LG G4 allegedly suffering by touchscreen issues

by: Edgar CervantesJune 14, 2015

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Our LG G4 review was very positive, and most of our readers agree that this is the best smartphone of 2015 so far. Needless to say we love the device here at Android Authority, but that doesn’t mean LG’s latest flagship smartphone is perfect. In fact, it seems the device may be plagued by touchscreen bugs.

A recent onslaught of LG G4 touchscreen issue reports inspired XDA Developers senior user liamR (who is also experiencing this problem) to create a forum post touching on the matter. The matter in question is that the phone seems to dismiss quicker taps and swipes, which is not standard when it comes to smartphone performance.

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This is not only a problem during day-to-day usage, but it can murder one of the hottest features the LG G4 touts. This would be Knock On (and Knock Code). Definitely a cumbersome situation for LG G4 users, but not everyone seems to be affected by it.

The guys at XDA Developers also conducted a poll and so far 40.21% of the 194 participants have reported no issue at all. That also means nearly 60% of the voters did find a problem, though, and that is a significant number! By the way, 27.32% of voters reported having issues while using no screen protector, so we really can’t blame those.

Are you having problems?

Some of us at Android Authority have been using the LG G4 and have found no problems so far, but maybe you are. You can check your touchscreen performance by following these steps:

  1. Open the Dialer and enter 277634#*# to enter the Service Menu.
  2. Go to Device Test -> Service Menu – Manual Test -> Touch Draw Test – Manual.
  3. Now touch/tap/knock/slide on the test area (all of it) until its almost full and watch for missing registration (you will touch the screen and there will be no red mark). I repeated the test several times and almost every time I had misses.

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Please do let us know in the comments if you have encountered any issues. This seems to be more than just a slight manufacturing mistake, so we would love to hear more from users and get to the bottom of this.

Let’s just pray this is simply a software issue and LG can fix it soon. I have gone ahead and reached out to LG for a statement. Hopefully we can get a response soon. Until then, sound off in the comments and share your experiences!

  • sergio stout

    Having this issue, both on my original purchase and now my 2 day old replacement (not refurbished) . Verizon tech support has no idea on what to do. I’ve been on the phone with them twice for 2 hours…. Clueless. For the record this touch screen issue seems to be more prominent when phone is charging

    • Jedi Nudist

      Of course they don’t,. They didn’t design the phone . Only an LG engineer would have any clue. Calling telcos with phone hardware problems is a complete waste of time. They can only recommend to sent it away for repair or provide a replacement.

      • sergio stout

        Yup, unfounfortunately you’re 100% correct…. Smh. I hope this issue is fixed. There’s no other phone I’m interested in. May get my money back reactivate my G3… Wait for fix

        • Jedi Nudist

          Yeah this has put the shivers up me . I was thinking of getting the Australian 4GX version when the unlocked device is released to major local retailers like JBHIFI. Now I’ll wait for a fix, No fix.no purchase, I couldn’t think of anything more annoying that touch screen problems.

  • C Porter

    Got my lg G4 yesterday and am having the same issue. I hope we find out if it is software soon because I only have 13 days to return it.

    • noncruiser

      I am also having some issues. Just got the phone in Saturday. So I may take it back in and see what they can do for me. I still have 11 days.

  • jeron vanhoose

    Have had the g4 for almost a week and I’m glad to find I’m alone in the issues I’ve experienced. Yes, the touchscreen thing is present, as is significant lag and overheating under mundane workloads. I’ve done all normal fixes I could, and something is still amiss. I may just be returning my much anticipated g4. I really wanted a g flex 2, but alas I am with Verizon (and with an old unlimited data plan, so no want to depart big red) so no g flex for me.

    • sergio stout

      Jeron, one thing that may keep us with our g4s. I spoke to LG. They say a update is coming early July. This is supposed to fix issue :/

      • jeron vanhoose

        Thx Sergio! I would like to keep this phone very much, and have been anticipating out for a while. Perhaps my expectations are very high as well, but every phone isn’t perfect. Not until modular phones get big as least.

  • Jedi Nudist

    Well well well . I was pretty keen on the G4. But now I will hold out to see of this problem is fixed. Otherwise I’ll just keep on trucking with my sturdy S4.

    • brendajbaker746

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    • Aqwaman

      Same here !

    • Mike Thaler

      Add one more w. S4

      • JJ

        Exactly!! I still really love my S4. Was planning on sticking with the galaxy line, until they dropped the microSD card and removable battery… super disappointing. I’ve been keeping a close eye on this phone though, and I may try it out for a while.

    • Jedi Nudist

      Yeah my S4 has not missed a beat. It does EVERYTHING I need it to do. I always thought ti would take something special to get me away and that may have been the G4. Now with these annoying screen bugs, maybe not. Perhaps I’ll hold out until next year.

  • TyH

    You cant spell lag without LG

    • Btort

      are you serious? touchwiz is the WORST. Even with my note 4, not as snappy as htc sense or stock android

      • TyH

        Error 404 : Lag not found in S6

        • Btort

          either you never experienced a fluid android skin or a complete samsung sheep because I tested and tried a couple S6’s.

          • TyH

            Can you give me link for extra fluid android ROM for nexus 6? I never experienced fluid android skin.

    • chase1963

      That’s funny!

  • I don’t have this option under the service menu. On T-Mobile.

  • My Galaxy Prime

    That is a HUGE problem. My friend got it after shitting all over my S6. I wonder if he’s having these issues.

  • _X_

    Well the G4 is made from cheap components so I was expecting this!

    • Nick Foerster

      Prove this.

      • _X_

        Plastic, cheap processor, Gorilla glass 3, old storage, old RAM.

        LG cut some corners to save money…. and before People scream that LG did put the best in the G4, remember that LG is launching another phone with better spec thus the G4 was made deliberately cheaper!

        • Btort

          you know nothing

          • _X_

            Why do you say that?

        • Nick Foerster

          Lol. All phones use cheap components if that’s the case.

          • _X_

            Most phones… Not the S6 or Mi Note Pro.

          • Dusan Starcevic

            Lol do u even know that S6 cost just about 30$ more than G4 to made? So don’t tell lies around if u didn’t read everything. They proved it here on Android Authority.

          • Cyberstriker

            Samsung galaxy s6 and Mi Note Pro is made from cheaper technology compared to the LG g4 and Google Nexus.

        • chase1963

          I’d hardly call the 808 a cheap processor

    • kiewan

      As opposed to what. What is made from higher grade components?

  • Jesper Tranekær Rydder

    I have the unlocked international version (h815, had it for about three weeks now),and I’m happy to say that I don’t have this issue, or any other problems with my G4. Well, that isn’t exactly true. I had a faulty back cover (brown leather), but after sending a mail with a picture of it to LG, they sent me a new one, no questions asked. I’m very happy with my device.

    • Dusan Starcevic

      Does international unlocked version has this problems too??

      • Jedi Nudist

        Doesn’t sound like it.

    • Robert Dunn

      I’m considering ordering the international unlocked version as well. You can confirm there are no touchscreen issues?

      • Jesper Tranekær Rydder

        Well, at least with my unit, there’s no issues what so ever. I also tried the test thing in this article with no problems. Of course, maybe I’m just “lucky”, but I haven’t heard of anyone with these issues on this version of the phone.

        • Jedi Nudist

          perhaps the bloatware telcos put om their phones is interfering with the device

  • attact59

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  • Wayne Peterkin

    Wow, well this proves that LG will always suck unless the word Nexus is stamped on the back. The only devices I liked from these jokers was the Optimus G Pro and the Nexus line. I had the G2X (who remembers that nightmare?), the original optimus g, and the LG G3. Those 3 were atrocious but shame on me for picking LG three times after always having a negative experience. It’s just that I enjoyed the G pro so much. Yeah, I’m done with LG and will happily stick with my ZenFone 2 and my Nokia N8 back up.

    • NarutoNamikaze1010

      G2X was an amazing phone if you flashed custom software….

      • Wayne Peterkin

        Please…that goes for any phone. I also did do that years ago and the and the ROMs weren’t up to the task. I sold that piece of junk a couple months later. “If I flash a ROM…” right. That’s what you’d tell the avg user to do? Neither LG nor Nvidia wanted to to help the community fix that mess. It was a hot mess to say the least. It was a bad phone.

      • Awayze

        Any phone can be decent if you root it, place a custom rom or even jailbreak it if its a iPhone so counter arguments like this are void.

    • It only took me getting burned 1 time. G3 blew balls, I’d never buy another LG device.

      • Wayne Peterkin

        Good for you, man. You’ll save yourself a lot of headaches. They have all the pieces to make a killer device but they always manage to screw it up somehow.

  • Juan Dela Cruz

    Well, no worries, still under warranty and carriers or dealers will just replace it with a new one. It’s just an isolated case.

  • Jhelu

    Did the test… no misses. There is a little lag when I go back to the home screen sometimes. I hope they fix it soon. Apart from that, this phone roclks :)

  • jasonlowr

    Played with my friend’s, overall OK phone but I starting to see some lags here and there. Just a bit tho.

  • Steve Park

    No problem with my G4 from T-Mobile.

  • fleff

    H815 here, and I do not have this problem, touch draw test is complete. But I have problems with knock-code. The phone does not always register it.

  • David

    Loving it except for this issue, have regular issues using Knock Code Love the phone and hoping it’s just a software issue

  • Not sure why people hating on the G3 though, I’ve had the G2 and the G3, really can’t complain. Only gripe about the G3 is the plastic shiny finish and maybe the screen could be a tad brighter but I’m rocking a 5.1.1 AOSP ROM(OctOS) and it runs like a champ.

  • Awayze

    LG make rubbish phones, only people who know nothing buy it based on “oohh high specs, best phone ever” without actually realising the software, Android 5.0.2 wise and LG crap on top, is rubbish and its made from cheap components.

    • Dusan Starcevic

      U know nothing. I spent a lot of time since LG made optimus G and learned near everything from LG. U are just fanboy like everyone who is blaming todays phones.

      • Awayze

        I know more than you, LG may make ok screens but everything else about them sucks. Their products are cheap and nasty and cater for the market who has no idea about electronics or not enough money for the decent products.

        • Jedi Nudist

          get of your high horse mate LG has all the features I want , I had Samsung last 4 years but they took away expandable memory and are gouging down apples pricing model of charging a shit load for the 128GB mode

        • reasonable

          And what’s on the screen and how it gets there makes for 95% of what matters with a phone.

  • Abhishek Reddy Kunati

    no wonder

  • Samik Parekh

    I have AT&T G4 and I have that touchscreen problem from day one.
    I am waiting for Dev jump in and make Custom ROM that might fix that problem.
    Screen is nice but not as bright as my Nexus 5.

  • Perigord

    I’ve had my LG4 since June 3rd. No issues here. Knock to unlock works perfectly.

  • Corey Young

    Yes. I am having this issue big time. Turned my phone in ad got a new one and same thing.

  • J

    Can’t say I’m surprised. My LG G2 has had tocuhscreem issues ever since I got it. LG can’t make quality digitizers and thats why I won’t be buying any phones from them again

  • chase1963

    I definately noticed lag and stutter. Played with a G4 in a T-Mobile store the other day. I was kind of shocked. Played with an S6 Edge next to it. Buttery smooth. The lag and stutter was so noticable, i actually mentioned it to one of the reps i was talking to.

    • Demo units usually have preproduction software in them, they also don’t get updated and have been running for weeks without a reboot.

  • King_Android

    Hmm guess Ill just stick to my nice and updated N6.

  • Fedex_vs_ups

    Yes…I have this issue. Very annoying. Happens often enough that it’s annoying . I tap to open a link or tap to open an app and nothing happens. Need to tap the area again, sometimes 3 times.

  • Stefan Nyman

    Works for me and ny new G4…no problems here

  • sergio stout

    Called LG this morning, spoke to 3 different tech support people. They all had no clue. The best option they could come up with was to send phone in. They said they’re tech would evaluate the issue. They won’t send you a loaner phone. Supper pissed off that the manufacturer of this devise is clueless about there own product…. Such Bullshit

  • Dusan Starcevic

    And just coz ur American versions dont work, dont sh*t around. America is always different u should learn a little what is done to att, sprint, verizon and tmob versions. LG is making special phones just for them.

  • RL

    I purchased the G4 from AT&T yesterday. I am experiencing this issue most notably when I am typing. I generally type quickly and I find the phone can often miss taps while doing so. The double tap to turn on and off misses also but that is generally less frequent. I was torn between the S6 and this phone. Overall though, I think this is an excellent phone so I am hoping this is a software issue and will be addressed and fixed shortly so that I do not regret the decision of purchasing this phone over the S6. I hope with a company as big as LG and such a highly touted and anticipated phone there will be a quick resolution to this so no one is turned off from buying it based on these issues.

  • Dan Everest

    Disabled knock code because of this problem. Thought I was the only one.

  • Jimmy

    I have no issues at all with this phone and even done the test many times over.

  • An Droid

    Any LG G4 owners want to purchase my 1yr old S5? Experienced no issues during that period, just upgraded to the gorgeous S6 edge.

    • Dirtyjerzy31

      I have the s6 edge and its laggy and glitchy as hell.

      • Pieter Uys

        Do a factory reset. It could be a rogue app. S6 is fast as lightning and does not lag.

    • jasonlowr

      Best phone I’ve own so far. Always gets attention and even the Chinese restaurant lady started talking to me cause of this phone. Most responsive phone from samsung so far.

    • Cruze

      I jumped ship! At least i thought i was going to. Got tired of the G3 and it’s lag issue with basic mediocre build and design. Hated it still used plastic so waited for the S6 edge to come out! Got it and sent it back after two weeks. Outside of being freakn gorgeous there’s nothing about that phone that would make me keep it. I loved the fact you could double tap the home button and instantly open up the camera app but it lagged on more than a few occasions..remind you it’s a brand new phone. The edge display..you know the curved edge of the screen that made it so desirable..Big flaw, because this is still a piece of the screen that registers input i found myself accidentally launching applications because the inside of my thumbs would press up against the screen. Became so annoying. Touchwiz compared to LG UI is a joke, the photo gallery interface is also a joke, etc. But it was sooo beautiful..i had the gold one too at that. Smh

      Anyway, got the G4, black leather version to appease my build complaints. There’s no experience like this phone. Super fast, even though it’s running an older processor and no touch screen issues for me.

      • Icarus

        After using Samsung phones for years, I learned with the LG G3 thst they don’t stand behind their products. It took them 4 months of discussions (and ATT as well) until they realize tgere were hardware issues and changed a component. I hate LG and ATT for such a poor customer support. I won’t buy LG again ever.

    • kiewan

      That’s right. Mention the s6 some more in an LG G4 specific article with absolutely no mention to your sealed in, glare riddled phone you Sammy fanboy. Its getting really old.

      • Pieter Uys

        It’s always difficult to respond to an envious troll like you kiewan. So I’m going to give you the short reply: FUCK YOU!

        • kiewan

          Now that’s not very nice now is it….

  • Scott Benedict

    I don’t have the device test in my service menu. Which phone version do those instructions work? I have the TMO H8110H version.

  • Cesar Turcios

    I went to the dialer, entered “277634#*#” but nothing happened; it didn’t take me to any Service Menu, Device Test, Manual Test, anything. What does one do after entering “277634#*#”? Does one call the code? Does one create a contact? What? I called it, and Verizon customer service answered.

  • Homie

    Is the touchscreen problems on the G4 on all carriers or just some?

  • Julia

    I purchased my G4 from AT&T on June 12. I really love it so far, but I have noticed this issue in both regular use and with the knock code. It’s not constant and does not happen every time I use the knock code, so it’s only slightly annoying to me. It seems to be at its worse when I’m typing very quickly.

    If it gets worse, I may return it to AT&T for a new one but I’m worried I’ll end up with one that’s even worse. Hoping LG’s software update will fix it. For me, though, it’s not a HUGE problem. It’s really more so just a slight annoyance than a deal breaker.

  • Julian Hoegger

    No problems with my G4 (H815). I just did the test twice. Every touch was registered. Maybe there are just some faulty devices around.

  • sr175

    I just got the T-Mobile version and I have the lag. Didn’t understand until I just saw this article. Can’t find the test referenced on the t-mobile phone though. As one poster earlier said it has overheated doing things like maps and pandora as well. Should get warm but not hot enough to shut down. The lag is extremely annoying!

  • John Garlits

    Mine from T-mo is fine. I tried this method, but the hidden menu does not have that option for me. I did spy the app used in the youtube video, tried it, and had no issues. I do note that sometimes knock-on does not register right away, but that seems pretty common with this feature (was for my M8 also). I thought it had something to do with the phone being basically asleep. I end up tapping 3 times instead of 2, no biggie. I don’t use knock code, so I can’t speak to that. Only lag has been with heavy things going on in background, as happens with just about any phone or computer that does multi-tasking, but very rarely.

  • John Garlits

    To everybody that can’t access the menu as stated (T-mo users it seems), the app in the Youtube video used to test is called Multitouch Test. You can download it for free from Google Play.


  • MrIGM

    No. no1 agreed on that being smartphone of 2015. its far behind.


    That back is still pristine.

  • elvenking

    I scanned the comments and was disappointed by the amount of useless cheerleading comments regarding other phones. Anyway, to add clarity and substance to this page, I will stick to the article and it’s intent. I was unable to run the devise test on my Verizon LG G4. I did however downloaded and ran two different tests from the play store. I didn’t notice any issues at all with my touchscreen. I tried 1, 2, and 3 fingers at different speeds as well as at the same time. My phone was received on the 30th of May so I had it for just over two weeks.

  • gryfel

    I have the H815. I did the test plus several touch screen apps tests – no issue at all… Very responsive. I’ve had my G4 for more than 2 weeks and it seems to be OK so far… Maybe this issue is present on the carrier versions. They usually modify the OS and add their apps…

    • gryfel

      Forgot to mention… I play games for a couple hours a day and have not noticed any overheating… Compared to my old S5 and Z2 it is much cooler… Like I said before most likely this affects tbe carrier versions… If so the software update should fix it…

  • Nikyle Braxton

    Update to supposedly fix issues with the G4 coming early July.

  • Weneklek

    No issues on my end. The knock code is hit or miss but no deal-breaker for me, especially since it’s been like that on my old G2. 9 out of 10 it works.

    As far as “overheating” goes, I have not yet experienced this as well. This was my main concern before purchasing as when I had the G2, that thing overheated like crazy but that could also be due to the fact that i used the crap out of it with the camera and editing softwares. I am more mindful of my usage now on this one but so far i think it’s doing a fantastic job. The camera alone was worth it.

  • kiewan

    I have an unlocked G4 from the UK and have had no real issues.

  • Kevin lyons.

    I have had mine for one week. I have many instances where the touch screen is not responding. Like in camera mode. I touch the shutter to snap a picture and I have to hit it several times, sometimes I have to touch another part of the screen. Frustrating. And then the tap code to open my sleep mode… ugggghhhhh. I love the camera to no end. It is all that and so much more. But I think the WiFi mode socks. It has a real small range. Compared to my old motorola. I have to be within 30 feet of my router. That’s just not acceptable.

  • Bonnie

    My G4 repeats text messages that I voice text. In other words I voice it and send it and then the same message that I just sent populates the box again. I have to delete it to write or voice text my next message. I have been to 2 Verizon stores and neither have helped at all. I also called LG and initially I was told this was normal but finally when it was explained several times the service person said they will call me back about it. That was several hours ago. I wonder if any one else is having this problem! Other wise I love the phone and have always liked LG phones……..but maybe I should get an I phone!!!!!!!!!!!

  • chewy

    wow didnt realize this was an issue. I am having that same issue. When I knock the screen I have to do it at a slow pace or I have to do it twice. I thought this was just how you have to do the knock, slow. Im glad this might just be something with the software. Hopefully they send out an OTA update to fix this. I am not using a screen protector at the moment either. Will definitely try the service menu test.

  • I just got a LG Volt and it’s selecting stuff when I’m just trying to scroll by. It won’t even let me check messages or browse the internet when its acting up.

  • jordan caldwell

    Had the s6. Upgraded from an m8..returned the s6 after 4 days bcuz it wasn’t different enuff..got a g4 and I’m not looking back, bugs and all

  • Juha-Pekka Piuva

    Got my G4 in Sunday in Finland. Has the exactly the same issue. It seems that the screen doesn’t recognise touches. Swiping quickly either horisontally or vertically will results in phone responding to it like a single touch under the point where you start the swipe. This of course results in opening of apps you really do not want to open when swiping in the app drawer or opening links when trying to scroll up and down a web page. Quick scrolling a page with any browser is not poasible. Writing is not a smooth experience either. Problem seems to get worse when screen protector is used. Annoying and frustrating to say the least. In some tasks the phone is down right unusable!

  • Noah Keith

    Had my LG G4 for 11days and returned it because of screen sensitivity and lag problems. The longer I had it the more annoying it became. Texting was so miserable. Scrolling through Pinterest and phone would lag considerably to the point I just gave up. I was so looking forward to loving this LG phone but decided it was best to return it and pay the damn restocking fee just so I would not be stuck with these problems.
    I will monitor these issues because if it was fixed I would re-purchase again. Hell I even got the extra battery, charger, and sd card promo which would be nice to put to use if they get this problem resolved. Otherwise I will have to wait a long time for another good phone to come out. For now I reactivated my old but reliable S4 and realized how much the touchscreen issue really sucked. My old S4 doesn’t miss a tap or confuse a swipe for a tap hardly ever .. the G4 however .. constant headache with the screen and not to mention the lag. Oh and to chime in on the S6 which is the big competition for the G4 .. no chance since they dropped the SD slot and removable battery but the big deal breaker that everyone is complaining about with the S6 is the WEAK signal problem resulting in dropped calls, missed texts, and data connectivity problems. Oh well I feel safer with my reliable S4 while I wait for a fix or the next cool phone to come out …

  • vince1228

    Why does the wifi issue still exist on the g4? I had the same issue with my G3. I really like the G4 tho. But the slow wifi connection speed is not so good. Smh. Im sure its a software issue. The G3 never had that issue on kit Kat.

  • James Demezas

    I am on my on my second g4 this month. The first was unusable this one is also bad. It either does not register taps or it leaves blank spaces for letters. Cannot use calculator or pattern unlock. LG offshore call center denies the problem. I have a g3 and a Nexus 5, no problems there.

  • Andy McAllister

    I have this issue on my LG G4. While waiting for a fix from LG., try out this app in playstore. It solved my issues:
    SGS Screen Booster

  • Kim

    My G4 is 3 weeks old. Last night the screen started to flicker, and it is unusable today. Took it to Verizon, they told me I dropped it, so it wasn’t covered by warranty. I didn’t drop the, phone, don’t keep it in my pocket, didn’t get it wet. Went to a Verizon wireless zone, they told me the internal screen was broken. How? A $500 phone should not be so fragile that it cannot survive being kept in a purse! Told me to contact the manufacturer. Guess I’ll be spending time on the phone. What do I say, besides I don’t want to continue to pay for a broken phone, plus pay for a new one?

  • John Mahoney

    This is the second LG4 I have that has this problem. The first one I got I sent back, only to have Verizon send me another phone that had the same issue. No one seems to be saying it’s an issue with this phone until I came here. I want to like this phone, but the ability to text is critical to any user, and this phone misses about 10-20% of all taps, it really slows you down and is a hassle to work on.

  • Ramon

    My LG G4 is barely 6 months old lately the problem keeps on recurring whenever Im doing multi-tasking the screen switches from one app to the other and won’t stop. Sometime it redials itself. I love the LG G4 but if there’s no fix to this then ill be thinking otherwise. I’ve tried restting the phone both soft and hard reset but still the issue is there.

  • Debbie holcomb

    I’ve had issues with my screen since I purchased the phone in January…I’ve been to two different stores complaining and no one wants to replace this defected phone…