In a move that has Gen 2 Moto X owners staring out rain-bedrizzled apartment windows while the somber melody of Simon and Garfunkel’s “The Sound of Silence” drifts between empty whiskey bottles and discarded Chinese takeout cartons, Motorola is rolling out Android 6.0 Marshmallow for the Gen 2 Moto G in the US.

This is something of a surprise, since the budget-friendly Motorola smartphone never even got an LTE variant release state-side. The device was unveiled in September of 2014 alongside the Gen 2 Moto X as an affordable alternative, but there’s still no word as to whether Marshmallow will be arriving at all on its big brother. The Moto G was a smash hit in 2014’s Indian and Brazilian markets, where demand for this kind of device was high. Now US owners will have all the benefits of Marshmallow, from the battery-saving doze mode to the magical Google Now on Tap. Android 6.0 also introduces live permissions features which allow the user to pick and choose which permissions a given app has access to as the app requests them.

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Meanwhile, us Moto X owners will be just fine with Lollipop and we won’t be bitter about it at all. We’ll just bottle our feelings deep, deep down and that will be the end of it.

Are you a Gen 2 Moto G owner? Excited about getting this Marshmallowy update and all the slick features that come with it? Let us know your feelings in the comments below so that some of us can live the experience of a Marshmallow announcement vicariously through your joy.


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April 6, 2016
  • Juschan

    Hey guys what would be the best way to get marshmellow on a nexus 4? Maybe Cyanogen?

  • Alex El Pillo Cisneros

    Man, I read all these awesome articles about phones getting their Marshmallow updates, but nothing for the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge for Sprint??? Bummer man… I want my update too!!!

    • I’m waiting to bro. They are taking so long. They announced 6.0.1 2 weeks ago globally and places like Iraq and Cambodia get the update. Release it to the larger population and then to the small ones. Total BS with Samsung

  • Usaid

    I got yesterday, it’s not that good BTW it seems slower and got stupider in some cases

    • Alex Ohannes

      Slower and stupider than Lollipop? Is that even possible? :D

  • Bradley Franklyn

    I got my update this morning on my way to work. I was really excited about it but after updating it, my what’s app started giving problems. I can’t make and receive a call on on what’s app. I had restarted the phone 10 times and it still not working. I don’t know what else to do. But over all the experience is nice.

  • Scott Lowe

    Only the carrier versions from AT&T and Verizon of the Moto X 2014 aren’t getting Marshmallow OTA. I’ve had Marshmallow on my 2014 Moto X PE since Christmas time. Stop buying carrier versions of phones. Learn to save some money up, and buy your phones outright. If you can’t afford them outright, you shouldn’t be buying them anyway.

    • Android123

      For those of us in areas where Verizon is the only choice (if you want usable coverage) most phones are still “Verizon” phones no matter where you get them -except for Nexus phones.

      • Alex Ohannes

        That’s irrelevant. Are you sure you know the difference between a “carrier phone” and an “unlocked phone?

  • KeyserSoze

    Just checked my MotoG 2nd Gen and saw the Marshmallow update notice. It’s about friggin time, waited forever for this, noice! Gonna proceed with the update then factory reset. Android phones typically will lag after OS update without reset. Let’s hope all my apps don’t break after update. Now if only I can update my car’s KitKat Android Nav/Infotainment system to Marshmallow it’d be great.

  • Monty Mahor

    I have already updated marshmallow 6.0 update in my moto g 2 2014 handset. The update is worst than lollipop 5.0.2 as the operating system need 3 GB space and it consumes huge amount of ram and the phone hangs a lot. As my handset is having 1 GB ram the system takes more than 500 mb ram and rest around 300 mb by apps only 100 mb I get free that’s why my phone hangs a lot. My suggestion would be to all not to update in marshmallow.

  • vmxr

    if things going to continue like this 6.0 will arrive to every country in this world in year 2028

  • Kody

    Lol, got the update yesterday and it finished rather quickly. Now if only my other phones would update as quickly.

  • Android123

    After daily driving the Moto X since it’s release (it replaced my Note 2), I still feel it is the BEST phone experience by a long shot. Proper marketing would easily show the reason why, but looks like Motorola didn’t even know what they had in the Moto X 2nd Gen. PLEASE GIVE US MARSHMALLOW …AND REISSUE 2nd Gen Moto X with updated specs. I’LL BUY 10 OF THEM IS THAT HELPS!

  • Alex Ohannes

    TIP: be ready to have all of your external apps CORRUPTED if you have an SD card with two partitions. I had one FAT32 partition and an EXT4 partition (from back when I used to use Link2SD) and 98 percent of the apps that were on external storage now crash. When reinstalling an affected app, that app works fine. It seems that Marshmallow has full support for both EXT4 and secondary partitions, and this has obviously caused some confusion in the update process.

  • Dimitrisk7

    please tell me!! is the phone getting worst after the update??

  • One

    android 6.0 for moto e 2015? in europe ???

  • T.Doom

    *WARNING* Do NOT update unless you’ve backed up data from your SD card!!!

    I’ve just installed the OTA update to Marshmallow on my 2nd Gen Moto G, and I noticed that EVERYTHING in my Camera Roll is GONE! I did enabled the setting to save all photos to SD card but when I checked the Gallery after the update it says Camera Roll is empty. I then used a File Manager to check the file system and only the things under the DCIM folder are gone! Photos and Videos outside the DCIM folder are still there.

    I then removed the SD card and placed it in my PC and I was still able to read it, which confirmed that I did NOT choose the “Internal Storage” option that would’ve reformatted the SD card. Likewise, the PC shows that only the files under the DCIM folder are gone; Everything else outside of the folder remains intact.

    Has anyone encountered this problem?? I’m so frustrated right now that there’s was no warning about this potential loss of data. My option now is to try using a file recovery program on the PC to see if I can still recover the photos on the SD card.

  • Andrea Terenziani

    Any news about the roll-out date in europe?

  • Got it today in UK…500Mb update
    131 apps optimising, about half an hour.
    No probs. Phone off, back in draw for rainy day, or N update..
    Thanx to Barclay’s Wifi, lolz..