LG G4 coming April 28th, official invites begin rolling out

by: Andrew GrushMarch 30, 2015


With the Samsung Galaxy S6 and HTC One M9 official and on their way to the market in the near future, many folks are already turning their attention to what’s next — the LG G4. Up until now, LG hadn’t officially cemented a date for its big unveil, but now invites are going out for a special event on April 28th in New York, London, Paris, and on April 29th in Seoul, Singapore, and Istanbul.

The invite shows off what appears to be a notebook and bears the tagline: See the Great. Feel the Great.

The invite shows off what appears to be a notebook and bears the tagline “See the Great. Feel the Great”, with a “G” in the same font as LG’s G series logo. So what’s the tagline hinting at? It seems pretty likely they are planning some kind of visual change. One might think that the notebook might be hinting at some kind of faux leather, though it’s just as possible it could symbolize the company opening up a “new chapter”, whether that’s a metallic design, or the rumor of a more premium G4 “Note” device. Honestly, it could mean just about anything.

Turning to the rumor mill, while some rumors suggest LG will go with a premium metallic build, at least one rumor suggests LG will stick with plastic, saving metal for its rumored LG “G4 Note”. It’s still unclear if the “more upscale” flagship will debut next month alongside the G4, though LG has hinted that such a device is really in the works. Another possibility is that LG’s tagline could be referencing a switch to a curved design (as rumored by Korea Times), which would certainly make it feel and look differently than the G4’s predecessor.

Regardless of whatever LG brings to the table, we’ll be here to bring you all the latest news as it happens next month. What would you like to see from LG? Excited about the possibility of an even higher-end LG handset, possibly as direct competitor to the Galaxy Note series?

  • mystikalrush

    So it begins.

  • Kazahani

    Love my G3, really stoked for this.

    • We’ll be there to go hands on and deliver the best coverage, brother. Let us know what to look for in addition to our usual videos and articles!

      • Foramex

        It would be great if you would show the Screen On Time of the G4 while playing videos, for some reason no website does that although it’s THE most accurate measure of battery life.

        Also, return the drop tests!

  • Degus Jacoby Pradana

    Leather? Like Galaxy Note? Hmmmm

    • Jesus

      Glass? Like LG Nexus 4? Hmmm…
      Plastic? Like Samsung? Hmmm…
      Metal? Like garbage bin? Hmmm…


    • monkey god

      No, Leather like the Moto X. When did the Galaxy Note get leather?

      • Jesus

        The Note had ‘leather’ (plastic imitation)

  • Christian

    The G3 sucks it’s laggy, gets hot, can’t see in direct sunlight. I’d rather pick up a galaxy s6, M9 or a Note 5.

    NO LG for me!

    • galaxyNote4isBoss

      Honesty is always the best policy. LG will always be SAMSUNG’S little copying sister.

      • Mr james bunt

        Fuck you and Fuck your Samsung

      • Wow the galaxy s6 doesn’t look like the iPhone 6 at all :o

      • Oh and why doesn’t lg copy those unusefull features or that ugly design language or the ugly ui or the heart beat sensor?

        Just tell me one thing LG has copied from Samsung.

      • Sergio Arroyo

        is a black

      • squiddy20

        Do you have eyes? Because you clearly haven’t seen all the differences between any LG and Samsung phones of late. Either that, or you’re so blinded by your delusional fangirl hard-on for Samsung that you have your own reality distortion field.

    • Btort

      Touchwiz lags like hell, gtfo here

      • James Theodore Retuya

        own a note 4? or an s6? no? then you know nothing. so be a good nobody and shut up.

        • Jsp
        • Btort

          I came from a Note 4 you idiot, LG’s skin may not be perfect but touchwiz is definitely worst.

          • James Theodore Retuya

            sucks for you. either you’re bullshitting for the sake of hating, or you got a lemon, because my note 4 has never “lagged like hell”.

          • Btort

            Mine worked flawlessly on Dynamic Kat or Fire Kat rom, I’m only saying it lags like hell when compared to stock rom OR htc skin. Lying and arguing with someone seems pointless don’t you think?

            Anways when I installed Cyanogenmod it turned into a beast like it’s supposed to. It’s too bad nightly’s are still somewhat buggy and with cyanogenmod you sacrifice the samsung camera.

    • Fuck logic.

    • King4evr

      Your right. I’m never getting a lg phone again. Im still using my lg g2. It gets hot very often and the battery life sucks. There is a touchscreen problem, where it opens apps on its own and lg has not issued an update to fix. And BTW since Samsung has gracefully cleaned up touchwiz, lg has the most lag on their ui now. I can’t wait to get the note 5 or galaxy s7

      • Jsp

        LG G2 battery sucks? You must be using a faulty or fake variant.

        • King4evr

          No. Im actually on cloudy g3 because stock is too ugly and the launcher is too laggy. Might switch back to stock when sprint get lollipop

          • Chong Wen Hao

            The launcher is not laggy for me. But I must agree that the G2 has one of the ugliest UI.

    • mystikalrush

      You’re a bit misinformed. If you know how to tweak Android, you can make every animation extremely fast or off complete, ie. 0 lag. All phones get hot if you are stressing it and have poor connectivity, all phones will struggle in direct sunlight, but that isn’t to say it wont be visible, and no one is honestly going to stand in the sun light throughout the entirety of you owning said devices. Think, use practicality and reasoning.

  • TeeJay1100

    Looks like Lg switched with Samsung from last year!! I’m not impressed by LG nor do I expect anything from them.

  • galaxyNote4isBoss

    Can’t help but laugh LG HAS NO identity NO originality they lick all in Samsungs ass they are useless and so are there products.

    • Mr james bunt

      You and your fanboying sucking up Samsung ass. You should just Fuck yourself

    • Btort

      I like samsung but at least LG G series doesn’t have laggy TOUCHWIZ

      • LG skin was great upto g pro 2 but the new LG skin after G3 lags badly and home screen redraws are common. The g flex 2 is worse, read the reviews.

        I hope LG brings back the responsiveness in G4 and its a great product like the G2.

        • Jsp

          Yeah but the G2 skin is super ugly.. so hope they can make it fast and pretty looking.

          • Btort

            the g flex skin is horrible as well

        • Btort

          well coming from a s3, s4, s5, note 4 I’ve grown to hate touchwiz and hate the laggyness. Sad that an iphone 6 gives smoother experience than my note 4. sure there’s some lag but there’s a mod for that

      • keithtae

        Lg skin does lag tho. Sis g3 does lag from time to time.

        • Btort

          there’s a mod you can install to fix this

    • crisban


    • monkey god

      Your point holds no weight since you fail to site any examples to why they have “no identity” or “no originality”. They were the first in the Android market with QHD, OIS, knock-on feature, volume/power buttons on the back, and laser autofocusing. How’s that for no originality or identity?

    • Sqube

      You know the Galaxy S series started off the exact same way, right? Licking Apple’s ass until they figured out their own way and became the monsters they are now? Besides, they’ve branched out a bit. I don’t remember Samsung ever putting their power button the back of phones to present a pure glass slab in the front.

      Stop acting like copying the best in the business means you’re automatically trash. Copying and improving is literally how this whole thing works.

    • Jsp

      No originality like the Apple iPhone Galaxy S6

    • squiddy20

      Upvoting your own comment again? Wow, you must be “kool” (your spelling).

  • JMG

    LG is the best…i love the G lineup…better than the ugly galaxy line…the G line has show that LG has better disgn than sa.sung and that being LG is what people like…LGs g flex 2 screen is the best so far.

    • Haseeb

      It lags, we want the next LG phone to use fixed 810 processors, not underclocked ones

  • Antony Guan

    Only way that the G4 note will surpass the Note 5 is that the G4 Note needs to have as much or more productivity features then the upcoming Note 5

  • Chris

    use ART Android RunTime in programmers options or move to Lollipop, you will see zero lag.

  • JGaLaXY

    They have no originality? I’ve never owned an LG but come on…

    • DavidEssex


  • Ole fra trondheim

    This is my next phone. LG G2 have served me well. I also love how most people buy Samsung and Apple, which means most wont be carrying the same phone as me.

  • mrjayviper

    it’s not coming. It’s just being announced…

  • chadrt

    I want whatever is next to not have pixels along the screen edges to die off and turn yellow. Other than that i LOVE my G3