New Samsung Galaxy S7 leaks show a collection of colors

by: Matthew BensonFebruary 14, 2016

The weeks leading up to the launch of Samsung’s Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge have been met with an outright torrent of leaks. With the devices set to be unveiled on February 21st, it’s safe to assume that the waves will only rise higher, and indeed today’s tide has brought with it some sizable surf. The latest – a plentiful pair of pictures no less – offers onlookers a good idea of the variety of color options that will the two devices will initially be sold in.

samsung galaxy s7 first look aa-16See also: Samsung Galaxy S7 rumor roundup: release date, price, specs, features30

First, the Galaxy S7 as Tweeted by Evan Blass (@evleaks):

And here is the image enlarged:


Two take away points here:

  1. There are only two color options shown. Assuming this is correct, it would indicate that Samsung will, initially at least, only release the Galaxy S7 in Black and Gold variants. This could very well be a result of the fact that the Galaxy S6 Edge proved more popular than the standard model, something that may be expected to hold true this year as well for customers facing a choice between the it and the Edge option.
  2. The back of the device (more visible with the Gold variant) is clearly curved along the edges, similar to what was achieved with the Galaxy Note 5, and has been hinted and suggested based on numerous leaks in recent weeks.

It is worth pointing out, in a puzzling manner, why these leaks continue to show the “bent” Home button, at least with respect to the Black model.

And now, the Galaxy S7 Edge:

And the enlarged image:


And the obligatory talking points:

  1. The Galaxy S7 Edge does indeed look to be significantly taller than the S7, as leaks have indicated. The S7 Edge is expected to have a 5.5-inch QHD sAMOLED display whereas the standard S7 is expected to offer a smaller, 5.1-inch panel.
  2. In addition to Black and Gold, there is a Silver (Platinum) model also shown.
  3. The back side appears to be curved, just as with the S7 and the Note 5.

Also worth pointing out is the (again) strange Home button variations. In both the Silver and Gold pictures, the button is large and slightly misshapen, though it could also be the lighting. With the Black model however, it is symmetrical though somewhat smaller.

A consideration of color(s)

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Colors-4

Sadly neither the “blue” black or green color variants of the S6 Edge look likely to return for the S7 Edge.

Assuming these colors are the only options when the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge are released, it will at the very least spark the question why no White variant is being produced. For that matter, there is no Rose Gold variant either, a color that many have assumed Samsung will embrace following Apple’s usage with last year’s iPhone 6s. The pink shade was even seen on the recently released Galaxy A (2016) series, and indeed the Galaxy Note 5 was also given a glossing of it as well.

It is plausible that internal sales data from Samsung revealed the White option was simply not a big seller, nor was either the Blue Topaz (S6) or Green Emerald (S6 Edge) variants. Also working in tangent was presumably some disappointment among consumers that last year’s so-called “black” model was more dark blue, and hence the production of a deep black run this year.

With respect to the S7 in particular, given the smaller size and apparently more limited color pallets to choose from, it would be interesting to see how carriers, retailers, and other merchants will go about selling the device. If the S7 Edge is expected to move in much greater quantities, it’s conceivable that some outlets might under-stock the standard S7 or not carry it at all.

At the very least, consumers will be either very happy or else quite miffed to find these limited color options come March when the devices are rumored to be hitting stores.

Speaking of size

samsung galaxy s7 leak

One other topic worth mentioning is the wealth of evidence that is all but confirming the Galaxy S7 Edge will be a larger product than its smaller sibling. How well this will play out remains to be seen. The Galaxy S6 Edge outsold the S6 perhaps because many customers saw it as the “cooler” of two almost identical products. But if the S7 Edge is indeed bigger, then it’s a totally different product, and therefore more akin to last summer’s Galaxy S6 Edge+, a device that will be just over 6 months old by the time these new options are to hit stores.

If customers overwhelmingly wanted a larger S6 Edge but “settled” for the smaller size last April, then it would follow that the S7 Edge should do well. On the other hand, depending on what kind of trends and purchasing habits are prevalent this year, by not offering a “standard size” Galaxy S7 Edge, Samsung could actually be hurting the sales.

On a final note, the very idea of the S6 Edge+ comes into play as well: after the new models are announced, it would not be unreasonable to think the S6 Edge+ may see a price break, either from Samsung itself or else from retail partners and carriers eager to sell through their inventory. Unless the S7 Edge has some clearly distinctive and delineative differences, there is a legitimate cause for concern that customers may simply chose the cheaper, slightly older (and slightly larger) S6 Edge+ instead of the brand new and expensive, S7 Edge.

Wrap Up

samsung galaxy S7 edge leak

Today’s leaks, while legitimate looking to say the least, are still not officially confirmed images by Samsung. To this end, readers are encouraged – as always – to take everything with a grain of salt until the Unpacked unveiling event takes place on February 21st.

With that said, the next week is likely to be filled with even more leaks of this promising pair of products. It remains to be seen if there will be a full-on look at the new TouchWiz build Samsung will inevitably be including with the S7 and S7 Edge. Stay tuned to Android Authority for all the latest news on the newest Galaxy smartphones, as well as all the latest news from Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain!

  • TheWay2005

    Thank you Samsung for get rid of that ugly dark blue! to be fair the S6 Edge + was so much better in design than S6 Edge, 12 million sold in 3 days?

    • Jordan Lee

      That’s what extra RAM and a more usable sized screen for an edge phone can do lol

      • Major Sceptic

        It I remember correctly the edge plus also has a bigger battery , I think that would have been a bigger selling point.

    • Dark Blue was indeed illogical.

  • Žiga Štupar

    I like silver color, but i will take normal S7

  • Luka Bulatović

    That silver is beautiful. It’s nice to see that there is a size option for everyone with S7, S7 edge and Note 6 this year. But it would be nice to have the 5.1 inch S7 curved too, but then 5.5 edge would be a bit confusing. Nevermind, S7 edge is beautiful. But, again the question of buying this or waiting for the Nexus…

  • Jordan Lee

    Why does the standard S7 look ugly? the size of the top and bottom bezels gives off an aged look, I thought Samsung were moving more towards minimal bezels to focus on their gorgeous screens? it’s not shown in the S7 Edge renders, those are exactly what I’d hoped the phone would look like, but the non-edge just looks a bit…chunky?

    • RiTCHiE

      Ugly? I think its the best looking galaxy out of the 2. Thisa whole edge thing is just a gimmick and not needed in real life for real people but i could understand that them weak teens falls for shit like this because they are more hype sensetive.

      • Jordan Lee

        Maybe ugly was a bit far… but it looks more like they’re going Backwards in design, I’m sitting here with my S4 waiting for these two to be available and I can’t help but think it looks a lot like my phone, but less screen-to-phone ratio :/ I guess in person it’ll be better though, can’t imagine them making it look less attractive than the S6 was!

        • RiTCHiE

          Well thats because the s4 is still the best looking galaxy to date but if i was you i would swap brand.

    • lilmoe2006

      I think it looks better than the Edge… Samsung devices usually look much better in hand than in press photos, so wait and judge for yourself when you get your hands on both.

    • Super Ovni ?

      These pictures are not entirely original, is to create controversy, I’m sure the S7 Edge will be curved from the back and front, If the S6 EDGE is a piece of art, the S7 will be out of this world.

    • Yggdrasil AE

      The bezels help to protect the screen.

      • Major Sceptic

        Yeah I wouldn’t be in a hurry to remove the bezels, phones are getting more for show than function.

        • The-Sailor-Man

          Smaller footprint is great function. Bigger screen on same phone’s footprint is great too.

      • The-Sailor-Man

        Bezels protect nothing. Except of unwanted touch.
        I prefer instead of bezels to have unresponsive to touch 1mm frame.

        • mobilemann

          you’ll be used to un-responsive touch, because you use specifically samsung, which have response times well over double iphones.

    • Jordan Lee

      Maybe ugly was a bit far… but it looks more like they’re going Backwards in design, I’m sitting here with my S4 waiting for these two to be available and I can’t help but think it looks a lot like my phone, but less screen-to-phone ratio :/ I guess in person it’ll be better though, can’t imagine them making it look less attractive than the S6!

    • Prizm

      That was my thought with the standard S6. It looks a bit dated (although looks a little better in real life). I think Samsung’s rounded home button contributes to the dated look.

    • jtw

      Keep in mind those are just 2D, computer-generated renders…I agree with you, though. Hopefully they look better in person, which I’m sure they will.

    • The-Sailor-Man

      OK, what phone is more beautiful than the the standard S7???

  • KRS

    love love the silver but never have liked the other colors but the white. when I got my note 5 I got white. they do look a little thicker but maybe not.

  • saksham

    i just wish the software would be better :( idc care about ram management im not a poweruser but pls make the software in such a way that it safeguards the phone to run at least 2 years

  • moew

    Wow, same phone as last year. I like teets.

  •’s my favorite I like it.

  • | VADOCOM™

    LG G5 FTW!

  • MY

    This looks great but i’m waiting for the #NOTE6 to be honest ;-) Hope it will be announced this month

    • Jerisnotonfire

      You will have to wait a ‘few’ more months tho

    • Marc Perrusquia

      Add 4 to 5 months to that estimate.

    • jtw

      The Note 5 only came out 6 months ago.

  • Yea Right

    Why can’t we just get a standard S7 5.5 inch?

    • James Pierce


    • mcdonsco

      Here’s to hoping we don’t.

      • Yea Right

        Because less options is better?

    • Terry John

      Exactly what I’m saying that’s what we need not everyone wants edge phones and 5.1 is abit too small. All I’m asking for is 5.5 regular s7 if not I wait for note 6.

    • s2weden2000

      because it’s not up to “you” …

    • Bidiminished

      It would be a Note 6 without the stylus, which is pointless.

      IMO the S7e (5.5”) shouldn’t exist, instead we should get a Note 6 Edge and a S7e (5.1”).

  • Jason

    Looks like Samsung is taking us back to the days of the S3 and S4… no thanks Samsung I’ll look elsewhere

    • DBscrilla

      Why do you say that do you think it’s plastic are from the looks of the phone

  • Loving the silver one…beautiful!

  • Juan S.

    why can’t we have the emerald green, that was the best color, why make it exclusive and rare and then extinguish it, screw the other colors

  • Kattz

    When I bought my Note 2, everyone thought that it was too big. It’s funny that the regular S7 might be 5.5 inches this year. I wonder how big the Note is going to be.

    The gold is nice. I think everyone is sick of white devices.

    • The-Sailor-Man

      The regular S7 is not 5.5″.
      S7 Edge could be 5.5″ , but much smaller footprint than iPhone 6S Plus.
      Note 6 will not be with bigger footprint too. See Note 5 is the smaller than Note 4 even with same display size.
      So what is your problem, again?

  • Handheld Addict

    Rounded edges on front and back, will this make it more slippery and harder to grip? Or is it a non-issue?

    • The-Sailor-Man

      Easier to grip for sure. And making the phone feel smaller in the hand.
      But I hate metal or glass back. Slippery yes. If you use case , though, no problem

      • Chris

        Plastic phones are for those living on welfare

  • Prizm

    Talk about boring. The gold is alright, but is too much of a reminder of Apple. The silver and black are just same-old same-old. The blue/black and green were great colors last year.

    • I Agree I like the GS7, but definitely prefer the dark Blue Black and Emerald from last year. Still going to consider them if they offer those colors from last year as well as the leaked less exciting colors.

  • meir

    The galaxy s7 will be my next smartphone. Keep my Note 4 too.

    • The-Sailor-Man

      Yup .
      Note 4 is still The King

  • raiderskull

    That’s it. It’s just a faster processor. We have officially hit a smartphone plateau. If your rich, go ahead keep buying these expensive flagships. If your not, there’s many less expensive options out there.

    • Chris

      I was t my phone to last and be fast. These welfare budget phones don’t do that

      • raiderskull

        Shut up with your lame welfare comments Christopher Mc Lame-o. Blu pure xl all up in your mouth my friend!

  • s2weden2000

    that’s right! ..choice …

  • Brandon Anderson

    Hated the S6 and immediately switched to the Note 5 as soon as it came out. Was an improvement but I think I should have just upgraded from the S5 to the Note 4. Has the best of both old and new. Beautiful screen and aluminum siding. At the same time, it has the removable battery and SD. If you ask me the S7 looks less attractive then the S6. Don’t get me wrong, the S6 was an attractive phone but destroyed functionality. I wish they would see that the Note 4 was perfect and approve upon that. NOT the iPhone 4/S6

    • Brandon Anderson

      If all these leaks are true, here I come Nexus

      • The-Sailor-Man

        Nexus …who? LOL

      • Chris

        Nexus a phone for nerds

  • richard

    Lame, boring, bullshit colors (like Apple)…I’ll buy another Moto X, and save a pocket-full of cash, if they still have Moto maker. I’d have bought a green one if Samsung didn’t have a stick up their ass.

    • Chris

      Just use the case of you want kiddie colors

  • fluffypuppies

    wow i’m ready to get my first samsung (edge) :-)

  • Jake

    I really like the emerald green color of the SGS6 and the silver. Shame that those colors won’t be available this year!

  • pratik nayak

    is there ir blaster in galaxy s7 edge pls tell me about that

  • 3 Stooges F1

    I have an S4. I was already nervous to get it because it was bigger than my S3. I’m not interested in larger bulk in my pocket. It’s already tough enough to get out while sitting in a car or chair, which is most of my day. My wife feels the same way and has been holding out with her iPhone 4S for a replacement that similarly sized.

    If Samsung does release a still even bigger phone and no quality smaller option, then I’m looking ELSEWHERE!

  • Moxin JC

    now that’s ugly

  • TLM

    Why do colors matter anyway? Don’t people usually just put their phones in cases?

  • Ivan Varga

    Emerald green was not a big selling point?
    I couldn’t even find one in 6 EU Countries.
    Finally found one in Germany few months later because I was postponing my purchase to find it.

  • Apury

    I hope it isn’t plastic ..

  • GT

    yes, waiting for Note 6 which believed will be released in oct 2016. hope more leaks will come out.