LG V10 International Giveaway!

by: Derek ScottJanuary 24, 2016

Welcome to the Sunday Giveaway, the place where we giveaway a new Android phone or tablet each and every Sunday!

There is still a few hours left in our Opera Max Nexus 6P, Pixel C, BB8 International Giveaway. Get your entries in.

This week we are giving away the LG V10!

With its larger display, fingerprint scanner, great design, durable build quality, camera that excels in video recording and high quality audio, the LG V10 is an incredibly solid offering that earned itself our Editor’s Choice Award!

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LG V10 International Giveaway!

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Terms & Conditions

  • The giveaway is an international giveaway (Except when we can not ship to your Country.)
  • If we can not ship to your country, you will be compensated with an online gift card of equal MSRP value to the prize.
  • We are not responsible for lost shipments.
  • You must be age of majority in your Country of residence.
  • We are not responsible for any duties, import taxes that you may incur.
  • Only 1 entry per person, do not enter multiple email addresses. We will verify all winners and if we detect multiple email addresses by the same person you will not be eligible to win.
  • We reserve all rights to make any changes to this giveaway.
  • This giveaway is operated by Android Authority.
  • The prize will ship when it is available to purchase.
  • jf-laferriere

    Keep up the great articles, videos & giveaways Android Authority!

  • nebulaoperator

    If I get this phone I will give my one to runner for free :)

  • Zulema Pontes Vidal

    Mucha Suerte, me encanta¡¡¡¡

  • w.j. Rodrique


  • Sarah Lees

    Can a lady win this time…that lady being me :)

  • Javier Beltran Carceller

    Buen sorteo!!

  • Sanwor


  • Álvaro Filho

    Just Broke my Phone Yesterday, it was an Wonderfull Xperia Z1..
    I Really need to win this time.. =”

  • Manan Ziafat

    Swear don’t have phone

  • sintayehu vermeire

    Luky me, broke my samsung galaxy S4 2 weeks ago. Was looking for a new one. Hope i win this one XD

  • Solomon Vijay

    If i win ……

    • Милен Стефанов

      You won’t win… Me neither, but keep trying…

  • watson111505

    Need a new Phone!!!

  • TechnoVore

    Me when people ask me about why do i join giveaways even though i haven’t won one yet.

    • Alina Shah

      Hahhaha! Same here!

    • We win this time ! xD

    • Stephen

      Same!!!! not sure if ever get one.. just like lottery.

  • Mustafa Çolakoglu

    If I win this one I will give away my z5 for free :) I really like this v10

    • rizerzero

      oh , you juste doubled my chances to win something thank you , so il will be happy if you win !!

      • Mustafa Çolakoglu

        Hahaha thanks I hope I win this too

    • Bonie Samontina Jr.

      just let me know so i can provide you my shipping address. :) thank you.

      • Mustafa Çolakoglu

        Lol sure :)

    • Rohan Thakur

      lets have another giveaway for his z5

      • Mustafa Çolakoglu

        Hahaha why not if I win :)

    • Ify Divine Nsoha

      Alright bro, I’m in too

  • thejackle123

    How do you connect twitter to the competition?

  • Armando Farpa

    Good luck you all but I hope to get it as a bday gift!! :)

  • Ichigo Kurosaki

    I’ve probably entered over 30 of these giveaways and still haven’t won, but I shall keep trying! :’D
    My cracked s3 I got from a family member needs replacing. T_T and the V10 looks gorgeous *u*

  • rrude

    Few weeks ago I broke my Xperia z1 at work, I bought new screen and replace it by myself – it’s took me 3h and finished successfully, but after a week my 4 year old son stand on my phone which lay next to bed and cracked screen again. Now I use my wifes old phone Manta Titan Quad Core, after I made new contract for her with Moto X Play.

  • Jwtiyar Nariman

    iam still waiting and Gift from you AA :)

  • Sproid

    Of all the giveaways I really want to win this one. Gotta keep optimistic.

  • nishant

    If I win, I will give away my Nokia 5800 :P

  • pseudo

    International giveaway :D

    This time I’m “sure” to win

    Thanks in advance AA.

  • Are they able to check if we subscribe or are subscribers to the Youtube channels?

    • pseudo

      I dunno how they do it, but my twitter account is separate from my primary gmail account. It’s still me though.

  • Patricia Demedice

    participo! ojala me toque!

  • Kalen G

    Loving aspects of my Galaxy Note Edge and frustrated with some of the eccentricities of TouchWiz so I would love to conduct a side-by-side with the best of what LG has to offer with the V10 given the similar uses of a secondary screen with vastly different methodologies.
    Thanks for this opportunity AA and I do hope to win!

  • I would love to win this contest.

  • Aaron Honeycutt

    The V10 would be my dream phone, wireless charging, NFC, amazing design, MicroSD = Perfect!

  • Arlene Da Silva Ribeiro

    querendo ser uma ganhadora divulgando

  • Dexter Cruz

    Good luck everyone.

  • I would love to win anything how do I sign up where do I enter the giveaway @ let no please contact me the info

  • Aris

    Great! Good Luck!!!

  • devo-T

    Who was the winner of last week’s giveaway?

    • ffuucckk


  • Jura

    Awesome, thanks AA!

    Would love to try out the V10, looks like a slid phone. The 2nd screen ticker display looks interesting as well.

  • Simon Sheldrick

    Another great prize – my fingers are crossed!

  • Uttarwar Anoop


  • OMG OMG this is the phone I’ve been waiting for <3

  • Vipul K Chauhan

    I like this type contest…

  • Avinash Kumar


  • Shreyas Patil

    LG V10… :-)

  • Luis Chuello

    Please I want win it!

  • Viswanath M

    Lady Luck come to me…..

  • Edmond Leung

    . Thank you for the awesomeness, the contest, and generosity.

  • Xahid

    Calling my Luck …

  • Raj_Singh

    Thanks for continuing to do these giveaways, it’s a great look!

  • Gil Cimering

    Seems like a great phone!

  • paul martin


  • Belal Mohamed

    This is the third time……..I really need to win

  • Bogdan-Stefanita Mitu

    My preciousssss…



  • Alain

    super giveaway for a super phone !

  • Partha Roy

    Never won anything in my life. I still want to give it a try because I absolutely love the V10 and can’t afford to buy one.

  • Manthan

    Keep trying until I win..!!

  • Sidharth marwaha

    Hope to win as I really like lg v10 camera.

  • Jackson

    Entered every contest, I haven’t won a single thing yet in my whole life

  • Shivon Davis

    I would love to win this as my phone screen is all cracked so this would be great :) Thanks so much for the chance x

  • danny wood

    Thats an awesome piece of kit, with some nice tweaks over the LG G4.

  • Dev

    It’s my Birthday today and i am sitting here joining giveaways. Just sitting trying out my luck.

  • Ardhan HR

    Ahahahaha… Hmmm…. What’s the minimum age to enter?

  • hazam abderrahamne

    Hi,If i win can you convert the phone from Algeria to France I have my sister lives live in Paris because there is no conversion to Algeria .Thank you.

  • saad

    i know i know i am unlucky

    but let’s try

    1% hope

  • Angel Chavez Acosta

    Good luck to everyone!!! :)

  • Belal Mohamed

    ANDROID AUTHORITY i’m a big fan of yours and this is the third time i joined to international giveaway i really need to win so…. what ?

    أندرويد أوثورتي ربحوني

  • Elena Grigoras Bakogiannis

    like it (y)

  • Rohan Thakur

    it will be very nice if I win this phone really need this.dont have any phone right now got my 5 years old samsung galaxy ace stolen.maybe the theif was too drunk.

  • ffuucckk

    Vote for me as president!

    • Jack Leslie

      Looks like we are all ffuucckkeedd then ;)

  • interista93

    So lets try some luck

  • Tazmanian Delta

    Spins and turns, angles and curves. The shape of dreams, half
    remembered. Slip the surly bonds of earth and touch the face of
    perfection – a perfect face, perfect lace.

  • Hossam Osman

    I really hope i win this give away. because i really love this phone so much and i don’t have a chance to buy one for myself. So i hope i can win this one.

  • Trizsa Germina

    This would be the best thing ever that I will recieve for this year. It’ll be helpful for my studies and my social life , would honestly make it worthy to be given to me

  • salah droid

    i hope to win !!!

  • Eylon Levi

    I hope Ill win this giveaway so bad,,…. I bought LG V10 month ago, and it was stolen 2 days ago…Im so sad

  • Πετρούλα Φιλίππου

    Amazing giveaway! Thank you!

  • Jean

    imma win for once !

  • Synyster Helmy

    My cracked Xiaomi M Galaxy 7s Plus Edge X that was stolen is in need of replacing I need the phone please

  • Nelzon

    Not easy to win :( Tried so many giveaway but never win !

  • Robin George

    If I win this contest I will have android authority logo onto my chest tattooed….

    This is my favourite phone…. Even above s6 and nexus 6p…..love you lg…. lg for life… ;):D:)

    • Alina Shah

      What about Note 5? :D

      • Robin George

        Nope… I used to like Samsung when I didn’t know anything about mobiles but not now… Hate Samsung and apple.. .. When u get the same functionality for half the price in other phones…. Not completely same but still almost… But I love lg for its innovation… And I sincerely want other phone manufacturers than Samsung and apple to have a huge market share as well

        • Alina Shah

          I’ve used Samsung and HTC, and I find Samsung better. I’d surely try LG if I win. :D

  • James Erlngson

    Im in the vicious cycle that, if i don’t enter i feel like i could have won but if i do enter i feel like I’m wasting my time lol

    As always, best of lucky to everyone who has entered and maybe just maybe one of us in the comments will WIN! :D

    • Alina Shah

      Amen. :D

  • HamidHelal

    really ?

  • Steven G

    Start of the Giveaway: “Good luck everyone”
    End of the Giveaway: “I will seriously kill you for that phone”

    Good luck, though

    • Alina Shah

      LOL :D

  • Anxhi

    who won last week competition?

  • Park ChanYeol

    AA is the best. They always update me about techs. thank you.

  • Shakeeb

    plzzzzzzzźzzzzzz let me win this i have been trying for 2 months…..plzzzzzzzzz

  • Roy Liu

    please let me win 1 time~ >O<
    I Love LG V10 SO MUCH~~~~~~~~~~~~~

    • Alina Shah

      Same wish. Everywhere. :D

  • disgusting1

    My chance of winning is a whooping 0.003978737626126%

  • disgusting1

    If I win, I will donate my OnePlus 2 to AA, with the condition that they use it to blow it up/destroy it/disintegrate it in the most creative and spectacular way possible.

    • Alina Shah


  • Gaynor Grant

    Great Comp! Liked and Shared!

  • Zed

    Why only male winners in the winners gallery?? Thats quite..rude! Come on Android Authority – we need a female winner – possibly me :)

    • Alina Shah

      hahaha nicee

      • YOTOPRULES .

        maybe femails didnt want photos of them

        • Alina Shah

          Won’t be the case with me. If I win. :D

  • Fingers Crossed :)
    Fan from India.

  • where is the god??
    dont he think that now atleast i should get a smartphone!

  • sky1309

    Sweet giveaway!! :)

  • Alina Shah

    I hope I win this time :D

  • Alina Shah

    This might be the hundredth giveaway I’ve participated in. Oh God help! xD

    • Robin George

      Really? Omg

      • Alina Shah

        Yes. Sadly. :(

  • Alina Shah

    Best of luck everyone. I hope we get an Asian winner this time.

  • Prabhakar Rao

    When will you announce the last weeks winners.#AndroidAuthority.

  • Alfa

    its already a year since i join Android Authority Giveaways but never win one. haha

  • Rocky S

    Lol! some of the comments below are so funny LMAO :P

  • Kevin A. Dunham

    I actually won the Honor 5x! You never know, gotta be in it to win it!!

    • Alina Shah

      Let’s hope for the best then!

    • calmdownbro

      well, I do hope so. my life is giveaways. my blood is giveaways. yet I never win. ;_;

      • Alina Shah

        @calmdownbro Calm down bro xD

  • No win scenario…

  • Gaurav Verma

    Never was a very big fan of giveaways. Now, since my phone broke a month ago :'( desperately joining giveaways haha…

    • Alina Shah

      Same here :/

  • Andre Osti Sakaguchi

    Winners from last giveaway???????????????

  • Larissa Rodrigues

    :) participando

  • Kaushik Medhi

    Thanks for this awesome Giveaway ! Wish to WIN this time ;)

  • Looks like they will announce the name of winners of OperaMax and this V-10 on the same date and time……

    • Alina Shah

      Opera Max Giveaway?

      • means that Pixcel C and Nexus 6P giveaway

  • KD

    10 is my lucky number B)

  • Blas

    is totally free for Spain???

  • Park ChanYeol

    I really want that phone. :(

  • AlvoErrado2

    If I win this one, i can play the lottery, because i am very lucky!

  • Nicolás Esteche

    Honestly the reason I join giveaways is to see if I could get a nice device for my dad, even more since his birthday is soon, I quitted wanting something for myself a long time ago lol but well, lets see what happens, the best of luck for everyone here :)

  • Alina Shah

    21 hours to go! :D

  • Dens Chong

    I want!

  • ♖R.J.

    This phone looks pretty sweet!

  • Chris Verhulst

    I made a review without a V10 on a forum, perhaps if i win this phone i can do it over WITH the phone. It would be nice

  • Lamar West

    Must have it!

  • Oobiewan

    but how is one supposed to use the icons above the 6-inch screen? with the nose?

  • Solomon Vijay

    Thank You Android Authority

  • Mohammad Younes

    please choose me I don’t have a phone


    i was thinking about entering… but …. nearly half a million entries? jesus


    how can they afford all these giveaways?

  • bgajunkie

    I want this bad !!!!!

  • bgajunkie

    I want this BAD !!! I tried to connect via Soundcloud, as started listening to AA team via soundcloud from the first Friday Debate Podcast (FDP). Let me be lucky…

  • Mike Mille

    Hope I win :/

    • Mike Mille

      Really need a new phone

  • Solomon Vijay


  • Romnel Guia

    Pls be me!

  • Himanshu Chatra

    Sometimes i think of winning but sometimes i think that i already have lost lol….

    • Alina Shah

      Winner hasn’t been announced yet. You never know! :D

      • Himanshu Chatra

        hahaha……i m sure that wont be me :)

        • Alina Shah

          You’re right. It’s Petar! xD

  • Stanimir Ivanov Uzunov

    I have a birthday on 9th of February, it will be good to win a present here :) LG V10 is a good phone.

  • Alina Shah

    Congratulations to Petar S for winning V10.

  • Zmaku

    Čestitam Petre! Neka te dobro služi V10?