At the beginning of the month, NVIDIA Shield Tablet owners rejoiced as Marshmallow began rolling out to their devices. However, their joy turned to puzzlement and frustration as users began to discover that their Wi-Fi no longer functioned after the update. Customer service representatives hustled to respond, and although many users were able to regain wireless internet capabilities after restarting their device a few times, some had to resort to factory resets: a serious bummer. Amid the chaos of this debacle, NVIDIA halted the OTA and took the update back to the drawing board.

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Marshmallow now rolling out to the original NVIDIA Shield Tablet (Update: OTA halted)

February 2, 2016

Now, two weeks after the Wi-Fi imbroglio, NVIDIA has hesitantly begun pushing out Marshmallow once again, this time with the bug supposedly patched. A representative posted on the official forum that they are confident that the problem has been resolved, and Android 6.0 is now available for the original Shield Tablet and the Tablet K1.

NVIDIA has left Marshmallow pretty close to stock for this update. You get a handful of fancy new wallpapers, and they’ve updated the camera app quite a bit (but really, who cares that much about a camera on a tablet?) but most of what you’ll be getting is the vanilla Marshmallow experience. Some users might be excited about the trove of new Emoji at their fingertips, but the real big feature that Marshmallow has over Lollipop is Google Now’s “On Tap” functionality, which anticipates your searches based on information that’s currently on your screen. All in all, it’s a pretty slick addition.

Are you a Shield owner who was left high and dry two weeks ago? Ready to finally get that update you were promised? Let us know if you’re excited or cautious in the comments below!


Android 6.0 Marshmallow features

2 weeks ago
  • Tom Kling

    What about the Shield TV? They announced the 6.0 upgrade, and then everything went quiet…

    • Hunter Kraemer

      its already out i installed it like 2 weeks ago when I got mine.

      • Raw T

        Hi Hunter,

        I have the Shield Pro TV 500 GB.When i check for updates it says my device is already up to date.
        Can you share the link for Marshmallow update?

        • Tom Kling

          I have the 16GB and have been checking for updates since the announcement, even been rebooting and still no 6.0 update :-(

          • DogDish

            He’s talking out his ass, it isn’t out. The developer build is available, but I’d hold off on that.

      • DogDish

        But that’s wrong.

  • Marty

    Nice! Now it’s only 10 more years for the LTE version to get the update.

  • s2weden2000

    That’s right!

  • anth1

    i have the 32g ver and haven’t had any problems yet. i live in Portland Ore. it works great. i wish the signal strength was stonger yet its good

    • Kenneth R Leitch

      LTE version? I can’t even find an upgrade.

  • Nathaniel Phillips

    I downgraded back to 5.1 on mine (2015) because it had a bug for Marshmallow that ran one core @100% all the time and drained my battery pretty quickly. Think ~2hrs of casual use. I was amazed when I downgraded how the battery life more than doubled (i had upgraded almost as soon as I got it, and did not know it was normally like that).
    I also found that using your microSD card as internal memory doesn’t work; at least not in my case. I lost a lot of files by accidentally moving them all.
    And, note that not all apps work on Marshmallow yet. Another reason I downgraded was because of an app I paid for did not work on Marshmallow.
    But I never got the WiFi issue that apparently many other users had.

  • Kenneth R Leitch

    Nvidia has left us Shield Tablet LTE owners out in the cold. Where is the OTA upgrade to Marshmallow? Where is a downloadable version?