LG Display already has some experience with making curved OLED panels. Last year, the company supplied curved displays in small quantities to Xiaomi — for the Mi Note 2 — but didn’t mass produce them. According to a report from South Korea’s The Investor, that will soon change.

Because of the increased demand, LG Display is gearing up to start mass producing curved OLED screens and will begin shipping them to customers within the first half of 2017. The company will supply them to LG Electronics, its sister firm, which reportedly plans to use them on the V30, the successor to the V20. According to The Investor the displays are “similar to the curved screens used in Samsung Electronics’ flagship models”.

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April 18, 2017

LG isn’t the only company interested in getting its hands on curved OLED panels. LG Display will also supply them to Xiaomi for the next Mi Note smartphone as well, and also hopes to add Apple to its list of clients. As the next Google Pixel generation is expected to feature a flexible OLED screen as well, even Google wants to work with LG Display.

The online search giant has recently offered to invest $880 million in LG to help it increase the production capacity of OLED screens and to secure a steady supply of panels for its upcoming smartphones.

Samsung is currently the biggest player in the OLED display business for mobile devices, with a market share of 97.7 percent. This number might decrease in the near future now that LG is entering the market. The company already has a few clients lined up and just might take some business away from Samsung.

  • Ibrahim Woah

    I’d like a monster-sized screen with that too, please. (lol just kidding)

    • Vincent

      I would too…..but I’m not kidding. 6″ please.

      • Ibrahim Woah

        haha 6 inches should be the max anymore is just.. Samsung you know what you did

        • Vincent

          I have an s7 active and while I live the phone with 4000 mah battery. I want a 5.5 to 6″ phone with a big battery. Besides some Chinese phones nobody really has that.

        • According to some alliance definition any screen that exceeds 7″ falls under Tablet category.

  • Daggett Beaver |dBz| ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    I guess we’ll soon find out if all the curved display haters actually hate the curved display, or if they just hate Samsung.

    • Cezar

      I am an LG fan, but I think I won’t like this phone for this specific reason. The fact that they are copying Samsung disappoints me.

      • gdH

        that right man…i currently use v20….and i like it…but v30 with curved screen….is no for me….rather than curve screen…better do triple screen…

    • Phillip

      there’s a lot of Sammy Hagar’s in the world

      • Phillip

        Sammy haters

        • Player Slayer

          +1 for making an awesome mistake

    • kher jay

      it will bootloop so it doesnt matter

    • Roy

      It’s not necessary mean that LG going to use curved screens. It’s mean that that technology curved screens is here for mass production for regular screens OLED and curved screens OLED.

  • ReaPer

    darm LG,taking it further

  • Beyond_Max_Power

    I’m hoping they keep the removable battery, add T-Mobile’s new bands they just bought, and increase the screen size but not phone size. Oh, super DAC/Amp is also needed please. I have loved my V10 and V20, please don’t screw up the V30!

  • Isaac Yao

    If they get rid of the removable 🔋 I’m not going to buy LG again