Microsoft looks set to continue its quest to own your productivity change with the acquisition of 6Wunderkinder, the developers behind the very popular Wunderlist to-do application. According to the Wall Street Journal, the deal is worth between $100 and $200 million and would increase Microsoft’s standing in the mobile productivity world.

The real question is what Microsoft intends to do with its new acquisition, which has between 5 and 10 million installs on Google Play and a rating of 4.4 out of 5 from over 180,000 ratings. The company could take the approach it did with its acquisition of Acompli, which was rebranded to Outlook for Android and iOS and released as part of the free Microsoft Office suite.

Another of Microsoft’s recent acquisitions – the New York-based startup behind the Sunrise mobile calendar application – has not yet been integrated with the company’s mobile apps and the WSJ state a person familiar to the deal suggests that the three acquisitions will become part of an integration of Microsoft’s productivity tools, with an emphasis on mobile applications.

The acquisition of Wunderlist – along with Acompli and Sunrise – suggests that Microsoft’s future is very much in mobile applications. The question remains however, whether Microsoft plan to bring the Wunderlist features to its desktop suite of applications as part of Windows 10 at a later date.

Nirave Gondhia
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  • Andrei

    I hope this doesn’t mean we need to find a new task list app…

    • AncientJames

      If their past purchases are any indication, it won’t mean that. Can’t say the same for when Google buys a company that makes a Windows Phone app, however.

    • Whole lotta “if we’re too bureaucratic to build it, we’ll buy and iterate” goin’ on at MS under Nadella. Personally I like it. And him so far.

      Also noting how Google shows antipathy for Win Phone apps if it gets its hands on one as AncientJames notes, Apple generally shutters the doors on sales to other platforms the day it closes a secret deal…..period. Until some of the tech may show up somewhere either as (unannounced) parts of a service, or less commonly as a new Apple-branded app,

  • I hope so they given application are indeed wonderful to use…