LG has now taken the wraps off the LG V10, giving us a device that shares some of the same design elements and specs as the LG G4, but with some very meaningful upgrades and improvements baked in. This doesn’t just apply to the spec sheet either, as the LG V10’s build has been improved, especially in terms of durability. The device’s frame is made with strong stainless steel and DuraSkin, a plastic material that is not only soft and grippy, but it also provides a lot of protection against drops, nicks and scratches.

Even more exciting, the V10 touts a MIL-STD-810 rating for resistance to mechanical shocks. In theory, that means the device should survive 26 drops from a 122 cm height onto a plywood sheet placed over concrete. Of course, most users just want to know if the phone can handle a drop or two. That is what we are testing today.

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September 30, 2015

The idea is to simulate real-life scenarios in most of our drop tests, but we made an exception with the V10, due to its nature. In the video above, the LG V10 was pushed to its limits, and while we tried to focus on some of the more common drops that a smartphone owner might encounter, we threw in a few unrealistic drops to see just how much of a beating the V10 could take.

Our test unit went through about 15 drops – some realistic, some not so much. As it turns out, our results show the LG V10 is actually surprisingly durable. The screen did shatter, but that didn’t happen until the last drop, when I tossed the phone up in the air, just to see how far the V10 could be taken. Before this final drop test, the smartphone only had minor cosmetic damage – scratches and nicks here and there.


Even though the screen did break at the very end, any other smartphone would probably have been destroyed long before this. We have seen plenty of phones end up worse than the LG V10 by the very first drop, so this is definitely a sign of success for the Korean manufacturer. Not to mention, the device still works to its fullest capacity, albeit with a cracked screen and some other cosmetic damage.


Certain lifestyles require this level of durability. If we kept doing normal scenarios, the phone’s screen would have probably been fine, making this phone one definitely worth considering if you tend to be a bit rougher with your phones.

What do you think of the LG V10’s durability? Anyone interested in picking one up now that you know just how tough it is?

  • Arman

    Please do a full review on it as soon as possible!

  • SteveJobs_TheWalkingDead

    Wow, I am impressed with how well it withstood all the punishment.

  • shivansh

    Ahh man fuck your servers they are too slow for indian network please upload videos on youtube.

  • Shubham Dhurve

    Am I interested?

    Nexus 6P.

    • 404


    • Darknut

      I haven’t been interested by any phone until the V10.. Last phone I got was the G2 and nothings really been nice enough to get me excited. This one is.

      • cdm283813

        This is nothing but a gimmicky G4 with an LG skin job.

      • Aaron C

        Yep. LONG time Nexus owner here, including a Nexus 6 bought at release. THIS is the phone I’m replacing it with.

      • Ceci nest pas Un telephone

        Same here with a note 2.
        Nothing really was appealing, nexus 6p but then the LG V10 showed its face and the rest is history.
        Just waiting for a Rom, cyanogenmod or even better root.

    • Quinton

      I really want a 6P, but I also really want to buy a phone on my JUMP program (since I’m on the original version of it, which rocks). Sadly, no 6P for me. :-(

    • AStarbucks

      R u stupid. Yes.

      • Shubham Dhurve

        Wow, so original on your part!

        • AStarbucks

          Wow… confirmed as stupid on your part.

  • V-Phuc

    Instead of doing this stupid test, just send it to me. Man, what a waste of resource, not to mention a beautiful device. I always cringe whenever I see this kind of thing done. And if you truly want to have a good test then subject a few other flagship phones at the same time: Samsung Galaxy (Note5, S6+, etc.), HTC M9, Huawei, MotoX Pure Ed. etc. Like that, we get a more comprehensive picture than this solo act.

  • Ferenc Morvai

    Looks good, but wait a couple month for Motorola Bounce, same MIL-STD810 rating and rumors says P OLED display what made from plastic.

    • Sud

      Yeah.. typical tech scenario.. one can always keep waiting for the next best!

  • Amjath

    The secret of survival is removable battery.

    I dropped my Galaxy S2 many times, every time the battery pops. The reason is battery is the heavy part in a device once it is out, the device becomes lighter so it plays good along with the gravity to make the device survive.

    • Sud

      What a dumb theory.. battery will be very much intact during the impact.. whats the point it pops out after the impact.. damage is already done..man you need weed!!!

  • sluflyer06

    MIL-STD-810G Method 516.6 – Shock – Procedure IV (which is what LG is doing) states that yes it requires 26 drops BUT a manufacturer can request the 26 drops be divided across 5 identical devices. I am however extremely impressed with this phone.

  • Sud

    Can i have the phone used for the drop test? I promise to send a crate of beer once i receive it ;P

  • Sud

    LG made a even worse drop test in its durability ad!!!

  • bikrame

    You should have shown every time you drop it. Showing at last doesn’t justify it.

  • PhoneOwnerGuy

    My phone just fell two feet off my sofa on to my carpet and the screen cracked. WTF? Should I contact LG and tell them? Any chance they’d repair it for free? This is insane.

    • AStarbucks

      Yeah, why dun u prove it with a video that it happened?

  • I think this has sold me instead of the Turbo 2. The V10 is pretty durable with a great camera.

  • Patrick

    Well I just dropped my lg v10 for the FIRST time on a laminate floor from 2 feet up and the whole screen is cracked so..

    • AStarbucks

      Yeah really? Why dun u prove that it happened with a video ?

  • MikeyIsuzu

    Dropped my V10 for the first time today from about 4 feet on the concrete floor in the garage. I cringed but couldn’t find a mark. Was grinning afterwards in disbelief since a similar drop shattered my G2.

  • ChargedUp

    My V10 shattered yesterday from a less than 2 foot drop. Ugh still works fine but sucks that it couldn’t take the shock without glass breaking

  • James

    This phone is shit it will not survive a drop of more than three feet without the screen completely shattering

  • Markus van Byte

    Sorry, but your drop test is quite useless. The device you repeatedly drop could already be dead before. You should film the device starting with a working display, drop it and then show the display still working. All without cutting the video in between!