Exclusive: LG G5 diagram confirms redefined flagship

by: Nirave GondhiaJanuary 18, 2016

LG G5 Leak Shai Mizrachi Android Authority

It’s just a few short weeks until this year’s Mobile World Congress kicks off, where LG is widely believed to be going head-to-head with Samsung in the release of its new LG G5 flagship handset. Previous rumours have given us little nuggets of information about the new handset and now, thanks to an exclusive tip from Shai Mizrachi, we’re able to confirm some information about LG’s upcoming release.

LG G-series in video:

First, we can reveal that the rumours of a departure from the tried-and-tested G-series design is actually true, with our diagram revealing the G5 will be thinner, taller and wider than the current G-series flagship. The LG G4 measures 148.9 x 76.1 x 6.3-9.8mm while the G5 is expected to be 149.4 x 73.9 x 8.2mm.

What is also interesting is that LG have seemingly opted to move the volume keys to the side of the handset instead of the rear like on previous G-series devices and no doubt the extra thickness plays a large part in this. While the volume buttons do move to the side, the power button looks set to be retained on the rear beneath the camera and will seemingly feature a fingerprint scanner, like we’ve seen on the latest Nexus handsets.

Our diagram also ties in with a previous leak from CNet Korea (below), which suggest we’ll see a radically redesigned G-series flagship announced by LG at next month’s show.

LG G5 render Cnet Korea

What else do we know about the upcoming LG G5? So far, we’ve heard reports of a switch to an all-metal build – a first for the G-series and LG – and a separate source of ours says this is accurate to the best of their knowledge. The display is expected to measure approximately 5.6-inches with QHD resolution and our diagram suggests we’ll see an edge-to-edge display.

LG has confirmed we’ll see the LG G5 announced on February 21st in Barcelona and with just over a month to go, this won’t be the last we hear about the G5 before LG reveals all. The G4 was a stellar smartphone and LG topped it with the premium LG V10 – although this isn’t available in all markets – at the end of last year; based on the leaks so far, the LG G5 could continue this trend and pose the greatest challenge to Samsung in 2016.

LG-G5-11See also: LG G5 rumor roundup: release date, specs, and features160

Like all leaks, we suggest you treat the information with a degree of scepticism but with previously accurate leaks from the same source, it’s likely our diagram reveals a new design language for LG and its flagship handsets. What do you think of the rumours and do you plan to buy the LG G5? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below guys!

  • Dis

    So what screen size is it from those dimensions?

    • J-Beef

      Article says 5.6

      • We based the 5.6-inches screen size on another rumour we’ve heard, this has NOT been derived from the diagram.
        The sad fact is, it’s not quite clear what size it’ll be. We’re looking out for more info on this and will let you know when we know!

    • Los

      Read dude

  • Camilla/קמילה

    Looks great, cant wait to see this device in person.

  • They final got rid of the silly buttons that you can’t use if the phone is flat. The fingerprint scanner is in the wrong place but this is a step in the right direction. They even put the volume rocker on the left like it should be.

    • The finger print scanner is in the right place: exactly where your finger falls naturally when holding your phone. And it doesn’t require a giant bottom bezel either.

      And I’d rather have the volume rocker under my thumb if it’s on the side, but to each their own.

    • nebulaoperator

      I had nexus 5x . Personally it is a flaw and especially someone who’s phone is on the desk. Also volume rockers on the back is silly idea for the same reason you have to lift up the phone. It’s a rant in way because I would love to buy their flagship one one day.

    • neonix

      Why should the volume rocker be on the left side? Who declared your preference the standard for this?

      • ben

        I love the volume buttons on the back. I never bump them when I pick up the phone and my finger goes right to it naturally. And you can have protective case with a cut out for the buttons.

        There are a lot of options if you like buttons on the side, LG doesn’t need to be exactly the same as everyone else. I don’t want Samsung or Apple knock-off I want an LG.

        • t_newt

          I got used to the button on the back with the LG G2, then the LG G3 and now the LG G4. A volume button should be big and easy to press–not this little 1mm wide flimsy thing on the side. With previous phones I was always hitting the buttons on the side when I took the phone out of my pocket.

          Now after spoiling me they are going to take my back button away? It may be time for me to finally hold on to a phone for a few years before buying a new one.

  • James Bryant

    If they keep the removable battery and uSD slot it would go a long way to keeping current G series fans happy. Although they need to address the locked bootloader situation. It’s currently an awful mess with the G4, with the euro variant only able to be unlocked, even though all it would take is a software switch to let the rest of the globe unlock. LG get your crap together.

    • Dominick White

      I am just hoping I can buy direct from them, and don’t have to go through the carriers

      • Marc Perrusquia

        This a billion times, it seems like only HTC and Google give you this option.

        • Jerry Li

          What is stopping them from giving customers a method to unlocking the phones? Of course you must agree to terms that the warranty is forever void, but is LG holding back for financial reasons?

        • Jimtowns finest

          Umm Motorola allows you to buy directly from them. The Moto X is unlocked and can be used on any carrier.

          • Marc Perrusquia

            I said it seems like only, I didn’t list every OEM who does sell unlocked.

    • The T-Mobile model can actually have its bootloader unlocked through the developer settings on the phone.

      • neonix

        That’s good to know. Hopefully the G5 will follow suit. If it does, that’s where I’ll be buying one from.

      • Steve Brain

        Actually no it can’t. OEM unlock isn’t the same as bootloader unlock. There’s already been multiple threads about this on XDA and it was debunked a long time ago.

        • I repeat: that unlocks the bootloader of the T-Mobile model. Unless what you’re saying is the T-Mobile model isn’t locked when sold.

    • Cole Cawtuh

      Thought the T-Mobile variant had some custom ROM’s.

    • Neale

      I bought my G4 in Australia from Telstra, and it was unlocked. Works fine with any Aussie carrier, and back home in the UK too, with my Three sim.

      • James Bryant

        the bootloader is locked though, network unlocked and bootloader unlocked are not the same thing. My Telstra G4 is being used on Amaysim at the moment, but I can’t root the phone because I’m on 6.0 and we can’t unlock our bootloaders.

  • Avieshek Rajkhowa

    Still a LCD screen

  • BalazsArtner

    I like its dimensions, it looks quite promising.

  • Sorry, 73,9mm is wider than 76,1mm ?
    Greetz Q.

  • Dominick White

    I wonder if this will use type c, or they will stay with the normal usb

  • John Mart Palma

    I really think the modular design that they proposed is getting them somewhere. However, I don’t think it is ideal to have a part of the phone with the USB 3.0 port, speaker, and microphone removable, unless they make these components user replaceable. The point is LG, for me, is going to blow our minds with the LG G5. All of these just give me the hype!

    • neonix

      There’s no need for them to “make” it user replaceable. If the piece is removable, then it is, by nature, user replaceable.

      As long as replacement parts are available, it’ll be replaceable. And there will undoubtedly be tons of OEM parts available soon after the device launches, as happens with every device.

      I think this is a fantastic design choice.

  • jasonlowr

    Interesting… but not gonna buy another LG anymore after my G4. My G4 is basically worthless after just 9 months of owning it, and nobody even wants to buy it from me. Low resale value + they really need some work for their software. Looking at the s7 edge now, at least they have better resale value next to apple, and i played with my friend’s note 5, samsung software is much better now.

    • nebulaoperator

      I never owned one but noticed that resale value is awful. From my experience on gumtree I got most offers from LG users to swap they phones. How is G4 from your own experience?

      • jasonlowr

        It really is ok at best. But the leather back is an awful decision and their software is no where near where touchwiz is now. They have got some work to do on their software.

        • nebulaoperator

          That is sad because I can’t stand buggy and flawed software. Is there particular issues with software? I also happened to owned Iphone6. Nexus 5 x is nice device though a little too big for my hands.

    • Why would anyone want to buy a phone with an 808 knowing it wasn’t the best from the get go. Made a bad decision getting the G4. The V10 will have the same issue. Plus, for as long as its not a Samsung or Apple, not a lot of people will buy it. I mean, I sold my Note 4 within a week .

      • jasonlowr

        Well, I was wondering if I could try some phones other than apple and samsung, but I guess I was wrong, their resale value is no where near samsung and apple. Good to look at but never in my life I will try LG phones again .

      • Mickey Jones

        It’s false to believe that the 810 provides a significant optimization over the 808. Trust real world comparisons and not manufacturer marketing.

      • monsterdonutkid

        So true. If you don’t count budget devices (which sell like hotcakes), it’s most only Apple and Samsung pre-owned phones that are easy to sell.

    • Dont buy an android phone to resell it

  • kreemer

    I think it’s a great idea to split the volume keys from the power/fingerprint.

    I’m loving the dimensions, and I can’t wait to see the metal body.

    Is they get their design right, the G5 will be the phone to beat this year.

    I’m excited!

    • I liked having the volume buttons on the back because I could change the volume easily when the phone was in my pocket. Also, not digging this style as a right hand user because I’d rather change the volume with my thumb than with my index or middle finger.

      • neonix

        It is interesting that they didn’t put the volume keys on the empty right side, considering it would have been a more convenient placement for the vast majority of consumers. A slight disappointment, but by no means a deal breaker for me.

    • Cole Cawtuh

      I would love a 5 inch g5. 1080 p is fine for me.

      • Charles Walker

        1080p is fine for pretty much everyone apart from a few spec whores. But yes, 5″ @ 1080p would be a dream.

        • da raphael

          Higher specs for vr goggles is a must

          • csaxe

            Who cares about vr goggles

            Don’t waste the phone’s performance for those pointless things like vr goggles. I want a phone with latest CPU and camera, but with 720p screen resolution. This would significanlty improve the gaming performance and battery life.

        • ben

          The 5.2″ size on the G2 was/is perfect. Bigger is NOT better. 1080p is more than anyone needs as well, going beyond that is just stupid.

          • Charles Walker

            Amen brother! It’s scary how we are a minority with this belief. Spec whores and uneducated consumers who salivate over words like QHD and 9,000MHz OMG are driving this market into hot running and oversized phones that have shit battery life.

  • nebulaoperator

    I sincerely hope no back mounted speakers..i hope.

    • I sincerely don’t care. The G4 is so loud that I’m more often than not turning the volume down those rare occasions that I actually output audio through the speakers.

      • nebulaoperator

        Is it so?

        • Definitely. I don’t understand the allure of front facing speakers when sound comes out loud and clear from my back facing one.

          • nebulaoperator

            It’s simple.. Sound waves get abstracted. That’s why more OEM’s start to mount speakers on front. It’s one of the biggest flaws of modern smartphone to mount them on the back.

          • Jeff R.

            Dude, the g4 is curved slightly no matter how you lay it the Speaker is never obstructed. And I believe It’s a one watt all on it also. LG did not have to start main streaming the phone. It Was starting to become an expected signature Design. No buttons on the sides, slightly curved, thinnest bezel and the icing was the IPS screen. The g4 only needed to be metal to be better.
            Samsung was not better and iPhone is like grandma’s smart phone in its simpleness.

          • nebulaoperator

            Are you serious “is never obstructed” ? Enlighten me .

          • monsterdonutkid

            Used to be a skeptic as well. I didn’t understand all the hype that came with the idea of front facing speakers. That was until I used an Xperia Z2. Now I can never go back.

  • 404

    Looking forward to the G5!

  • X

    So first LG makes the K series to look like the S3 and now the G5 to look like the S6…

    LG will lose Android fans in these forums because people praised LG for keeping plastic!

    I bet everybody will talk bad about the S7 and not the G5 even though LG is changing everything on the G5…even the buttons!

    • Anhar

      I totally agree.

  • seattle tech

    The diagrams look like a true G2 successor. If it’s fast and has long battery life. 5.3″ with no side bezels is a very comfortable size/screen ratio. Maybe LG’s bringing 2 sizes?

  • HD Carroll

    I like the looks of the way it is evolving – I note that the display size has been growing since the earliest rumor reports, or perhaps it is confusion over the supposed second display (like V10). At any rate, I will likely use one of my T-mobile “jumps” to move from my G4 once the dust has settled over the actual release, the bugs are out of it, and it comes to the pink store. Definitely want the “new age” finger print sensor.

  • G35

    i had 3 different colour G2’s. Loved the size of it. Bought a G3 and could not get used to the size of it. Now they are getting even bigger. Bought a S4 I9506 and waiting for the S7. 5.2″ is the sweet spot with a small form factor. Companies seem to think bigger is better. Not necessarily.

    • ben

      yep you are right. The G2 is a great size, as big as you can get without feeling too big.

  • Umaru

    Can’t wait for MWC!

  • I’ll keep my G3.

  • If it will not have the G series features to be closer to other OEMs approach, then its best to buy other OEMs phones.

  • Trusted places solve the fingerprint on the back “problem” and the LG volume slider at the notification panel solve the volume rocker problem. It is not a laptop, the most of the time it will be on your hand, not on the desk, so its no wrong in improving the one handed use. Also, back volume rocker do a flawless work in the pocket.

  • Daniel Botts

    using image to calculate screen size based on length/width of device the screen will be 5.7-5.8 inches (approx) if one screen

    • Corey Andersen

      Last I heard they were going to use the 2 screen that the V10 has

  • Anhar

    I don’t understand what so great about metal bodies that everyone demanded lg to make their phone into. And now not only that but they removed the back buttons? yes because all smart phones should look typically the same. UGH! I hate the phone already!

  • Cole Cawtuh

    USB type C? 4gb RAM? Micro SD support? Removable battery?

    • Mark Mann

      see the bottom diagram…see how the bottom of the phone looks to be pulled off, sort of a cap you might say, that’s where the battery goes in and out, if you read the label on the diagram

      • csaxe

        Horrible design. The most important thing about removable battery is the ability to replace it to a bigger, higher capacity extended battery ( like Zerolemon ). It is only possible if the back cover is removable.

        • Mark Mann

          i dunno, the most important thing about a removable battery is that it’s removable…hence the name…

  • neoand12

    Thank you, thank you for keeping the IR Blaster LG.

    • neonix

      I didn’t realize the LG phones had IR blasters. Making me consider the G5 even more now…

      • Yup.. And their universal remote software is MUCH better than what Samsung had or anything that I’ve found on the Play Store so far. Both in terms of app quality and function. It’s not full of crapware social features or minimal lists of supported remotes. It just works. And does it well.

  • Not interested in LCD panels. I might as well get an iPhone if i want one

  • Marco Lorenzo

    “the G5 will be thinner, taller and wider than the current G-series flagship. The LG G4 measures 148.9 x 76.1 x 6.3-9.8mm while the G5 is expected to be 149.4 x 73.9 x 8.2mm.”

    Correct me if I’m wrong but wouldn’t that make the G5 narrower, not wider? I personally prefer it this way. It was one of the best things Apple did with the iPhone 5 IMO, making the phone slightly bigger whilst maintaining the ease of use factor.

  • David Mcelroy

    Glad to see they are keeping the user replaceable Battery and Sd Card. However the metal body is a downgrade from the premium build of the V10. Looks like they had to re-position the power and volume buttons to the side rails. I love being able to hold the V10 as a horizontal camera with no buttons to avoid or accidentally push. I wish LG strong sales.

  • Ninu

    Noo… 5.6” screen?
    Make it 5.2″ tops! Then if they want to release a phablet call it g5 plus or something.
    Damnit lg

    • ben

      I know, I’m fine with a bigger screen as long as they have a regular sized version of it too.

    • Epicurus_P

      I would love a large screen but I can see why some would prefer a smaller screen for this phone.

  • george

    It look nice but design look like iphone 6. Why more phone using that kind design but still waiting for it i can’t wait to sell my g2 for g5

  • Lee

    I know Lg’s and Samsung’s new phones are coming out soon, but my upgrade just came up. I’m planning to get the LG v10, but is it worth it to wait for the new phones?

    • kyle

      Maybe, im in the same boat as you but there is no way of knowing becuase ther is not enough info about the new phones yet. Im going to just get the v10. Im impatient when it comes to phones.

  • meyerweb

    Nirave apparently isn’t very good at math. If the measurements given in the article are correct, the G5 is NARROWER than the G4, not wider. 2.2mm narrower, to be precise.

  • Tilton Jamalle Anderson

    Just keep the removable battery and SD CARD slot and I’m in.

  • The device has everything to look really nice, but this back is a little weird. They should work to improve their UI, which is very confusing and almost as messy as TouchWiz. Even Samsung managed to improve that crappy interface, but they still have a long way to go.

    For me the worst part are the icons and UI elements that don’t match with the overall Android experience.

  • GasPoweredCat

    Please Please do this LG, removing the buttons from the back would make me seriously consider an LG phone

  • Ayaz

    very good work and good start

  • Kingsley

    Dev Team, can you help me with the direct link for the download of the
    iCloud Activation Lock? I have and iPhone 4 and 4s and 5 that are locked
    on iCloud that I d want to remove the lock

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  • maria

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  • Hasan Zaidi