LG G4 owners launch petition to address bootloop issue

by: Kris CarlonJanuary 25, 2016


Update, January 26: LG has acknolwedged the LG G4 bootloop issue is a hardware fault, and will repair affected devices.

Original post, January 25: For the past couple of months, various LG G4 owners around the globe have been complaining about a mysterious bootloop problem affecting the device. For no apparent reason, the LG G4 will randomly reboot and get stuck in a bootloop with no apparent resolution. A petition has now been formed to get LG to officially address the issue.

The petition has been created as a means to force LG into not only acknowledging the problem, but also to institute a free replacement scheme for all affected models of the G4. According to the petition’s creator, Santiago Archila, the issue potentially affects all G4s, not just specific carrier-branded or regional models. According to Archila, LG’s response thus far has been unacceptable.

Complaints have been floating around the internet since September, 2015 – and some carriers have even acknowledged the problem as a “known issue” – but LG has reportedly not handled the issue in a consistent way. Some users have had their device replaced while others have been told their model number isn’t eligible for repair or replacement.

Some carriers have even acknowledged the problem as a “known issue”, but LG has reportedly not handled the issue in a consistent way.

If you scour YouTube, Twitter, Reddit and various Android forums like XDA Developers, you can find plenty of evidence of the problem, including multiple videos showing it in effect. The problem certainly seems to be widespread enough that an official investigation and statement from LG is warranted. We’ve reached out to LG for comment and will update this story with any response.

When the problem was initially flagged, it was thought the issue only affected early model G4 units (ie those built before October 2015) and was a hardware problem related to the motherboard on specific variants. But the claims of random bootloops have persisted, with users on all carriers and in all regions being affected with no simple solution.

If you have an LG G4 and have been affected by this issue, we encourage you to contact LG and your carrier or retailer. Signing the petition can’t hurt, but you’re better off attempting to get your particular situation remedied yourself than hoping someone else will force LG’s hand.

If you have suspicions as to what is causing the problem, please hit the comments below to share your thoughts.

  • Has anyone tried to get a logcat? That would definitely show some clues to what is happening there or why it is rebooting endlessly.

    • aaahh ahh

      I think I tired, but couldn’t because adb wasn’t enabled or enabling that quickly (on boot)

      • bel57

        With MM Google has pushed out adb, so I can’t even execute commands.. as the device is not detected.

  • Wow thats crazy, mine started that last night out of nowhere. Woke up this morning with an unresponsive phone (and no alarm waking me up!). I tried to get into recovery which failed. I tried to TOT but it also fails. Now my phone attempts to boot up but goes from the LG screen to the download mode with Firmware Update up top. It wants to finish the TOT restore but cannot. I sent LG a warranty repair request this morning so I’m waiting for their reply.

  • TMorob

    Curious if it’s a flash media issue, looks like it tries to boot to onboard storage and then fails. I believe the onboard flash is on the motherboard. Would be interesting to note if LG was using cheap flash then realized it later and switched vendors…. Very interesting, would be good to look at the log files to see what is happening.

    • Martin Chan

      I was wondering what else it could have been. Usually overlooks are software problems. At first, I thought the problem was due to Google/Android OS. You may be on to something.

      • Zan

        Seems this happened to a some people after they upgraded to Marshmallow. I think the processor working harder caused more heating, and the motherboard defect was already there, that must have been the last straw

  • keyron Campbell

    I’m glad I purchased a used m9 off eBay and put my LG g4 on eBay…. the worst phone I ever owned .

  • keyron Campbell

    dam and I still owe sprint $400 on a trash phone

    • Kimbuhbee

      I had the same problem on Sprint. They replaced my phone at no cost to me, but it took a week. A few months later I got a text from Sprint apologizing for the inconvenience and $50 credit on my bill for two months.

  • RG

    My unlocked International G4 has been in repair now for nearly 7 weeks. The bootloop issue seemed to occur shortly after updating to Marshmallow via LG Bridge.

    I’ve been constantly nagging LG UK for updates etc.. and recently been told that part of the motherboard would have to be replaced, and that they’d run out of spare parts because the issue was so widespread – with no ETA on when my phone might be repaired.

    They are currently ignoring my emails, with no apologies, offers of replacements, or mentions of compensation, and I’m left bitterly disappointed with LG products and services.

    • Tim Davis

      The same thing happened to me after updating my Taiwan model (H815T) to Marshmallow via LG Bridge. Now it randomly freezes with a glitchy looking screen (even after factory reset) and enters a bootloop. Sometimes repeatedly battery pulls will break the loop, but only temporarily. I seem to be SOL because I bought the phone as an import on eBay. No luck so far with LG US (who told me to pound sand) or LG Taiwan support, the latter telling me to call Taiwan but not responding to further emails.

      • sam13

        I am in the same boat. LG H815 from Taiwan. No support from LG US and seller(tropical mobile) is useless. Will try Taiwan support but I’m afraid I have a $500 paperweight.

        • Tim Davis

          Yeah, my ebay seller, NeverMSRP, was of little help and LG Taiwan won’t respond me.

          • sam13

            LG Taiwan provide me with this information to get repair services. Now I need to figure out how the phone gets there.

            Authorized Repair Center :

            Tel : (02)2788-1909

            Address : 3F., No.6, Ln. 50, Sec. 3, Nangang Rd., Nangang Dist., Taipei City 115, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

          • Sathiya v.k

            Hi Tim Davis, i was also given the same address. let me know if you made any progress in shipping the mobile. you response would help me.

            Many thanks

        • Debra Nili

          Me too – used tropical mobile on ebay, and now I’m in the market for a new phone – after less than a year!! LG support says they can’t help me since it’s not a U.S. product – at the time of purchase, tropical mobile represented themselves as a Texas company; now they have “Singapore” on their page. :( Total waste of money…will definitely stay away from LG in the future!

  • FYI – When I’ve had the bootloop issue, the service center in Israel had installed a software patch which had stopped the issue from happening (even though the device could not be loaded they still managed to install the patch. they probably had their own tools of doing it). My phone went back to normal, without any loss of data.
    They claimed it was an official patch from LG, however, on the next software update that was populated via OTA, the device went back to bootlooping. I guess the official update did not include the “official” patch, and therefore the patch had been erased from the device.
    When I went back and complained, they took the device and turned it in to the lab for changing motherboards. I got the device back in working order and it’s been working ever since (knock on wood).

  • Jeff Edsell

    I had this, and AT&T hustled to express me a replacement. The new one has been fine so far.

    • AT&T told me it would be up to 3 days before I could get a replacement phone and didn’t have a loaner. I was told that I could buy a Go phone to use while I waited for my replacement. I did them one better and switched to t-mobile.

      • Eric Phipps

        Doesn’t matter if you have T-Mobile the same thing happens. I got this Bootloop error happening Saturday night. Options were to order a warranty replacement which wouldn’t be delivered until Tuesday or do an early upgrade to a new model phone. I was willing to upgrade to the V10 but because my phone couldn’t boot up they couldn’t do the upgrade because they have to send a text from your phone to validate it. So I left waiting til Tuesday for my replacement G4.

        • S.L Jones

          Beware the V10, for it suffers the same bootloop problem…i suggest you never buy LG products again. First my g3 and all ensuing replacement models suffered from.the screen problem and now my V10….never buying LG again

      • Angel AR

        T-Mobile does a terrible job of replacing. They don’t acknowledge the issue at all and almost act like it’s your fault. (In my case at least)

      • Rich Rigney

        My wife’s G4 did this a few weeks back and we have T-mobile. They took several days to get her a new replacement and she was charged $20 plus they were going to charge an additional $20 to “express” it to her. We got them to remove the express shipping fee but still had to pay the $20 to have a manufacturers defect replaced. Watch out for T-mobile.

        • George Salcedo

          Well I don’t think $20 is too bad, if you went through LG the process would have been a lot longer and a huge headache.

  • I am Brazilian and live in São Paulo. My LG G4 “got” this plague last december, 25th (as a Christmas gift). I left it at LG’s service the following week. I received “my phone” back on January second’s week. It has a new “boarrd” now. Actually it is “rebrained” as it has a new IMEI number. They did not charged me as it was still on warranty. Everything looks ok! As it was on day one (May, 2015}. Let’s hope it stays that way.

  • tabatt13

    The same thing happened with my LG G3 on Verizon. Verizon customer support couldn’t fix it and I was just out of my 1 year warranty coverage so they wouldn’t replace it. They sent me to LG, who acknowledged it was faulty, but refused to replace it because the only support the carrier warranty on carrier variants,. I ended up buying a Nexus 6 instead of wasting more money on LG. It’s terrible customer service and support from Android vendors that drive the average person to Apple and their industry leading customer service.

    • golgo13

      You hit the nail on the head! That’s why I’m buying me and wife an iPhone 7. No one really likes to take responsibility because its too many variables about what’s the cause of your phone not acting right. At least with Apple their response is swift… In most cases.

    • Martin Chan

      You should have bought an Nexus 5x.

      • tabatt13

        It wasn’t even around yet. The Nexus 6 is a great phone and I got it for a great price. Plus I’m not touching anything from LG for a while.

      • Bunny17

        Except now I have to send my 5x to LG because it’s stuck in boot loop!

  • tabatt13

    I was also told by LG that it was probably the motherboard. It’s probably caused by the board warping from constant overheating on their phones.

  • aaahh ahh

    Had this
    Got a refurbished phone. So disappointed
    I figure out that if you hold the phone in a certain position, it would turn on, but if you move ever so slightly, freeze and black. (Happened only once tho)

    This was November, I bought it a week after release.

    Verizon btw

  • Thomas Iansiti

    Had the issue on my Verizon LG-G4. Verizon was quick to replace with a certified unit (really wish they would provide new). The replacement lasted 8 days before the screen took a sh!t every time the unit got warm. Again, Verizon stepped up to replace in two days.

    As I understand it, it’s up to LG when it comes to replacement units. Totally unfair that a 6 month old phone that I paid big dollars for gets replaced with a Certified (USED) phone. Might have to return to Samsung hardware if I hit another issue (last one lasted 18+ months and would have run longer had I not busted the screen).

    • Trump’s Hair

      Thats a Verizon issue not LG’s.


    Yay Guinea pigs! AKA early adopters

    • Edward VH

      Right, so if no “early adopters” bought a phone for a year, that stock would have been bought by those who held off. Rock solid logic.


        I’m only stating that early adopters usually take the shaft, like this case

  • bel57

    Funny there is an article and petition, mine just died today.. fuck :/

    • golgo13

      Lol, damn that’s irony.

      • Elana

        mine last night…. so frustrating.

    • Dinesh Kumar Thangavel

      Hey the same happened to me 8 hours back…are we seeing a trend here

      • J Miller

        Me too four days ago

        • Danial Jackson

          Yesterday. And it happened to a coworker like 4 days ago

          • Danial Jackson

            Stab me…

          • NYAP2014 ThatRandomGuy


      • Ramesh N

        Any idea how to fix this issue in India ? LG authorized service center guy told that its 22,000 Rs to change mother board in India for my model(H815)

    • J Miller

      Mine bit the dust with reboot loop on Thursday

    • NYAP2014 ThatRandomGuy

      Mine died last night. It was all happy and good until last night, now i’m using an iPad as my main device :/

  • Mark Buffington

    Mine died last week. T-Mobile overnighted a replacement (charged me $5 for shipping), new one is working great (even the wireless charging appears to be working more consistently than my original G4).

  • Chris Martin

    My G4 has the same issue it’s been with lg uk since Dec 8th awaiting a new motherboard. There response has been appalling I have phoned over 20 times for an update they have got back to me just the once. They can’t even say when the part will be in and they refuse to do an exchange unless they fit the elusive new motherboard first. Well it will be my first and last lg product disgusting customer service.

    • Sam Warrenger

      Same, mine was also collected on December 8th, initially promised a 2 week turnaround, which then slipped to after Christmas due to it being a busy period, then January 4th as it was with an “external repair partner” or something.

      Was then told it’d definiely arrive by the end of the week before last. Last week they’ve been telling me 3 weeks waiting on parts. I think that’d put them on 2 and a half months, if they stick to their promise. So far they can’t even call me back when promised, or ever.

      I spoke to a senior partner once who was very rude “well it’s waiting to be repaired, tough shit” attitude, couple weeks ago I was promised a 3 month warranty extension and a £10 Currys voucher. Worthless.

      All these guys in the USA getting overnight replacements have no idea how lucky they are.

      • Chris Martin

        I’ve had the exact same experience as you Sam apart from the warranty extension and the £10 currys voucher ” whoppee” ??. I did mention to the senior agent on the resolution team that in the U.S.A the phones with this issue were being replaced straight away. They then had the nerve to suggest that the uk phones differed to the US phones so it wouldn’t be the same issue. Utter nonsense. I am fuming and will be contacting watchdog.

  • James Sarino

    My wife’s G4 had this happen. AT&T sent a replacement in a day, and so far, so good.

  • golgo13

    This happened to me in December of 2015, I was like wtf!? I called LG, they said that it was an issue with the motherboard and they’ll fix it and ship it for free if its their fault. Happy to report that it’s actually fixed for now… I must admit that this has soured me from buying another LG cell phone.

  • massiveloop

    If LG handles it like they did the Bluetooth meta data problem, they’ll just deny it even exists then secretly slip it into an update. Then again an update won’t do much for a boot loop.
    I think I’m just going to break down and get a nexus for my next device, at least you know there is a good team willing to resolve issues.

  • Kapteinstein

    This happened to my LG g4 alone with my students on a school trip (I’m a teacher) just as our train home was cancelled. Thanks LG!!

    Through my carrier the motherboard was replaced. Lg g4 int. version

  • coreyspring

    I’ve had to have two replaced so far with AT&T. Took about a week each time, wouldn’t expedite the service even when I offered to pay for it, but was happy to sell me one of their Gophones to tide me over. I’m ditching them next month and am probably going to steer clear of LG for awhile.

  • Celz

    Happened on my G4 had to take the back off and place it in an outdoor deep freezer to get it to turn on.. Luckily I got all my data back..

  • Major_Pita

    Almost sounds like a corrupted system cache if you’re seeing the message about initializing apps on startup, Have you tried clearing the cache or factory resetting? Also is the problem affected by having an SD card inserted or not inserted? May be an issue where the OS is lookng for something on the card in order to load a particular application during boot…

    • Gustav

      I was thinking the same thing. There is also a feature in MM which allows you to merge (sic replace) the SD storage with internal and this may be happening if the SD becomes unseated or is unrecognized by the device. My first gen G4 H815 (imported to USA from Czech) is doing fine and I updated via Bridge (crossing fingers). Too many variables without seeing the issue first hand.

    • Rich Rigney

      Even a complete Master reset of the device does not correct the issue. When it happens the device for all practical purposes is bricked.

  • Aryo Aji Prasetyo

    It’s happening too in my country Indonesia. What if this happens over 1 year guarantee. LG must responsible for this

  • Godfrey Gj

    i’m going to expecting to buy th g4 tomorrow but this disappoint me . even my lg g2 acertain stucking problem and i now start to think lg is not any more good for me . realy disappointed .

  • Sean Barbeau

    This happened to me a few weeks ago on Sprint – took them around 4 days to get me a replacement. LG offered to replace as well but they would have taken around 2 weeks (no loaner phone provided by either). My bootloop seemed to be triggered by the battery dying, and then plugging it back in and attempting to power on soon after. After 8-10 restarts the phone became totally bricked and unresponsive – wouldn’t even show battery indicator when plugged in and powered off. Putting in a fully charged (externally) battery didn’t change anything.

  • Ken

    verizon also rushed me my replacement like they knew something was wrong. no question asked.

  • The-Sailor-Man

    Two Korean smartphone companies are the best in the World. But one of them is The Best.
    I feel sorry about the US patriots that must buy iphones. :(
    US will lose this new ‘korean war’ though. No matter haw strong media army, and ifanatics have.

  • Carl Slee

    I’ve have this phone but have no trouble with it works fine

  • Roxy

    I had this lack of care problem with LG S. Africa many years ago and have not bought a LG product since.
    I went up to the highest level after a LG salesman who had made promises didn’t deliver. Even claimed he had flown the items to me overnight and would deliver personally within the hour. After a day & a half of lying I contacted the Korean MD of the company who claimed to be shocked. He contacted me back & told me they had fired the salesman.
    I happened to visit their main office a couple of months later with an order to buy a large number of TV’s & discovered the MD was also a liar & the salesman was still selling for them. Walked out & placed the order with another manufacturer & have not bought or recommended a LG product since. (over 10 years!)
    My advice is stay well away from LG products, they may look good on the outside but when it comes to back up service, they really suck!

  • KVragec

    That same problem killed my G4. Great device out of the blue just start rebooting. I waiting now for resolution of the problem. I use S6 now but as far as I know that is also troublesome device for many people

  • Tyruss Saberon

    I’ve had this issue w/my LG G3, therefore I moved on the the G4. So far no issues w/my G4.

  • reddot Citify

    Yeah I had the same issue back I’m December and mines would overheat as well. I had tried everything and had a replacement from T-Mobile. So far this one has been working better.

  • Gary Gaston

    This happened to me 2 weeks ago… Since I bought it from best buy and didn’t add an insurance plan they told me they couldn’t do anything, sprint can’t do anything, so I’m left dealing with LG… Not to mention that the camera (the only reason I bought this phone) stopped working 2 months ago AND I had the split screen issue…. Owning this phone has been the BIGGEST NIGHTMARE

  • Bogdan Bolta

    Nice…and I just wanted to watch some porn…why the fuck did I open this page,now I’m paranoid about my phone getting into bootloop…

  • Steve Brain

    Swear to god, if this happens to me and they won’t replace it because I bought it on eBay I’ll never buy an LG phone again. I’ll go buy a Nexus 6P and say fuck all the OEM’s when I do

  • Mitch Allan

    Wasn’t aware this was a wide spread issue but my G4 had been constantly restarting as well – I took it to SaskTel and they attempt to wipe before sending the phone off, well the phone restarted 10 times before we could even format the damn thing.. So they didn’t hesitate to send it in for warranty.. Unsure if I will get a replacement or what. But I did get a crappy htc one as a loaner until it comes back…

  • Gaurav Agarwal

    I had this issue in December. I live in Kolkata, India. Went to the service center where replaced the motherboard. Got back my phone after a few days. I really missed my phone during that period.

  • Thomas Williams-Lewis

    My problem didn’t start until I installed the Android 6.0 updates. I am thinking about going back to Lollipop.

  • Rob S

    I just discovered the issue with my LG tablet. I’ll be hitting the AT&T store tomorrow.

  • Spike Li

    I got the same issue, but my phone is international version, US LG refuse to fix or replace the phone, and just tell me to find Best Buy to fix that, how the heck they treat their customer like that.

  • slam

    I spent a lot of money on the phone …its in boot loop am…am now pissed…….i love LG..I forgave them on g2 screen burn but now this is way too much…am not risking buying an lg phone again…..seriously guys….this is very inconveniencing…. i hope they change every one whose phone is affected coz G5 will be a fiasco..i aint buying it……………..

  • Watchmkr1012

    I just got off the phone with LG customer service. I spoke with KoKo and her supervisor, Josh. In no uncertain terms, he claimed that LG will not be able to repair the phone and return the phone to me in as-is condition. They are required, his words, to erase the data on the phone before repairing it.

    Even though they have to fix the phone before they can erase it, he refused to entertain the idea that the fix could occur first and then the phone could be returned to the owner with the data intact. What kind of ‘repair’ is this if the phone is just refurbished and returned factory fresh. That’s contrary to the idea of ‘repairing’ a component issue. To say that I’m frustrated is an huge understatement and I can say for sure that I’ll not be purchasing any LG products in the future.

  • Andrea Lewis

    I just had this issue with my Verizon version yesterday. When I took it in they act as if it was something new……like they had never heard of this issue. I am pissed because I have to wait until Monday to get a new phone when the issue was not my fault. I am so done with the G4 I have been having issues since I first got the phone. Time for a upgrade….. Maybe an iPhone.

  • Rezywezy

    I’m using the LG G3 (bought in Sept 2014), and just last week experienced the “Blue Screen of Death” + Bootloop issue! My unit is only 1 yr 4 mos old, and had to run to the mall to get a replacement. Ended up getting a Galaxy Note 5 with my postpaid plan. I’m still toying with rebooting my LG, but after about 2 mins of use, it loops again :( To think I’ve had nothing but praises for this model after being a user of the Galaxy Note 3. Now I’m still mourning the loss of a good investment.

  • abdallas

    Just happened to my LG G4. Moved from Apple to Android Never had such issues with Apple. Waiting for TMobile to replace it. Will not be buying another LG phone.

  • Fernando Trindade

    At Portugal they take between 5 to 30 days just to “check” on the fault…
    Bloody fuckers…

  • Mushfeq

    My phone (UK version H815) just began doing this. I’ve called LG (USA) several times. They’ve refused to even repair it, forget about replacing it. This is basically fraud.

  • Youtea

    I have a international unlocked version of the G4, and LG US says my IMEI has been grayed out and will not help me replace my phone. Help!

  • JayDee Cook

    sprint wants to charge $75 for a replacement phone because i dont have insurance, but this is a warranty issue and there is no way I am paying a dime

  • Andrew Elmasry

    mine also did so

  • massiveloop

    So, I have been standing by supporting my LG g4 as being a great device and thankful that I have been largely unaffected by the name issues.
    However, lately my WiFi has been flaky, Bluetooth had again been not connecting properly, then to top it all off my g4 had now fallen victim to the bootloop issue.
    I have since gotten the Samsung s7 (no edge), and all I can say is GET ONE!.

    THE s7 has a premium build quality, functioning os, perfect Bluetooth, excellently predictable WiFi, and expandable storage which is what pushed me to the g4 when the s6 had no expandability.

  • Neal Chambers

    Mine died 2 days ago. It was the Czech/international version (h81520b). I had a thick case on it (poetic?) It was running pretty hot a few times. I think the heat might have done it in. Still faulty hardware but I think overheating on a regular basis might trigger it.

    I flashed the rom and tried factory reset (wouldn’t reset) now it won’t even let me flash the rom anymore. It’s gotten worse and worse. I used to get to the animated LG logo, but now it barely turns on.

    Talked LG USA and they offered me nothing. It’s unlocked/carrier free so I don’t have a carrier to go to. So screwed out of $500. Thanks LG.

  • MPIndy

    This just happened with my G4 from Verizon on the night of 4/22. I was out of town & it was a disaster. I had to buy a Tracfone from Best Buy for safety on the 10-hour drive home.
    Verizon is sending a replacement but b/c certain items weren’t backed up I’ve been trying piecemeal over the past week to save certain files in internal storage that were not backup up (a separate story).
    It’s been possible but while completely at the mercy of the phone & when it decides to boot completely. There seems to be no consistency as far as what tricks will wake it up — pop battery & replace while holding on button, while charging or not -via usb or wall, recovery screen or not. When it does boot, everything is there including custom wallpaper. Longest “awakening” has been possibly 10 minutes but that was the clear record & was a great time to remove lots of files. Guessing all successvie ones have been 2-3 minutes or less & usually even shorter.
    In these spurts it has been possible to move files to either SD card or laptop.
    Because files do exist & are unharmed, LG & the individual carriers should be offering data recovery at no charge to affected clients.

  • stella

    Singapore LG agrees to change a new motherboard, replacement is not good enough to me. I want my data to be saved.

  • FortitudineVincimus

    just happened to mine yesterday out of the blue and NO changes to my phone. It just came on, phone is unusable. VZW is sending me a new phone as it is under 1 year warranty. I was using it fine. Set it down, took a nap, woke up… endless bootloops. Every now and then I can get in, but not for more than a few seconds or a minute.

    VZW butchered the 6.0.0 update. But nutty it is just now affecting me.


    i had this problem and never had a solution as im in Africa and bought it online. its like i lost aphone that i loved alot. if anyone knows where i can get a manboard for G4 will really appriciate.

    • disqus_jyCpuhYO49

      have you tried any LG in your country? just in case? and where online did you buy it?

  • A.M

    Just happened today on mine what a sad day

  • Dee Jay

    I’m having this problem now, just 2 days ago my phone turned off on its own and whenever I turn it on I’m stuck with the bootloop screen, I went to an authorized service center in my locale and they are asking for a $200-$300 repair cost also, they won’t accept my warranty card because they don’t cater to units bought outside the country!!! I emailed LG already and I’m waiting for their response.

  • Jach

    I was not aware of the LG4 issue / problem until a while ago, my phone just froze. Like other pics that were shown, is the same as mine…stuck with the logo screen. Mine is from AT&T, I’m just worried about the warranty coverage bec.the I got this last August 8, 2015, few days past 1yr. I tried and followed what others are sharing bec. I want to save and recover some important pics, sadly that it was never successful. I don’t know if LG would still accomodate the warranty but…they should, right? In the first place, the LG4 model was created and manufactured with a defect already, you just don’t know when it gonna happen. I have my LG pro still working & excellent condition, it’s been 3+ yrs. now and being used by my middleschooler. I’m still planning to go to the AT&T store where I got it, hope they would be of great help as they always do esp. on this issue.

    • Darryl

      You can get the data back if you can still open the service menu (hold power/volume down). Check the comment I wrote yesterday for details. Good luck

  • Waed Anouty

    today i had this issue and im really upset because i really loved lg g4 and it was working great not even 1 problem but suddenly this issue occurred all data will be lost … cannot believe what just happened to my mobile im really sad and disappointed

  • Ramesh N

    I bought LG G4 in USA through Amazon and using in India. Got this bootloop issue 2 days back. How to recover it or replace it ? Any idea ?

  • Nik

    Could this be a defect in the silicate utilized to isolate the circuitry?

  • NYAP2014 ThatRandomGuy

    why debug mode and plugged into a computer?

    • Darryl

      I honestly don’t know, but it works consistently. My guess is the ADB daemon that USB debug initializes modifies the boot sequence in a way that lets it limp past whatever problem it’s having.

  • Harlock 30

    Soy de chile y mi lg g4 h815. Le esta pasando esto. Es cierto que va repararlos?

  • mike teodoro

    this happened to my LG G4 the other day, had to buy a new phone, is there any fix for this thing?

  • laurabendavid

    My phone is just 8 months old and while I bought my phone in the US, i bought the unlocked ‘international’ version and now i’ve been getting the runaround from LG. In the US they tell me to call Hong Kong then Hong Kong tells me to call the US. Meanwhile I have no phone and I’m furious.

  • Zan

    I hold the Vol down button and power simultaneously forever, no menu appears, it just keeps looping.
    However, if I hold Vol down then briefly release PWR button and re-hold after the LG logo appears, I get a “factory data reset” option (tried, it didn’t work)

    The freezer worked for me, gained about 3 minutes of operating time, which I used export my contacts to vcf on SD card.

    I’m still paying T-Mobile for this phone, had it less than 1 year — unfortunately had a screen crack incident 3 weeks ago which didn’t affect the phone operation at all.

    LG USA emailed me a shipping label for repair service (1-800-793-8896) and I’m writing a note to explain that I don’t care about fixing the cracked screen (after the crack I covered it with a plastic film, it worked fine) just the motherboard issue. But I’m thinking that will be an excuse to deny the repair.

    Assurant told me insurance will cost $175 to replace, I’m assuming they’ll buy out my lease /send me ANOTHER G4 phone…? groan… I guess if they send me another G4, I could RUN over to the T-Mobile store and upgrade to a new phone before that one also bricked.

    I have an LG Backup file, but that seems useless without an LG device, and I’m pretty certain this was my first and last LG device. They have taken “planned obsolescence” to an extreme level (I read this occurred on other models, too) which is really horrible for the earth. Anyone know how to convert an LG backup file into usable format on PC/Android device?

  • Tim Gavette

    Just talked to an LG rep. They refuse to pay for my Boot Loop g4 as it is a month out of warranty. I refuse to pay more to repair a phone that was manufactured with a ticking grenade inside. Piss poor customer service. I am beyond livid. Will never buy or recommend LG products again.

  • MaRia M Esparza

    I am having the worse time getting a replacement phone from T mobile.. I hate their stupid procedures.. I have been without a phone for 4 days.. Thanks to one of their location stores that decided to close and not be there when UPS was coming to deliver.. And the store wasn’t supposed to be closed, they were supposed to be open!! UPS had to send the phone back T mobile tried to order me another phone but guess what.. They are on back order due to EVERYONEs LG 4G phone crashing. No one knows when I will get it.. And even though I am eligible to JUMP and upgrade they refuse to let me do that because I need a working phone.. Such bull!! After reading this I just might make sure to NOT upgrade to another LG product!!

  • Swtrochesterny

    Beware of Verizon. You turn in your new shiny well taken care of phone and what you get back “fixed” is someone else’s shitty scrached no screen protected phone. When you bitch like I did you get whats rhe problem you just got a phone that was fixed? I want my own phone back they said I couldn’t it was fixed and given to someone else somewhere! This phone they gave me is crap. Looks like it was owned by someones toddler. All my music is gone etc…
    No more LG I went out and bought the new Samsung Galaxy it will not leave my possession ever. VERIZON you suck

  • Disappointed

    Good by LG, i won’t buy anything from you anymore. I bought the G4 in December 2015 and in June 2016 it’s dead, no longer functioning, stuck in boot whatever. One client may make you lose the whole thing.

    • Disappointed

      Good bye**

  • VergilPrime

    Sprint told me LG was replacing the phones for free with LG G5s, but they are replacing so many they cant keep G5s in stock so they are sending me a new G4.

  • Mike K

    Yet another G4 sob story. With TMobile being a provider, I leased the device through TMobile’s “Jump on Demand” nonsense in November 2015. Fast froward to February of 2016, the screen was cracked and through the insurance I had with TMobile, the device was replaced. Perhaps I should have just had the screen fixed. Either way, as of early October 2016 I was on a trip in Costa Rica. Right at the end of my trip is when the boot loop issue surfaced. Oh, while leaving I was also super sick. It was a perfect shit storm. I was unable to contact family and friends, I lost all my pics and videos, and I basically had all this issues monitoring my travel itinerary, email, etc. Upon researching the issue and finding out about the Boot Loop issue, I went to my local TMobile store. They tell me that for the warranty to replace it, it would be 3 or 4 days. Ok, fine. Nothing’s perfect. Well, when I wake up the next day, there’s an email form TMobile saying the phone is on backorder. I essentially have to drive over to the store to find out what the hell that means because there’s no date, no info on this. I come to find out that my device may not be replaced for 3-4 weeks!!! No explanation, no apology. nothing. Needless to say, TMobilre sucks. Well then I press the issue, and they suggest I contact LG and see if they can fix the device. I provide the info as requested and LG claims the device is out of warranty. So, the replacement phone provided by TMobile through insurance back in February was a refurbished older LG G4 phone which had said boot loop issue. Upon that exchange with LG, I then went back to TMobile and their response was, “just buy another phone until the replacement device and be sent to you through warranty in 3-4 weeks”. Needless to say, after 9 years as a TMobile customer, I’m done with them. After paying for all this insurance, Jump on Demand, and whatever else, I’m looked at as the bad guy. LG obviously has no intention of taking responsibility for this known hardware issue and TMobile obviously will not honor their end with a swift and accommodating resolution to the insurance/warranty issue that is clearly already paid for. You never realize how dependent we have become with our devices until something like this happens. I recommend to anybody that travels, be sure to keep a card in your wallet with some of your close family and friend’s phone numbers and email addresses handy. A number for your airline and other contact info you may need. You do not want to be stuck in a situation where your phone becomes a brick while traveling.