Moto G 2014-16

Hot on the heels of the news that Lollipop will be coming soon to various Motorola 2013 and 2014 devices, it now seems that Android 5.0.2 Lollipop has started to roll out on some 2nd generation Moto G handsets.

According to Jose G. from the USA, his 2nd generation Moto G has received an update. Previously he was running 5.0.1 which was build 22.21.25, but now after the over-the-air update he is running Android 5.0.2, which is build 22.21.28.

The roll out of Android 5.0 Lollipop seems to have been quite slow. In my house we have a Nexus 7 (2012) and a first generation Moto G. Neither have received the update from Android 4.4.4 to Android 5.0.x.

The apparent slowness of the roll out could be to do with a huge memory leak in Android 5.0, which many users are saying causes big problems. According to comments left here on the Android Authority web site, some users aren’t having any issues at all, however some are being hit quite bad.  I was wondering why Lollipop was closing apps and behaving badly. I was wishing I could go back to 4.4.4. That release was so much smoother.” While Oktar added, “I have to reboot my Nexus 5 every 4-5 days!!! It’s awful!!!”

Until now the only device to get Android 5.0.2 was the Nexus 7 (2012). All other devices were on Android 5.0.1. Let’s hope that the new Android 5.0.2 that is starting to roll out is smoother than 5.0.1!

Have you got a Motorola device? Any updates? Please let me know in the comments below.


Gary Sims
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  • Robin Flikkema

    And my Moto G 2014 Dual Sim still hasn’t received 5.0 yet

  • Yeah, I have Nexus 7 and 5.0.2 works great

    • ChamatkariChor (Baba)

      Hardly great. The tablet was completely unusable with 5.0.1 and is now barely usable with 5.0.2

      • Which kind of issues are you facing?

        • ChamatkariChor (Baba)

          Freezing and force closes, lag that makes the tablet unresponsive for a minute or more and sometimes to the point where a forced restart is the only option available. Android is getting buggier by the day.

          • Yeah, It is due to less RAM on the same device.

            I do face some of the problems.

            although nexus 5 do not have these many problems.

  • Gabi Dipla

    Moto g 2013, still on 4.4.4

  • mesosteros

    Moto G 2014 Dual Sim still at 4.4.4 on Europe.

  • Vlad Mihai

    Moto G 2013 dual SIM- Europe- No update

  • Michelangelo_89

    Same, Moto G 2nd Gen still with 4.4.4 in Europe

  • Rohit

    Moto G 2nd Gen still on Kitkat … -India

  • mathias

    I own a moto g first generation, also still on KitKat….

  • GeekOB

    Moto G xt1033 India 5.0.2

    • Bharat mundra

      Where in India and did you apply for the soak test?

      • GeekOB

        Chennai. Yes

      • Balraj

        I side loaded the OTA from xda
        I have moto g xt1033
        Everything is working fine but I can see lag while multitasking
        Exclamation mark on both SIM networks..Idk why
        Memory leak exists….No cure :(

        • GeekOB

          Exclamation mark is there when u keep data off. i haven’t experienced lag or memory leak issue, might be bcoz i reboot once in 2 3 days anyway

          • Balraj

            One more problem…display brightness..If I set the brightness to low
            The screen starts I have to set the brightness to a mminimum of 30%

            I hope the new update solves all the problems…

          • GeekOB

            That’s due to adaptive brightness. Uncheck it from display settings. And then set brightness to lowest

          • Balraj

            Thanks :)

          • sid

            But turning adaptive brightness off means we’ll have to adjust brightness manually, doesn’t it? And with the adaptive brightness turned off, the minimum brightness is higher than with it turned on.

          • jatin sharma

            hey balraj im also facing this nd chk whn ur screens timesout whn undidnt touch it screen flickers too wd minimum brightnesa

          • Sahil

            Same issue here… is a rollback to kitkat possible?

      • Manoj

        go to xda… flash the indian version zip. its awesome.

  • ram

    i got lollipop 5.0.2 in moto g 1st gen

    • Someone12376

      US retail version?

  • Raj Patel

    Moto G 2014 UK retail – Still on 4.4.4

  • ram

    i got lollipop 5.0.2 on moto g 1st gen

    • will

      Where and when?

  • bhuvan kumar

    I got OTA lollipop 5.0.2 from kitkat 4.4.4 for moto G second generation.

  • David

    I got the OTA update 5.0.2 yesterday after manually updating my Moto G 2nd Gen a month ago (couldn’t wait). I wasn’t experiencing any obvious issues.

  • Charles ‘Chuck’ Talley

    I manually updated my Moto g second generation yesterday to 5.0.1 and recieved the 5.0.2 update late last evening.

  • omar almaweri

    Still on 4.4.4 in u.s. retail model

  • PeakVT

    5.0.2 on Moto G 2014 unlocked this morning. I’ve been having to reboot every 1-3 days. Hopefully this update has the fix.

  • alphaace

    My Moto G 4G (1039) still in 4.4.4 KitKat :( Malaysia

    • Domingos Tavares

      And will continue to be for a long time.

  • Nirmal

    I’m in india i got moto g2 still haven’t received the lollipop update:( this is very disappointing.

  • jk

    I got the 5.0.2 update in my moto g2 here in india just few menitues ago

    • qwerty

      Where do you live in india???

      • jk

        In mumbai

        • qwerty

          Then how did u get it. I also live in mumbai

          • jk

            I got tha l update around 10th Dec and after 2-3 days I got another update 5.0.1 and finally yesterday I got the 5.0.2 update. I don’t know y u didn’t get yet but I think it happened to me may be bcz of I registred earlier for sock test

          • qwerty

            So is the update working well….?????

          • jk

            Yup absolutly fine. In previous version 5.0.1 few bugs is there but now all issues solved and get h buttery smooth parformance

          • sudeep

            Hey can u pls give ur emei number can u pls mail to me at

          • Rahul

            Hey Bro There is an App called Motorola Update Service If you want to get a new update you will update the app through playstore It will Help You Thanks

  • Nathan

    No update yet on Moto G (2nd Generation) XT1068 in the Netherlands. (No simlock)

    Still at 4.4.4.

  • Archies
  • Chao Yang

    Moto G first and second gen retail version from Staples. Still in 4.4.4.

  • Christopher

    I just get the update to 5.0.2 on my Moto G 2 gen, and I really hope that it really fix some of the bugs, like the message of the update says.

  • manolo cabrera

    Moto g 2013 from amazon USA… android 4.4.4 not updated yet… I CAN’T WAIT TO INSTALL LOLLIPOP AND REGRET LATER! I love tech…

  • Grant

    I have a Moto G 1st Gen, it is a XT1032 (Retail, unblocked Motorola) still on 4.4.4

  • Louis Francisco

    I got the updated and I’m in Venezuela.

    • Cristian

      Really? What device? I have a Moto G XT1032 and no update yet.

      • Louis Francisco

        I have a XT1033

  • Timothy McGilly

    Moto g 2014 still on 4.4.4 because I don’t want to risk lollipop

  • Ivan Radiković

    Moto G 4G LTE from UK still on 4.4.4

    • Jesus Adolfo

      I am from Venezuela. Also on 4.4.4 on my 4g lte. We have fallen into oblivion

  • joker

    Moto g xt1033 5.0.2 soak test started rolling out yesterday in India!

  • Juan Carlos Mercado Lopez

    i bought my phone Moto G 2nd Gen through motorola site,. it was a global gsm version since i intened to use it outside the states, i live in mexico, and well i didnt even got the 5.0.1 my phone just updated out of the blue to 5.0.2 yesterday around 3pm pacific time. but i dont notice any chnages and i still have an issue with the phone ejecting the sd card when i want to take a picture. so i have to open the phone, take the sd card out, and put it back in. its a bit of a hassle but besides that fact the phone is a great phone.

  • Sathish

    Got an update of 5.0.2 tidaybon my Moto G second edition

  • mangesh

    moto x 2nd gen on 5.0 …updated on 24 th Dec 2014

  • qwerty

    People are getting updates in India…. Then why not me I also live in india Why motorola Why?????

  • Nathan

    My update came in today (moto g 2014 usa), but i didnt have enough internal memory to update. I cleared space for it, and now my my phone wont give me the update. It says up to date even though im on 4.4. Makes no sense, it came to my phone a few hours ago and then disappeared

    • Revanthraj M

      this happened to me too, i cancelled the update because i was going out, when i came back home and again checked for the update, its showing that the device is up to date. What happened???
      i own moto g 2nd gen XT1068

  • dennis

    I have two Moto G 2nd gen purchased at the same time. One was updated to android 5.0.1 the day before Xmas, and just updated to 5.0.2. The other Moto G has not received the update yet. Go figure.

  • Someone12376

    Moto G 1st gen (2013) XT1032 US retail model. Still have 4.4.4 and no updates show up.

  • guberg

    I have a moto g and I haven’t gotten off of 4.4.4 yet and I live in usa

  • br0xibear

    1st Gen Moto G XT1032, Unlocked in the UK, no update yet, still 4.4.4

  • ninja_turtle

    I have moto g xt1068. I got the update to 5.0.2. I had signed up for the soak test. The phone is smoother than ever!!!

  • oc reporter

    No update on my Nexus 7 2012 in California. Sigh.

  • Ashvin

    2nd Gen Moto G U.S, purchased through Amazon, still on 4.4.4. No sign of any update. Is there a way to get an update other than OTA?

  • Aman Khandelwal

    Moto G 2nd Gen India

    • Vaidhyam Datta

      Do u have the ota zip…???

      • Aman Khandelwal


  • Archies

    Lollipop 5.0.2 xt1033 asia OTA zip now available.

    OTA Zip link:

  • HoodedDemon

    Nothing on my Moto G 2014 in Canada

  • Bernas

    I have a Moto g xt1032 1st gen and still no update…

    • Bernas

      UK variant

  • Nihar Parija

    I have upgraded to 5.0.2 today morning.. its smooth n sweet

  • MysteryMan

    In NY US have two Moto G 2nd gens (unlocked US), one Nexus 7 2012 Wi-fi only, and one Nexus 7 2010, 3g NONE of them have received any updates, all are still on 4.4.4.

  • Bharat

    Nexus 5 hanging after coming into battery saver mode. And battery draining a lot specially after putting alarm . not satisfied with lolly pop

  • berto

    moto g 2013 still on 4.4.4 kitkat (uae)

  • Prasad Saxena

    Got the update… But my roommate didn’t. Guys wait…. you will get it…

    Sabar Ka Phal Meetha Hota hai…
    Just wait for the Motorola OTA update… Its very stable…. Don’t try to Flash your devices with any other update.

    • tushar

      boss im not getting the update just bought the phone and having this fucking problem
      do u have any idea what exactly is the problem

      • Prasad Saxena

        How can you buy a 1st Gen MOTO G ?

      • Rahul

        Hey Bro There is an App called Motorola Update Service If you want to get a new update you will update the app through playstore It will Help You

  • Phuntsho

    Yes I have moto G2nd generation and so far I didn’t receive any android.. Lollipop ….

  • mick

    I have a UK Moto g 2014, but am still on 4.4.4

  • Andy

    German Moto G Second Gen still on 4.4.4.

  • Anil

    Moto g xt1033 GT updated to 5.0.2 from kitkat

  • himanshu

    My moto g has got started looking like lollipop….. But it is not yet lollipop…. It is still kitkat….. Only the menue bar has changed into lollipop…. The rest is the same….. I thought that the google now launcher has got an update….. But it is not so……

    • Arjun

      my moto g2nd gen also started looking like lollipop but its still kitkat only the menu is appearing in while as in lollipop but rest are same

  • abc

    Moto G 1st gen XT1033 still on android 4.4
    No sign of lollipop India

  • Valter

    Guys i live in Portugal and no Updates here for Moto g 1st Gen.. But i instaled a stock rom GPE and now i have Android L 5.0.1.. And i think that soon i’ll get 5.0.2

  • Untu’

    I have moto g2 but i didn’t get any update (still 4.4.4) in Romania. Two friends got 5.0.1 on their nexus 5

  • Moto X no tiene lollipop

  • Rajesh Kumar
  • rAKI…!

    Android Lollipop for Moto G 1st Generation India.

    Android Lollipop for Moto G 2nd Generation India

    And No need to root your device to update Android lollipop 5.0.2

  • stu borland

    Got moto g gen1 no lollipop update yet, stu fae Scotland.

  • ds

    I live in the USA, no soak test, just got the update and installing now, moto g 2014 US GSM Single Sim Retail, hopefully not buggy.

  • Umang

    Does my moto g 1st gen need to be updated to 4.4.4 to get lollipop?

  • kumar arun

    Hi guyss… I jst recieved a notification about new update with build num 22.21.28 on my moto g2 nd im from india… Should i upgrade my phone???? Need suggestions…

  • praveen kumarcv

    Wifi hotspot not working after updated to 5.0.2.anybody knows the solution for this issue?

  • motoG2_blore

    5.0.2 updated on both gen 1 and gen 2 moto g here in bangalore. I have noticed one bug, after heavy usage the home button vanishes, appears only after restarting the phone.

  • DK

    if you have cellular network issue after 5.02 version , try to remove the sim card from phone and insert to primary port,its worked for me!!!

  • Ankush Chadda

    I am getting network issues. 3G isnt working properly. Wifi also lags a lot. !!
    But I am happy with the update , nice UI and many security improvements

  • Utkarsh Mahajan

    Moto G xt1033 India 5.0.2 which brings lags and worser camera update on moto g 2013 by motorola official

  • jatin sharma

    kitkat was far better thn lollipop guuyss after update to lollipop 5.0.2 my phone hangs while multitasking screen flicker at minimum brightnesss phone dialr slower tht kitkt :/ update suckssss lots of bigs

  • jatin sharma


  • Revanthraj M

    yesterday, when i checked for updates, i got the update for lollipop 5.0.2 on my moto g 2nd gen XT1068. i started but i cancelled it. Today, when i checked, its showing that the device is up to date. What happened to the update ???

  • Joel Abraham

    MOTO G XT1068 …
    i had an update but unfortunately i had to force close the download and now there is no update it shown that the system is up to date still running android K .. :'(
    what do i do , iv’e even had that factory reset done ..

  • Vikrant

    Xt1032 US Retail… still not having update [Now i don’t want to get!!]

  • Andy

    I get on my Moto G2 XT1068 Android 5.0.2.I’m from Romania

  • Kalim Blandford

    Moto G 1st gen 3G version , still only 4.4.4 :

  • Sushant Sinha

    After Lollypop upgradation 5.0.2 to my Moto G mobile, I am unable to connect to Wifi Network. It keeps on trying to connect but the connection never happens. Cna anybody plz help me to fix this issue. i have tried all possible scenarios like Phone reboot, Wifi on-off but still unable to connect to Wifi Network.

    Plz assist me on it.

  • Jose Daniel Uribe Velasquez

    I still haven’t receive my update

  • Daskalos

    Moto G 2nd gen Model xt1068 Greece 5.02

  • joseph

    i haven’t got the update on my moto g 2 in england

  • Redbuddha15

    I have a moto G 1st generation which is a dual sim phone. Since i have got lollipop updated i have been facing issues
    1. When i get a phone call i do not know whether the call is for SIM1 or SIM2. I just need to pick up and figure out who is calling?? This is very annoying.
    2. The device is become slow. Android Kitkat was far superior in speed.
    3. The themes and appearance are boring.
    4. I do not see any useful features compared to the kitkat version.
    5. Cant send sms with direct touch to dialed,received or missed call numbers.
    6. Appearance is more like a beta version.
    7. Cant downgrade to older version.

  • Sudarshan

    Hi, My phone Moto G2 got upgraded to Android 5.0.2 but after restart it’s not going beyond the “Welcome’ screen showing options for language selection. The black arrow in the Yellow circle is not getting pressed. I restarted the phone 3-4 times but no luck. What shall i do ?

  • Sunil Upadhyay

    Hi ,
    I have Moto G2 and updated 5.0.2 but there is a problem which suddenly speakers stops working.
    When making a call or receiving a call , there is no sound. So i restart the mobile then only its working. I am tired of restart my mobile please give me permanent solution. Or do i need to through mobile?
    Please suggest me as