(Update: final versions) Microsoft Office for Android tablets now available on Google Play

by: Robert TriggsJanuary 29, 2015

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Update, January 29: Microsoft has now released the final versions of its Word, Excel, and Powerpoint apps for Android tablets. The apps dropped the “preview” label, so you should expect a solid and polished experience. The apps are still only available to Android tablets (7-inch and higher.) Check them out in the Play Store: Word, Excel, Powerpoint.

According to the Office blog: “When you use the apps for personal use, core editing is free and premium features require a qualifying Office 365 subscription. When used for commercial use, you need a qualifying Office 365 subscription for editing and premium features.”


Original post, January 6:

Back in November, Microsoft opened up early previews builds for its new mobile Office applications for Android tablets to those willing to sign up and wait for an invitation. After taking on feedback over the past couple of months, Microsoft has announced that it is expanding its preview scheme by releasing its Office applications to everyone directly through the Google Play Store.

The new Office software for mobile unifies Android, iOS, and Windows platforms. Previously each platform had to make do with its own apps, meaning that feature sets differed depending on your operating system and updates were often slow and intermittent. By unifying the Office platform, Microsoft hopes to bring updates and new features to users in a timelier manner.

There are still a couple of conditions attached to the preview builds though. Firstly, Office is still limited to ARM-based Android tablets with a screen size between 7 and 10.1 inches. Your tablet will also need to be running KitKat or Lollipop versions of Android, so users on Jelly Bean or earlier are out of luck.

If you are interested in trying out the preview builds of Microsoft’s improved office apps, here are the links for Word, Excel and PowerPoint. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

  • Bruno Rosa // TaRuGo

    No pictures?

  • Ferd Nesler

    It seems like these are for editing only. It looks like you have to have a 365 account to do any saving and editing. Not much use to me.

    • namesib

      Urgh, I really hate all this cloud nonsense. -__-

    • Jason Dywelska

      You must have a tablet larger than 10.1 inches.

      • InternetTroll

        My dong is about that size.

  • george

    is there a way to use access with all its features(macros, vb) on an android device?

  • mark

    1 gb just for these 3! it is too much

    • Jason Dywelska

      1gig for fully functional office programs is not bad at all… Many games are close to that size. These are awesome Apps

    • Lion King

      Yeah, I’m okay using WPS Office (Kingsoft) now, I also don’t see the point of wasting 1 Gig of my precious storage on something that I don’t really need anymore. So, no thanx.

  • Khaled AL Orini

    I couldn’t find in play store…

    • MasterMuffin

      Links are at the last row of this article

  • gd6noob
  • MasterMuffin

    I just noticed how many apps Microsoft has in Google Play. They even have multiple games!

    Oh and damn you Google Play errors, can’t install >_<

  • Mike

    Free to download but needs office 365 subscription to work.

    • Jason Dywelska

      You need a 365 subscription on tablets larger than 10.1 inches. 7-10.1 is free to edit.

  • Sinaida

    TextMaker HD is far superior to Word Preview, PlanMaker HD is far superir to Excel Preview, and Presentations HD is far superior to PowerPoint Preview – because these apps from German developer SoftMaker offer the full range of features of the PC version (means, they let you replace the bulky notebook completely when you work on the go), whilst Microsoft’s apps have only a few basic features, and they open/save all Microsoft Office formats faithfully. They’re so much better.

  • Mehedi Hasan

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  • John Doe

    Can you access Google Drive Docs?? or is it a complete MS product that must use 365?

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