Leaked Moto X (2015) images suggest front-facing flash and fingerprint in speaker

by: Edgar CervantesJuly 22, 2015

The Moto X (2015) should be right around the corner, as Motorola has been making it a habit to release its flagship phones sometime between August and September. As you can expect, the rumor mill is going full speed and is not stopping anytime soon. More images and details have emerged today, coming from Peruvian Facebook page ‘Perú Android’.

The Facebook page is very active and claims to have gotten these images and details from an anonymous source. Perú Android is clear to say they can’t really confirm the information’s validity 100%, but the evidence does look enticing. For starters, the leak tells us the phone should come with a 2K display and a 21 MP rear-facing camera.

This is not necessarily huge news, but it’s what the images showcase that has us scratching our heads. These photos suggest the phone will come with an integrated front-facing flash, solving your low-light selfie woes (which we touched on just yesterday). In addition, the rumored fingerprint reader may have a rather unique placement. Instead of putting it in the back, this source claims Motorola opted to build the fingerprint sensor right into the lower front speaker.

If this is the case, the new Moto X would be the first device in which any major manufacturer manages to seamlessly integrate a fingerprint sensor without wasting too much space. Others have a dedicated spot for the reader, or opt to integrate it into the home button. By implementing this new technique, Motorola would effectively be able to keep a low bezel-to-screen ratio and still add biometric functionality.

As with any rumor, you should take this with a healthy dose of salt. Not even Perú Android is completely sure about this information, so you shouldn’t hold your breath on it, either. As for additional specs, other rumors say the Moto X (2015) should feature a Snapdragon 808 processor, 4 GB of RAM, a 5.2-inch QHD screen and a 3280 mAh battery.

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We should be able to confirm all official details in some days, once Motorola takes the stage this July 28th. In the meantime, enjoy the images and let us know what you think about the new rumors. Were you hoping for a front-facing flash? Do you prefer Motorola’s possible new fingerprint sensor location?

  • 404

    how in the world could they put a fingerprint sensor on top of a speaker?? If they managed to do that, that would be incredible engineering.

  • Bur

    Hello Moto, is it you im looking for?

  • Bob Hodges

    Why are the pictures so crappy? If you have enough “juice” to have one, shouldn’t you own a phone that takes better pics that this?

    • Pootis Man

      Meh…I guess it just makes these pictures more ambiguous and it adds to the hype.

      • Bob Hodges

        Makes sense.

    • George

      It was probably taken with a moto x lol..

      • Bob Hodges


        • Logan Vaughan

          It actually was taken with a Moto X 2014. Notice the dual flash on the bottom of the screen on the close up speaker picture

  • JGaLaXY

    looks legit…please be on t-mobile…

  • Analog Watchface

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  • bmbvideo

    Any idea if this one will be available on Sprint? The first one was, but last year’s wasn’t.

  • llobak

    The fingerprint sensor looks like it’s a “swiping type”. Hope I’m wrong… and hope Moto uses the same type of fingerprint sensor as s6 and iphone 6.

    I tried the “swiping type” fingerprint sensor on note 4, not very effective if compare with those used in s6

    • Stefano Hetfield

      If you use it sideways you have enough space on the phone for it to detect your whole finger.

    • Mario Limonciello
  • James Raynor

    if it has QHD screen I pass, I need MORE BATTERY

    • doctorjee

      it will have a better battery and less power hungry processor to match. 2k screens are amazing!

    • Kanoosh

      after experiencing the Note 4 , i can’t go back..Just absolutely gorgeous screen and great battery life..
      If moto can do the same thing or BETTER with the X , count me in.

  • I guess Google’s inability to keep secrets rubbed off on Motorola.

  • Kamalnath Kanthimathinathan

    even though 810 might have some heating issues, it’s better than the 808 (specially with 2K display is on board)

    • Stefano Hetfield

      Good news for you: snapdragon said that they were going to solve those heating problems in a new 810 version. I don’t remember of they said what was going to be the model

  • Mel823

    What’s that white button near the headphone jack?

    • doctorjee

      sim tray/mem card probably

  • doctorjee

    Just take my money Moto!

  • Gingerfrei

    Ha! That’s really nice!!!! authority < Extra Income

  • Josh Johnson

    This could be it :-) the phone I have been waiting for. Time will tell

  • flye

    Looks like a souped up nexus 6

  • Loved my moto x 2015 but had to get rid of it due to the terrible battery life I was getting, I’m hoping that battery life is improved and wireless charging has been added this time around