The Android Nougat update rolled out to the Moto G4 and Moto G4 Plus back in early March, but the third device in the family, the Moto G4 Play, is still waiting for it.

The G4 Play was released in August last year, three months after the other handsets, as the least costly option of the trio. This was the same month that Android Nougat first hit the scene, so the question of when it would get the update was always going to be on the mind of its owners.

We’ve now been informed by a Lenovo spokesperson that “Consumers will start to see Android Nougat on Moto G4 Play in June.” This news arrived via a US PR, so we presume this means US consumers will see it then, but I’ve asked for clarification. [Update: Rolling out “globally” in June.]

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Typically, manufacturer update schedules prioritize the latest flagship releases, but as the G4 series are so close together in price (only $100 separates them) and their software, it seemed possible that they would all receive the update around the same time. That’s clearly not the situation as far as Nougat is concerned.

Still, at least Moto G4 Play owners now have an ETA for the update instead of just hanging around wondering about it.

Scott Adam Gordon
Scott Adam Gordon is a European correspondent for Android Authority. Originally from the UK, Scott has been tinkering with Android phones since 2011 and writing about them full-time since 2014. He now lives in Berlin with three roommates he never sees. Befriend him on Twitter and Google+ at the links.
  • Kevin Cissell

    Motorola totally screwed over moto x pure owners. The last brand by motorola and lenovo I buy, Too many brands out there that update phones well before these companies do! Yeah yeah don’t want to hear bs about making sure it is stable…nouget on unlocked pure androiid phone is will be stable. Screw motorola/lenovo. I’m done !

    • SayIDidIt™

      So true!

    • Griffen Hicks

      you do realize that they have to build the update from source code all the way up to nougat and then test it and that Motorola is running on a bare bones crew

      • Srivathsava

        We know that, but it’s no excuse for delayed updates. When the users bought the device, they were promised faster updates or else no one would have bought the device. Last time android 6 was released within couple of months. What happened now?

  • Sayantan Roychowdhury

    Lenovorola is actually doing an excellent job of pushing almost stock Android to its *selected* devices, that too after almost a year now. Good job. Kudos!

    • Excellent job? Lying to their users and promising updates for december only to delay them 3 times and then staying quiet about it is not an “excellent job”. They have stock and all the other G4s have it. There is no reason why it takes them so long. The G4 got the update in march – guess what? It’s the DECEMBER version. They delayed it for NO reason.

      • Sayantan Roychowdhury

        That was a sarcasm

        • I wasn’t sure, sorry T_T At least I could rant.

  • Mark Barkley

    I’ve been seeing the G4 Play for only $39

    • Anthony Tremaine

      I picked one up at the dollar general for $39. It’s the verizon model but this thing is an absolute beast at $39.

  • j James

    Wow. Funny how an upgrade for your phone can make it break people. Here’s an idea dweebs, get a hobby other than your phone. Putang is a great one.

  • the DMJ

    What about Moto 3rd generation x series. Lenovo said that it will get updates. Infact Moto x play was spotted with Android 7.1.1 on geek bench marks. Will it get it not. #askmoto

  • Srivathsava

    What about Moto x style?

  • So this means this is the last update for it? Seeing the time they took to make their promise sound “different”.

  • lawrence Wong

    this is why I picked up an Axon 7 Mini instead of the G4, Lenovo is so inconsistent about updates it’s sickening

  • Eric Walker

    June!?! That’s insane! And what ever happened to the Moto g3? That only got 1 software update! Fuck lenovorola.

    • Sayantan Roychowdhury

      Same will happen with G4. It also won’t get the *promised* Android O update. I feel it.

      • NateB

        the G4 series was promised Android O?

        • Sayantan Roychowdhury

          Yeah. You read that right.

  • Lucy

    Still waiting for it on my Moto X Force in the UK.

  • UncleSam13

    At that point why bother? It’s as though cell phone companies try to get people to no buy their phones.

  • Austin Castillo

    Can’t wait to see this update on my Moto G4 Play! It’s biggest change (that I hear of) is making the battery last considerably longer. This phone does already have a good 2800 mAh battery and I’d like to see even more improvement on that side.

  • Jon Boros

    still waiting…….