LG G5 reportedly coming with a secondary ticker display, Snapdragon 820 and a “Magic Slot”

by: Derek ScottDecember 30, 2015
LG V10 Vs LG G4 Quick Look-17

We’ve heard a few leaks and rumors regarding Samsung’s Galaxy S7, but we haven’t heard much about the upcoming LG G5. At least until now, that is. According to popular leaker Evan Blass (aka @evleaks) writing for VentureBeat, the LG G5 will sport a number of interesting design changes that we didn’t really expect would be featured on LG’s first 2016 flagship.

The secondary ticker display is now a staple in LG's flagship lineup

Sourcing people familiar with the matter, the LG G5 will supposedly sport a metal chassis that borrows elements from past G-series devices as well as V10, the company’s most recent flagship. It’ll come with a 5.3-inch display with a Quad HD resolution, as well as a secondary “ticker” display, similar to what was featured on the V10. VentureBeat says the secondary display will be one of LG’s headline features across its 2016 lineup.

It’ll also supposedly be powered by the brand new Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 processor, along with 3 gigabytes of RAM and 32 gigabytes of on-board storage. In addition, while the V10 utilizes dual cameras on the front of the device, the G5 will sport dual camera lenses on the back, giving the supposed 16MP rear camera 135-degree wide-angle capabilities. Blass comments further on the rear camera setup on the G5:

In between the two lenses is a circle with a quartet of elements in a square configuration, according to the briefed individual, who was also shown images of the upcoming flagship. Two of those are LED flash bulbs, while another one is a laser for assisting with autofocus, first deployed on 2014’s LG G3. The fourth element is also found on G4: a so-called RGB sensor to further assist with autofocus and other scene-recognition functions.

The LG G5’s front-facing camera will have an 8MP resolution.

What should come as no surprise to anyone, LG will reportedly employ a rear-mounted fingerprint sensor on the G5. What’s worth noting, though, is that it will have its own module below the camera sensor similar to the Nexus 5X, rather than a fingerprint reader that’s embedded in the home button like on the V10. The G5 will also potentially sport a slightly smaller 2800mAh battery compared to the G4’s 3000mAh cell. There was no mention of a removable battery or a microSD card slot, but there’s still hope. These two features were big selling points for LG’s G4, so we’d be pretty surprised if the company removed both from their next flagship.

Perhaps the most odd part about this leak is that the G5 might come with something LG is calling the “Magic Slot”, which will supposedly serve as a hardware expansion port for plugging in accessories such as a VR headset, external keyboard or audio amplifier. No other details were given regarding the Magic Slot, though it does have our attention.

Even though the popular leaker has been incorrect in the past, it doesn’t happen very often. We’ll still need to take this one with a grain of salt, though, as it’s still pretty early in the year to be hearing about G5 rumors. Pricing and availability details were not given.

What say you? Does the G5 have your attention? Be sure to let us know what you think in the comments below.

  • Daggett Beaver

    “external keyboard or audio amplifier” — brilliant! I’d rather plug something into the phone than use bluetooth for those things. /s

    • TheDude

      You can’t really get good quality out of bluetooth audio….
      The V10 has an awesome DAC and amplifier that blows any other smartphone out of the water in terms of audio quality (with headphones ofc)
      So maybe you’ll be able to put something similar in the G5 slot or whatever.

  • Nibbler

    had me laughing at secondary display.

  • That One Guy

    They are essentially killing the V series b giving the g5 the same secondary display. Smh

    • Hberto Ruiz

      now that you mention it….

      If they are to kill off the v series, why? The series has been up for less than 6 months.

      • That One Guy

        I feel like one of the attractive features of the V10 is that secondary screen, so if they put it on the G5 what makes people continue to buy V10/next iteration of v series?

        • Kyng

          Idk…but the V series has far and away the best camera…. Hell you can take shots of a starry sky with it…

  • Michael Noyola Merino

    I hope it has a SD slot and the secondary screen with the metal unibody construction. That will be bae

  • Abdulrahman

    Seriously are you sure that you were talking about the V10 FingerPrint >>>place is in the Home Button ???>>it is on the back synced with the power button

  • Hberto Ruiz

    Shall they be going with a smaller battery, I feel that would be going a step back. Why not keep the 3000mah battery like the htc m9 and moto x pure.

    BTW, if the g5 does lack microsd support, the thing’s F%$#@#! dead to me.

  • I respect LG trying to do their own thing but they are in no position to be releasing experiments. Only Samsung (because of the market share) and Blackberry (nothing to lose) can go crazy.

  • Jesse

    Wired keyboard?? That’d be going backwards and stupid. Bluetooth keyboard works just fine for me

  • Joshua Kaminski

    The half inch camera sensor will be my yes or no indicator :)

  • Julio Fernando Arauco Vincik

    I’ve been using LG since the G Pro e980, G3 and G4, if they shrink the display to 5.3″ they will loose me.

  • Andrew White

    Was rumoured to have an iris or retina scanner built in…my preference.
    So a secondary screen would effectively make it in total around 5.5″. Perfect.
    An SD card slot (somewhere) with faster charging will definitely guarantee my upgrade from the already very capable G4.
    Hopefully with Marshmellow battery effeciency will be significantly increased.
    Can’t wait.

  • I think I’m waiting and looking forward to the LG V11 (or whatever the V10 successor will be called). I don’t want 32GB on-board storage anymore. I want at least 64GB. I want a Micro SD Card slot, a USB-C port, I want the 32-bit HiFi DAC that was on the V10, I want an improved camera and image processing, the 2nd ticker display, IMPROVED front-facing camera(s). I like the LG G4 front-facing cameras, but it can be improved a lot. And I like the design of the V10, I just want either mutiple color options for carriers (the S6 had multiple colors for each carrier), or affordable removable covers like the G4 had. Lastly, better battery life. If they’re gonna have removable batteries, have better quality batteries, or whatever it takes to get better battery performance because the G4 charged horribly, and the battery life with removable batteries always seemed less than average to me. Hopefully the next battery will be 3600 mAh, weather removable or not, and including Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 with great performance, not the subpar performance of Quick Charge 2.0 on the G4.

    • Luis E. Cornejo

      That device is supposed to have 2 different processors: Snapdragon 820 in North America and China, and LG Nuclun 2 in Europe and great part of Asia.

      • Really? I thought they were just opting for the LG Nuclun 2 processor overall

  • Paco Inurreta

    I own a G4 and I can tell you that I wont be getting the G5 nor any other LG phone. I hope the S7 Flat turns out good.

    • 404

      Why don’t you like the G4?

      • Paco Inurreta

        To be honest, I don’t really know. I loved my Galaxy S4 (my first Android) and maybe the thing I don’t like about the G4 is Lollipop but to this day I am not really confortable with the G4.

    • UnDerped

      I am writing this comment on my G4 and i love this phone.

      • KVragec

        Same here. Phone is awesome.

    • Joe Nuñez

      g4 is great. no complaints. but im rooting for the v11

      • Dominick White

        I was thinking the same.

  • TheRealPapaSnarf

    Snarf… If LG’s “Magic Slot” is anything like my wife’s, then I will snarf one up immediately… snarf!

  • Luis E. Cornejo

    Why 3GB of RAM? Whyyyyyy??? They should focus already in 4GB RAM+ since that’s the real level for 64 bits.

    • UnDerped

      Even with 3GB RAM on my G4, i feel it can do with 4!

    • Diego

      I never use 3gb of ram, even when having 7 apps in the background.
      To me, thats just another number for the spec sheet.

      • Luis E. Cornejo

        I’m talking about what some people says that the 64 bit processors only works in its real level when these are paired with 4GB RAM.

        • balcobomber25

          64 bit isn’t dependent on a certain RAM level to work to its “real level”. I’m not sure what “real level” would even mean, a processor’s speed/performance isn’t affected by the amount of RAM. What you may have heard people say is that to use more than 4GB of RAM you need 64 bit, that part is true. A 32 bit SoC has a support limit of 4GB.

          • Luis E. Cornejo

            So you mean that even though the amount of RAM is 2GB the 64 bit processor will work as its normal level as it’s supposed to work?

          • balcobomber25

            Yup 64 bit isn’t dependent on a certain amount of RAM. Whether it’s 1GB or 8GB it’s still a 64 bit processor.

  • RG

    I’ve owned the g2, g3 and g4 and was hoping the g5’s primary screen size would get a boost to at least 5.6″.. I think it’s time for me to catch the Nexus train this time around, especially if Huawei are making the 2016 premium variant.

  • KVragec

    Since there were rumors about V10 succesor i do not think that G5 will have secondary screen. But we’ll see. I think that is more possible that the phone will have retina scanner. My thoughts.

  • Demis S.F.

    It would be better with 4 gigs of ram…the competition will be there…

    • edwhit

      I’m guessing they’ll hold back on specs so they can have the elite v11 available for purchase with what it should have had. That said, i love my v10!

  • charlie Jason

    They should clean up their UI and slap an OLED panel on.

    • tk421

      If the lose the ips lcd, they lose me. One of the biggest selling points I’ve gotten the g3 and then g4. Only Apple still uses it other than the nexus 5x (which makes sense since it’s lg) Just can’t stand the hyper energy look of amoled screens, but I fear just like consumers pushed out plasma for lcd for the wrong reasons (torch mode!), they will do the sane for ips lcd. Shame. Ironically I actually love my lg oled tv. But the use case is totally different. I don’t read and sit 12″ from it.

      • charlie Jason

        As I have said so many times before, there are optional color profiles that are very well calibrated and extremely accurate if you have that need.

  • isaac

    V10 has 4 gb ram why would they downgrade from there?
    Their choice of not going 4k is correct.
    i am waiting for LG G5 but if it does not come with sd card slot and removable battery, there will be better choices than lg g5.

  • Btort

    go with stock android and it should win over some people

  • Hotbod Handsomeface

    They talk about magic slots like they’re something new. Chicks been coming with magic slots since the beginning of chicks.

    • balcobomber25

      Well played sir!

  • vipaffairs

    Well, everything is said

  • Avieshek Rajkhowa

    If Apple is moving to AMOLED displays, finally than its time for SAMSUNG and others to switch to Quantum-Dots display.

  • Javid Nazim Mammadov

    I may consider getting a G5, if it has 4 GBs of RAM, Snapdragon 820, QHD OLED display, fingerprint scanner and a better UI. I don’t mind the removable back and micro SD card slot.

  • balcobomber25

    If it isn’t as hideous as the G4 was (ugliest phone of 2015 IMO) and they can do something about their bloated UI, I would be very interested. Judging by the leaked pictures neither of those will be true, so it’s another year of Xiaomi or Meizu for me.

  • Daggett Beaver

    The Magic Slot is a biometric scanner to unlock the phone. Right now it only works with men.

  • Dis

    Magic slot wtf. USB C can do everything you need a port to do, all this will is try and force people to buy proprietary crappie like Apple. No thanks.

  • Nathan J

    I’ve never owned an LG phone before, but I’m willing to give them a shot if they support memory cards. They have in the past, so I’m not worried, but if they omit the card slot, it’s a deal breaker.

    The biggest challenge LG faces in getting their phone in my pocket is that atrocious UI. Since Lollipop, and arguably Ice Cream Sandwich, stock Android has been nice. Really nice in recent years. Samsung fans might point out that forks like TouchWiz, Sense, and LG UI add features, and maybe they’re right, but there’s no reason they can’t add those features to stock Android, and instead of forking Android, use either CM’s theme engine or, my preference, Layers, and apply a theme, to make the phone stand out from the others. But let the user remove it and choose stock Android. I really want stock Android, and I don’t want a Nexus because they don’t support external storage, and I really like my music, and I don’t have an unlimited data plan. A memory card is simply the best solution for me. Maybe if the 2017 Nexus supports memory cards… but they haven’t since the first, so I wouldn’t expect that to change.

  • gphillimo

    I hope it doesn’t have the ticker display. It seems gimmicky and pointless to me. It’s literally the only thing i hate about the V10

  • magnanimous

    Having a secondary display is a bold move to put on all of their flagship models. Leave that to the V10 please. Still holding on to the G2. Was hoping that the G5 would be the time for a new phone. Well, I’m due either way, but a phone with a secondary display will not be the newness that I’ll be buying.

  • ScottinWinterHaven

    In 2016 will all tech news outlets please stop using flagship for every new model smartphone that OEM makes it’s old already. Not mention conveluted. Having a magic slot seems cool. More than likely it will be added to the 2016 LG G Vista. It makes no sense for to make LG G series devices with 5.5 screens when they have to compete against the LG G V Vista with 5.7 screen sizes.

  • RXG9

    2800? WTF why would you downgrade. I have a G2 from 2013 that has 3000mAh.

  • Total_telecom

    G5 better have removable battery and storage or they’re shooting themselves in the head, not the foot, the head, it would be a death blow for LG

  • Zmeg2222

    The more I look at these rumored specs I see not just one phone but two new models. 5.3 inch display is not big enough for so many people now. The 820 processor supports wireless rapid charging which might make a non-removable battery more palatable. It has to have a expansion sd memory card though.

  • cellular greed

    wait, I do like the the fact it will have the Snapdragon 820 but 3GB of RAM and 32GB of storage that’s going backward..I’ll keep my LG v10.

  • Dennis James

    It seems that LG finally realized that their biggest mistake with the G3 and G4 was the too-large, 5.5″ screen. This is good news. However, another issue was keeping the same size 3000 mAh battery since the G2 days. Now they are using an even smaller 2800 mAh battery, with a Snapdragon 820 powerhouse and a bunch of new hardware gimmicks on board ?

    I have an LG G2 now and really want to upgrade (thought the G2 still works perfecly) but for me it will come down to screen size AND battery size. There is no way I am going to a smaller battery.