(Update: more screenshots) Here’s a first look at LG’s version of Android 5.0 Lollipop

by: Andrew GrushNovember 7, 2014


Update: Here are more screenshots showing LG’s Lollipop implementation, from Vietnamese website LGViet:


We’ve already had a peak (twice) at Samsung’s vision for its Touchwiz-enhanced version of Android 5.0 Lollipop, and now it seems to be LG’s turn. After LG Netherlands, LG Belgium and LG Germany all essentially confirmed that the G3 would see Lollipop this year, we now have a look at a work-in-progress build showing off LG’s take on Lollipop.

The most obvious Lollipop cues here are the notifications, which are clearly Android 5.0 card-based style. The interface also appears to have more of Lollipop’s shadows and animations. One big thing that is missing, however, is the Lollipop style navigation buttons. It is currently unclear whether or not LG plans to keep their current navigation buttons or if they will make the transition to the arguably Playstation-like buttons found on stock Android 5.0.

Reportedly the software screenshots shown above are from a reasonably far along build, and the Life is Good blog claims the update could begin rolling out in Europe in as little as a few weeks from now. What do you think of the likely-unfinished LG Lollipop build, based on these screenshots? Should LG make more obvious Lollipop and Material Design changes, or do you like the way it looks as-is?

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  • YeOldeRam

    so blessed I got a oneplus one so I don’t need to deal with android lollipop over a skin (touchwiz looks like crap too)

    • Vitor Silva

      Man, you must be proud of yourself.

      • YeOldeRam

        you bet

        • Stefan Kovachev

          And knowing CM it will be at least 4 months for the first barely working nightly and at least 6-8 months to the first stable.

          • datallboy

            Nexus FTW.

          • Toss3


          • Gabi Dipla

            Or Moto x/g…

          • Giovan Battista Zane

            oneplus also have an official aosp project lool

          • Individual

            You don’t do nightlies for the Oneplus One, you wait for an OTA Update.
            OTA Updates are stable, and Oneplus promised an Android 5.0 update in the next 90 days.

          • moew

            Do you need another invite to get the lollipop OTA?

            You might “get it” on aosp in 90 days, but yeah, was there a promise that it would be fully functional?

          • Individual

            Lol you’re kinda butthurt aren’t you?

            Cyanogenmod has a very good reputation, no need to trash it because the hardware company failed badly with delivering the actual product to the customers.

          • Duy Pham

            idk dude. i got rid of OPO cause the company failed to deliver some promises.

          • Individual

            OPO =/= Cyanogen. The former is for hardware, the latter is for software. One side is not held responsible for the other’s failure.

          • John

            Except the people at Cyanogen Inc. now have a payroll.

        • Sayed

          yall need to stop arguing about bullshit

    • +1

    • pritish

      You’re a really lucky man……… to have not died of an heart attack when you came to know you had a oneplus in the first place

      • Had Enough With the BS

        the epitome of poorly executed millennial pipe (crack) dreams

  • This looks good!

    • Constellation

      What? your hair???

      • Jastine Rejuso

        dem. smoooooth

      • Kiran MP

        May be she ;)

    • Aria Radiktya

      indeed you are

  • Ivailo Yanev

    Noting general but still it looks great :)

  • Dimitrios Pandioras

    All the OEM skins I’ve seen of Android L look great. I just want devs to update their icons already!

  • Stock Android

    Same shit.

  • G3rules

    As a LG G3 user, I already see a lot of the material design on apps like calendar, contacts, etc. The new buttons on the L look weird to me, I rather keeping the old ones. Keen to update though!

  • Jastine Rejuso

    This actually looks good. My bet is this will just be as good (if not better) as HTC or Sony’s skins. Really, only Samsung is left behind. I like the functionality of touchwiz tho, just not its crappy looks.

    • MasterMuffin

      LG’s skin is the better version of TW :)

      • Tom-Helge Andersen

        In which way?

        • crutchcorn

          In every way. :P

          • Tom-Helge Andersen

            That didn’t answer my question.

            Android 5.0 Lollipop looks as good or even better on the Galaxy S5 here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VtqLiM_UyOo

          • crutchcorn

            I know that didn’t answer your question honestly. So I’m sorry, here’s your honest answer:

            Touchwiz is ugly.


            But hey, I enjoyed the music in the video at lease.

          • crutchcorn

            Seriously though, did a random google for why others agree with me – found this reddit


          • Tom-Helge Andersen

            If you didn’t take what i said, i said that TouchWiz is as good or maybe even better than LG’s UI. If TouchWiz is as good as LG’s UI while LG’s UI is shit, then yeah, then TouchWiz’s UI is about the same.

            Both of them doesn’t looks good tbh. It’s just that the UI between them aren’t better than each others.

          • crutchcorn

            But that’s a point I disagree with. I see the diffferences between them and like LG’s take better. I get that you might like TW better and that’s fine. I’m just yanking your chain by repeating how much they suck. Might be my opionion – doesn’t make it right though.

          • Anonymousfella

            Thats a nice subreddit. Best answer I found for why TW looks horrible:
            “It’s like the PC port of call of duty: goats, essentially”

          • crutchcorn


          • Tom-Helge Andersen

            LG’s UI is also ugly.

          • crutchcorn

            And yet I perfer it over TW.

          • Tom-Helge Andersen

            That’s a totally different story though.

          • crutchcorn

            Not really… You and I just have different tastes in Aesthetics. I like the way LG’s looks (not the best on Lollipop, but still alright in my book)

          • Havoktek

            Mock up….fake…Not official

          • Tom-Helge Andersen

            It’s not fake. It’s just an early test release. If you don’t believe me, then just read this: http://www.sammobile.com/2014/10/02/exclusive-preview-android-l-on-samsung-galaxy-s5/

          • Tjaldid

            There is no symmetry there every app looks like it has its own design language and there are some cheap 5.0 elements in there like the circular create message button aka hideous

          • Chris Kalos

            No. Just no. TouchWiz ruins everything it touches. Or should I say, anything it TouchWiz… HUEHUEHUEH–

            Anyway, TouchWiz overshadows the actual UI of the OS, and bloats it so bad that it’s unrecognizable. And I’m not for that.

          • Tom-Helge Andersen

            You are overdramatizing TouchWiz to the levels of facepalm. Just saying. TouchWiz have never been better than it is on the Galaxy Note 4 now. And it will be even better in Android 5.0 Lollipop.

          • Chris Kalos

            It takes Note 4 level hardware to run it correctly, and even then it still lags from time to time. There’s just no reason for it to be so laggy, if they re-made it from scratch and made their apps more lightweight I would probably not hate it so much.

        • MasterMuffin

          I see that you’ve already discussed this with Crutchcorn, but let me just add: the Lollipop TW is horrribly designed, every app looks different with random full screen ones (like the calculator). Both TW and LG’s skin are full of useless features and have similar things, but IMO LG has done a better job overall

          • Jastine Rejuso

            I agree with you. LG has done a better job than Samsung especially on design consistency. I still think both of them have too much “candy color” but LG is more toned down.

          • crutchcorn


      • Groud Frank

        LG’s skin IS TouchWiz. You people have conditioned yourself to hate TW to the point where you have convinced yourself that TW is the root of all evil in the Android world and nothing good can come from it. If this was TW I will bet my last dollar that you would ahve something negative to say about it.

        • MasterMuffin

          I don’t hate TW so don’t go spending your last dollars on something like this ;P

    • frhow

      Sony really dont skin anymore. And I bet HTC will move more closer to stock UI given all of their proprietary apps can be downloaded now. This is a step ahead of TW but both are still pretty ugly and I currently own a G3.

      • Jastine Rejuso

        Sony may have the lightest skin amongst other OEMs. I just hope they all tone down their skins and go Motorola route especially with Lollipop update as it could get really messy when Material Design isn’t implemented well. (See GS5 Lollipop video). I agree with you, this is still “not there” in terms of design but LG is on the right path, i think.

  • IGnoTon

    It’s OK, but LG’s skin looks dated (tabs in app drawer remind of ICS, and soft buttons are still the same), overall the whole Launcher looks like modified from ICS. Would much rather see an updated Kitkat or lollipop style launcher (with new, sweet animations)

    • Victoria

      Totally agree with you, I hoped lg could do better than their KitKat UI but this is disappointing.

      • frhow

        Exactly!! I dont know who thinks this looks good. Especially given how good Lollipop Stock UI looks.

  • Thilan

    it looks sucks without navigation button change

    • MasterMuffin

      it looks sucks?

    • moew

      it looks sucks?

    • Captain Spaulding

      it looks sucks?

      • crutchcorn

        it looks sucks?

        • Captain Spaulding

          it sucks looks?

          • crutchcorn

            Wait… Spaulding has done it twice now… 0.o We’ve got a COMMMMMBOBOOOO BREEAEAAAKKKER over here!

          • ani keth

            it looks sucks …!

          • crutchcorn

            Oh good. It’s still going. Nevermind people! Stop the civil unrest!

          • Anonymousfella

            4 people asking the same thing?! Chaos in the building!

          • crutchcorn

            No no no. It’s the people that arn’t asking the same thing that should be the cause of choas

    • Mike Dye

      It does looks sucks….

  • Lukáš Pávl

    It looks messy and pretty outdated. But still better than TouchWiz…

  • Dimitri

    They really need to change the navigation bar icons to match the flat ui. The old ones are just too precise and detailed.

    • Kevin Ranara


    • Mike Dye

      With the LG G3 you can customize the on screen nav buttons. Maybe there will be options :)

      • ash


  • SBDutchie

    I really want the buttons to change to the Android 5.0 style buttons! The card-style notifications look sick already…

  • leadfoote

    Peek not peak.

  • Captain Spaulding

    LG G2 with a “PlayStation-like” navbar.

    • Jumperone

      how u did it? I have G2 too ;]

    • John Garlits


    • VAVA Mk2


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      • Captain Spaulding

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        • Hundred

          Nah, he’s right. It looks horrible.

          • Captain Spaulding

            40 upvotes say something different, troll.

          • DipJDeK

            Once ugly always ugly

          • Captain Spaulding

            That must bewhat your mom said about you.

          • Ali Al-Dhalemi

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          • Captain Spaulding

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          • Captain Spaulding

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          • Ali Al-Dhalemi

            I only called you his twin. And by the way, forgot to mention this but that screenshot you posted looks worse than shit. Which dark end of the internet did you get that from?

          • Captain Spaulding

            Exactly. You’re nothing more than a troll and this conversation is over. And by the way, I’m sure that my screenshot looks better than your home screen.

          • Ali Al-Dhalemi

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          • Captain Spaulding

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          • Captain Spaulding

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  • jon

    At least its a start with the lollipop update and it could be out in a few weeks not bad LG

  • Jesus Morin

    I don’t like it, I feel like they need better changes, more material design.

  • Yousef


  • Abhishek Singh

    Looks good, but I have to say with with Lollipop giving us a new look, looks like I will for at least some time leave icon packs and launchers to get the stock feel, will get back to them later.( I own a Moto G 2nd Gen).

    Also, not wanting to nitpick, at the start, it should be peek and not peak*.

  • And the more and more I see how all of these OEM’s are going to butcher Android 5.0 the more glad that I am to be one of the many moving onto the Nexus 6.

  • And the idiot above is showing a screenshot with a reference to DHL Express shipment.. Which reveals that it was shipped from Krakow to Warszawa, and the person who signed for it etc etc..

  • frhow

    Smh this confirms I will be ditching this G3 for the N6. I am so tired of skins. Lollipop is already beautiful. Why skin it up. Change up default icons and wallpapers and include all of your special features as merely apps that can be downloaded. There really is no need for skins anymore. Or at least make to where you can completely shut off the skin theme if a user wants a pure Android experience. But honestly this makes lollipop look ugly.

  • turdbogls

    not exactly what I would call good, but not terrible. I like that they Hid the quick settings until another pull on the notification area (just like Lollipop) but I hate that they are sticking with their light blue and white theme everywhere else, as well as the nav buttons.

    I have a G2, which is getting this eventually. I’m just more excited for a stock android port. but this looks pretty promising that they will at least be SOMEWHAT quick with their update.

  • Jay

    That barely looks any different, just the notifications. And I already use Heads Up anyway. I want a Nexus 6!!!

  • Paolo

    My G3 got stolen. :(

  • John Garlits

    The black background and white notification cards are not really gelling together. Seems like a recipe for blindness when checking your phone at night. I think if they’re going to skin, skin it all dark. One thing I’m not so excited about with Android L is everything is white, which is not always great at night and is perhaps an unnecessary drain on battery. Or at least they should make a choice and be consistent with light and dark backgrounds. Ideally, the user could pick one way or the other, or they could do something cool like contextual background color.

    • Tjaldid

      That’s what auto adjusting brightness is for

      • John Garlits

        Oh, really? Does it work perfectly on all devices? And is it relevant to the point I made? Why have both very dark and very light in the notification shade? Besides lot looking good, it can be problematic if auto brightness does not work well (was hyperactive on my G2, only goes so dim on my M8). Maybe this scheme is more for the G3 whose screen is not that bright. I mean, really, I hope this isn’t the finished version. The volume indicator is white, so why not do the same with the notification sliders? At least, it should be consistent.

  • deBona

    I wonder why they keep adding the volume control to the notifications center. It’s worse than useless since it takes so much space and you can (and mostly do) bring it out with the volume keys anyway. That, and the size of the settings icons are quite the flaws. The nav buttons too.

  • Lilith_Black

    I do hope that LG will have a much better looking and cohesive aesthetics for its lollipop UI.
    The cards look horribly out of place on the original kitkat hold design (a little more redesign based on Material Design guidelines please?). I have always preferred what OEMS offered like the toggles ribbon and the stock calendar and email before lollipop. Now, I find myself using Google apps instead. (The material design really works though I wish the calendar came with a proper split view of month with agenda below for phones:It’s such a waste of screen estate like the G3.) I think that LG could keep aesthetics of the UI MUCH more stock like and tweaking their apps to adhere more to Material Design guidelines.

  • crutchcorn

    I was a fan of the G3 skin (in comparison to the G2) but this… No

    • rocketlog

      Same here. I love the G3 UI a lot. But those screenshots above, just look weird. I’m hoping they just haven’t gotten to the UI redesign yet and are still just testing out the functionality.

      • crutchcorn

        Same! We can only hope

  • Scott Ricketts

    And this is why I run CM on my G2. Great hardware but the LG UI is a step away from TW for making me pull my hair out in frustration. This just looks awful.

    • rocketlog

      Having switched between G3-based and AOSP-based ROMs on my G2 a few times, I actually prefer using the G3-based ROMs,

      • Captain Spaulding

        CloudyG3 2.0 here

    • rocketlog

      But yeah, the screenshots in the article look weird.

  • This looks odd to me. Stock is much better, I’ve been using the dev previews for a while and they look great (mostly the second one).

    • rocketlog

      I’m guessing those screenshots are for an early test build that focuses on the functionality first.

  • Android Developer

    Why do they put a notification for NFC being turned on? It barely uses the battery…
    There is almost no space for the icons. Even the battery needs extra space for the numbers…
    Also, can anyone please tell me what’s the text that’s written below the volume bar? Is it for temporary silencing the volume (don’t remember what it’s called) ?

  • photoRew Andy

    I make my own navigation buttons, via G2 Exposed.. Don’t know if this will work with Lollipop, yet. but personally, I prefer a more subtle style.

  • Will Ś.

    I’ve always felt LG makes better version of Samsung products. Its a shame the LG G3 wasn’t a clone of the GS5 like the LG G2 was to the GS4 – they actually made a better Galaxy!

  • Ben Evans

    I’d much rather it be closer to stock. I don’t mind my G3 skin, but I still prefer stock.

  • czaplin

    G3 with Lollipop nav bar.

  • Steve Davis

    If that’s it then I think I will stick to my rooted KK build that had all the nice Andriod L tweaks via a launcher, custom kb and a few other tweaks.

  • Jastine Rejuso

    Please just include the stock recents screen. (is that what it’s called?)

  • CW3


  • Ahmed

    People seriously think this is better looking than touchwiz ?

    • Klejdi90


  • This is their 4.4.x release with a few changes. I can’t see myself sticking with this software. And sadly CyanogenMod is terrible these days too.

  • ash

    I hate the signal bar,

  • Vincent Valdez

    Jesus Christ you guys are annoying -_- every android skin on lollipop will be good, if it’s ugly there’s bound to be skins for it. The g3 skin was whack but mine looks like stock android now with a home theme and skin for pulldown.. At least we beat iOS in smoothness. The one thing they used to beat us in.

  • Abhishek Reddy Kunati


  • Chris Kalos

    I like it! Very close to stock, keeps the sweetness of Material Design, unlike SOME COMPANIES *death glare at Samsung*

  • iJutsu .

    Did anybody with a Nexus 5 get an update already? Did Google even start rolling them out?

  • Neemish Chavan

    hey will lg g3 beat or mini ll get android l update