Nexus 4 Android 4.2.2 OTA update – how to manually install it

by: Derek RossFebruary 13, 2013
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Nexus 4

Hey, hey! Last, but not least, the Nexus 4 joins every other Nexus device with Android 4.2.2 (JDQ39) finally starting to roll out now. How do you get it? Well, it doesn’t matter if you’re unrooted stock or rooted stock. You might be one of the lucky ones and can easily go to Settings, About, and Check Now for an update. If that doesn’t work, and you don’t mind getting your hands a little dirty, you can always download the official update and use the ADB sideload method.

How to flash an official Nexus update with ADB sideload:

  1. First you’ll need to have the Android SDK installed and working.
  2. Download Android 4.2.2 OTA for the Nexus 4 from Google’s servers.
  3. Go to Developer options on your Nexus device. Enable USB Debugging.
  4. Plug your Nexus device into your computer with your USB cable.
  5. Open a command prompt (cmd) or terminal and make sure ADB is working with ‘adb devices’.
  6. Once ADB is connected and working, type ‘adb reboot recovery’
  7. You’ll see an Android with an exclamation mark.
  8. Press Volume Up and Power at the same time to enter the stock recovery menu.
  9. Select Apply update from ADB on your Nexus device.
  10.  Type ‘adb sideload’ into the command prompt or terminal on your computer.
    i.e adb sideload
  11. Sit, back, relax, and watch the update install.
  12. If everything worked as intended, you should then be prompted to reboot your device,
  13. Do so by using the Volume Up and Down keys to select Reboot System and proceed by hitting the Power button.
  14. Your device should reboot.
  15. Congrats! You now have Android 4.2.2!

    For step 8 – You may want to mention you Hold down the power button, and press volume up a few times to bring up the recovery menu (The release both). Holding both down will just power the device down eventually. Can be confusing for first time users/attempts! Thanks for the great tutorial!

  • Soyary Sunthorn

    Yeah, on step 8, you should actually hold the power button, THEN press volume up.

    • Mushu

      I’m using a custom ROM and CWM recovery. Everytime i try to sideload the Android 4.2.2 zip file, it fails saying “E: Error in /tmp/
      Status 7
      Installation aborted”

      • Ja

        You must have stock recovery

  • nexus 4

    Can somebody tell me why on my nexus 4 when i go to system updates it says “your system is up to date.” even if i clicked check now 100 times ..

  • Balvinder Makkar

    Anyone got this update ota..??

    • nexusss

      i didn’t yet. I just rooted my nexus 4 2 weeks ago but didn’t change stock rom and kernel so can rooting make problem?

      • Balvinder Makkar

        no rooting should not be a just need to be on stock rom and stock kernel…i guess everyone is installing it manually because i havent read even a single comment about installing the update OTA

        • nexusss

          i will w8 few days, if it doesn’t show up i’ll install it manualy :(

          • Balvinder Makkar

            I got it today OTA.. :)

          • nexusss

            great :) hope i get it in near future

  • Wayne Hardy

    hmmm every time I try to sideload the zip I get cannot read “sideload”

    anyone know whats happening? I have stock recovery and not rooted

  • kaykay

    Why am I not getting this update OTA?!

  • Jinda Rodriguez

    I just updated my nexus 7 to the 4.2.2 OTA & it unrooted :( is it a lost cause & I’ll jus have to reroot?

    • Matty

      Hi there! This wouldn’t happen to be Jinda Lynn Rodriguez from Denver would it? If so, this is Matty! ;) Shoot me an email at with Jinda as the subject. It would be great to catch up! Cheers sweetness! :))

  • android user
  • Balvinder Makkar

    Hi @derek did you notice these things after updating to 4.2.2
    1) while downloading or updating the app when you pull down the notification tray to see the progress and tap on the app it do nothing but in the previous version when you tap it it opens the play store.
    2) in previous version it was possible to adjust the ringer volume without unlocking the device i.e withoit slide to unlock but now it is mandatory to slide unlock

    • Balvinder Makkar

      I found these things a step backward and quite annoying

  • Justin Burchard

    help, when i get to the screen where it says “use adb to send file: etc. my phone seems to disconnect cause cmd just gives me the adb help info when i type in step 10. anyone know why this is happening

  • Abdul

    It failed in Step 10.. My mobile showed

    “Now send the package you want to apply

    to the device with ‘adb sideload ‘…”

    after following all the steps. But when i type adb sideload .zip, it says error: device not found :(

  • Matty

    Hi there! This wouldn’t happen to be Jinda Lynn Rodriguez from Denver
    would it? If so, this is Matty! ;) Shoot me an email at with Jinda as the subject. It would be great to catch
    up! Cheers sweetness! :))