These could be the specifications for the new LG Nexus 5

by: Robert TriggsAugust 26, 2015


We have seen plenty of leaked images of the highly anticipated LG Nexus, but hardware specifications have been much harder to come by. Until today that is, as a leaked hardware table from a prototype handset has shown up to give us a look at what might be powering the smartphone.

A lot of the table is a match for some of the very earliest rumors about the handset. There’s apparently a hexa-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 808 SoC and 3GB of LPDDR3 memory forming the basis of the handset. The phone is also expected to feature a 13 megapixel IMX278 image sensor, along with optical image stabilization and LG’s laser auto-focus technology. The fingerprint scanner that was previous spotted in pictures is also listed.

nexus-5-lg specifications

The LG Nexus is expected to be the smaller of the two upcoming Nexus handsets, the other being designed by Huawei. This table suggests a reasonably sized 5.2-inch display with a 2K resolution. Overall, the hardware looks to be quite similar to LG’s existing G4 flagship, but with a few subtle changes.

nexus-6-first-impressions-13-of-21See also: LG Nexus supposedly pictured in the wild88

If true, these specifications are quite comparable to existing flagships on the market, although this means that these new Nexus phones may have a high price tag to match. Even so, the inclusion of a better camera and extras like the fingerprint scanner might make the new 5.2-inch Nexus a suitable upgrade for previous generation Nexus 5 owners. Are you tempted by the LG Nexus 5?

  • Jay

    Definitely tempted. Just give us a sensible price!

  • chickenfactory

    2k screen? Just give me 1080p and call it a day. I want the battery life to be better and I would be more willing to compromise on the display resolution to achieve that. Plus, the 808 GPU is weaker than the 805 GPU so even more of an incentive to go with the 1080p screen

    edit: the pic looks like it can easily be faked

    • King_Android

      Want a premium Nexus with the top specs but with a 1080p screen get a Nexus 5. 1080p is so yesterday.

      • jdot104

        A 2K display is overkill for the smaller Nexus. If the goal is for it to be affordable like the original Nexus 5, a 1080p display will be great. It’ll save on cost and battery, and I’m not interested in sacrificing either for a 2K display.

    • Pulkit Anand

      Same thing was said about 1080p when apple users cried about retina display being enough but apple ultimately came up with 1080p on 6plus.

      Screen size and CPU decides the backup time. 2K displays are undergoing rapid changes and need to capture market for the sake of sales.

  • Ronoroa Zoro

    QHD was unnecesary.. they could save money on that.. put FHD screen and everyone is happy..

    • David Onter

      Save money, battery and performance :/

    • Kanoosh

      i wouldn’t be happy though.. if you want FHD screen then go buy the old LG nexus 5 , i want a QHD screen with a high capacity battery and i’m happy.

      • You can’t seed the difference between FHD and QHD on a 5″ or 5.2″ screen. It’s just marketing for asian customers that change their mobile phones from 6 to 6 months…QHD is ok on 5.7″ or on 6″ and larger (like tablets).

        • Kanoosh

          and who are you to judge how others see things? aren’t ..i see a HUGE difference when looking at a galaxy s6 or s6 edge comapred to the Nexus 5 .. it’s not that hard ,just something apple put into your head and made you believe..

          • F. S.

            Both have latest gereration, top of the edge AMOLED panels whe Nexus 5 is a 2 year old IPS.

            Theres a lot of things improving year to year (like color accuracy, brightness, viewing angle, etc). it’s the same as cameras and mpx, with the only difference that you can’t make the screen bigger so these extra pixels mean something (Cardboard it’s so close to the eye… You won’t notice the difference either).

        • King_Android

          Yes you can, look at the S6 or Note 5 screen to anything thats out on the market with 1080p. HUGE difference when watching HD content.

          • It’s a difference if you watch qhd content. If you watch hd content, the difference between a 440 ppi and a 570 ppi is visible only if you use a magnifier. Qhd content will be the standard on youtube in 2 years from now…

          • JoshuaTheFox

            I could see the pixels on my last phone that had a full HD display. Now on my galaxy s6 I can’t see any of them, its like paper. That and I’m not necessarily worried about the videos I’m watching I’m worried about the UI elements that are now crisp as f***

          • Boost

            What are you doing with your phone? Holding it 3 inches from your eyes?

          • JoshuaTheFox

            No, honestly I think it was just my phone display was poorly manufactured. But none the less there was still a noticeable crispness added compared to the last year’s lineup of 1080p handsets. And then on top of that I used Google cardboard VR a lot

          • tjrchka

            What was your last phone?

          • JoshuaTheFox

            HTC One M8

          • KapteinStein

            There’s clearly a difference! Check your eyes man! Especially when reading articles etc

          • jimv1983

            I have done comparisons. I have 20/15 vision and I’ve seen no difference. A person with 20/20 vision at a viewing disance of about 18″ can’t see anymore than 400-450ppi.

            Plus, even if it was a difference it would have to pretty damn big to put up with the decreased battery life. If phone makers used like 5,000mAh batteries then I wouldn’t care but not with current typical battery sizes. The extra pixels don’t mean anything if your phone dies in the middle of the day because the battery chugging screen uses all the power.

          • F. S.

            The difference is on the amoled improvements, not on the pixel quantity.

          • King_Android

            How would you know? I’ve seen the difference and its huge no 1080ppscreen can match the crispness of a 2K screen no matter how much you say you can’t tell. Because you can when watching content or reading.

          • F. S.

            Ok! Ok! Since not even Samsung claim that (they claimed 3D), congratulations on your successeful implanted bionic eye!

      • Michael M.

        You can’t buy a Nexus 5 anymore (and no, second hand purchases do not count; this is about what Google is offering you, and it isn’t offering that model anymore, precisely because people were choosing it over the Nexus 6 and losing in sales on the newer model, so they took it out). And unless you hold the screen 1-2 inches away from your eyes you will never see a difference (except in poor manufacturing cases). The images may appear sharper but the eyes can be fooled by any number of things such as different builds and technology of the screen, different color contrasts, sharpness, etc. The screen quality is not high enough to justify the battery and performance drain.

        Good day.

      • jimv1983

        A battery big enough to be considered “high capacity” for a QHD screen is highly unlikely. No phone on the market that I know of had a “high capacity” battery with a QHD screen.

      • jimv1983

        I don’t really care about resolution that much. I want good battery life. If LG can have QHD and a large enough battery to give good battery life then fine but based on what I’ve seen in the market that is very unlikely.

    • Jay McCaughrean

      2k is FHD

      • dk

        No, 2k is 1440 not 1080. 2k = QHD.

        • Cool

          Actually 1080p falls under the 2K umbrella. QHD is more like 2.5K.

          This is why I hate the 2K nomenclature because it’s so broad. Call it 1080p or 1440p or call it Full HD or QHD.

      • HD is 720, FHD is 1080, 2K is 1440, 4k is 2160 :-).

        P.S. In 2016 some producers will have 4k screens on their flagship mobile phones…

        • Cool

          Yeah. Another pointless specs pissing match with no benefit for the end user.

          4K is great on a TV because the pixel density is so much lower due to large screens, but it’s basically pointless on relatively tiny phone screens. Just a waste of GPU and battery performance.

          • Correct, but producers want you and me and all others to buy a new phone every year. Some do that to have the updated specs, that in most cases are pure marketing that transmit a placebo effect to those users. The real gains are minimal from one generation to the next because software has to catch up. Buying a phone at 2 years or even at 3 if you are a flagship customer is much wiser than spending yearly on new purchases.

          • Cool

            Agreed. I’m still super happy with my Nexus 5 and that’s why I’m leaning towards using it for another year (3 years total) and besides it continues to be updated and it’s fast and smooth, instead of getting a new Nexus, but I’ll decide when they launch.

            I tend to keep my devices for a while. I do get other devices to play around with, though. But they’re usually well priced. My Nexus 5 is my daily driver, but I like switching around, too.

      • F. S.

        No, it’s QHD.

    • Rovina

      Nexus Phones and Tablets are now on sale only at the below mentioned website

    • Tony Ventriglia

      Would also like a ir blaster that would be nice.

    • Stuff it, QHD on my S6 looks far far better than FHD. My last phone was FHD, QHD IS BETTER!

  • hexaet

    i can wait for next year and the next model – so not tempted and sticking with my old nexus 5

  • David Jay

    If the price is right, I’ll own the next Nexus 5

  • Tommy Crosby

    “[specs] comparable to existing flagships on the market, although this means that these new Nexus phones may have a high price tag to match.“
    The Nexus 4 and 5 had high end specs at low prices. No?

  • We don’t need a 2k resolution. We need battery, and maybe a good camera.

    • Eddy Edd

      pretty sure they will skimp on battery just like LG Nexus 5


      I don’t trust Huawei for battery life. Their numbers is always high with water inside. you see their phones with 4500 mAh battery that can’t even manage 5 hours screen ontime.
      But maybe LG can manage but yet with the battery in the G4, I still doubt.

      • raven myers

        that’s mostly because of their UI skins, without that shouldn’t be a prob :)

      • Noel

        Hilarious….”always high with water inside”. Yup I have always wondered why some devices with very high capacity batteries can barely give u 5hrs onscreen time. Hmmm maybe u are right…most likely filled with water : )

      • s2weden2000

        not quite true…

      • King_Android

        Thats their skin that causes all of the drain. You put Nexus software in the phone, with a decent size battery, Android M power tweaks, and with Google Optimizing the software I see great to awesome battery life.

    • Goos

      The 2k resolution doesn’t necessarily mean faster battery drain.The best example is Galaxy Note 4 vs. Note 3. The 2k screen of Note 4 is draining less battery than the 1080p Note 3.

      • neonix

        This sort of comparison is faulted because not all things are equal. When comparing newer phones to older ones, the hardware and software are updated and more battery-efficient, so of course the newer one will be as good or better as its predecessor, but if it had a lower resolution screen, it would last even longer than it does.

        With all things equal (same exact hardware and software) other than screen resolution, a phone with a lower resolution will outlast the larger one. So the statement stands: we don’t need a 2K resolution (especially not on a 5.2″ screen).

        • JoshuaTheFox

          But that’s the thing we will never be able to get a generation of a phone, one with a 1080p display and one with a quad HD display, to be able to compare so we have to go to previous generations to actually compare how they do

          • neonix

            Right, but that is why the comparison is not a good argument against those complaining that the manufacturer went with a higher pixel display in lieu of better battery life.

            The battery life may be better than the previous model, but those looking for battery life want the maximum longevity possible and so the higher resolution display is a waste in that respect as the phone.

            Those comparisons are fine for deciding which phone to buy because you have to buy a phone that actually exists, but when we’re talking hypothetically how we wish a phone was, the comparison is moot.

          • Foramex

            Well you are an ignoran fellow. Any one with basic Android knowledge knows the Galaxy S5 has a QHD version, without it affecting the battery one bit.

            But you would never be able to get a generation of a phone like that, right? Probably live in a cave or something?

          • JoshuaTheFox

            Okay there’s one phone. Secondly I’m not on the whole “quad HD kills battery life” I actually got the galaxy s6 partly because of the quad HD.

        • Cool

          Thank you. Exactly.

          Couldn’t have said it better myself. Well done.

      • SaRPeR

        What about LG G3 ? Just because of the QHD screen it’s display heats up, it lags and it has worse battery life than LG G2.

    • M42

      That’s why I’m interested in the new Sony Xperia Z5 phones. The battery life is off the charts.

    • Qbancelli

      *YOU don’t need 2K resolution

      So you want your phone to have a LOWER res display than what is now the normal?
      So silly…..

      • The norm? It’s the norm for flagships (some 2015 flagships still sport FHD screens by the way) not for the whole industry. 80% of people don’t buy flagships. A norm is something is generalized in the whole industry and in the same time accessible for most of the users.

        P.S. A car wasn’t the norm in the US until the Ford T. It’s just an example.

  • Mike

    Can’t wait. Had to keep my aged N4 as they’d dropped the N5 by the time I was ready for an upgrade, and the 6 was just too big for the pocket test, and – unlike the general Nexus ethos – too expensive. Roll on.

  • Eddy Edd

    “hardware looks to be quite similar to LG’s existing G4” oh well why bother then.. why not just stamp NEXUS on existing G4

  • Craigus

    No SD expansion, not interested.
    Had a Nexus 4 and loved it – but the no expansion problem made me leave it for a Xperia Z1.

    • cdm283813

      It’s been years since a Nexus had SD cards. Why would they change now? To me a Nexus is like a striped down Nascar. Stock and built for speed. Isn’t that what geeks want? To tinker under the hood?

  • apolloa

    I still think it will have the Snap Dragon 620 CPU and not the 808. I believe the rest of the specs will be accurate but think it’s still a bit doubtful if it gets a 2k screen resolution.
    I also think the camera is going to be MUCH better on this LG phone.

    • KenanSadhu

      620 is using the A72 chipset, right? It might be better CPU wise, but Qualcomm will not give a high-end GPU to S620

      • shyam

        yes 2 core A72 and 4 core a53…but no support for lpddr4

      • Zoldyck

        620 is quad core a72 + quad core 53 with Adreno 510. You can look up the spec on Qualcomm’s website. SD620>>>>>>>SD810>>>>>>>SD808

        • Bill

          The 620 is comparable to the 801 from last year.

          • Yep, but it’s on 64 so that’s a big advantage future-wise.

          • apolloa

            Yes and with Android 6 being the second Android version to be 64 bit, it makes even more sense to fit a 64 bit CPU like the 620 instead of the 808.

          • Jaden Keuten

            The 808 is 64-bit too…

          • apolloa

            Oh well, that’s that reason gone then. I’m still hopeful they’ll use the 620.

      • apolloa

        They have s brand new Adreno 510 GPU so their us no factual evidence to state it is better it worst, no public test information is available for it. Only test results that have been leaked are for the CPU which trounces the 805 and 808 and matches the 810. It’s a brand new chip with 64 bit.

  • locx

    Please SD620 and 1080p screen. If this is true I’m forced to go for Moto X Play.

  • Zach Mauch

    This sounds like BS to me. Most is what we already knew from reliable sources and no documented proof. Also, I highly doubt it will be 13mp camera again. I would bet on 16 with a small chance at 21. Finally, other rumors have listed the screen at 1080p which I find much more likely as Google doesn’t do specs for no reason like many companies.

    • S|Someone

      The original Nexus 5 had an 8MP camera so a 13MP camera is likely

      • Zach Mauch

        Wouldn’t last year’s nexus 6 be a better point of comparison? It was 13mp. Just because they both have screen doesn’t mean you should compare it to a two year old device. (not saying that was necessarily your reasoning)

        • S|Someone

          I’m sure the Nexus 5 2015 is aiming to be more of a successor to the 2013 Nexus 5, considering this new Nexus is rumoured to come at the same budget pricepoint

    • Overheated Oven

      MP don’t mean nothing alone…….you should know by now …iPhone has 8mp -oneplus 2 has 13mp and look the wonders they make .its the overall software to hardware relationship that matters the most ,lenses -sensor- size of pixel- F/ -OIS-LF and other stuff .so don’t judge a camera by their Mp count its not smart ;)

      • Zach Mauch

        Oh, I’m not. I totally agree with you 100%. If it is an either or situation I would much rather have fewer MPs and a much better camera (as you stated in your mentioned specs). I’m just saying all things equal I would want both. Also, nexus typically has high end specs with cost corners cut in other areas. Slightly bigger bezels and thickness, no expensive marketing, ect. 13 is lower than most major flagships. Samsung 16, LG 16, HTC 21, Motorola 21.

        Anyway, just my 2 cents. Like you said, the most important thing is overall picture quality. Laser focus is a good sign.

    • JoshuaTheFox

      Yeah it would be hard to believe that Google would release a photo backup app that backs up up to 16 megapixels and then give us a Google powered phone that doesn’t have 16 megapixels

  • ninux

    1080p would have been better, along with 4 gigs of lpddr4 RAM

    • pierre

      can’t have lpddr4 with 808

      • ninux

        That sucks.

    • shyam

      only 810 and 7420 support lpddr4…so have to wait till 820 or mtk proc to support…i dont think it is worth buying lpdd3 as the industry to switching to lpddr4

  • Captain Jack

    All again depends on the pricing now…
    It can make it or break it..
    I am waiting for it but if the price is high, then I would have to find another phone..

  • Mauro-Mohamed Elkastawy

    They don’t listen to consumers, I hope those new Nexus devices don’t sell…

  • Colonel JK Stern

    give me sub-$400 and SOLD!!

    • shyam

      price was one of the most selling point of nexus 4,5…hopping they bring the price to sub $400….


      YOU CAN’T HANDLE SUB-$400!!!!

      • Colonel JK Stern

        haha I WANT sub-$400k

        • ASYOUTHIA

          You know it’s going to be sub-$400K!

          • Colonel JK Stern

            haha sh*t it better! otherwise, i’ll take the leftover money to go to typing class so I can fix my typos

    • Jay McCaughrean

      get the moto x pure. that’s sub 400 and has better specs. and it’s stock android

      • Arol Wright

        It has almost the exact same specs (Snapdragon 808, 3GB RAM, QHD screen), only a smaller screen on the Nexus (which is better for me). And Nexus is fully stock, while the Moto X has some Motorola apps and functions included. So, if the Nexus has a sub-400 price tag, I would go for it instead of the Moto.

  • Goos

    The Nexus 5 2015 looks like a superb and powerful phone. With a price tag around $350 it will be a best buy.

  • jerry

    Who would have thought it? Google are going for a processor that doesn’t support hardware acceleration for Google’s own VP9 codec from youtube. Looks like we will be fed H265 videos

    Still at least Google can depend on others such as Nvidia, Samsung and MediaTec to make hardware acceleration for VP9 it in their chips.

  • DoctorNickRiviera

    If pricing is good, I’m tempted. If not, driving to Canada to buy a Moto X Play.

    • Jay McCaughrean

      how about the moto x 2?

  • Aaryn Lee

    Problem is the leaked dimensions show a device with a height and thickness larger than the G3. I suppose my biggest issue for big phones is width. Still, I was hoping for a device more like the original Nexus 5.

  • KapteinStein

    Not worth switching out my LG g4, but so so so tempting.. if its made of metal and has front-facing speakers it’s gonna be hard to pass on this one!

    • Evaleen Tan

      When will LG g5 be out??? Early 2016? Should I wait for LG g5 or go for LG g4 version instead?? Please help!!
      I wouldn’t want to live with regrets!! ><

      • KapteinStein

        The LG g5 won’t be out untill June 2016 (as both the g3 and g4 was released in June) most likely. The g4 is an excellent phone, and I don’t think you’ll have any regrets, but I would wait for the Nexus 5 which seems to be very similar in the hardware department with the addition of a fingerprint scanner, which is the only thing I miss on my g4. The software on the g4 is great and the android updates have been coming out very quickly from LG the past two years, but nothing beats vanilla android in my opinion.

    • Tylerstravis

      I’d buy it today if they had a vanilla version.

      • KapteinStein

        Vanilla is king! With that being said I’m very impressed by the LG interface, very clean! with Nova launcher and speedy updates its feels close enough to stock for me

        • Tylerstravis

          How is the battery life? Also, have you used WiFi calling?

          • KapteinStein

            I charge it a bit at around 10 o’clock every evening on a typical day:
            Spotify or podcast on way to work. Read and answer many emails at work or catch up on the news. Spotify or podcast on way back home. At home I download the latest series on utorrent and stream them to a smart TV with bubbleupnp. Read the news and some real estate listings, go for a ride to some friends with Spotify in the car. Facebook or other app every now and then… Never use power saving features so I think that’s pretty decent for a phone these days.

          • Tylerstravis

            Sounds okay, thanks!

  • M42

    Wish they would say how big the phone is.

  • uk

    Hope it provides value for money. & not pricey like the nexus 6.
    A 1080p screen would suffice, it could also bring down the price. Only compromise they shouldn’t make is the battery like they did for Nexus 5.

  • flye

    When would they be listening to consumers?
    Why go on a screen resolution war with Samsung?

    Is the battery life of G4 good?

    • Daggett Beaver

      No, G4 battery life is one of the worst, according to benchmarks. This is offset by the fact that you can replace the battery.

      • Bill

        Actually the battery life is on par with most other flagships this year.

        • Tylerstravis

          Which is terrible :(

          • Bill

            It will easily get you through a full day though.

          • Tylerstravis

            Maybe right now, but it won’t in two years.

          • Bill

            Can’t think of any phone that will.

          • Tylerstravis

            I was going to say “That’s the problem” but the G4 has a replaceable battery!

  • basejumpbr
  • Kanoosh

    if they can put a at LEAST a 3300mah battery with that 2k then i’ll be happy .. this is 2015 , if people want a 1080p screen then they can go buy the old LG nexus 5 and stop complaining already sheesh.. It’s like baby who keeps crying even after they get what they want lol.. we will know everything for sure when it is announced.

    • Sherpa

      Sounds like you are the one crying/complaining here!

      • JoshuaTheFox

        No, it sounds like you haven’t read a single comment

        • Sherpa

          Fixed! (I did read the comments!)

          • JoshuaTheFox

            I’m sorry I’m going to have to apologize for that comment, I’ve been upset about other things and then I come here and see everyone complaining about unconfirm leaked specs

  • 0hStopItYou

    I don’t see why people don’t get the moto X Style?

    • Jay McCaughrean


    • Tylerstravis

      That’ll likely be a fallback option. Oh wait, I live in the U.S.

      • 0hStopItYou

        moto X style / pure edition is available in US

        • Tylerstravis

          Ha! Sorry, I was mixing them up. Yes, the Pure edition is a fallback option.

    • Craig Trunzo

      I love the Moto X Style/Pure. I’m just waiting on getting definitive specs/Prices for the 2 new Nexii before I commit.

  • Tylerstravis

    Give me battery life and I’m sold!

  • JoshuaTheFox

    If this is really about the LG Nexus my only concern would be the fact that it’s all written in Chinese. Which makes me kind of think this might be about the Huawei Nexus

  • Jay McCaughrean

    AMOLED screen please!

  • michael hammond

    It needs at least 2k screen, octa-core processor, 4gb ram, front facing dual speakers, ois 13-16 mp camera, 5 mp wide angle selfie, 3000 or higher ma battery, at least 32 gb memory, gorilla glass 4 cover, usb-c port, fractal antenna, impact resistant case or cover. Every base covered, would not be outdated in 6 months. But that’s wishful thinking

  • SpvceCats

    Moto x style will blow this phone outta the water lol its basically a smaller 5.7″ screen nexus 6 with expandable storage, a 21 mp rear/5 mp front camera with flash, 2k screen, same SD808, 3000mAh battery & it’s water resistant running on stock android with moto x features ;)

  • Paul Colella

    Where is Qualcomm’s Snapdragon Sense ID 3D fingerprint technology in any of the flagship phones. Why are we still tied to an ugly fingerprint sensor!

  • I’m more interested in battery life and whether it has wireless or quick charging (if its basically an LG G4 it may have 1 but not the other. Both would be nice. 1 or other is essential)

    Price is also important. Awaiting UK pricing on the Moto X Style but that’s my other option for this year if the Nexus 5 2015 (or whatever it is called) is similarly priced to the Nexus 6.

  • Mike

    Not with that fingerprint crap.

  • Jaden Keuten

    Give me-

    1080p 5.2″ Quantum IPS
    3-4 GB RAM
    S810 with a good internal design to dissipate heat
    f1.8 16 MP camera, 5 MP front camera
    3000+ MAh Battery
    Side mounted buttons
    Cat 6 LTE with VoLTE for all carriers

  • NiceGuysFinishLast

    I’m so tired of speculative column fodder articles like this where we all live in a fable technology world wishing for gadget specs to ejaculate to.

    I haven’t even read the article because the headline speaks for itself. If you nerds would quit egging device manufacturers having to live up to your shiny demands, maybe enough R&D money would go into quality software and long term device support. (Ie. OS updates)

    • ΆᾒɗṝǿıḓṁǡłwắȑèṦŭxṮīṁṥŢȫŏḹ

      Why the nerd name calling? Was that insult really necessary?

  • Ronoroa Zoro

    lol see people here talking about their “aged” smartphones like note 4… and resolution “1080p was soo yesterday”.. bitch i’m using LG optimus L3 II.. it has 512MBs of RAM -.- 1GHz single core and 320×240 display..and this next Nexus.. i’m planing on upgrading it next year.. so yeah.. being poor is shit.. your LG UI skinned android 4.1.2 is on 240p -.- it sucks. (i’m sorry i had to rant :D )

  • Syed Solahuddin

    Can we do an online partition to make google/LG put FHD screen, DDR4 RAM & 3000++ batteries instead?

  • andrfun

    New Nexus 5 ,it would have been better to have AH-IPS display as it’s authentic true colour display.
    FHD should be good enough.
    Screen tap-wake up feature is must
    Metal back plate would be nice(or available as accessory)

  • Gibbs

    Great, another terrible phone!
    And 2k on a 5.2″ screen? geat…. google’s phones were supposed to be cheap and good :|

  • Gibbs

    2k? really? 2k?

  • F. S.

    I was expecting a FHD with a lower price tag. What a shame Google…

  • viktor

    I don’t belive that price of new Nexus 5 will be a extremly high; I’ll by it enyway…

  • King_Android

    To all the dumbasses complaining about battry life with a 1080p screen, and that you can’t tell a difference. Then y’all really need to check your eyes. The difference is astonishing if you’ve ever watch 2 or 4k content at 60 frames. Fuckk battery life as long as it gets me through a day give me he latest and greatest. I already know Android M is battery improvements are awesome. Give me a 2k screen so when its the norm I’m not looking like an iFan wishing I had the latest so instead I say its not noticeable.