MediaTek Helio X25 developed exclusively for the Meizu Pro 6

by: Robert TriggsMarch 16, 2016

Meizu Pro 5-9

Earlier in the week, rumors about the upcoming Meizu Pro 6 suggested that the handset will arrive with a colossal 6GB of RAM. New official details reveal that smartphone will come with a top of the line processing package too, a custom MediaTek Helio X25 SoC developed exclusively for the phone.

The Helio X25 was unveiled at a MediaTek earlier today, where Meizu bosses confirmed that the upcoming Meizu Pro 6 would have first use of the chip. Meizu will have exclusive access to the processor for several months, after which other companies can purchase the chip. The MediaTek Helio X25 was co-developed with Meizu and aims to boost performance without hitting the handset’s battery life.

MediaTek Helio X25 Meizu

The Helio X25 appears to be an over-clocked version of the deca-core Helio X20 that MediaTek unveiled last year. It still features the same tri-cluster CPU configuration, with two heavy lifting Cortex-A72 cores accompanied by two quad-core clusters of lower power Cortex-A53s. However, the X25 sees the A72 cores boosted from 2.3GHz to 2.5GHz, while the Mali-T880MP4 GPU is boosted up to 850MHz from 780MHz as well. So we’re looking at a roughly 10 percent increase in clock speeds across the board.

We’re not sure exactly what energy efficiencies have been made to accommodate these higher clock speeds, as there doesn’t appear to be any mention of a different process to the 20nm manufacturing node used for the Helio X20. Whatever they’ve done, the power draw is said to remain roughly the same as the previous chip.

MediaTek X20 1

The Helio X25 also supports up to 25 megapixel camera sensors or dual 13 megapixel cameras, 2K and 4K video support at 30fps, fast charging via Pump Express 3.0+, the newly unveiled Vulkan graphics API, Category 6 LTE network support, and VoLTE.

The Meizu Pro 6 isn’t expected to hit markets until the second half of the year, so we might not see many smartphones making use of the Helio X25 until 2017. Although given the recent announcement, the phone may be closer than we think.

  • aaloo

    probably still slower than two year old iPhone 6. What I don’t understand is how fake nerds just care about the amount of the ram a phone has. No one is utilizing this ram surfing Facebook or instagram. There are no cutting edge experiences on the android side of things that actually utilizes this ram. Absolutely no innovation. Putting random bits and pieces hardware without any plan.

    • saksham

      yep software matters too

      • Charlotte


    • G.Sree Charan

      You are mistaken my friend! Facebook uses RAM, each and every app or service uses RAM… Ram is the fastest memory on a device… I agree that not all the ram is always used and 6 GB is plain marketing gimmick… But RAM matters! :)

    • monsterdonutkid

      You are misinformed. And badly so. Every program uses RAM. Every single one of them, from a simple calculator app (which, btw, no iPad has out of the box, just saying) to the most graphically intensive game.

    • Walter White

      The iPhone 6 isn’t 2 years old, only a year and a half. Also, what plan do you need to add extra RAM? And lastly my Note 5 is pretty cutting edge, from the design to the internals. Too bad I can’t say the same for your iphone, go home son.

    • balcobomber25

      What is a real nerd?

  • saksham

    i bet after about a decade or so we will be laughing about how we used to have 4 gb and 6 gb ram size in our phones

    • ChrisPollard77

      6GB of RAM … while phones still exist with 8GB ROMs, and 4GB of RAM in laptops is all too common. *sigh* It’s good future-proofing, but the number of real world uses for that much ram in a phone right now is ………… pretty close to zero. And yeah, years from now, we’ll look back and wonder how we managed with so little RAM, the way we look back on desktop computers that were once ground breaking with those “monster” 256MB RAM modules. :)

      • sri charan

        Reminds me of an episode of friends where chandler buys a new laptop….

    • DDD

      Sure, but it definitely isn’t necessary right now.

  • monsterdonutkid

    I can see how a 6GB RAM could be appealing, but Meizu’s custom Flyme UI is really not for me.

    • Anon

      pop in nova and you are ready to go

  • ankith menon

    I don’t see why a 6gb ram is required. I would be much happier if the internal space goes upto 128gb + expandable to 128gb

  • shahul hameed

    The topic is on processor not the ram. Dont give irrelevant replies to the post.

  • Karly Johnston

    I hope they fixed the gpu, the X20 only scored 6300 3D on Antutu.