Marshmallow is on its way to the NVIDIA Shield Android TV

by: John DyeJanuary 5, 2016


Android 6.0 Marshmallow is finally arriving on the NVIDIA Shield. Although this update won’t exactly revolutionize your Android TV experience, it will bring along some nice perks that can make interacting with the device simpler, more intuitive, and more customizable.

For starters, Marshmallow will allow you to set up your NVIDIA Shield touch-free via your smartphone. All you’ll have to do is say, “Okay Google, set up my device,” and your Google account will be wirelessly transferred to your Shield. Moreover, this update will let users personalize their home screen by allowing them to pin apps to specific locations – much like how your phone’s home screen currently works. This ability to reorder icons should make navigating the Shield easier than ever before.

NVIDIA Shield Android TV-2See also: NVIDIA Shield Android TV review30

On a slightly more technical level, Android 6.0 will enable Shield users to use USB drives or SD cards as if they were internal storage. Effectively, you’ll be able to increase your internal memory for apps and games without requiring additional management from you. This isn’t a perfect solution, of course, but it’s a nice option to have available.

The aesthetic of the Google Play Store has also been renovated with this update, so now categories and “top” charts are much more streamlined. NVIDIA hasn’t given a specific date for when they will be rolling out the Marshmallowy update, but “soon” is still good enough news for now. We’d be surprised if Android 6.0 didn’t start rolling out to Shield devices within the next few weeks.

What are your thoughts about Android 6.0 Marshmallow arriving on the NVIDIA Shield? If you’re a Shield owner, what are you looking forward to most about this update? Let us know in the comments below!

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  • Martin Lane

    Can we have android n already

    • Kawshik Ahmed

      Android N will be late in my opinion Google is repleacing all it’s custom Java API to OpenJDK API’s.

  • ADofCLE

    My Shield will be here in 2 days. So I hope the update us rolled out by then and I can just update it when I turn the machine on. ??

  • Karly Johnston

    Does it improve available content? No… then why do i care?

    • Duder12

      What content are you referring to? Console games?

      • Karly Johnston

        Multi-media apps, it is so limited compared to roku but the hardware is so much better.

    • Alex

      Which content apps are you missing exactly? The only thing that really isn’t there is Amazon Prime and that’s only because Amazon refuses to make an android app. Everything else is there. Google Play, Netflix, Hulu, HBO, Crackle, Sling, Cinema Now, Disney ….

      • Caleb Jensen

        There is an Amazon Prime (Amazon Video) app. You have to download it through the Amazon marketplace.

  • Greg

    Very curious about the internal storage update. Does it mean I will be able to see the external hard drive I plug into it on my network, and will be able to map it it as a network drive to my pc? That would be sweet. Right now, the file system on the internal storage will not allow you to store big files. Makes downloadable 4k content not realistic.

    • Caleb Jensen

      Are you talking about adding a USB hard drive to your Shield, then sharing it as a network storage? If so, that’s potential possibility.
      If you are talking about connecting to an existing SMB share, you can use apps to connect to network storage already, but it’s not likely going to be viewed like an internal storage device.

    • iCrap

      try plex

  • Orionsangel

    Where’s the update already. The last update messed up the Shield TV for a lot of people.

    I had a problem with my Nvidia Android TV tonight. I have the latest update (Shield Software Upgrade 2.2, Android 5.1) The device kept rebooting over and over again. Even when you unplugged it and plugged it in again. From what I can see so far though. I was able to fix it by turning off the internet in my house. No broadband or wifi. It stopped rebooting after that. Then I turned off location and put the internet back on and that seems to have fix it. I’m telling you guys this in case any of you have the same problem. Hopefully Nvidia is addressing this in their next update. I was almost gonna return my device. 

    Just to be sure I double checked. It’s definitely linked to the on and off switch of the location. Because just to test it I put location on again and the device immediately went into rebooting over and over again

  • cfbcfb

    And a month later, still no sign of it.

  • FreeTVGuy Brantford

    has it been pushed out yet?

  • Zoidbort

    Absolute joke…Nvidia is the next Samsung