks, hope will win something, some day. :D

  • Danni Ouk

    Would love this to have this as a daily instead of my LG stylo big regret buying that.

  • Nour


  • Anixo Alexander

    Ok ok guys !! I’ve note 4 , and I want to own that phone too , I wish if I could win , this is my first time ^.^ peace

  • Markuss

    Hi, i really hope it could be me :) i really need a phone (i would even like a old Nokia) i will be hoping to win.
    I don’t have enough money to afford a phone.
    If i win i will be the happiest person in the universe!

  • Marcus

    It’s about time I get one of these babies ;P

  • Clintphare

    Would Love this Nexus! Thanks for the contest

  • Jay Ahn

    Going from my 3.5 years old iPhone 5.. Hope I can win

  • Loretta McDonald

    Awesome giveaway I would love an new Nexus6P thanks for the opportunity,following on instagram but not registering???

  • Oscar

    I hope a black 6P finds its way to Norway. Although any colour would do. Fingers crossed. c”,)

  • William Sedlacek

    If I “win” Then you can expect to see an Exodus Android Rom on angler :P

  • Toño Galan Ramon

    I wish this time, it was for my Nexus 6P … I want it in Black Graphite… please!

  • Toño Galan Ramon

    I wish this time, it was for my Nexus 6P … I want it in Black Graphite… pls!

  • Dewa Yudhi

    Nexus 6P again? Oh yes please!!

  • i hope i win!! my Nexus 5 got stolen in paris, now im stuck with the asus zenfone 2 which is terrible

  • Angel Chavez Acosta

    Good Luck!!! :)

  • Wow..how price..?

  • Marek

    Where will be the winner announced?

  • sparker0i

    Tried a lot of giveaways….. Would definitely like to win this one

  • Stephen Kern

    Really hoping for this one. Desperately need an upgrade from my zte z667

  • WillIEverWin?

    I would love to replace my son’s 4th gen iPod Touch.

  • Juan Luis Caloca Silva

    Ive been saving up to buy this phone to upgrade from my lg optimus g pro. If id win i could save up the money to buy one for my mom.

  • Prabhath

    Hope to win this time ……..

  • Robert L Leslie Jr

    All of my co-workers talk about getting this phone. Maybe this time will be my lucky win.

  • Adnan Sajid

    Nexus 6P whoot whoot!

  • Sarra Chung

    Oh my god…i really wish I could just win one giveaway in my entire life..always have bad luck..my SO doesnt have a phone right now because of family issues and I really want to give this to him…

  • Raj Singh

    Awesome, great to see another fantastic phone for giveaway, good luck to all.

  • Edmond Leung

    Thank you for the awesomeness, the contest, and generosity. :)

  • JohnDoe

    my htc one m7 is same old-LOL

  • Gabriela Bianca

    Wish it will Be mine , my nexus 5 wants a Brother ? fingerscrossed

  • KitMartin

    I really love to have one of this phone… super awesome!!

  • Mihajlo “Micko” Milutinovic

    i d like to get one
    atm i m using galaxy trend lite, not iven galf GB ram so…
    please guys. I bean ni 10 giveawas and stil noting :(

  • Samyak Jain

    Well i wonder if i could win m totally fed up with my galaxy s!

  • Aleks

    it will be a nice upgrade from Nexus 5 to Nexus 5x

  • Žydrūnas

    Wow, there have been a lot of Nexus 6P giveaways already!

  • Monty

    Started entering the Giveaways just recently, of course i want to win just like any other, but i really do hope the most needy one win this absolute awesome 6P.

  • vermii

    IT’S BACK…oh how i want you so….

  • Irvina

    Nothing can beat in #YourSmartphoneIsAncient category = T-Mobile Vivacity… So I #keepMyFingersCrossed for good luck, my luck, once, this time, maybe…

  • Bactino

    I know kinda this giveaway is huge! and my chance is very minute lol. I need a phone tho… I have a Chinese android phone lol. with 512mb ram and a minute processor lol. Please god… help me

  • Aris

    Xcellent! Good luck!!! ;-)

  • Thiru Vetti

    I have never had a chance to use a smartphone. Have heard a lot about Nexus 6P. Would love this to be my first smartphone!

  • Viswanath M

    Lady Luck come to me…..

  • calmdownbro

    Snapchat? Seriously?
    I doubt that the majority of your readers are under 14, AA.
    Just no. The Soundcloud thing was already a big “wtf”.

  • Muniza Ashraf

    I hope I win this. =)

  • luminelx64

    I hope I win :)

  • Gaynor Grant

    Great Comp! Liked and Shared!

  • Salah Tazlok

    I hope to win the nexus 6p
    best smartphone till now !!!

  • Nicollas


  • Jeffrey G

    I really want to win this.

  • Roshan

    man i want this phone..!

  • riccardo14

    Android Authority: A new hope
    For me at least, my Samsung galaxy ace 1 is dead

  • Gisela Conte

    I just dream to be able to get this one… Fingers crossed..

  • towaie

    I hope to win this one cause it’s not available in our country

  • Haythem Hentati

    oh god this one is damn good especially the camera … compared to mine which is a local made smart-garbage-phone that has dual core and 512mb ram and 2gb of storage …. 5mp camera .. i wish if i could win this , at least winning a giveaway once in my lifetime

  • Lazar Lazar

    i want this phone i dont even have one :(

  • Shve Hasal

    Hope i win!!!!!

  • Imran Chowdhury


  • umhhmm

    i really feel its time for the frosty white north to win one :)

  • Jorge Galo

    hope toi win this time

  • Need upgrade

    wish i could win this phone still have an old blackberry

  • Sahil Rawat

    Cool story everyone…. I have a micromax mobile with 512mb ram and android jelly bean… i love Nexus 6P more than any other smartphone out there… i’m not able to buy any smartphone because of money problem… i want this phone very badly… but let’s se what happens and good luck to everyone who participates. PS

  • eilegz

    i would like to win but it wont replace my nexus 5

  • José Antonio

    Wish I could win this… ToT

  • Tonderai Chambwe

    seven years of bad-luck for AA if yu dont gie me that phone

  • Ion Cenusa Jr.

    I hope that i’ll win , i follow you guys from last year , and i will not leave for any reasons.
    Hy from Italy . (pleasa help me i have an LG optimus L90)

  • Mary Maria

    cool phone, good luck

  • Ratul Dewan

    It is one of my wishes to buy a high-end smartphone…..but I can’t afford it…. hoping to buy it someday….. But it’ll be great if i get it….. and then I’ll take a good picture of mine

  • Azmain Faeque

    I hope that I could win the nexus 6p. I always wanted a powerful smart phone but couldn’t afford one. I wish my luck favors me and win this awesome nexus 6p. Thanks Android Authority for giving this giveaway :)

  • nigel foster

    Yes! Please ME! I’ll take anything, but that 6P I’m willing to put 50% just to get it! I need a smart phone!

  • moubark


  • Mohammed Soliman

    i hope to win
    im using alcatel pop7
    imagine the upgrade

  • Benjamin Jacob Reji

    Ahh my favourite phone is back. #fingerscrossed i wish/hope that I could upgrade from my Samsung GT-E1200M.
    Love that power saving feature, that’s new and a really good innovation.

  • srgonu

    Love to win this

  • Xtopher

    And the contest is up again, show Africa some love .. Need this device to replace my Samsung Kzoom

  • Solomon Vijay

    Gold or Black

  • Angelo Blerpa Allegra

    Hopefully mine!

  • Kofi Amaniampong Oduro

    Fingers crossed. Gonna win this one!

  • Anu Modi

    Thank You @androidauthority For This Wonderful Giveaway.Hope To Win My First Giveaway :)

  • amirul

    the so dream phone is coming to me. wish to upgrade my phone from iphone 3gs

  • Sagar Sureliya

    I hope to win this one…believe it or not,still stuck on samsung galaxy y

  • nigel foster

    Plzzzz pick me. I’ll take any colour! New, used, refurbished…etc. Meee

  • Noor Jlassi

    i wish that i win this ? my phone is totally broken
    and congratulation if someone else win it ?

  • Merge

    Plz?? let this ↖ Nexus lover win the 6P, if I do I will donate my Nexus 5❌ to the guy using the s2 ‼ ouch

  • Jay Airon

    a simple wish: i wish i could have thisamazing phone. goodluck to all of us :)


    Thank you for the chances to win.

  • RAJIV sashidharan

    I wish i can get this as i need a new phone as my old one is just a paper weight as i cracked the screen

  • Clement Papa

    hope to win this awesome phone because i don’t have phone. please please please

    • Clement Papa

      i wish this could be my first awesome android phone :(

  • jeffsur969

    i’m still hoping to have one…… I’m stuck to an verrrrrrrry old android dervice……. huhuhu,,,, :(

  • jeffsur969

    as always trying my luck..

  • jeffsur969

    i just lost 2 entry…. i don’t have snapchat…

  • MustafaZiraba

    One for team Uganda

  • Mustafa Çolakoglu

    I got z5 but I love this nexus and they don’t sell it in my country… Please please please nexus for me :)

  • Salah Tazlok

    i hope to win this best smartphone !!!

  • nigel foster

    Oh God I want the phone so bad! Any Colour, I live in Guyana. South America. Willing to pay for the shipping! Pick me….pleaseeee!

  • My Nexus 5 and 7 need another companion :D

  • Simien


  • Toño Galan Ramon

    I wish this time, it was for my Nexus 6P … I want it in Black Graphite… please!

  • Toño Galan Ramon

    I wish win this time, … I want it Nexus 6P in Black Graphite… please!

  • Toño Galan Ramon

    I wish win this time, … I want it Nexus 6P in Black Graphite… pls!

  • Sushil k

    I need this phone because i lost my new phone last week???

  • Renz Garcia

    If I win Ill give it to my Mom so she can have an upgrade from her nokia c1 phone

  • I wanted to win please LOLs

  • this would be a huge upgrade from my myPhone Rio lite which barely works already. lmao

  • August Zhang

    The Nexus phone is always my “dream” phone since it became really expensive …

  • elchuby

    My damn Xperia M4 broke, it got wet (the sd card cover was slightly open) and I’m using an iPhone 5c :( this would be a blessing to me

  • Dar Thompson

    hope i win ;)

  • Ricardo Monteiro

    This one will be going to New Zealand!

  • Ashish Kumar

    wanna win this one for my wife…………..will be a perfect b’day and marriage anniversary gift 4 her. Her current phone is all crap…sony Live with walkman, which is hardly able to stay alive now……………….

  • Mike Mille

    Really need this phone. Still on a Lumia 520 :/

  • nigel foster

    Everyday! Any Colour/Color, Guyana, South America!

  • I would lovexxx to be the lucky winner.Thanks so much for the chance!! :)

  • Siddharth Panda

    Always wanted a Nexus device! Settled with the Moto X Style. Should be a great gift for my mom though.

  • AWS

    Nexus 6P my dream But that does not exist in Iraq ..I participated three times and did not win anything. I hope that I get it this time ^_^

  • Tanay Prasad

    I hope i get it as i really want it…
    Oh my Luck.. plz work atleast ONCE :O

  • Come on baby! Daddy needs a new phone!

  • !n$!$!on*

    galaxy ace :/ need upgrade

  • I got S7 Edge+ ..i need a downgrade….Please LOL …Haha

  • John Hurst

    Good luck, everyone. I owned a Nexus 6p and I regret what happened. To anyone here who’s worst enemy looks back at them in the mirror.

  • Sagar

    wish to win this time………….

  • Sagar

    every time when i saw a smartphone giveaway…i thought this is the phone which i definitely get by winning this contest………but that day doesnt come till now……..

  • rngesus

    RNGesus pls

  • Dylan B.

    I hope I win this I have a Samsung Galaxy Trend Neo now.

  • Arti Mancka

    hope i win it, its like holly grail of nexus devices. want to upgrade from nexus 4 :)

  • Mihael

    I have an samsung galaxy core, it’s been amazing at time i bought it but now i’m stuck on android 4.1.2, battery life is so poor and screen isn’t even 720p so i really hope i win :) Good luck everyone!!

  • nigel foster

    ME! Any Colour/color! Guyana!

  • Lamaan Mohamed

    Any colour will do for me

  • Jade Vallejo

    So excited about this phone. Really hoping to win this time.

  • Anas Gamal

    A Guy opens Android Authority and enter the giveaway and You think that of Me? NO, I AM THE ONE WHO GIVES!

  • Fernando Pena


  • DensC

    Another week, another shot at this! :)

  • Fahmi Asyahadi

    i do my best, and android authority will do the rest !

  • Trevor Aketch

    Would be nice if I won this device all the way down here in Nairobi, Kenya

  • Dyutin.R

    I am a 14 year old little geek.I dont have expensive phones,gadgets

    even a high end pc.But I learned more about mobile world from your channel.Hoping that this giveaway may change my life.I want to become a complete real geek

    • Dyutin.R

      I need this Phone especially for experiencing
      vr and knowing more about.I am a huge fan of virtual reality.

  • nigel foster

    Any colour! Right here man! Nigel from Guyana.

  • Catherine Burke

    I have an Alcatel and really need an up to date phone. Thank you for the chance to win

  • Károly László Dávid

    Tomorrow is my birthday, I want to win this so badly, it hurts! :D This is the best opportunity to replace my Samsung Omnia all fingers crossed! :D

  • Nice

    Lol, I’m using motorala defy. This would help a great ton :P The irony is I take time on other phones than the one I’m using at the moment.

  • Krunal Urade

    What about me then :'(

    • And how do you have taken the photo? Using your S6 Edge or Note 5. Stop Trolling

      • Krunal Urade

        if you look at the picture quality what you think which phone it should be ( I’ll tell you its galaxy Y duos )

        • I got the same mini boy version.

          • Krunal Urade

            so ?

          • I’m at least not showing a candy-bar phone, instead of my original one

          • Krunal Urade

            That phone is my main phone , & didn’t asked you to comment on my comment

          • I didn’t given you invitation either

          • Krunal Urade

            You started the conversation on my comment douchbag !

          • And you are now going back and forth

          • Krunal Urade

            you are so annoying Get yourself a job son !

          • Looks troll, if you wanna fight you can come to bandel station with all your friends, i will be waiting there to turn you into dust

          • Krunal Urade

            OMG ! I am so scared Awww go cry to your mommy son !

          • Krunal Urade

            Go cry to your mommy son how old are you like 5-6 yers may be I think ??

          • Looks like you Quit, one more fuckin reply from you and that will prove that you are a certified asshole

          • Krunal Urade

            man I have never seen such a whore son you are so annoying man get yourself a job . I don’t understand why the parents let such mentally retard kids wonder outside of their home

          • That was you who way crying for the replacement of his Candy-Bar phone, if you have simply showed your Galaxy Pocket instead of that mini boy , i’m not gonna make such noise. Looks like you have joined the community a month ago and don’t have received any comment

          • Krunal Urade

            I am way to much ahead of you in terms of every thing you can imagine of son I don’t even count you

          • Krunal Urade

            Oh god not you again burrrrrr ! you are such a pain in the @$$

          • I guess you never stop. 100% savage

          • Krunal Urade

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            Now if you are a grown up you will not reply to this

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          • Krunal Urade

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          • Krunal Urade

            Well I can make use of my Linux knowledge if you know what it is

            Now stop the shit and totally bored of you and don’t wanna have any further conversation with you

            Just NO. ! PS: You Better Mind That Screenshot part

            See You Never PLEASE !

          • Oh well looks like you give up. Too bad so sad, and one more thing looks like your PC is also outdated like ur phone….LINUX haha.

          • Krunal Urade

            Yeah its outdated Intel Xeon E5 2699 v3 with Corsair Vengeance 32 GB RAM and Zotac Nvidia Geforce Gtx Titan X Zt-90401-10p Graphics Card ASUS Limited-Edition TUF Sabertooth Z97 Mark S (White) LGA1150 Full ATX MotherBoard and sometimes it gets to warm to maintain temperature Corsair Hydro Series H60 High Performance Liquid CPU Cooler SO IN SHORT IT’S OUTDATED SYSTEM !

          • Yeah too much technical mumble grumble but what about the OS? Looks like specs. are made to just do animation task…Haha

          • Krunal Urade

            Oh and I know you are dumb so before you ask if I have so expensive RIG why am I using a Galaxy Y that’s because I spent all my money on building a Steam Machine

          • Because you are either an animation expert or a fuckin fool on the planet to have that specs. and crying about a old dog.

          • Krunal Urade

            or a ethical hacker & part time gamer

          • Buy a PS4 son. it will cost u fuckin 40000 and remove that graphics card from ur system ,,,hackers don’t need that and also which server os ur using windows 2003? ha ha idot

  • Andrea Verocio

    Would be great to score this and starting writing apps for android again :/

  • Got 22 entries in total, RIP for all my troll friends who have not followed my referral link.

  • Billy Catamora

    Thanks for the generosity @androidauthority
    If i will win i want the silver one
    thanks again
    your subscriiber from: PHILIPPINES

  • Richard Lian

    I’ve never one a giveaway before. Let’s hope this is the first one and I can finally upgrade my old phone!

  • Toño Galan Ramon

    I hope win this time the Nexus 6P in Black Graphite

  • Rahul

    Would love to see Android 7.0 on Nexus 6P. Specially Multi-Window feature.

  • abdurrahman shoukry

    i am stuck with old windows phone the can just serve its purpose is a phone, i dream of owning a nexus 6p

  • Jay Kanakiya

    So eagerly waiting to win a phone. Hope I win..!

  • Gaxx

    when do they announce the winners

  • Ending.

    who is the winner?

  • Gaxx

    ffffffffffffffffffffffuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk I DIDNT WON

    • calmdownbro

      We all feel you bro.

  • Caleb Fung

    Hey guys! How do we check the results? When do they come out? Thanks!

  • iJutsu .

    luke BIAOUTCH

  • Dewa Yudhi

    Luuukeee!!! You took my nexus #sad
    Congrats anyway

  • Luke My friend..i will pry got that you brick your nexus 6p flashing a custom rom. Anyway Congrats for now

  • Adwaith N

    why the f**k didnt i win ? @androidauthority

  • Daina Skuja

    And i really wanted that NEXUS 6P ???

  • Armi

    Dude this is an awesome phone!!

  • Jitin

    Maybe i wont win win today or tommorow but one day i will win.

  • Jean Richard Hage

    OMG. Man I wish

  • Romanzo

    I really want this phone!! i’m still using my old Sony Xperia T(2012). I don’t have money to but a new phone.. I really need an upgrade! Btw, good luck to all of you! :)