Link Bubble goes free, refunds being offered to recent Pro buyers

by: Jimmy WestenbergAugust 25, 2015

Link Bubble AA

Link Bubble has gone through a ton of changes lately, most notably a few weeks ago when app creator Chris Lacy announced the browser was getting some new, unnamed owners. It’s looking like the app is going through some more changes, as the new developers, who are now operating under the name Link Bubble in the Play Store, have just announced that the Link Bubble browser is now a completely free application.

There’s now only one Link Bubble application available for download from the Play Store. It’s completely free and comes with all of the benefits only Pro users used to be able to access. This means that everyone now has access to themes based on a website’s color, article mode, and access to an infinite number of bubbles at one time.

Now that the app is free, the new owners are offering refunds if you’ve purchased the Pro version of the app since its acquisition on August 4th, 2015. If you’d like a refund, email [email protected] with your transaction ID and the developers will get back to you. Unfortunately due to a lack of purchase data, the new owners aren’t able to refund orders that fall before this date.

As for the future of Link Bubble, the new owners say they’re focusing on better performance, bug fixes and customer satisfaction/support, followed by additional web browsing and navigation features.

This is certainly good news for the app’s future. The developers have really hit the ground running since purchasing Link Bubble, and it seems like they show no sign of stopping. If you haven’t yet, head to the Google Play Store link below to upgrade to the latest version.

Download Link Bubble from Google Play
  • Andrei

    Well it was about time. Why pay for this when you could get Flynx?

    • jesse542

      I bought link bubble a few months ago but I noticed how janky it was. I tried Flynx and it is just so much smoother than link bubble

      • grberk

        I like Flynx, but I wish the developers would just offer a paid version to get more than 4 launch bubbles. I would happily pay for them. I sent out invites to a bunch of people, and not one downloaded the app to try it. Leaving the additional features up to how many you get to try the app is incredibly unfair.

  • My name is….

    Chris Lacy is more greedy to my eyes now.
    He first charged for an update to Acttion Launcher 2 and now the new owners can put food on the table with a free version.

    I stronlgy hope he sells action launcher as well.

  • jordanman

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