LG V10 International Giveaway!

by: Derek ScottDecember 27, 2015

Welcome to the Sunday Giveaway, the place where we giveaway a new Android phone or tablet each and every Sunday!

A big congratulations to last week’s winners of the Nexus 5X Giveaway! Adam B. (USA), enjoy your new smartphone!

This week we are giving away the LG V10!

LG V10-3

With its larger display, fingerprint scanner, great design, durable build quality, camera that excels in video recording and high quality audio, the LG V10 is an incredibly solid offering that earned itself our Editor’s Choice Award!

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LG V10 International Giveaway!

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Terms & Conditions

  • The giveaway is an international giveaway (Except when we can not ship to your Country.)
  • If we can not ship to your country, you will be compensated with an online gift card of equal MSRP value to the prize.
  • We are not responsible for lost shipments.
  • You must be age of majority in your Country of residence.
  • We are not responsible for any duties, import taxes that you may incur.
  • Only 1 entry per person, do not enter multiple email addresses. We will verify all winners and if we detect multiple email addresses by the same person you will not be eligible to win.
  • We reserve all rights to make any changes to this giveaway.
  • This giveaway is operated by Android Authority.
  • The prize will ship when it is available to purchase.
  • Anthony Gaddis

    Congrats Adam.

  • RXG9


  • Michael Myer

    I’ve been dying to get this phone when it first released by my cell company kept stalling on it so I ended up with the note 4 DX pretty please I want this phone I’ve followed LG since the day they went to rear buttons and loved the change

    • doug_jensen

      Why are you begging? This is a lottery not a charity.

      • Michael Myer

        Lmao XD I know but I have my wants and I hate samsung to death but verizon sucks and wouldn’t release the bug fix for my g3 or g4 so they just kept crashing

        • cameron williams

          I have the note 4 and I’m trying to win this for my father

          • I still have the lg g3 and would like the v10 to finally get a first year release device.

  • TechnoVore

    Two bucks that the winner of this giveaway won’t be me lol

    • Marcys


  • Sanwor


  • cristina

    fab phone n contest thx for opportunity

  • Marcys

    That’s the best phone of 2k15! My LG 4x HD is jealous :D

  • kittylt

    Thanks for this lovely giveaway

  • Javier Beltran Carceller

    Buen sorteo, gracias!!

  • Anja Tenhage

    Its time a girl should win. Lol

    • ffuucckk

      May be girls are more interested in Iphone, that is why almost every winner is a male!

      • Anant

        True that. Most of them believe more in brand value.

        • Cockie Sunburn

          Most guys believen more in brand value. Don’t be a sexist.

      • Anja Tenhage

        I dont like Iphone at all actually.

    • Peri-flop


    • Especially a pretty girl like you.

      • Anja Tenhage


    • winterwonderland808


  • Eastvanfan

    A neat phone to win so close to the new year.

  • Cee Neiton

    Winner from USA inc

  • dp135

    My LG G2 just died a traumatic death…this would be a nice replacement.

  • Carlton Thomas Mcintosh

    Please god let me win the phone.

  • Hope i win it :)

  • I want to win the phone, but I enjoy the thrill of just entering and even getting the chance to win one, LOL. Am I weird? XD

  • Mark William Diano

    Can i just link my youtube account to gleam? I have a different email for my youtube and it doesnt register my entry…

  • Janie1616

    FANTASTIC PRIZE, I would love to win. Congratulations to Adam B. (USA) for winning the last prize x

  • adamulos

    The complete package, almost no compromises

  • Pete Petrass

    An outstanding phone, just the ticket for my wife so I can get her away from crappy iphones.

  • Uriah Counelis

    I’ve liked LG phones since the LG G2.

  • Swordylove

    Here comes another 1:50000 chance to win :D

  • I’m trying my luck. I’ve been praying for this.

  • Charles Poniente

    Been Joining Giveaways for 5 years now, still no luck. And I’ve been copy-pasting this comment for 4 years now and counting :)

    • When is it time to throw in the towel?


      Same here!

      • Vyrlokar

        Same here man, same here…

    • Xahid

      Damn, You deserve a one piece of Gadget.
      Thought, I was the one, chasing the Luck.

    • Arvin Jhann

      Same here bro. :)

    • Rahul

      same here …. :(

    • Boris H

      I too have the same story.Tryin from 2yrs…But you can flip your luck in the new year with all theese Awesome Giveaways…
      trythesegiveaways.wordpress. com(remove space before ‘c’)Use this URL for more daily giveaways..All the Best…

    • Hellz

      well, keep on doing it. if you win, good. if not, you didnt actually lose anything and you can try next week again

    • Settler11

      But, will you quit if you finally win something? :P

    • TechnoVore

      and unless you find a way to register 100k entries , i doubt you’ll ever win one :/

    • Mohaimin Talha

      So, I’m not the only one who never wins.

    • Boris H

      I too have the same story.Tryin from 2yrs…But you can flip your luck in the new year with all theese Awesome Giveaways…
      trythesegiveaways.wordpress. com(remove space before ‘c’)Use this URL for more daily giveaways..All the Best…

    • »»Prince :D

      I already won. but I ain’t stopping on joining haha so you should not stop and keep on joining. Who knows maybe one day you’ll win :D I only started last year and on the 4th giveaway that I entered I already won haha :D

    • gethylogic

      Let’s be honest the chances of us winning are pretty slim, although seeing that we have a free roll of a dice I don’t mind playing, you never know. :D

    • Ali

      So am i. İ am here since the best one

  • Aris

    Xcellent!!! Good luck!

  • Vinod Nair

    Excellent Giveaway. LG V10 is a Super Loaded Super Device. Thanks Android Authority for bringing this Giveaway ??

  • bembol

    It’s not available up here, would love to be the first to own it.

  • Chris

    Damn. Wish I could find the dark blue one.

  • it’ll be my day if I won that V10. It’s freaking expensive here in Indonesia…

  • Al

    Good luck everybody :)

  • Modman

    When someone who lives in one of the five boroughs of NYC ever wins this. I will stop believing that this is a phony rigged contest. Could if be that I’ve been entering these stupid Android authority contests for over a year. And clue me in if I’m wrong. Has anyone in New York State ever ever won this contest?

  • Erlan Magdaong

    Let me win please. I always join your giveaways?

  • Robert Leslie Jr.

    please, please, please I need a new phone

  • Saeed ur rehman


  • Rob Narcisse

    I have yet to win, but keep the faith. One day…

  • Andres Bozo

    Thx in advance for my new phone guys

    • Ever John Corpuz

      congrats mate

    • You’re welcome. ©

  • JohnDoe

    This time is for my 5 minutes, LOL.

  • Richard Louis

    Ive wanted this phone for months now, yet the UK isn’t luck enough to have it out yet. LG are currently teasing us with having it listed on their UK website but no news on when they’re releasing it so winning this would be awesome as i so need to update my phone now its running slow

  • Hakim Jr

    I use G4,
    i believe V10 is a great device with superior camera,
    better Ram than G4
    Hopely , better Battery than G4

    so let me win the best phone Lg V10 ^_^

  • Ever John Corpuz

    another week, hoping to win, I love this phone

  • Toño Galan Ramon

    I hope win this time

  • Anant

    I’ve been taking part in Android Authority’s giveaway for more than 2 years. High time now :)

  • Toño Galan Ramon

    I hope win this time!

  • Farhan Yan

    I have a dream…

    • Prince Kumar


  • Edmond Leung

    . Thank you for the
    awesomeness, the contest, and generosity. :)

  • Edo Firmansyah


    • What does that gibberish mean?

      • Edo Firmansyah

        nah, that is Arabic. The meaning is “in the name of God”.
        I’m praying for my chance :)

  • Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!#ThankYouForTheLove

  • Nahuel1988

    Very nice phone!



  • w.j. Rodrique

    Here we go…!

  • Shreyas Patil

    LG V10: A new hope.

  • manohar

    I think this give aways are fake Android authority you are just fooling us………

  • Ompong

    OMG,is it my turn to win ? I need a new phone,Pls.,My BB9900 is almost 5yrs,and its want to RIP! :'(

  • Hari Prasath

    V10, Great. Bring it on !

  • Kevin You

    Pretty sure i won’t win, just give it a try for fun.

  • Fishma2

    As always thanks for the chance. Maybe this is my lucky week!

  • Prabhath

    A new hope….

  • Josh Santolaja

    Still Hoping to win LG v10 for my mom

  • James Erlngson

    Big Thank You to Android Authority for this giveaway!

    To think that you guys have given away over $19,708 this year alone is AMAZING and i have to thank you so much for that! :)

  • Mohammed Saati

    Do people actually win these?

  • Mayank Gupta

    Let it be me.. please let it be me :)

  • Asaf Moraz

    I hope to win :)

  • unisjunejo

    i intend to win this time thank you authority :)

  • Good luck everyone!

  • Bhavesh

    Hope i win this time
    I been commenting this every Sunday anyways congrats to previous winner

  • wettitab

    I almost had my L925 die yesterday! Really would be a godsent having this phone this point in time! I really like it too – was looking to purchase it but not available yet in my country

  • Dexter Cruz

    Good luck everyone. Hope to win this LG V10.

  • Azia G

    Oh my gosh this phone is what I have been wishing for! It is just amazing especially from LG. I loved my old lg it was so durable and though cheap it still carried some pretty awesome features! I’ve been looking at this phone forever now and can’t wait to have it in my hands! Oh I hope the odds are in my favor!

  • mimranyameen

    Do they ship in china?

  • Arvin Jhann

    Hope to win this! I will give this to my sister :) So she can get rid of her 6yrs phone. I want to give this to here as a gift ;) Hope to win this. God Bless everyone ;)

  • Nenad Radenkovic

    Nice Phone with good spec. And it will be mine.

  • Jagadeesh

    The best Android phone ever. Good job LG. Great phone to own

  • Ciro Amoroso

    New Giveaway, same routine!

  • Emanuel

    Been trying for a long time, still haven’t won anything… Hope this attempt will do it!

  • PS Gimmx

    This is my dream phone. LG V10.
    It has awesome camera functions.
    Micro sd and big battery and Awesome.

    • Vin Joseph

      I am dreaming to own this phone myself..I guess I’m not the only one.:)
      I totally agree with you! LG V10 is awesome! :)

    • gethylogic

      Would also make an ideal Mp3 player seeing that it has a removable battery so even more flexibility. Good luck everyone. :)

  • Jens Ken Lundstrom

    Entered!Would love to win!
    Happy New Year to everyone!

  • sky1309

    Good Luck and Happy New Year all… :)

  • Jonathan Chan

    Hey, hope someone can help me out with this. Basically, I’m curious how can people get hundred entries when based on the contest, each person should only be allowed to get a maximum of 30 entries if they do everything (e.g: share on Twitter, refer people to join and so on.)

    So does this have anything to do with how people claim they can repost their tweet about the contest on their Twitter page? Can someone help clarify this with me? Like is it against the rules of the giveaway and how to do it? Thanks!

  • Shivon Davis

    Lovely Giveaway :) Thanks so much for the chance x

  • Pamela Montesa

    I really wish I could win :(

  • Luca.zh

    Try for some luck ✌

  • vmxr

    done i hope i will win this :)

  • Ilya

    is there any keys to win this giveaway? Or its just a luck?

  • dj krishna

    i’ll never win i know that

  • P.j. Markel

    even if its not me ur doing a good thing

  • Evelyn Corry

    If this is good enough for the Editor, it’s good enough for me. I have never had any problem with any LG product I’ve ever purchased :)

  • Brunobliss

    Would be so cool to win this v10

  • John Kiely

    You all say you need a new phone! But I am still using a nokia 6210. So remind me who needs a new phone?

    • Asad baig

      You of course

    • Bob The Truth

      No, quit being selfish. There are people without a phone, there are people without a job, home and food. So quit bitching for a new phone and work for it.

  • Asad baig

    Same here

  • Asad baig

    I wrote this in the Blue mobile giveaways

  • Crystal

    most winners were guys… :( how come?

  • Sonia Beltran Paris

    Me encanta, gracias¡¡

  • Bruno Coelho

    Always going in with chance, coming out with sorrow!!! :(

  • SkypeName


  • Suzette Jansen Smith

    Would love to win this. Great way to start the New Year. Good luck to everyone.

  • Federico

    Well this is a phenomenal one. Fingers crossed.

  • Zulema Pontes Vidal


  • James Bryant

    This phone looks amazing

  • アルジュン Kuniyil

    Gotta love reading the comments on these giveaways :)

  • Anhar

    LG v10 <3

  • Diggle

    Can anyone that has won before give us some tips?

    • its all luck…if you are unlucky like me then your facebook ID will goanna blocked for posting link in comments

  • 175th entry, padauga pod ko ninyo uy huhu :'(

  • Ronald

    Ha comments here are the best, Good luck

  • Ivan Derenoncourt

    I just want to get a new phone. Please i been using this crappy phone for 3 years and i really want an upgrade.

  • Gaynor Grant

    Great comp! Liked and Shared!

  • Mohsin

    Thank you Everyone at android authority for this opportunity . You guy’s rock


    ga menang2 euy?????

  • Okpalaeke kingsley

    Yeah. How come no one from Africa ever won? Always from Europe, America….. When does one throw in the towel?!

  • Phuong Do

    I hope I can have some luck like the other winners.

  • MKA_TR


  • Kaushik Medhi

    WoW ! Awesome Giveaway ! Amazing Android Device ! Wish to WIN ! Merry Xmas & a very bright & prosperous New year ;)

  • Rafael de Souza

    Eu quero ganhar esse smartphone da LG.

  • Hilda Valls Francisco

    Eu quero um LG10 int..

  • Raj_Singh

    Really excited, good luck to all!

  • Modek Kay

    I hope that for one time only in my life i win something. Damn ive been out of luck since the day i was born hhhh, but maybe itll change by a christmas miracle

  • Roberta Veiga

    quero muito ganhar, será muito bom.

  • Ge

    Best of luck to everyone!

  • Roberta Veiga


  • Dens Chong

    This is an awesome phone. Thanks for the chance! :)

  • Dragi Matic

    I’ll let you know when I win .

  • Kaster

    I feel bad since the giveaway has small chance of winning. It’s still better than no chance. Thanks Android Authority for giving us the opportunity. Happy New Years and good luck everyone.

  • julio cesar rodrigues dos sant

    quero ganha

  • julio cesar rodrigues dos sant

    quero ganha muito

  • Medin V

    Would be great to win this beast of a phone! :D

  • Stanimir Ivanov Uzunov

    I want this phone so much, but dont have the cash for it. Most of the phones goes to USA and Canada…

  • The Ricer

    I still have a Nokia 100, yet you heard me right, dont even have a smartphone yet, Would be amazing if I won this, but I never do win giveaways :/

    • saksham


  • suman karki

    I hope i will get one soon

  • naz

    please make me lucky winner.

  • Rohit Dhyani

    wish to win

  • Keila Cristina De Souza Ceoban

    como participar do sorteio???

  • trickybilly

    I would like the phone very much since I do not have a smartphone. Greetings from Serbia :)

  • Vin Joseph

    First time to join Android Authority’s Giveaway!
    Been watching their smartphone reviews (and some other stuff) and I’m a certified Android Authority’s subscriber. I wish to win this LG V10 because I want this so badly. If this wish will be granted, it’s gonna be my very first flagship phone and that will be super awesome. :)

  • Apostolos Kazanis

    Goooood Luck Guys !!! Merry Christmas!!!!

  • Sanwor

    I can’t

  • Cynthia Mitchell

    First try at winning a sweepstakes. Hope I have beginners luck!

  • Jason Benson

    I have close to two years myself lol. Good luck everyone!

  • Carlton Thomas Mcintosh

    I really need this phone.

  • Kaleb Gezahegn

    Good luck Everyone

  • Freda Butterchops

    I won starcraft collectors edition boxed set a few days ago ,so it does happen

  • Anonymous

    If i win th
    is phone will start believing that miracles can happen because there is no chance that i can win definitely

  • Jennifer Arao

    good luck to all of us!! It’s a wonderful gift to start the year with a new phone like this.. i hope i win this time! Happy new year to everyone!!

  • Prince Kumar

    one day i will win

  • Angel Chavez Acosta

    Good luck to everyone :)

  • Ashish kumar

    How many entries do you have to get to win this giveaway

  • Sara Chin

    I asked my friend to click the link provided “Share with your friends”, but it seem didn’t work though, score entry still same same. Should I believe the internet?

  • Ope Olowu

    How come an African has never won?

  • Carlton Thomas Mcintosh

    I will win

    • that’s what i’m expecting since last three years………

  • one thing for sure if your friends see your link they will not sign up using that , instead of that they will go directly to android authority site………#Troll Friends

  • Himanshu Chourasia

    I am following you frm last 4-5 months and participated in every Giveaway. So this time i am hoping to win :) thank you for dis Amazing Giveaway.!!

  • zatchu

    I’ve been trying to win something for 5 years. Now I hope my luck changes! Please chose me!

  • Afrizal Anoda

    wish me luck

  • N Danier

    I love the specs on this phone. I was a Samsung Galaxy fan. Once they started making their phones to be more like iPhone, I decided it was time to file for divorce from the Samsung Galaxy phones. I am hoping to win the LG V10 International Giveaway. I love the specs on the LG V10 phone.

  • Adrie H

    Oh, what a new year’s gift this would be. My Note 2 is way outdated. Pity me AA

  • alban pinari

    great giveaway

  • Ana Kelly Flores
  • MustafaZiraba

    Uganda needs some Luv….

  • I’m just bored xD It’d be funny if I managed to win a giveaway though xD

  • Ines Eguez Leaños


  • Sabastian Rodrigues

    hey guys

  • MAno

    I can’t even buy this in my country :( I really wanted this phone too, hope I win

  • Carlton Thomas Mcintosh

    This phone will make me so happy, I can not wait until I am announced the winner. Just give it to me already.

  • Kaster

    I don’t get why people beg to win this. Begging won’t increase your chance.


    I’ve Been Joining a lot of Give away … But unluckily I Never won..

  • Jason Johnson

    I rank this as my phone off the year.. Would love to win this one and then never enter again.


  • Abdul Azeez

    If I win this phone I will gift it to my mom

  • Pranoy Guha

    Why do I not become a winner??

  • sri sai prateek

    Lg v10 is the phone I always wanted.I’ve been ardent fan of Lg n Android Authority since years.Hope I get this as a new year present n make my year amazing.

  • saksham

    been joining giveaways since last year

  • Shantanu

    Wish to win …would be a great great update over my current moto g2 :)

  • Shantanu

    Wish to win it …would be a great upgrade over my current moto g2

  • Shantanu

    Wish to win this phone …would be a great upgrade over my current moto g 2014

  • Mohsin

    @[email protected]:disqus i agree with you hundred percent. same here bro
    But one should never loose hope..Who know when we are the lucky ones..I have been doing the same for quite some time as well

  • Sajid Ameen

    Let me win this giveaway or else I’m voting for Donald Trump.

    • Federico

      let me win this giveaway or else I’m NOT voting for Donald Trump

  • wins4me

    Thank you, I need this

  • Devendran Sathasivam

    Doesn’t Matter win or loose we are android users and we should support Android Authority.

  • Ryan Dede

    happy new year everybody, new year, new luck.. ;)

  • Devendran Sathasivam

    Just keep going guys..never give up one day we will have the luck

  • Th3 Alemdar

    I hope i can win this one..im using a samsung young and nokia 3220 right now LOL please god please i want it so mutch

  • Ibrahim Omar

    how wins for the middle east??? i think its impossible to win if you are from there!!!

  • Christine Bray

    OK men move over it’s time for a woman to win this week Happy New Year everyone

  • Anthony Gaddis

    Happy new year everyone!

  • Sayyid Muhammad Talha

    Hi, Im new to android authority and like to participate in giveaways.

  • Sayyid Muhammad Talha

    Hi, i’m new to Android authority and i like this giveaway.

  • Wee Shen

    2nd Time Joining Android Authority Giveways, i’m a LG Supporter I really like this phone i know it’s very hard to get but at least i tried ;)

  • Jasper Kenneth Acasio

    This is My Dream Phone since I saw this on youtube. God, please let me win. been trying ways to but this, buying in installment but since Im a new hired employee, cant apply for that option then applying for loan but I still cant. Huhu. This is my only chance to have that phone.

  • shahbaz

    please andriod authority pick me up i swear i dont have any set please

  • »»Prince :D

    I already won. but I ain’t stopping to join haha.

  • i know no one from the authority will read this comment!

  • WailDaiky

    good phone

  • Ken Badgley

    I have yet to win. I hope one day i will.

  • Mario R. Alcerro Varela

    I Want to win

  • Carlton Thomas Mcintosh

    4 hours left. Fingers crossed all prayed up.

  • Randy Bissessar

    Good Luck Everyone

  • Carlton Thomas Mcintosh

    17 minutes


    where can we find the winners??

  • Alberto Recto Jr.

    And the winner is…………..nobody!!!!!!!

  • Rohit Dhyani

    wish to win team ,gamey sincere best

  • where is the winners list?

  • Liam

    How do you know if you’ve won?

  • Jennifer Arao

    Happy New Year Everyone!! Congatulation to the winner!!

    • Liam

      Who won?

  • Joanne Thomas

    i think it needs more than 200 entries if u definitely want to win :((

  • h5loof