LG will host developer conference, focus on modular expansion development

by: Matthew BensonMarch 17, 2016

lg g5 camera module demonstration aa-14

The idea of a modular Android smartphone goes back years, with one prime example being that of the Motorola-initiated Project Ara. While Google’s completely component-swappable smartphone has yet to officially release, Korean conglomerate LG has introduced its own experiment with the announcement of this year’s G5 handset. As the world discovered, the phone features a modular expansion bay located on the bottom of the device.

Some may also recall that, at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona last month, LG had indicated it was seeking to help developers create an open ecosystem for modular development. The goal is to allow anyone interested to produce a product, assisted by LG’s guidance and support.

LG G5 Modules

LG Korea has now announced that it will be holding an event for developers in the near future. The conference will focus on educating and advising those in attendance on creating modular expansion products for the OEM’s newly announced LG G5 handset.

While there are no specific details to go on yet, the fact that LG is clearly committed to crafting these creations suggests that the modular expansion may ultimately go beyond the G5 itself. While it may ultimately depend on just how well the new flagship is received, it would not be unthinkable to imagine an entire line of interchangeable parts that LG users could swap and trade for different devices.

lg g5 camera module demonstration aa-11

What are your thoughts on this conference? Could it indeed foster some fantastic ideas, or do you think the modular expansion concept will simply fail to take off to the extent LG likely hopes it will? Leave your comments below and let your voice be heard!

  • Supermeh

    it will be a FLOP.
    it’s a DOA FLOP.
    for many, many, many different reasons.

    • Blackbus

      bla bla bla

    • canali

      You’re a flop

  • jasonlowr

    Ugly and still one word-ugly.

  • mauvis99

    This is my next, lol @ all the people that say it’s ugly, you must go around most of your life checking out other people’s phones?

  • misio87

    Remember those bottom led light that the sony xperia S/U had. If the price would be low enough I would buy such a mod.

  • JJ

    It will fail simply because of economics. LG will never have the market share that Samsung or Apple has until it can surpass
    them in design, features, battery life, and in Samsungs case screen quality and fidelity. Without market share. Third party developers aren’t going to invest development dollars into a product since it’s not profitable. It’s sad because LG is one of the few phone companies innovating at the moment.

  • Cyberstriker

    It’s a good idea because I’m thinking about the old desktop days back when a lot of people had to replace an old Hard Drive, CPU or a Video Card.

    What if smartphones can be able to do the same one day, LG’s trying to get in front of the advancing technology.