Nextbit is Kickstarting its Robin “cloud-first” smartphone. (Update: passes goal in 10 hours)

by: Robert TriggsSeptember 2, 2015

Nextbit Robin

Update: Well that was fast. The Nextbit Robin has already passed its Kickstarter goal. In fact, it took just 10 hours to reach he campaign’s $500,000 target.

As a result, Nextbit has announced the first of presumably a few stretch goals. If the Kickstarter reaches the $1million mark, the company will throw in a free quick charger with every order. With 29 days still left on the campaign, I’m sure that Nextbit will surpass this target and probably more.

All of the early adopter $299 pledges have been snapped up now, but you can still pre-order a discounted $349 model (regular retail price will be $399), if you like the sound of the Robin. See below for all the details.

Original (Sept 1st):

There are a growing number of manufacturers in the Android space these days, especially in the reasonably price bracket, but the Nextbit Robin is aiming to separate itself from the crowd with its “cloud-first” focus and 100GB of free cloud storage thrown in. In the days of disappearing microSD card slots, the Nextbit Robin might find a friend in the storage heavy consumer, so long as you have a data plan that can keep pace.

The cloud storage option isn’t just a free gimmick to try and sell smartphones though, the feature is actually embedded into the software and allows for some interesting automatic features, such as offsetting rarely used apps to the cloud to save on space. This option works by backing up an APK of your unused app to the cloud and greying out the icon. If you decide that you want to use the app again some months later, it’s simply downloaded from the backup, complete with all of your old data.

The Robin will also automatically backup your pictures and videos to cloud storage when on WiFi and can also free up storage on the phone by itself. Images can also be re-downloaded at a size better suited to your phone’s display to save on extra space. The result is that data is cycled back and forth from the cloud as and when required, without the user having to worry about it.

nextbit-robin colors

Moving on to the hardware, the Robin is familiarly mid/high-end, although not quite at the very premium end of the market. The phone is powered by a hexa-core Snapdragon 808 SoC, 3GB of RAM, 32GB of internal storage, a 13 megapixel rear camera, 5 megapixel front camera and a 2,670mAh battery. The display measures 5.2-inches, with a resolution of 1920×1080.

The handset is also packed with extra features, including dual front facing speakers, a finger print scanner, NFC, and Quick Charge capabilities. Nextbit also ships the phone carrier unlocked and you will be covered by the warranty even if you flash other ROMs to the phone. There’s quite a lot of phone here for less than $400.

Nextbit was co-formed by one of the industrial designers behind HTC’s iconic One M7 and M8 smartphones and a Worldwide Head of Business Development and Partnerships for Android. Being a new company, Nextbit is planning to fund the phone through a Kickstarter campaign. Early backers can pre-order a Robin for just $299 and standards backers can grab one for $349. Once the smartphone goes on full sale, the retail price will rise to $399. The handset should begin landing in backers’ hands in January/February 2016.

What do you think about the Nextbit Robin?

  • Siddhesh Dalvi

    The specs are almost the same as the rumored LG Nexus 5 2015.

    • vampyren

      Or the existing LG G4 :D

  • shivansh

    Hahaha they are like google backup services and other cloud backup services dont exist. I mean whats new in this ? I can still make cloud backup and restore it and start my new phone from where i left.

    • Haadiy Rozzaq

      automaticly backup unused app to cloud and restore it when you need it

  • Peter Mulders

    Nice for when you go abroad to a country with a low number of wifi-spots..

  • paul jones is awesome

    • John Doe

      Ok, keep it in your pants, we all understand that you just experienced an epiphany ..
      Now sit down and breathe .. anyone have a paper bag for this guy .. lol

      • crutchcorn

        xD xD xD

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          • Hussein Abdullah

            kill yourself you poor Piece of crap

  • Dis

    Pointless to make an ugly as shit phone to sell something which could be sold as a service

  • Jonathan Kramer

    Nice video, ugly phone and at $400 I don’t see people flocking to get one especially with the Moto, Asus and Alcatel devices which are known brands and competitively priced

  • Mike Newitt

    Mike like. If this could be combined with a Galaxy Note style stylus I’d grab it in a flash.
    If you can replace the battery.

    • Bailey

      why earth does a 5.2 inch phone need a stylus its not a note


      Pick up a Note 4 the last customer driven phone by Samsung

  • Ciro Taormina

    I would get it its different and I’m sick of all the same shit coming out . only question is will it be available for Sprint network ? Anyone know ?

  • s2weden2000

    no comments on “looks like an aijphoney” …

    • Espen Benoni

      Because it doesn’t, lol.

      • s2weden2000

        just like many other phones and yet faPple aijphoney lovers say that…

  • CDavisUnlimited

    I like the fact that more companies are trying to do something innovative (and using front facing speakers), but with all the data privacy and spying issues these days and the cost of data on mobile phones, why would i ever use “the cloud” for personal data storage when an SD card is MUCH cheaper and easier?

  • crutchcorn

    Not a bad looking puppy! I might have to pick one of these up if the dev love keeps coming!

  • neonix

    I definitely dig the design. It’s very chic and unique.

    Battery is quite small for me, though, but it’s really nice otherwise.

  • Tylerstravis

    Kickstarter? No thanks, I would like to get a new phone in the next three years.

    • Nick

      phone ships to backers early next year man

      • Tylerstravis

        I have heard that with several projects I have backed and not yet received :(

        • Nick

          dang man thats crappy but I mean this company was founded by developers from throughout the industry like orignal android devs and people from HTC and other companies. I can’t Imagine they wouldn’t follow through, especially after actually coming up with something innovative.

  • John Doe

    Like the idea, but who says that some other phone maker does not incorporate this capability into their phones, and make this phone company irrelevant? Android could add the same functionality ..
    As much as the idea is kool, you need to back it up with an outstanding phone which also brings something new to the game in a hardware change (Think, Samsung Note stylus ..)
    There are too many phones out there that are basically all the same (except maybe UI)
    Someone needs to sit down and ask … what have we not done yet? What is the next BIG thing?
    The company that answers that question will own the market! (as long as they patent it before Apple ..) lol

  • Mohammad Hussain

    Well i woudnt buy the phone ( because i dont have any money) but would love to try out the UI as it lools pretty cool.

  • vampyren

    Pretty much what I just got buying LG G4. I like having my sd and removable battery also.
    The idea sounds good but I don’t like to rely on cloud for my apps and data. Data plan is also a factor. Maybe is the phone came with 64GB and had replaceable battery I would Order it. Also there are many new models o.k. the way as well as nexus phones.

  • wait. google sync does exactly same job and it’s available for years.