Micromax and Cyanogen launch Yureka: 5.5-inch, 64-bit, selling for $140

by: Bogdan PetrovanDecember 18, 2014

micromax yu yureka

Micromax’ first phone released under the Yu brand launched today in India, bringing solid specs and Cyanogen at a price tag of approximately $140.

Called Yureka, the 5.5-inch smartphone will go against other budget-minded devices available in India, including phones from Xiaomi and OnePlus, as well as the Google-sponsored Android One. Yureka is the first device besides the OnePlus One to run Cyanogen OS, over which Micromax secured exclusive rights in India, preventing OnePlus to continue sales in the fast growing market.

Yureka features an HD LCD display (for a pixel density of 267 ppi) with Gorilla Glass 3 protection. The device is powered by a 64-bit Snapdragon 615 processor with eight cores, with 2GB of RAM and 16GB of expandable storage. The dual SIM slots allow the use of 3G and Cat. 4 LTE cards, for download speeds of up to 150Mbps.

Other notable specs include a 13MP Sony Exmor sensor, as well as a 2,500-mAh battery, fitted into a 154.8 x 78 x 8.8 mm body.

micromax yu yureka

Cyanogen OS 11 is based on Android 4.4.4 KitKat, with an update to Lollipop promised for the close future. Cyanogen CEO Kirt McMaster said during the launch event that his company tries to combat the “stagnation in the smartphone market,” and acknowledged the importance of the booming Indian market: “There’s a battle being fought in India, and Cyanogen+Yu, we intend to win that battle.”

Cyanogen used the occasion to officially introduce its new Themes app, which allows users to quickly change the appearance of the phone’s UI. Two free themes will be pre-loaded on the Yureka. Another big piece of functionality is Nextbit Baton, a feature that syncs the state of various apps across devices.

The Yureka will sell for Rs. 8,999, the equivalent of $142, exclusively online through Amazon. Pre-registrations will open tomorrow at 2PM IST, with the device set to begin shipping in the second week of January. First buyers will receive a free leather back cover worth Rs. 999.

Given the aggressive price, it remains to be seen if Micromax/Yu are able to satisfy demand without resorting to the flash sales model pioneered by Xiaomi or restrictive pre-registrations (invites) like OnePlus.

The arrival of Yureka further complicates the battlefield in a market that still has huge growth potential, as opposed to the saturated Western world. Only about a tenth of India’s 900 million phone users have smartphones, and large players are already duking it out for a slice of the market. Contenders include local players like Micromax or Karbonn, Chinese upstarts like OnePlus and Xiaomi, and global powerhouses like Samsung or Motorola.

Are you impressed by the Yureka?

  • KeyserSoze

    Hurray for Micromax Yurethra!

    • TheNewGuy

      Lol.. I can’t stop laughing!!

    • Abbas Mustafa Bhaiji

      why u hatez?

      • Anonymousfella

        Cos micromax?

        • Abbas Mustafa Bhaiji

          i personally think there is nothing to hate. Cyanogen got rid of a partnership with a company that cant provide a stable output of devices and then keeps a stupid invite system to control the flow and also keeps 24 hours to use the invite, hell i don’t even check my mail every day(i dont use android notifications cse i get too much mail), yureka is $140 phone less than half of 1+1’s 299usd price tag. So a cheaper phone with a 64bit s615 and other great specs which will have sky high demand and micromax will be able to fulfill and it is worth the exclusivity.

          i am feel scared about android one cse those 90-100usd phones are absolutely shitty compared to these phones.just trying to imagine if i was so poor that a 100 usd phone was a big deal for me id still wait save till 140 and get a yureka cause it is much more future proof.

          for the haters ofcourse learn how to flash roms and you won’t give a damn cse xda has got u covered.they’ll also probably find a way to spoof your 1+1 to make look like its bought from oneplus.net so that u get cyanogen ota

    • Cao Meo

      will you accept when some1 comes and grabs yr property? You want to protect your rights? So why you think Micromax shouldn’t?

  • Sultan

    Not buying after what Micromax did to Oneplus one :/
    You sue a company who uses same software??
    Go get a life micromax :/

    • hugh

      Seriously? Micromax paid a lot of money for CM exclusivity. What do you expect? Blame CM if anyone for accepting the offer.

      • MasterMuffin

        Exactly. They had every right to do what they did, I don’t understand why people are so pissed. Exclusive means exclusive

        • TheNewGuy

          Theu should be pissed at Cyanogen if anyone.. But well hating Micromax is easier for people I guess :P

      • creed

        Actually, I believe you need an invite to sell phones in India. Micromax apparently has one, OnePlus does not.

        • daffydkjones

          Wow, so much error in one statement. You are completely wrong

          • Martin Jastram

            this was a joke – and it was pretty funny.
            way to go!

          • daffydkjones

            Oh. I get it now.

      • Fatt Hardy

        People love Cyanogenmod too much to speak badly about it. As a OnePlus One owner and long time CM user, I say fuck Cyanogen for agreeing to this deal, fuck Micromax, and fuck the Indian courts for allowing anti-competitive practices.

        • Neeraj Yadav

          Being an citizen of the world who happens to live in India, I agree with what you said.

        • Mike Reid

          Indian courts are just dealing with contract issues the way courts in most civilized countries do.

          CM and MMX come off kinda scummy to me though (based on what has been made public.)

    • CM is to blame here. They turned a community driven project to a commercial corporation. SHAME ON YOU CM !

      • Justin Mooney

        Speaking of Apple…

    • Mutt

      Wow, a TRUE One Plus fanboy…does exclusivity mean anything to you?

      • qq

        OnePlus has CM11S exclusivity in let’s say the WHOLE WORLD!

    • Abbas Mustafa Bhaiji

      why u being a fanboy of a phone u don’t even have?

  • BatDroid

    5.5″ is just too big. They should have kept it 5″ or 5.2″ max.

    • daffydkjones

      That’s not what your wife says

      • Martin Jastram


      • BatDroid

        So you do know your sister well. So how’s your “next door dude” thing going. I guess you must agree with your sister, 5.5″ isn’t big enough.

  • Rooney-

    Wow! Thats Awesome! Bring it on :)

  • Aditya Bhatt

    OnePlus One Ghetto edition.

  • KeyserSoze

    Nice phone, can’t wait to bend the sheist out of this thing.
    1.35 billion Chinese + Foxconn > 1.25 billion Indians renting Foxconn :-)
    Ready, set, fight!

  • keanyiap

    Sorry to say this even look lousy than a china phone!!

    • Nothing but a troll

      This is a copy of a Chinese Phone btw. Google “Coolpad F2”

  • Sandeep Kumar

    Micromax has always made inexpensive phone but never got the response expected. Hope Indians would put some faith on Indian brand after a better software experience with cyanogen.

    • Micromax doesnt make phones. This is also a rebrand of coolpad F2

      • Harry

        F2 doesn’t have an 64 bit processor it have a mediatk 1.7ghz octacore

        • DaveNull

          There’s two variants. GSM version (8675-HD) with MediaTek chipset and LTE version (8675-W00) with Qualcomm chipset.

  • KeyserSoze

    So if you buy a phone from Micromax and call their tech support, do you get a white dude on the phone who can barely speak Hindi?

    • MasterMuffin

      We’ll make it so!

    • MP

      Of course not, the dump white dude doesn’t have enough intelligence to answer questions from wise Indian consumers.

      • Marc Perrusquia

        Can’t tell if trolling, or not. I’ll bite though *dumb

    • vjol DiAvolo

      a dude from a bpo in the philippines will take your call.

  • DroidFan

    Micromax FTW….!!!


    wow powerful specs, and cynogenmod and most important is aggressive price tag. lets what it will cause in indian market .

  • shivansh

    its cool that they sued one plus one in India,That what is called Business BIATCH ! :D .Its Micromax homeland i think being aggressive to sell your product is not a bad,they done it right suing one plus pne bring it on Micromax.Also one plus one is 21k phone while Yureka is 9k phone wow :D. China phone lovers u all hv to get a life.You guys supports chinese companies phones and supports there economy directly.Support Indian Product instead :D . Sorry no OFFENCE to anyone i am just saying.

    • crackinthewall

      Sadly, that’s not even an Indian phone, that’s just a rebranded Coolpad F2.

    • soodist7

      Yea ryt..if done earlier you would still have been playing with some wooden toys instead .

      • shivansh

        Atleast wooden toys are safe for environment. Lol

    • Suraj

      LOL seriously u think micromax makes phones in india???????

      • shivansh

        No.. Not at all.. Lol but its the indian company.. Till India dont provide free land to companies no company can build their products here.

  • Vladimir Putin

    “The device is powered by an octa-core Snapdragon 615 with eight cores” EIGHT cores. It’s too obvious for an OCTA-CORE.

    • Милен Стефанов

      It’s too obvious for you, but for at least 75% of smartphone users is NOT… Don’t forget that most of users are realy dumb…

      • Rashad Basharat

        No, majority of people know octa means 8 ie. octagon or octopus

  • vishal

    sure why not !!!

  • GasPoweredCat

    not impressed, especially as they darent even possibly allow even a shred of competition by blocking the oneplus. if they had any faith in their product they wouldnt need to run the competition out of town so to speak

    • Btort

      that’s the stupidest business suggestion I have ever heard of

      • GasPoweredCat

        oh as a business forcing the courts to hand you a monopoly is bloody good for business, its just a c*nts trick too

        • MicroMax FanBoy

          Cry me a river..

  • Rohan Shankar

    So, even a “tech-friendly Cyanogen OS phone for the new market” is a rip-off of Coolpad F2? LOL, Micromax and Original phones are Chalk and cheese.
    Fail LVL 9999.

  • flye

    Is this only available on Amazon India?

  • rritambhar

    where r the butthurt OPO fans ??? hahahaahaaha

    • chill down. opo makes their own phones. this is just a rebrand of coolpad f2 with cyanogen

      • rritambhar

        i think i just found one :D :P

        • Aditya Bhatt

          How low your standards have to be, to fanboy a company like Micromax.

          • rritambhar

            umm… you think i am a micromax fanboy?

  • Not1Not2Not3

    Screw One+ and their bootleg availability!!!

  • sibu

    lol I cant beleive they banned oneplus for this fo piece of shit!!!

    • Bharath

      Welcome to India. :)

  • sibu

    Cm u fpos!

  • Ken

    ugly is an understatement

    • YOU FUGLY!

      Have you taken a look in the mirror lately? You’re real fugly. How can you live with yourself with that sick fugly mug?

  • sandro khokhiashvili

    only in india???

  • Nazgul

    Any sales victory they may achieve will be overshadowed by the fact that they used (probably nefarious) means to have a (corrupt) court bar OnePlus One from being sold there.

    Nice to see they are confident in their own product; but I’m not surprised given everything I’ve read about MMax from users who are familiar with them and their products.

    I’ll stick with the OPO, thank you.

    • Bharath

      People buy Micromax because it is cheap. But I have seen so many devices by Micromax that lags and under performs after a few months. Nice to see they have shifted to Snapdragon. But don’t you think that the specs aren’t well balanced. I mean 5.5 inch screen and only 267 ppi? My Nexus 4 has better pixel density.

      Even I would stick to OnePlus One. Snapdragon 801 over Snapdragon 615 any day.

  • Ruby H.

    The battle for the Indian smartphone market is great for consumers there. It’s great to see that they now have so many options to choose from in the $150-200 range.

  • Prakash

    its awesome … CM people you are super genius .

  • ibrahim speed

    Hurray for Samsung for nothing…. Hurrayy!!!

  • KeyserSoze

    The Zeus of Phones Has Arrived? WTF, I didn’t know Zeus was a Hindu god. Shouldn’t it be The Indra of Phones Has Arrived? Is this phone a Greek-market exclusive?

    • The Discerning Indian

      no, but Indian people don’t think Indra or Krishna is “kewl 1337 faze india mlg pro” enough. Strange an Indian company names a phone after a rapist God who raped almost everything in existence, am i ryte? lelelellel

      • KeyserSoze

        People still believe in Zeus in 2015? I guess that’s possible because I worship chicken wings and ranch dipping sauce meself.

        • Suraj

          Yeah many ppl still believe in ZUES… its my favorite hero in DOTA :D

  • The BIG POTATO..

    I will order this for my Brother as a Birthday Gift.
    His first Smart Phone.

  • Abbas Mustafa Bhaiji

    cheaper than coolpad f2

  • Anonymousfella

    A complete copy of Coolpad F2. Typical Micromax.

  • Srini

    I neither like OPO nor do I like Micromax. OPO because they just make the phone just too hard to get. And after all the invite system and everything, 5 months later, when I did get an invite, I learnt they don’t ship to India. So, that pissed me off.

    Micromax – well – what can I say? They simply just make phones. There’s no quality to their phones at all.

    But having said all this, I don’t think you can bash anyone here: OPO or CM or Micromax.

    Can’t bash OPO – cause they didn’t ask CM to go to Micromax.
    CM – Cause they probably got an offer no one could refuse.
    Micromax: He’s simply doing business. He probably gave an offer that was simply too much to resist.

    It’s just business. OPO should have, if they wanted to, done better to secure their business properly, which in all entirety, they didn’t do well at all. Their “business think tank” clearly failed to see this. They just didn’t do enough to keep their contract with CM secure.

    End of the day all this is Business. That’s the way I see it.

    Last but not the least – Nexus 6 rocks man! It is simply amazing….. :)

  • Aritro Roy

    u beautiful mofo :’)

  • sachin

    how about its compatibility with US bands in case if we take this phone to usa..? anybody

  • MicroCellphoneShit

    “How low your standards have to be, to fanboy a company like Micromax.”

  • Karly Johnston

    I wonder why Cyanogen cut off OPOs nuts like that.

  • Neil Roy

    Just one silly question:
    Is it pre-rooted?

  • OneToRuleThemAll

    Logo looks like a medal for penis… :-/

  • Awesome phone! gonna buy it soon :D
    well check its Specifications, Price, Features and Comparision here : http://www.techglows.com/micromax-yu-yureka-specifications-price-features-comparision/

  • LeetLawrence

    If I can buy this in Canada, I wouldn’t hesitate… ’till I stop studying and get some income (and get off my lazy ass).

  • Random


  • jhosh cinco

    how can i buy this phone here in the philippines ?

  • Vinayesh Karunakar

    Cyanogen 12 based on Android 5.0 Lollipop rolled out for all OnePlus One devices, Yu Yureka to following

  • Manuel

    Is it possible to buy this phone in europe and dont pay customs taxes when receiving it?

    Country: Portugal

  • Manuel

    howto buy in europe?

  • work kid

    I am using the phone since 7 days and here is my opinion on this phone.
    The build quality is nice. Much better than Redmi Note and other phones in this range!
    The performance is absolutely stunning.
    The camera is awesome, takes some very good shots.
    Gaming is fun. Can play many games at high settings without any lag. But there is some heating after extensive gaming.
    Cynogenmod is best. You will love the feel and the way it looks.
    The battery can last u a full day with little heavy usage.

    All in a all, a great phone! The best you can probably find in the market for this price! Waiting for the YUPHORIA though..