Motorola Moto G official: specs, features, price and availability

November 13, 2013

    Moto G Announcement

    The Moto G wasn’t a well-guarded secret (though it wasn’t as leaky as the Moto X either), but we’ve still looked forward to finding out what this affordable little device is all about.

    Now the Motorola made the Moto G official and we have the rundown on specs and features, as well as the all-important price information. Is the Moto G worth more praise than its spec sheet suggests? Let’s find out.

    Moto G specifications

    Display4.5-inch LCD, HD (1280 x 720), 326ppi
    ProcessorQualcomm Snapdragon 400, quad-core @ 1.2GHz, Adreno 305
    Storage8GB, 16GB
    Battery2070 mAh
    Cameras5 MP rear LED flash, 1.3 MP front
    ConnectivityGPS, GLONASS, microUSB, Wi-Fi a/b/g/n, Bluetooth 4.0 LE
    Dimensions129.9 x 65.9 x 6-11.6mm
    ColorsBlack/White, replaceable colored backplates
    SoftwareAndroid 4.3

    Motorola called the HD display of the Moto G its hero feature, and highlighted its excellent pixel density, which is better than that of the iPhone 5s. Indeed, for a device that starts from just $179, the 4.5-inch 326 ppi screen is nothing short of excellent.

    Powering all those pixels is a Snapdragon 400 processor clocked at 1.2GHz, coupled with 1GB of RAM. This is a good mid-range configuration that should get most users through a majority of tasks. And thanks to a less bloated operating system, the Moto G should perform as good as other devices with more powerful configurations. Motorola claimed at the event that the Moto G can perform faster than the Galaxy S4 in many situations, but we’d wait for a hands-on before trusting this bold assertion.

    The Moto G will run slightly modified stock Android 4.3 Jelly Bean out of the box, but Motorola “guaranteed” a KitKat upgrade by January 2014. The device comes with some of Motorola’s apps, but should be, more or less, close to vanilla Android nevertheless.

    Moto G price and availability

    Now for the amazing proposition of the Moto G, it’s price: the device will be available unlocked in the United States for just $179 for the 8GB version. The 16GB version will cost just $199, suggesting that Motorola fought off the temptation to maximize margins through flash storage price gouge.

    Official availability info:

    Moto G goes on sale this week in Brazil and parts of Europe and will be available within the next few weeks throughout Latin America, Europe, Canada and parts of Asia. It will be available in the US, India, the Middle East and more of Asia in early January. Moto G will be in more than 30 countries with 60 partners by 2014.

    In the US, Moto G will be sold on, with no contract, no SIM lock and an unlockable bootloader for USD$179 with 8GB of storage and USD$199 for 16GB. Moto G will also be available through various carriers and retailers.


    Here are the countries where the Moto G will become available first:

    Wave 1: Brazil, UK, Spain, Italy, Ireland, Belgium, Germany, Colombia, Canada, Peurto Rico, Mexico, Argentina, France, Peru, Chile, Honk Kong, Netherlands, Singapore.
    Wave 2: US, India, Guatemola, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Qatar, Malaysia, Costa Rica, Australia, Honduras, Ghana, New Zealand, El Salvador, Kuwait, Indonesia, Panama, Oman, Ecuador, Uruguay, Jordon, Venezuala, Paraguay, Dominican Republic , UAE.

    We’re bringing you more info as we get it, so stay tuned. Meanwhile, are you impressed with the Moto G? Tell us in the comments.


    • João Grácio

      for just 180$ it´s amazing…Good work motorola

      • NeedName

        IMHO, makes the choice between on-contract Vs unlocked very difficult — think I would go with the older less expensive hardware just to flip the bird to the carriers.

        Maybe this will finally be the device that makes unlocked devices popular???

      • Shark Bait

        It is! blows everything in that range out of the water. Should get moto back in the black!

        • phuongot

          Here are the countries where the Moto G will become available first:

        • MadCowOnAStick

          Nexus 4 was reduced to $200, definitely blew everything in that range out of the water and this, but uhhh now they don’t sell it anymore :/ (for $200)

          • Shark Bait

            yeah stock clearance. A friend of mine got it at that bargain! (no brainer) however i think their similarly speced though?

            • MadCowOnAStick

              dat 2GB vs 1GB of ram destroys it

            • nihad

              moto g score higher than nexus 4 in antutu.
              it supports opengl es3.0 where as nexus 4 does not.
              moto g 16gb cost 200$ but nexus 4 is 8 gb.
              moto g will get updated to kitkat which require less ram than jelly bean.
              hence moto g is better than nexus 4 or atleast nexus doesnt destroy it

            • MadCowOnAStick

              Apps require ram tho

      • Revitalize

        Im think this phone thread at xda forum will be active because there are many people including developers who will buy it because its price are cheap

    • TaasNooPinoyAko

      Does Philippines is included on Asian Countries that will have Moto G?

      • RJ

        yes. As Yugatech got a confirmation from Moto Philippines. Exciting! :D

        • Moymoy

          When would that be?? Damn it, I can’t wait! As much as I want to order online but the shipping is costly.

    • Jack Parker

      £112 which will probably be £119/£129 for the united kingdom, SO much better then the crappy quad core phones from China

      Will be good if it came to Europe

      • Mr T

        Haha you wish.
        At least in the rest of Europe 180/200$ (+ sales tax if applicable) usually equates to 180/200€ with VAT. Don’t know about the UK specifically but they have a reputation of being the biggest suckers when it comes to electronics and computer stuff prices.

        • Luka Mlinar

          Should be a bit less then that but i agree.

        • Jack Parker

          Its not bad, the N5 costs $349 in america right? Its only £299 in the UK still cheap :P

        • Shanos

          I think you meant that we get shafted on prices… not that we are suckers! but then again I did not pay a penny/dime for my galaxy s4 on contract and get 2000 any network mins (+5000 same network mins) 5000 texts and completely unlimited data including tethering (some months I download over 40gigs of data tethered to my macbook!) for £34 per month ($54) currently using hsdpa+ but 4g will be launching shortly and will be a free upgrade and still unlimited! I think when it comes to mobiles and monthly tariffs from what I have read its the americans that get shafted… but yes in general for electricals and gadgets there is a direct $ to £ translation :( our government tax the ar$e out of everything including fuel and power but we are recovering from the US caused economic crisis better than most so I guess for a bunch of suckers we are not doing bad! (p.s no you did not save our ar$es in the war, but we are helping to save yours in all of the fights your past and present presidents have started) rant over! p.s just had to throw a few dodgy stereo types back

          • Mr T

            Yeah I didn’t mean to say the english buyers are suckers, I rather meant that they’re ripped off by taxes, duties and unfair practices by sellers.

            • Shanos

              Lets agree that brits get “sucker” punched by our governments and retailers on prices, I would love to find a friendly american that could send me a nexus or moto phone at the us prices but knowing my luck I would get stung as it entered customs and still end up paying loads.
              However if anyone is visiting next year and wants to bring one with them I would be happy to buy one from them and treat them to a night out in Essex (do you get subjected to the only way is essex on tv over there? its not all like that show ;-)
              peace, love and good will to everyone even iPhone fanboys lol

      • Luka Mlinar

        Don’t count on it. More like 150£ for the 8GB

        • Jack Parker

          Still cheap ;)

        • Edwin Walker

          Phones 4u are selling the 8GB model for £119.95 on all the major networks. I think it was Google ripping us off with the Nexus 5 rather than the government.

        • kieuxinh

          Maybe this will finally be the device that makes unlocked devices popular???

      • Jesus

        hahaha why would you even consider phones from China

        • Lindle

          Some branded China ones like Xiaomi and Lenovo are actually very good. Heads up the the Incredibly cheap Xiaomi Red Rice and the 4000mAh Lenovo P780

    • Andrés

      I read that is waterproof to

      • RedBeaVeR

        It is. Not like Sony Z series where u can take it for a swim, but it will be splash proof. Maybe even a little dip.

    • Luka Mlinar

      Can it be? No way… Motorola is back!
      Bout time Dennis acknowledged the X8 direction was a black hole. This thing is sweet if it’s sub 200$ off contract. Even 250$ would be ok. Now give us a 5 inch flagship phone that rivals the Z1, S4 and the rest.

      • Florin N

        the Moto X already rivals those flagships.Every reviewer that tested all those devices, they all come back using the Moto X.
        So I don’t think they really need a 5″ model.The fact that they are optimizing the hell out of that phone, means they deserve some respect.
        Given that I live in Europe and can’t get the Moto X, I might very well replace my Nexus 4 with a Moto G.

        • MasterMuffin

          every reviewer? Sure

          • Cole Raney

            I’m wondering if any reviewer did.

            • MasterMuffin

              He just said that everyone did dude…

              /s :D

        • Mr T

          With the right price I’d take the Moto X over most flagships for the sweet form factor and the awesome software (active notifications as #1) & quick updates but I think you’re taking guesses here.

        • Luka Mlinar

          I remember Dennis mentioning every reviewer earlier today when he was launching the Moto G. All 1 of them (CNN). A news network that was once credible but today is considered nothing more but a joke.

    • Legend

      Amoled or LCD?

      • Legend

        Sorry dint read it completely, LCD it is !

    • Piterson Massenat Desir

      Not bad for the price. Awesome stuff!

    • MasterMuffin

      326 PPI? Retina display :P

    • GasparIPerez

      Motorola is slowly becoming a better option between the different OEMs. Google is pulling the right strings here. Let just hope the next Nexus devices are Google devices only, no partnership with other OEMs, just pure Google/Motorola vanilla Android experience. If that happens and they release the devices in Europe, count me in!

    • Data

      This is a really good phone. No other phone offers similar specs and prices.

      • Data

        Seriously what’s with the 2 downvotes :(

        • SanKeYou

          chinese phone manufacturers downvoting your comment

    • Cecil


      • Soul_Est

        Nope. No wireless charging either.

    • Balraj

      No sd slot? Google decision ?

      • Shark Bait

        they want people to use google music

      • Al Bowering

        If it supports USB OTG, who needs microSD support? I use a 256GB flash drive with my HTC ONE S that only has 16GB and no microSD support, BUT it is one of the few phones that supports USB OTG. It only takes minutes to transfer hours of content to the phone, and unlike cloud services, I don’t have to pay(data) every time i want to use my own content. This support/feature is huge. I don’ know why devices that have the support don’t market it. I also use a standard usb keyboard/mouse on my phone when when i need to be productive.

        • Balraj

          Does moto g come with usb OTG ?

    • Valtheus

      It seems a good choice for the money. 4.5″ is a good screen size and you get vanilla android for a much cheaper price than Nexus 5. Kudos. The only thing that worries me is the 1GB ram… :-/

      • Shanos

        1gb of ram should not be an issue if they optimise the os for the hardware, especially as google have designed kitkat for a base of just 512kb ram.

        • Javier Peralta

          hahahahah, what? 512kb? :P must be 512MB, and I thought KitKat needed 1GB…

    • rebirthofcool

      quite ironic but Moto CEO reiterates that Moto G has NO LAG, after earlier comparison with the S4 in the keynote, are they referring to Touchwiz? most probably..but Moto G is a well balanced spec’d phone at a solid LOW price which is a good alternative to Nexus 5

    • asd

      Moto is back but iam dissapointed because there is no sd card and didnt Google buy moto and so why is it not on 4.4….just thought they will be setting am example

      • Shanos

        From what I understand (sister in law used to work for moto in the Uk) google are worried that other oems like samsung, sony and htc will get the hump if they give all the best bits to their own company first so they are having to be careful.
        But with any luck they will be able to optimise the os on their hardware more than an oem that insists on putting hefty skins etc on their phones (I have an s4 and whilst touchwiz is generally good it does lag especially the gallery).
        It would be great to see moto taking risks and pushing boundaries, lets hope they can make their way up the food chain.

    • AsakuraZero

      WOOO my country is there, I just hope the retailers doesnt rack up the prices as they love to do (the $200 model will end at 300 or something like that taking in account we use the dollar as currency)

    • SimonReidy

      “Moto G its hero feature, and highlighted its excellent pixel density, which is better than that of the iPhone 5s.”

      326ppi is exactly the same pixel density as the iPhone 5s. Not that that’s a bad thing. 720p is a good resolution for a 4.5″ display.

    • Rajec

      Does anyone here have the wallpaper shown in the article above? Thanks a lot!

    • Alijah

      I slammed my fist on the table and yelled “How DARE they not ship to the UNITED STATES of AMERICA first? Those pigs!”

      Then I realized what a jerk I am

    • Scott Niemczyk

      Any chance this will get Verizon radios? This would be a good option when my wife breaks her phone.

    • Marvin

      Beside the good price, for me the big deal is that it comes with unlocked boot-loader.When respectable company’s like Sams**t and HTC are locking everything (boot-loader,region-lock,etc.), the Motorola bring a good price/quality phone+ unlock boot-loader(will receive a lot of developer support+ the user can personalize his experience) , which will bring Motorola again in the BIG league.

    • ushneb

      Waht about Taiwan?

    • Jose Torres

      Holy “Guatemola”!!!!

    • Kenny Woodard

      I realize this is the ultimate budget phone, but no 4G LTE is the killer for me.

      • Jesus

        Not for yo mama…

    • Manuel Melgar

      *Puerto Rico

    • Balraj

      Petrovan..every other site says it runs on quad-core Snapdragon 200
      Not s400

    • GandangaTororo

      Where is the official website for this device (Moto G)?

    • Md Rashidul Islam

      When will this be available in Bangladesh? I wanna grab one as soon as it available

    • Joshua Nalundasan

      Will it be available in the Philippines?

    • lohjh

      To be honest, i like motorola more than samsung. Hope motorola will prosper under google.

    • Prabesh

      now this phone will be pain in the ass of other OEM’s as they charge a lot more for the device having the same specs. kuddos to google and motorola for such amazing phone for such amazing price

    • Alvin Adiwira Santosa

      Yay! coming to Indonesia! Although I won’t be trading my nearly a year old Nexus 4 for Moto G, but I think this is a perfect gift for my Dad who wants to make the jump from his 4 years old BlackBerry 9700. He’s already been using a 2013 Tab 10.1 so he’s quite familiar with how Android operates (he’s not tech savvy but always willing to learn). Moto G would be a perfect birthday present for him. Let’s just hope after import tax etc, the price won’t go up too far

    • Daryl Castrudes

      Hope that they will include Philippines. It’s a deal that everyone will grab :)

    • TjaldidTjaldid

      would be perfect if it was 8MP, 4G LTE and supported microSD:(

    • Christian Vasquez

      I just hope Dominican Republic’s companies do not mess up with the price of this product like they always do. Charging even double of the price of what you can get something online.

    • Jesus

      Please let this be <$180 in australia…

    • Mike

      Just got this phone in Canada for $150-$75 in giftcards = $75 no contract

      • Soul_Est

        How are you liking it so far?

    • Manuel Campos

      is the Motorola G Global GSM the one that I should buy online if I live in Costa Rica ? is there any difference if I buy that model on the Motorola site or if I buy in amazon which is described as unlocked?

    • Yugadi Luitel

      Is there inbuilt fm radio or not ?

    • Suvash Purkaystha

      when available motorola moto g in bangladesh ?

    • nguyenthanhtra
    • Evin

      still waiting for moto g in indonesia