LG G4 leak

Now that the Samsung Galaxy S6 and HTC One M9 have both been announced and reviewed, it’s time for the tech world to move onto the next big thing. LG’s G4 handset is expected to be announced within the next few months, and according to a few leaked images from XDA, we may have just gotten our first look at the unreleased handset.

The back of the device is shown off in the first image, sporting LG’s iconic rear-mounted power button and volume keys. The buttons and camera module don’t really differ in aesthetics from previous LG handsets, although they look to be a solid black color this time around. The chassis of the device looks like it sports a similar brushed aluminum texture to what we saw on the LG G3, though judging from the photos, it’s difficult to tell whether the device has a plastic or aluminum casing. If you take a closer look in the first image, it seems as though LG has either added a TV antenna (likely for the Korean market) or a stylus. We’ve heard rumors of LG filing patents for a stylus-like writing utensil, and that the company may potentially launch a device called the G4 Note towards the later half of the year. For now, this is just speculation, so we’ll need to wait some time before we make any assumptions.

Moving on to the front three images, we get a pretty good look at the device’s software. For starters, the purported G4 software info page says the device is running Android 5.0.2 with build number LRX22G. There’s also a pretty clear look at the Settings screen, showing off a more subdued color palette throughout the menus. The final image shows off the device’s home screen, which doesn’t look too different from the software we got on the G3. LG looks to have made a few tweaks this time around, but it’s certainly not a completely revamped UI that was alluded to by the company’s CEO a few weeks ago.

For now, we need to remember that these are just rumored images, and nothing is official until we get word from LG. What are your thoughts on the images? If these turn out to be real, would you be okay with the design changes LG has made this time around?

Jimmy Westenberg
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  • Diego Lopez

    Actually, looks kind of great-

  • Jordan Ross

    A rear facing speaker again, what a joke. That UI is hideous too.

  • Itamar Baum

    Looks good, I just wish it had front facing speakers…

    • sauber

      never saw the point of good speakers…i mean do you seriously want everyone to hear what you are watching?

      • Itamar Baum

        that is actually the best reply I got in a while and the honest answer is No what I do want though is a good ringtone and alarm clock I cannot put any of my song because the speaker is simply butcher the music and for the front facing speakers I usually use the speaker phone while talking when I am using the phone for something else therefore a front-facing speaker would be much clearer and less annoying in case there are people around me

  • Georgi Angelov

    It looks a bit hideous. It’s like they’ve increased the bezel? I was really hoping they’ll just stick to metal + thinner bezel, but I guess the metal might be the only decent visual upgrade. And yeah..what the heck with the speaker on the back ?? It’s a phone that almost always sits on it’s rear panel, covering the speaker if there was one.

  • crutchcorn

    Don’t fuck it up…

    • Mike Bastable

      Drag Race!

      • crutchcorn


        • Mike Bastable

          that is what RuPaul says in EVERY episode of Drag Race!, lol

  • Yisroel Sabel

    one reason for lg’s placement of the buttons on the back is to help cut down on bezel on the sides of the phone and there is no way that a phone that was praised for its lack of bezel will gain this much

    • Darknut

      metal back… the back buttons are nicer either way, I think they’re sticking with them regardless of the bezels, but making the back metal necessitates the bezel size increase. The G2 was the absolute pinnacle of design, it’s literally only flaw was glossyness

      • seattle tech

        I still look at the front of my white g2 and still believe its the best looking phone to this day. It has a 5.2″ screen incredible battery life. Great speed with lollipop. Its even way smaller than the s6 5.1″ coming out in 2015. This is coming from an ex cell phone dealer who has owned 10,000’s of phones;.

        • LightCucumber

          I second that. Still using my LG G2 despite trying out many cellphones since couple of years! T-mobile is releasing lollipop update too!

  • bruce

    Looking at its bezels ….I think ……no…! Its not..!

    • AceofZeroz~

      Have to agree with you, LG wouldn’t want to to make them bigger after the G3 so it has to be something else.

      • mystikalrush

        This better be a joke, its horrendous. LG was my only hope, if this really comes out, then screw upgrading 2015, ill keep my G3, and i don’t want the S6 because I NEED storage!

        • Awayze

          Xperia Z4

        • Grant

          What do you do on a phone where 128gb of internal storage and unlimited cloud storage isn’t enough?

      • jjhbuyf

        It looks like a Oneplus One

    • Annaise

      indeed~ this looks like a miniature tablet lol. This better not be G4 LG, this better not be…

      • galaxyNote4isBoss

        Typical LG junk rather it is or not doesn’t matter it’s going nowhere that’s for sure.

        • seattle tech

          haha richard it must be easy for you these days to shut down the samsung haters.

        • squiddy20

          Yeah? And you know this for a fact? Like you “knew” Lollipop would be available for the Note 4 before December 31?

    • David Onter

      Probably a typical new midranger with a similar design like the G4.

  • Michael

    I doubt it, the bevel was so small on the g3, why would they reverse that?

    • Darknut

      metal body.

  • Xavier_NYC

    I’ll reserve judgement until the official announcement. I will say that at first glance, I wish they’d make the UI look closer to stock android than the same LG UI from last year.

  • bruh

    Ehhh, I don’t like the square motif they’re going with on the back. The G3’s design looks a lot better.

  • Mohd Danial

    I think its the g note.

    • mystikalrush

      It’s certainly possible, i have seen other sites calming its the note. However, from what we see, it does look big in this persons hand, and what looks to be a stylus on top, but some people forget, this could be the international version, in which case that would be the TV antenna instead of a pen.

  • Ncruze

    Can someone explain to me why in 2015 you think it’s a good idea to continue placing the speaker on the back of the phone??? Why does that make sense?

    • Billy Allen

      I have currently had the pleasure of handling all 2015 (flagship) phones.Out of all if them the HTC has the lowest volume speakers with minimal quality. The Galaxy S6 and LG G Flex 2 have much better overall sound. Louder and more clear. Even when laying on a table they sound better. I’m not convinced that the front facing speakers justify the huge upper and lower bezels they require. Onto this actual phone… I certainly hope this isn’t the G4. If it is, then I will sadly have to wait to upgrade until late 2015 when the first Snapdragon 820 device comes out.

      • ray

        I hope you’re trolling

        • Billy Allen

          The M9 should be on display at many locations later today… Go in and play music on it lol. The speakers are weak lol

          • Faris Fizal


      • Grant

        The speakers aren’t loud but the are by far the clearest and highest quality.

        • Billy Allen

          Thank god. So I can listen to music as long as someone isn’t talking. They are pretty quiet :/. Most consumers would have taken a small hit in maximum clarity to make it just a bit more loud :/

    • ShockWave

      I think that’s because of bezels,Z3 and M8 has stereo speaker but they have enormous bezels, a 5.5″ G3 has the same footprint as the 5″ M8 because of the bezels, so it’s apparently either you have thin bezels or front facing speakers, and you as a customer have to choose one option of these sadly.

    • smokebomb

      I don’t understand the effort into quality phone speakers. There are hundreds of better ways to play music.

  • Darknut

    If LG made the body metal (which this picture does look like) that would force the bezels to be bigger. Metal body means design concessions need to be made elsewhere. I prefer a plastic back with smaller bezels.

  • shivansh

    From when lg started making this type of ugly devices ??? :/

  • I personally like how it looks. It looks beautiful to me, I just wish they’d stop with the weak speakers on the back.

  • rayraycarter4

    Its running on tmobiles network, look at the data icon

  • seattle tech

    Will we see a LG dual curve display phone before the end of 2015.

  • Stefan Vacarita

    No it’s not, but if it would be it ment their destruction :)

  • Arman

    Looks like my freakin fridge!

    • renegadedroid

      Absolutely! My first thought was ‘gosh! This looks like a fridge door!’

  • I don’t think so, it looks more like a downgrade than an upgrade :/

  • renegadedroid

    Well, to me at least, it doesn’t look like the back is 100% metal – could be the same material they put on the G3, but a few people here have suggested a metal frame would require wider bezels – would someone care to explain why that is the case?

  • Ma nu

    t´s definitely a mid-ranger and not the g4!

    look at the baseband version. the part where it says “…m8936…”. this confirms the snapdragon 610 series.

    and i don´t think that the g4 will keep one:)

  • roeshak

    This is very much the g4 and exactly what I was expecting lol

  • Btort

    Has anyone ever looked at the original source? it says it’s the G4 Note…..not G4,

  • Awayze

    LG are rubbish. Their last good phone was the Chocolate around 10 years ago. Who even buys their rubbish? Probably people who can’t afford the top phones or iPhone.

    • averymlewis

      I would actually have to agree with you somewhat…… Strange but true…. “By the way I owned a Chocolate lol”

    • IncCo

      ^ Obviously doesn’t know what he’s talking about

  • Pokchatr Songsri

    look at the baseband in the picture… the code in the baseband is M8936AAA and it’s the code for Snapdragon 610.
    from this point i think G4 will have to use cpu at least snapdragon810 to keep it flagship status. even lg just annouced that it will be another flagship release with more higher end device in flagship position than G4 later this year

    so, this is not going to be G4

  • frhow

    So this looks like a step back from the G3 design wise. Look at those bezels. This cant be the final product for the G4.

  • Aloïs Ghyssaert

    I really like thee back with the contrast, but LG can do better with the bezzels.

  • Pieter Uys

    As ugly as a bucket of smashed crabs!

  • dasf

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  • Will S.

    That BEZEL and childish looking Android buttons!!! NO THANKS.

  • Walid Menkhour

    i love LG G seris but this one look ugly