(Update: new image) LG Nexus 5X shows up in clearest image yet

by: Edgar CervantesSeptember 8, 2015

Update, September 8: Android Pit has a new image allegedly showing the Nexus 5X (the tentative name for the LG-made new Nexus). The image reveals the device’s side, and how much the camera protrudes from the body.

nexus 5x leak side

And here’s a comparison with the Nexus 5 (2013):

nexus 5x leak side

Original post, September 5: All eyes are on the upcoming Nexus device(s) as the end of the year approaches. What surprises may Google have for us? Well, as it goes with all Nexus releases, there’s not much of a surprise, as these handsets are the main topic of conversation around the rumor mill. This year we are expecting two devices, one from Huawei and one from LG.

We have a good deal of information on both smartphones, which you can read in our rumor roundup. If what you are looking for is a good image, though, today we are taking a look at the best one we have seen so far. The photo comes from Android Pit, a Germany-based website that seems to have some helpful sources in hand.


Though the image may look like a render, it is not. The photo was straightened and the background was cleaned out, in order to protect the source. The guys over at Android Police have also confirmed this is a legitimate image, based on their own findings. The only main difference is that the version AP has seen has the LG logo below the Nexus wording. But this could simply be due to regional differences.

There’s nothing new to see, really, but the image does corroborate previous rumors. We can see that nifty fingerprint reader, a laser auto-focus module, a dual-LED flash and an unspecified camera. Otherwise, the phone looks exactly as we would expect it to, with the large Nexus branding in the middle.

Just in case you have been out of the loop on Nexus news, this specific device is said to feature a 5.2-inch 1080p display, a Qualcomm Snapdragon 808 processor, 3 GB of RAM, a 2700 mAh battery and even a USB Type-C connector.


It is also rumored that this device will be released under the LG Nexus 5X moniker, but that is yet to be seen. Furthermore, the new Nexus will probably be revealed this September 29th and is said to cost under $400. Once again, you an learn more by reading our 2015 Nexus rumor roundup.

Enjoy the image! And don’t forget to hit the comments and tell us what you think of the new Nexus 5. Are you thinking of buying one?

  • Sammy Phillips

    I’ll be getting one as long as it comes in at least 64gb or has an SD card slot.

    • 64GB version maybe, but SD slot?! HAHAHAHA! I wish people get over it, no SD slots will ever be in Nexus devices! Not now not ever, OK?

      • Sammy Phillips


      • Oli72

        Totally agree. Nexus will never have a sd card or removable battery.

        • Hello Moto

          The Galaxy Nexus had a removable battery. One can dream….

      • Cool

        No SD card slot, for sure. Also it’s maximum will be 32 GB.

        A fact that makes me sad. Especially in 2015.

    • neoand12

      Google themselves doesn’t like the SD card.

    • Xavier_NYC

      Sorry to say but Google doesn’t do SD cards.. Never have and never will.

      • Shaz

        Ok but to show off project vault won’t the Nexus have to have an SD card soon or later

        • Xavier_NYC

          No… I believe they added project vault to support manufacturers that actually use SD cards but wont actually put it in the Nexus line… They’d prefer clients use ‘The Cloud’

      • May Czos

        Marshmallow is going to fully support MicroSD cards…

        • Xavier_NYC

          When has an android os not support MicroSD….. That’s doesn’t mean the Nexus line will have it..

      • JoshuaTheFox

        Well actually the first two Nexus devices had SD card slots

        • Cool

          Actually only the HTC Nexus One did. No Nexus device has since then.

          I doubt these phones will either. Even if Marshmallow brings better SD card storage integration.

          • JoshuaTheFox

            You’re right the HTC Nexus One was the only Nexus phone to have an SD card slot and I was basing my information on Android Authority’s history of Nexus video

  • Fahad J.

    I’ll buy one if it kills me.

  • Rob Roy Metre

    Sadly, battery and storage both too small, and no way to expand them. I’ve ordered the Oppo R7 Plus, although it grieved me to miss out on vanilla android. Hoping that in another five year Google and Nexus will come up with something whose components are easier to replace, upgrade or compliment. Or the price comes down.

  • Design-wise, I’d have preferred the symmetry of the LG G-series’ camera sensors (i.e. flash and laser autofocus flanking the camera on either side) as opposed to both being on the left; it just makes the phone look a tad awkward. A bit disappointed that it won’t be getting the same camera as the G4 (though not surprised), hopefully it’ll still be competitive with other phones in the price range such as the Moto X Pure

    • Jason Wilson

      Well it should be better than the G4’s camera. Otherwise what’s the point?

      • It’s likely going to be selling for much, much less than a G4? ~$400-$450 upon release, compared to the G4’s original MSRP of $700. Why would LG put all of the same G4 components into the N5X but sell it for a fraction of the cost? Sure, the SD 808 and laser focus are still there but I think that’s where the similarities end.

    • Ste

      I suppose in the black version is going to be less visible

    • Myamo

      With that ugly protruding camera it better be spectacular :P

  • Arman

    Sounds like a great deal, it all gets down to the camera for me..

    • Jason Wilson

      I want an S6 level camera without being forced to be an S6…. :(

      • Arman

        That would be awesome

        • Jason Wilson

          Call me crazy but I just stick to budget phones while I wait for a high end device at a great price that finally dethrones the S6 camera. Currently have the Moto G 1st Gen (LTE version) and looking to possibly buy the 3rd gen since it’s so inexpensive.

          Almost ordered the new Moto X but the reviews so far say the camera isn’t quite as amazing as Motorola promised. Key words, doesn’t match the S6….

          • Arman

            Yeah same here, quite happy with my Oneplus One for now. Yes Moto X camera is ok but not as good. Even Sony Xperia Z5 camera lacks performance in low light.

          • Jason Wilson

            Sadly at times it seems waiting for the perfect phone is like a woman waiting for the perfect man (or vice versa) lol

            That leaked Moto X Force got my attention. Features the same camera as the Moto X Pure/Play which might not be S6 quality but it’s got a 3750 mAh battery, qHD screen, and it’s built to take punishment (water, dust, shatter resistant).

          • Halid

            It’s not a coincidence that phones without optical image stabilization are bad in low light. Its not coincidence that g2,g3 kicked ass until Samsung finally added ois to note 4 and to all flagships since. Any phone with nicely optimized ois performs best, new moto pure and z5 don’t have ois so don’t expect best camera performance.

          • daftrok

            I would steer clear of the Moto G if you are on T-Mobile. Because the Moto G does not support Voice Over LTE, T-Mobile forced Motorola to disable band 12 in their lollipop update, which severely crippled the LTE coverage on the Moto G line, even on the 3rd generation one. It shocks me they didn’t address this problem given that Moto G is their top selling phone.

            I would say spend the extra $100 and get the 2nd Gen Moto X. It’s only $299 on Amazon and you get a much better phone in the process.

          • Jason Wilson

            No clue what you are talking about. I’ve had the Moto G LTE for 6 months now and my download speeds on average are 40Mps.

            I never talk on the phone, which is why I have the $30 pre-paid plan (100 Minutes/unlimited text/unlimited data). If I ever find myself in need of a lengthy conversation I just go with GrooveIP or Skype.

          • Daniel Moraru

            Sir, you need to check the camera on Nubia Z9 mini. 5 inch mid-range phone, around 270 usd, but in my opinion camera is very, very good. I could go there and say is comparable with S6, or is the next best thing in this price range (200-300 usd)

          • iJutsu .

            Yea, Z9 mini was in my list until I’ve seen many reviews that complained about laggy and ugly UI, and battery is about average, about the same results as my Nexus 5 gives with lollipop..
            The Camera does seems to be good, it’s not on S6 level (seen comparison) but it’s still pretty good..
            So now I wait to see Nexus 5x and Gigaset ME/Pure reviews….

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      • Dani T.


      • Abbas Mustafa Bhaiji

        expect moto style quality camera, slightly below s6 cse of no ois

        • Anon303

          Pretty sure both the Nexus 5x and 6x have optical image stabilisation.

      • Capt. Crunch

        The Moto X Pure has an amazing camera, unless you’re talking about night shots. I that case it’s just mediocre.

      • vampyren

        You have LG G4, pretty awesome to be honest, the UI is far from the slow crap called Touchwiz, i use to like TW but after the updates my S4+ is garbage. I got the G4 almost 2 week back and its really much better optimized. You get great camera, SD, removable battery and a responsive UI.

    • Zebro

      No LG logo :(

      • Arman

        Who cares, are you buying the phone for the logo!?

        • Zebro


          …But i wouldn’t want a phone that’s ‘generic’, or no-name, like some brand from China! That’s why.

          • Valentin

            It’s not a noname phone, it’s Google Nexus :)

    • GrinigGammalGubbe

      Camera? Give Sony Z5 a peek then!

      • Arman

        There is no OIS, hence poor performance is low light, we’ll see more reviews soon enough.

        • Kagnon

          Z3 already does very well without OIS.
          The high ISO helps a lot with light sensitivity as the shutter speed becomes faster compare to lower ISO.

          • Arman

            I am basing my opinion on the Xperia Z5 camera review (AndroidAuthority) and that’s probably even better than Z3, but still pictures are grainy in low light conditions.

    • Gneve

      Yep! Google heard the people after Nexus 6, and decided to make another N5.. Let’s hope they didn’t forget to listen to the N5-users and fix the camera. I never thought of the camera as important, until I got the N4 and saw how crappy it was.. Phones are so similar now, camera and absence of bloat are key features.

      • Goos

        Get a DSLR if you want a phone just to take pictures.

    • dcdttu

      I think even Google knows that a phone today can’t have a crappy camera. Let’s hope they can leverage LG to make this happen. The laser autofocus seems to be a step in the right direction!

  • X

    All the Samsung haters will HATE this phone!

    No SD card and no removable battery!

    What was Google thinking! This is not ‘n Poweruser’ s Phone (whatever that means)

    • TechGuy22

      LOL that’s what they say now lol

    • jirokanz

      F* Google, even if you have microSD slot, the use is still limited unless you root your phone.

      • Kamen Minkov

        People shouldn’t be afraid of rooting.

        • X

          Warranty. ..

          • Kamen Minkov

            It’s undoable for many phones.

          • Overheated Oven

            even if you unroot it still shows….but then again you have OnePlus and you can do whatever you like with it, without voiding warranty :)

          • Kamen Minkov

            Again, it depends on the phone.

          • VAVA Mk2

            Nexus phones are meant for developers (they are Google’s reference devices). They are easy to root and put back to factory settings if needed via adb or WugFresh’s Nexus Root Toolkit. The big draw to Nexus besides pure Google updated straight from them is the ease to root and ROM. They are difficult to fully brick.

        • jirokanz
    • Sikandar Ali

      lol true that…

    • Mustapha Benalouane

      I don’t hate Samsung but…At least..you can get the software updates up to two years with this device which samsung cannot offer..
      just saying..

      • X

        Well these days not even nexus phones gets updates the same day but I hear you.. Updates is important since Apple is updating 2 year old phones!

    • Wendel ZEnmaster

      I agree. I think SD card support is really big just because of the amount of music I like to have and I don’t really have to worry about picture space (I don’t care for everything being in the almighty cloud atm).

      But having a removable battery has never been something I’ve had a personal need for. A phone’s battery has to be absolute garbage to warrant changing it out throughout the day. I’d rather just have wider adaptation and continued improvement of quick charging.

      I dislike TouchWiz more than I care about a removable battery.

    • Airyl

      Nah. It’s been like this with the Nexus devices since the Galaxy Nexus. People already know what to expect from the Nexus devices.

    • Myamo

      I know that there are people that want SD cards, BUT the Nexus phones will never have SD cards or removable batteries. I don’t get why people are getting upset – they should have known this for at least 2-3 years ago.

      • Oli72

        True. The smart ones get it first.

    • Javier Gonzalez

      You realize non of Nexus’s line up has those features right?

      • VAVA Mk2

        Nexus One had SD card reader and Nexus phones until Nexus 4 had removable batteries.

        • Javier Gonzalez

          I’m talking about currently

  • NexusFan

    I think I will be skipping this one and getting Moto X instead. It has better build, better specs, and it’s the same price. Especially cuz Moto has the SD card. Sorry Google, not this year.

    • DBS93

      Really? A “NexusFan”?

  • Syke01

    With the old Nexus 6 at $349 I figure the Nexus 5X will be $399 which is a little high. There’s a lot of better phones out there for less now.

    • Tony T.

      Kind of true, but don’t underestimate the appeal of stock Android and timely updtaes. People who would even consider getting a Nexus will definitely take that into account.

      • Syke01

        No kidding. I’m holding off of the other models exactly because pure Nexus has a lot of value to me. I hate having to pay extra. As long as it doesn’t end up priced like the Nexus 6 was at release, I’m pretty sure I’ll get one right away.

      • Oli72

        Totally agree. That’s why I have a Nexus 6. Also getting the Nexus LG 2015 when it comes out as business phone.

    • Myamo

      I really like my N5 and I guess this would be the next phone to upgrade to. That said my N5 is plenty fast and a really good fit for me apart from the speakers that I’m not fond of and the camera that could be a lot better (but it’s not as bad as people say/think).

      For me to upgrade from a phone I love it would take a pretty damn good camera and good speakers.

      • Nexus311

        I love my nexus 5 too. I’m getting the Huawei nexus because I’m wanting a bigger display, the dual front facing speakers (I know the LG will have them too) and more RAM. I don’t need an upgrade. This phone is amazing still. First time I’ll upgrade because of wants instead of needs.

  • crisban

    Awesome! I know what next phone is going to be!

    The Moto X. Definitely the Moto X.

  • Oli72

    My funds are ready

  • sexyboy

    Just want better battery life than last model

    • Myamo

      It’s the 4G that kills it. I used to have a subscription with 3G as max, but about 6 months ago I changed carrier and I got 4G. It REALLY kills the battery. You can go into Settings and then Network Mode and pick 3G. It will give you a ton more battery life if you need it. It sucks having to choose, but It’s always an option

  • Ender

    Is that a headphone jack on the bottom of the phone?

  • AnjoUSA

    I can’t wait!! usb type-c that’s what i’m looking for…because the only thing that makes me still using an iphone is the reversible charger port…

  • Marcin Jankowski

    Should I buy the Nexus 6 now?

    • Syke01

      How long do you plan on keeping it? If you plan on only a year or maybe two, the Nexus 6 would be a great choice. If you plan on longer, I suggest getting a newer model. It’ll get updates longer.

    • AJ

      Wait until the new nexus comes out, don’t buy the nexus 6 right away. You might change your opinion once you see the new nexus

  • X

    If only the new Nexus was based on the current Samsungs…. I will trade all my gadgets for a S6 Edge Nexus with Samsung Pay and sidesync!

    • chris pinkston

      Imagine the s6 as the nexus.. just the back cover would read Nexus through the glass like nexus 4. exynos 7420, fast ram, fingerprint scanner in good spot, great camera and stock android 6.0. I’d go for that for sure.

  • Samplethief

    Lol Nexus Phones are so over rated. No thanks.

    • Wendel ZEnmaster

      Yeah I’m starting to feel that way this year. The N6 wasnt the most amazing thing in the world and if this ends up with a starting price of $400 I don’t think it’s competitively priced enough.

      And I automatically assume the N6(15) will have a high cost so I’m not even giving it much attention.

  • Chesz Heaven-

    Im not against without the SD slot. But i dont like a pure android phone or stock android. I dont like the app drawer for my smartphone. So, as much as I want Samsung, Motorola, HTC and LG, the app drawer kills it. It’s just my preference.

    • Mark Mann

      so you’d rather have an iphone?

      • Chesz Heaven-

        No! Im using Huawei Mate 7. The mate S was just a clone to Mate 7 except the specs so I dont think it’s an option for me. Im looking forward to Huawei Nexus hopefully, it’s more of like huawei than of Google. I want to upgrade my phone hopefully before this year ends so, im checking other options.

        • Mark Mann

          i’m sorry, you said you hated the app drawer, i didn’t know the huawei didn’t have an app drawer

          • Chesz Heaven-

            Yea, the UI is similar to iphone. Xiaomi, lenovo etc are on the same league. Xiaomi isnt available in the country I’m in and Lenovo wasnt convincing for me.. ? I do have an android tablet and that’s ok but not in my phone.. If not because of the app drawer i might have gotten S6 edge, G4 or Motorola X. Those phones really impressed me.

          • chris pinkston

            just pull all the apps you want to use out on the home screen and never use app drawer. customize to your liking

  • dorisealvarez

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  • shivansh

    This will overkill the huawei nexus for sure.

  • Mustapha Benalouane

    2700 mAh battery?? Hummmm…

  • Ajay Krb

    Only price can save Nexus 5X now!
    And that protruding camera better be good

    • Wendel ZEnmaster

      100% yes.

    • May Czos

      It won’t. Around $400 for base 16GB (non-expandable) version is too much.

      • Jonathan Kramer

        I agree and at $400 or thereabouts it’s a very crowded market. I’m not big on the protruding camera either though the size is ideal.. but no microSD slot and limited storage don’t bode well for my purposes where this thing is concerned.

        • Ajay Krb

          I was more satisfied with the initial rumor of SD 620 + 4GB RAM (even 3GB is enough), with 1080P res and around 3K mAh battery, $380 price tag would have been perfect for the specs,
          They just killed the fun!

        • May Czos

          Size is not ideal, it’s going to be one of the biggest 5,2 inchers on the market. LG G2 also has 5,2″ display, it’ much smaller and yet they squeezed bigger battery (3000mAh vs. 2700mAh).

  • Noam Silvy

    I think it’s a pity that the camera module pops out from the phone’s body. And a snapdragon 820 would be welcomed

    • Arol Wright

      It was just announced, we’re not seeing 820 phones until mid 2016.

      For specs, there is a Nexus 6 in the works too. But this one aims to offer an amazing Android experience while staying under the $500 mark.

  • XYZ

    People will find flaws no matter what. There can never be a perfect smartphone. Nexus is known for its Stock android experience and latest updates + smooth experience. NO SD card ? so what ? This is a smartphone 32GB is enough for storing applications. No removable battery ? Okay but there is an option of quick charging.

  • Karly Johnston

    I don’t recall Nexus design having a camera hump.

  • Byfield97

    I don’t know about y’all, but I’m getting one.

  • Wendel ZEnmaster

    The only way this thing will be any competition in it’s price range is if it’s camera handles low light 1000x better that the Moto X. I feel that the OP2’s base model’s price puts it in it’s own category and isn’t meant for everyone. and the ZTE Axon is too expensive to be on the table if someone’s budget is $400.

    I feel the only reason people have any problem with the Moto X Style is that it had too much hype to live up to. Everyone thought it was going to have super high end specs but at a faction of the cost but when it ended up have specs limited by price, everyone got bummed out. I was on the day one train for the X Style but after the camera not being able to pull through in darkly lit rooms I’m now looking towards the Nexus devices. But the camera has to be perfect for me to even think this competes with the Style.

    • Arol Wright

      The Moto line doesn’t focus on specs, but instead focus on user experience. For specs they got the Droid line. 2014’s Moto X had an 801 and 2 GB RAM, while the Droid Turbo had a 805 and 3 GB RAM. However, the Moto X feels less bulky, easier to use (stock Android), etcetera.

  • M42

    As long as it’s not too big, I’m interested in it. I like the pure Android experience and quick OS updates.

  • Jason Wilson

    Hmm, I thought the latest rumor from a good source was it would feature a 2K screen….

  • Venci

    Wtf 400$ crazy, not paying more than 300$ .
    Really dissapointed was thinking of buying it, but with this price no way:(

  • Eddy Edd

    I wonder why do LG always skimp on the battery when it comes to NEXUS it’s the 3rd time.. is NEXUS lineup children of a lesser God?

  • Masoud

    I was going for the Nexus 5X but with no microSD card support, and 2700 mAh battery life makes me reconsider it and go for the Moto X Play. The only benefits of the Nexus 5X are fast OTA updates, and a non-phablet sized phone.

    • May Czos

      Moto X Play is lagging like hell and the battery is good but not as good as you’d expect from ~3600mAh.

  • May Czos

    Hot, power hungry and moderately fast processor combined with 2700mAg battery? Massive bezels and protruding camera in pretty thick device? Google, are you mad? LG somehow managed to fit 5,2″ display and 3000mAh battery in much smaller device (138,50 x 70,90 x 8,90 mm) and in 2015 we’re getting this? 16GB of non-expandable memory for $400 before taxes? It’ going to be a flop, just like Nexus 6. Or even worse.

  • Akshay Gupta

    Phone looks okay/ only concern is snap 808, read it’s just okay in performance. even below 805 chipset
    Any thoughts guys ? will this phone be able to handle heavy gaming & multitasking …

    • May Czos

      It’s going to handle it but it’s going to be pretty hot and you’ll need to charge it twice a day. 808 is a battery hog.

  • Patrick Smithopolis

    They should have put the laser auto focus and the dual flash on opposite sides of the camera lens.

  • kiss my asthma

    Well I’ve always loved the nexus line, but the camera always kept me away. Also, the processor is probably the dreaded 810, which is bound to deter a lot of people. To be honest I am more interested in the Huawei nexus but only if they put an excellent camera and the 820 (although that sounds like a pipe dream). I just wish qualcomm would help speed things up a bit by releasing the 820 so that we can get better flagships for the second half of this year, but looks like if we want a good smartphone we will be forced to wait till next year.

    • chris pinkston

      reviews are saying the one plus 2 does great with the sd810 v2. fast and doesn’t overheat. Its not class leading but performs well now. Around 1200 single core in geekbench also. The 810 wouldn’t stop me from getting a device. I would rather have a 820 though for sure.

  • trm96

    SD card slot?

    • khalidalomary

      definitely no, google is very anti-microsd card slot :(

    • Colton Blumhagen

      Not gonna happen.

  • Not1Not2Not3

    Nah I’ll stick with my Note 5. But I am interested in seeing how good Android M’s “doze” feature works though.

  • apolloa

    This is a classic example of rumours, one site states this phone WILL have a 2K screen, this site states it WILL have a 1080P screen, so it makes you wonder just how accurate are the rest of the rumoured specs?
    I’m buying a white one anyway.

  • Jit

    Meet the refreshed Lumia!

  • KeyserSoze

    From what is rumored so far, new Nexus 5 Doesn’t sound all that exciting compared to what’s already on the market from other OEMs. Unless it’s under $350 with 3GB RAM 16GB storage, it won’t compete well with Moto X Pure.

    Haven’t been enthusiastic about the Nexus line in a while, doesn’t look like this new device is gonna change that. Making the Nexus a 6″ device last year was the wrong move, it was just too big. Had they made it a 5.5″ phab it would have been much more successful. I think they’ll falter again this year with this 5.2″ phone instead of 5.5″ phab.

    • Btort

      yeah like everyone wants a phablet sized phone, why do you think not a lot of people bought the nexus 6?

      • KeyserSoze

        Um… cuz people want a lighter more pocketable phablet and not a big heavy tablet?

        • Btort

          that was sarcasm, anything over 5.5 is not for me.

  • Chetan Grandhe

    great looking device…

  • Ajay Krb

    I was more satisfied with the initial rumor of SD 620 + 4GB RAM (even 3GB would have been enough), with 1080P res and around 3K mAh battery, $380 price tag would have been perfect for the specs,
    They just killed the fun!

    • Cool

      Exactly. As the weeks went by, my excitement abated because reality set in.

      What really did it for me was no 64 GB option. I could live with the other specs, but no 64 GB storage option is pretty much a deal breaker.

  • Joe Knaggs

    I’m kinda hoping the Huawei Nexus gets leaked pretty please? :)

    • Nexus311

      Me too. There’s been a lot of LG nexus info and leaks, not as much Huawei nexus leaks though.

    • bruce

      Behold, Huawei Nexus!

  • seancaldwell

    Any news if this will support band 12 on tmob?

  • vins

    I think you guys might have forgot that nexus is basically a developer phone , which Google use to show their new Android release. I think it’ll remain same. This device may not sport that awesome camera out there in the market but it should be decent enough for a mid range phone.

    • JoshuaTheFox

      Finally someone who gets it. It’s not meant to be a flagship killer like One Plus set out to be. It is supposed to be a baseline phone that all other companies should strive to be better than

  • sodawithlime

    Want a case for it that hides the ugly fingerprint scanner, and its an alright phone.

  • Robster

    Was looking forward to this but the more I hear about it the less I like it. It’s got pretty similar specs to the moto x pure except the screen, battery, camera, and lack of sd card are all worse and yet same price as the moto x pure. Not sure of the logic here on Google’s part.

    • Btort

      if only moto released a 5.2 inch version, i’d pre order it for sure

      • Robster

        I thought bigger screens would be an issue for me but I’ve been using the asus zenfone 2 for the last few months which is 5.5in and I’m kind of hooked on the bigger screen although the moto x is even bigger still. I guess I’ll wait to see what the nexus actually ends up being.

        • Btort

          I had an LG g3 which is 5.5 inch, I thought I could go bigger and got the Note 4, I didn’t realize the big difference it felt on my hand. I didn’t think an extra 0.2 would really matter but I felt like the Note 4 was HUGE and had a really hard time using it with one hand. One thing I noticed was the height of the note 4 was also much taller than the G3, I seen a G4 comparison video with the new moto x and it was much taller as well. 5.2 is my favorite, 5.4 would probably be my sweet spot but 5.5 inch is the biggest ill go with a small bezel.

  • MY

    Alriiiiiiiiiight, now i’m super excited, really can’t wait to see this LG Nexus verson and eager to see the Huawei version too :-)
    All i really hope is that speakers will be front facing :-)

  • John Doe

    I just want the same grippy body material the N5 has … I have yet to drop my phone to the point that it gets a bad dent or broken glass. I also have never had it in a case do to its perfectly grippy casingbody. Looking forward to the next Nexus 5x phone, fingers crossed!
    The N5 is/was the perfect phone in my opinion, yes the camera is not stellar, but if I wanted to take fantastic pictures I would buy a real camera for that ..

  • hasopinions

    The camera seems to be the only improvement that may be genuinely significant over the 2013 Nexus 5. Granted there isn’t much else to do, as screen resolution over 1080p isn’t qualitatively noticeable. If the camera kicks ass and the price is low, I might upgrade. Otherwise, I expect my current phone to be adequate for some years yet.

    • Cool

      Yeah. Probably going to stick with my Nexus 5 for another year.

      It’s not a compelling enough upgrade for me. And no 64 GB option is disappointing.

  • thelastguyX20

    I hope they have a black color option… There’s only been white so far.

  • androidrules

    i have the s6 edge… now i want the edge plus or the new note 5…..

  • I always say probably not, but then I always end up buying one, so yes. Yes I will.

  • Max

    I would buy it if there is a good quality camera and a double sim card slot… ☺

  • JK Stern

    Might be down to camera…. Sounds like they are putting the g3 camera on it which is great but not as good as the g4. Still a good trade off for the price IMO.

  • Dan McSweeney

    The “Panda effect” of the black sides meeting the white rear cover looks nice to me.
    I presume, like previous Nexus 5, that the front bezels around the screen are also black?

  • Stuart Nightingale

    I really hope there is an SD card slot as I have a LG G2 16gb and its way too small :/

    • V-Phuc

      It’s Google phone, so no SD card support. That’s one missing feature that keeps me away from these phones forever.

  • ThunderJayHawk35

    Loving it more and more with each new picture

  • dicepool

    I’m sold, Just release the damn thing so I can throw my money at google…

  • J G

    This looks like the phone I want. Come end of year bonus and I’ll either pick up the LG Nexus or if the new iPhone catches my eye (it probably wont) I’ll get that. Price comes into account also…

  • farheedbarkeesh


  • JC

    Starting to not mind the camera bump more and more

  • minhnodda

    Ok, Nexus 5X from LG… Now where are the pics of Huawei Nexus 6?… Could this be that their wont be a Huawei Nexus 6?? Or will their be a LG Nexus 6??

  • antonio

    Is this rumor trend a proof that people is more interested in the smaller version and that Phablets are not a mainstream ???? is obvious that the leaks are more into the small successor .

  • Chizusyo

    The moto X style and most of the other flagship killers sim to offer more