Lenovo launches the S90 “Sisley”, a blatant copy of Apple’s iPhone 6

by: Jimmy WestenbergNovember 5, 2014


It isn’t often that we see a huge device manufacturer rip off a competitor. Sure, we’ve seen iPhone copies in the past, but this one comes from the third largest handset maker in the world, Lenovo. Today, the company released the Lenovo S90 “Sisley”, a 5-inch phone with a Super AMOLED 720p screen, a thickness of only 6.9mm, and an incredible amount of inspiration from the most recent flagship by Apple.

Putting comparisons aside, the S90 is a seemingly good device. It offers a quad-core Qualcomm processor, 1GB of RAM, 2,300mAh battery, a 13MP rear-facing camera, an 8MP front-facing camera, and ships with Android 4.4.4 KitKat. This one is available exclusively in China (for now, anyway), and retails for 1,999 RMB, or around $330 US dollars. The cheap price and decent specifications aren’t the only reasons this phone is making headlines, though.

With the launch of this device, Lenovo basically has ripped off Apple. It’s odd to see them, being the huge device manufacturer that they are, take so much “inspiration” from another company. The way the S90 is presented on the website and in the official images is proof enough. Here, take a look:

Lenovo S90 collage

Nearly identical wallpaper: check. Same reflection, color, and angle: check. While not nearly as identical, here is another comparison image below:

Lenovo S90 2

It’s easy to see that Lenovo has taken another company’s idea and copied it. But what we’re wondering is, why? Why does Lenovo, a company that doesn’t need to do anything of the sort and has an established reputation, stoop to this level? Come on, Lenovo. You’re better than that. Still, we suppose there is a market for such a device in China.

What are your thoughts on the S90? Though this is a China-only phone for now, is it still a big deal? Or do you feel there are enough differences to set this apart from Apple’s design language? Let us know what you think in the comments.

Update: More photos illustrating how similar this phone really is to the iPhone. Whether that’s a good or bad thing is up to you.



  • Qbancelli

    Are you an Apple fanboy?

    Why would you be so up in arms that someone makes a device similar to the iPhone?

    • Jake

      LOL it’s a bit more than similar…

    • Marcus

      Well, just think of it. We android lovers look down on iphone users, that’s why we don’t really like when a big company such as Lenovo rips off a product we “hate”. It’s not only that actually, I have a friend that has the iphone 6, the design is shit in my opinion… older iphones were better lol

      • jeroen

        Why would you look down on someone who prefers another phone than you do? Don’t you see that is a bit sad? Have you considered the possibility not everyone is looking for the same thing in a phone? I have been designing interfaces and doing programming in different languages for 20 years so I’m hardly computer illiterate and I prefer the iPhone over an Android phone. I could explain why, but I don’t think you and your superiority complex aren’t really interested in other viewpoints. Right?

        • Marcus

          The stereotyped iPhone user is dumb and I often find it to be true, that’s my reason to look down on people. I’m also a programmer in the making and a designer too, so I too am not computer illiterate. I didn’t like iOS UI until iOS 7, basically when they realized android is better. I don’t like Apple’s limitations and ecosystem, nor their philosophy and pricing. I do realize the iPhone is well optimized and works fine, but still it was made mainly for people who have no idea what they’re doing whereas Android suits well geeky needs. And to answer your last question, I probably won’t understand your reasons if they’re not solid

          • NetMage

            Actually it is designed for those that prefer elegant functionality and plain functioning over customizability and flexibility. As an actuall programmer, I have always preferred it.

    • Captain Canada

      That’s because he appreciates design and innovation, if the Galaxy S was considered by some as “a blatant rip off” I have no idea how to describe this. iPhone 6 with Android? He isn’t a fanboy and when you say that you’re automatically discredited yourself.

      • Qbancelli

        I asked IF he was an Apple fanboy.

        I think YOU automatically discredited yourself.

        • Captain Canada

          lol you definitely upvoted your own comment

      • BD1971

        The Galaxy S was considered to be “a blatant rip off”. Remember all those stupid lawsuits that Apple had against Samsung. Taking them to court because the phone was rectangle.

        • Cheese

          It was considered a blatant ripoff by morons. It looked nothing like an iphone, including that BIG HUGE SAMSUNG on the front of it…

          • jay

            So the only difference was the “BIG HUUUUUGE SAMSUNG” on the front?

            Wow everyone on this site was right YOU TRULY ARE A MORON.

          • Cheese

            Everyone on this site huh? You honestly think I care what you, or other Apple tools think of me? LOL! No, I really don’t. And it still doesn’t look like an iPhone and never had. But of course, what Apple tells you, you just lap it up like the good little sheep you are.

        • jay

          I’m old enough to remember when phones were not touchscreen “rectangle”. Go play with your iPhoney little kid.

    • Sky

      you don’t have to be an apple fanboy to see lenovo’s amazing design inspirations lol.. this is copy/paste and an ugly one at that.

    • James

      What I got from the article is it is not only the handset itself being so similar but the marketing and it’s overall presentation is a close copy of Apple. I’m an Android guy here. I agree should be more creative…

      • Anonymousfella

        They even copied their wallpaper. I mean c’mon…

        • Guest

          Oh, come on. . . that’s the funny part, frackin hilarious!

      • jay

        But yet you will give Sammy a pass for copying Apple’s desing and marketing right down to the actors.

    • Alex

      Everytime I read a comment like yours I cringe, I had hoped that this Immature type of fanboy didn’t exist in the android world. Lenovo copied apples design, period. You don’t need to be an apple fanboy to see this, and just because you’re a fan of android, like most of us here, you don’t have to deny that. Accept what is in front of your eyes, don’t be an idiot.

      • Alex

        And if you can’t see what’s wrong with a large company like lenovo copying the design on another to this standard, then there’s obviously something wrong with you.

        • Anonymousfella

          Although I agree its wrong to copy a design so blatantly, Lenovo is doing because of demand for such a phone from Chinese consumers. That feels even more wrong to me…

          • Just_Banlas

            It wouldn’t seem wrong to if you were Chinese, the target customer. The Chinese could give a crap about whether things are copied. If they can have a good copy of an iPhone so they can look like they are one of the cool ones or like someone who can afford one, and still pay half the price, then why not? They simply aren’t burdened by the same moral dilemmas as are more civilized peoples with those pesky moral compasses and consciences.

          • JustSteve

            So you’re saying the Chinese are less civilized?

          • Guest

            No, he’s just acknowledging that China is the world leader in piracy, at least in quantity. Russia causes the most damage with their piracy, but piracy happiness less often in Russia than in China.

          • Just_Banlas

            No, JustSteve. You must have some reading comprehension problems. I’d explain it to you, but something tells me it’s just not worth my time…

          • JustSteve

            “They simply aren’t burdened by the same moral dilemmas as are more civilized peoples”

          • Just_Banlas

            Don’t you have something more important to do than pester adults?

          • JustSteve

            I still haven’t found any adults to pester…

          • harlekkin

            Have you been to China? Depends how you define civilised, but…

          • flimbus

            Civilized is the wrong word, but judging from recent media tides and currents, the Chinese leadership seems increasingly convinced of their world superiority in all matters, including the manufacture of goods. As evidence they can rightfully cite their near-total appropriation of the once-dominant American manufacturing infrastructure. Which is likely to make the very existence of Apple a serious thorn in their side, for Apple continues to do something the Chinese are still unable to do: namely, the cutting-edge integration of product design and technology. This must be annoying as hell when you’re convinced that a) America is washed up while b) you’re on the fast track to rule the world. So the emerging strategy over there now seems to be to copy Apple as hard as they can – right down to the CEO wardrobe – and hope that by doing so Apple will eventually dry up so the Chinese can then rewrite history by claiming they invented the modern smartphone and everything that goes with it.

        • Emile’sGhost

          Don’t be a douche bag your entire life.

          • Alex

            I’ll try, pretty difficult when there’s people like you around though ;)

      • Guest

        If apple can copy others, turnaround is fair play :)

        • Michael Stair

          Apple copies ideas not design. Everyone copies ideas. Apple takes others ideas and makes them better. That’s why Apple is so successful they try to put out a product that everything works flawlessly. Doesn’t always happen though. But remember what phones looked like before the iPhone and say who copied who. Yes I have an iPhone and no I am not a fanboy. I like both OS. To say Apple copies is stupid. Just like saying Google copies. Both brought big things to the table and android manufactures like this bring a bad name to android for copying. No personal inspirations.

          • BD1971

            Yes saying Android copies is stupid because Apple has been copying Android features for the last couple years. Android features are all over IOS. And if you have to tell people your not an Apple fan boy then you are.

          • Geez is it that argument again?

          • Michael Stair

            No I am not I owned both htc one m7 and m8. Some of the best phones ever used and probably my absolute favorite phones. As I said they both copy one another android is full of iOS like stuff as well. It goes both ways. That’s how you make an OS better by implementing things from others that can make your OS better and draw people from that OS. But that’s completely off topic point is these stupid Chinese manufactures just rip off iPhones instead of crafting their own phone is pure laziness especially by a huge company like Lenovo

          • KID ANDROID

            What did Android copy from IOS exactly?

          • divebus

            Umm….. THE ENTIRE CONCEPT?

          • Cheese

            So, then, Apple copied the PHONE concept right? Right?

          • divebus

            If you haven’t noticed, these devices are first and foremost pocketable computers. They also make old fashioned phone calls.

          • Cheese

            No shit!?!?!? I didn’t know that! Thanks for enlightening me! /s

          • divebus

            Clearly, you did miss that point based on your dumb comment.

          • Cheese

            Clearly I didn’t, I was just poking fun at your idiocy thinking I didn’t know that. Speaking of dumb comments ^^^^

          • jay

            Clearly you DON’T know that…

          • BlueBoomPony

            The whole fucking OS concept you pig ignorant geek shit. The Android developers admit to going back to the drawing board when the first iPhone was revealed. THEY ADMIT IT! They were just doing a fancier feature phone until that point. Look it up, you blithering know nothing filth sack.

          • Craig M

            I feel like I’m literally catching genital herpes reading these comments. Also, sup Gruber.

          • Cheese

            They copied the OS concept from Apple?…..um. Wow. How ignorant are you?

          • pjs_boston

            Here you go.

          • Cheese

            And what is your point exactly? I have seen these 1000 times, again, how did they copy an OS concept? Apple didn’t create the fucking OS concept. Such ignorance.

          • divebus

            Cheese must be a trollbot. No human is that dumb.

          • Cheese

            “No human is that dumb.” Yet, here you are . Irony at it’s finest.

          • divebus

            Thanks for confirming Cheese is a trollbot.

          • Cheese

            Thanks for confirming you are a fucking idiot.

          • divebus

            Show me a single intelligent word you’ve added here. There isn’t one, and the nanny nanny boo boo comebacks aren’t working. You’ll always be a failure until you smarten up. Good luck.

          • Cheese

            Fucks given about your worthless opinion of me? 0. I’m doing just fine.

          • Cheese

            Not sure where my post to this went, but so what? Again, Apple didn’t create the concept of an OS. This picture is just that, a picture.

          • pjs_boston

            The entire user interaction model of Android was lifted with little or no modification from iOS. You can deny the truth all you want, the facts don’t change.

          • Cheese

            Considering it’s not a fact….I’ll let you figure out the rest.

          • pjs_boston

            The depths of phandroid denial boggle the rational mind.

          • Cheese

            How ironic you would say that….

          • divebus

            Android started out looking like a Blackberry until January 2007 when the phone makers of the world got their asses handed to them by Apple.

          • jay

            It’s a FACT. How many damn facts do we have to throw at you before you admit you’re wrong?


          • Cheese

            Do you actually know what “fact” means?

          • jay

            Good job moving the goal posts ;)

          • jay

            THANK YOU!! I’ve been looking for the original Android photo!!

            Look at that ugly Blackberry knockoff!!

          • Cheese

            Apple didn’t create the OS concept, and that 55 people up-voted this ignorance is astounding.

          • Michael Stair

            Exactly what divebus said the entire concept. Android improved on what iOS started. Then Google branched off into their own. Google made android to compete with iOS so what they did was copy. But as I said they made it there own. They also copied Siri with Google now. But Google now works better cause they had a better concept. Its not just android it’s mainly manufacturers like Samsung who rip people’s ideas. Like blink feed from htc. First thing Samsung does is make their own. Same with fingerprint scanner. Apple didn’t invent it but Samsung jumped on the bandwagon as soon as they used it. But difference between Samsung and Lenovo is Samsung changes up the idea to make it their own.

          • Chris

            Your last sentence is genius!!

          • Cheese

            Motorola used a fingerprint years ago, Apple copied it then eh? Some of you and your arguments need to be tossed in the trash right where they belong.

          • Michael Stair

            The whole thing you wrote is stupid and needs to tossed away. Please tell me where I said Apple invented fingerprint scanning in phones? i didn’t. Learn to read before you make dumb comments. I even said even though Apple didn’t invent it. But no Samsung didn’t copy how unlike them to follow what everyone else is doing. You know as well as I do that the only reason Samsung did is cause Apple did. No one ever said “Hey, Motorola did a good fingerprint scanner in their phone lets copy.” It wasn’t any good.

          • Cheese

            The whole 1 line I wrote….. grow up. Don’t be such a butt-hurt fan-boy. It’s pathetic.

          • Michael Stair

            What makes me a fanboy? That lack of knowledge you have? Or the fact that I’m right? I’m no fanboy Im just not ignorant on the whole situation at hand. The story is Lenovo copied Apple without a doubt. You say something completely stupid about Apple copying. Before you make a biased opinion read my other posts on the matter before you flap your gums and sound like complete retard. I stated all my opinions before about Apple and what they use of others but they make it there own way. Lenovo did no such thing. Mimicking ads and everything. Pathetic excuse of a company of that stature.

          • Cheese

            “before you flap your gums and sound like complete retard.” Oh the irony….

            “That lack of knowledge you have?” Ah, more irony.

            “I stated all my opinions” Good for you, worthless opinions but good for you.

          • Michael Stair

            Irony? Well that’s funny cause everything I stated was fact. An opinion is like saying “Oh, android is the best operating system.” That’s an opinion. Saying people copy is trying to state facts. But the topic was completely stealing apples ideas. It’s basically plagiarism for a company like Lenovo. It’s pathetic that your defending by attacking Apple. Big or small company, the company needs to put in the work stop the laziness.

          • Cheese

            I don’t know what “facts” you think you proved but you didn’t state any “facts”, it’s all conjecture. Nothing more. But hey, keep thinking you are providing “facts”, LOL

          • Michael Stair

            Ha listen cheddar all I see you doing is talking out your ass you just starting shit with people. My “facts” you say is all conjecture is in the article above. Lenovo copied. It’s perfectly clear in the pictures above. Probably didn’t read the article at all. That your blind by your hatred toward Apple that you just been running your mouth. If you want facts about anything else look it up and educate yourself. And yes I said in right cause i am right. I actually read articles. All you did is quote me and say LOL and say it’s opinion yet you haven’t made a point once.

          • Cheese

            “Or the fact that I’m right? I’m no fanboy Im just not ignorant on the whole situation at hand.”

            Sure you aren’t… I don’t know what you think are “right” on… again, conjecture. Nothing more.

          • jay

            A fandroid calling someone else a “butt-hurt”. THE IRONY!!

          • yas

            Fundamental input, design and sole of new mobile platform ‘iPhone’. e.g; Inertial scroll, spring board, pinch to zoom, apps/os work flow etc… These concepts used in coherent manner was unique idea of Apple, no mobile phone platform was designed like that before, now everything looks like iteration of iPhone…

            First iteration of Anroid look like BB OS, after Apple iPhone, it copies all key concepts… I am surprise how can you cannot see that???

          • pjs_boston


          • jay

            THE ENTIRE OS.

            How old are you dude? 11?
            If you’re over 18 I can’t forgive you.

          • Sarpent

            The 90s called and they want their “Apple fanboy” term back.

            Apple has sold just about a half-billion iPhones. Calling someone who uses and likes one a fanboy just makes you look stupid.

          • Cheese

            They will deny this to their death, sad isn’t it?

          • jay

            Yeah the proof is right in front of them and they’ll still deny the facvt Android copied iPhone. Oh Well…

            Google’s CEO before Android:


          • Cheese

            It didn’t but keep believing it…

          • jay

            Are you 12?

            THE ENTIRE ANDROID OS was ripped off from Apple by Giggle backstabbers.

            They had a sneak peak on the iPhone and behind Steve Jobs back copied every single element they could find. Sammy only made it worse.

            Even Eric Schitt was quoted saying “This product is gonna be hot!!” when referring to iPhone.

            Apple made Giggle MILLIONS tripling their profits and made them an even bigger corporation. Apple partnered with those scumbags and made them huge profits in return.

            Every android feature is an extension of iPhone software. Just read the “Mana Liza” analogy above.
            NOTHING original about Droid and everything Apple makes is to improve their own experience.

            Being knowledgable DOES NOT make anyone a fanboy it just shows that YOU are.

          • James_75

            I don’t think it brings a bad name to Android since Android is open source anyone can use it. They don’t force anyone to copy, almost identically in this case, anyone else’s hardware. This bothers me so much that I may not buy a Motorola device ever again.

          • jay

            Then don’t buy any Android device ever again:

          • Prakash Pawar

            Yes apple copied design the lines on iPhone 6 is copied from Meizu MX4

          • Michael Stair

            I fail to see the similarities that Apple would have even copied. Especially from a Chinese manufacturer who makes MOST their money copying iPhones for the Chinese. He’ll even their operating system looks like iOS. They even go as far as to try to act like Apple as well. Just putting it out their. I have little respect for android manufactures but the ones I do make me really appreciate what android can do. But no not knock offs.

          • jay

            lol! What an ignorant Fandroid.

        • Guesttseug123321

          I remember the days when we said “oh this phone looks like that one” and it ends there. Apple has certainly open a can of worms when they decide to create a cult like culture in the mobile world.

        • jay


      • Seth Jefferies

        Could not agree with Alex more, this is shameful for Lenovo. It’s just not good business in any form.

        • price

          Seth, there’s a saying that “you can learn more from your enemy tham a fool from your friend”. Keep that on mind.. its business

          • Seth Jefferies

            I don’t need to keep it in mind, looking at the “similarities” they didn’t learn from Apple, they took their ideas and employed them as their own. What you should keep in mind is that a court of law in the United States would order Lenovo to change their tactics and stop selling the device. It won’t launch in the USA because Lenovo knows this, so they’ll keep it in China and other countries that won’t order that they cease distribution of it.
            What they have done here is nothing short of theft. Its shameful.

      • Qbancelli

        There are a lot of other things in this world to get upset about than someone copying the iPhone.
        This guy and you, shithead, seem to be deeply offended.
        Get a life!

        • Alex

          Hahahaha why are you so angry at me? I don’t even…

        • Atlas

          Guess what? If this stuff is not important I’m wondering what you are doing here. Read the title of the article again, look yourself into a mirror, put your finger on your mouth and say ad infinitum : “shhhhhhh”.

        • alpa

          Why do android fanboys on this site suffer so much from anger management issues, I understand they exist in both camps but seriously this guys insecurity is hilarious.

      • BlueBoomPony

        Didn’t exist in… ??? Are you living in a bunker? Every Apple article on the web is turned into a war zone by scumbag, shithead Android geeks and their vast arsenal of personality disorders. These OCD piles of filth can’t stand the existence of a tech company that doesn’t bother to cater to their stink ridden niche of misogyny and racism. They are the scum of the Internet, braying manbabies who need a good solid crotch punch on an hourly basis.

        • Alex

          This certainly exists in every market, I just hoped this level of shitheadedness didn’t exist in the Android world, most android geeks seem to be vastly more mature and less likely to talk shit just because of some bullshit brand loyalty, like Qbancelli, and your comments.

        • Cheese

          “Every Android article on the web is turned into a war zone by scumbag,
          shithead Macolyte geeks and their vast arsenal of personality disorders”


    • Crapplesx

      Poor Jimmy, he sounds like an Apple fanboy.

    • Atlas

      This is not similar, it’s… a blatant copy, as the article says.

    • foljs

      Because he’s a fanboy for originallity and creativity?

  • Kelly

    Not a copy, but an improvement. The OS on the Lenovo is way better than IOS.

    • Stachura5

      The phone overall looks better than the iPhone 6

    • Mike Bastable

      69 likes…..suckers, lol.

    • Merckel

      ….says the guy who probably wears a Bolex watch. lol

    • BlueBoomPony

      Another geek manbaby braying his ignorance.

    • jose

      all the credit goes to HTC.

      • pjs_boston

        HTC copied the original iPhone…

        • Cheese

          Seriously? Get fucking real dude. Grow up, it’s a fucking company who only cares about your money. Stop being such a tool for Apple.

          • pjs_boston

            How about you? Total dupe for Google.

          • Cheese

            And you would be wrong, not the first time a Macolyte would be wrong.

          • pjs_boston

            Do you ever get tired of being a douchebag?

          • Cheese

            Considering you don’t know me, the only douchebag I see here is ^^^^^

          • jay

            Right? Just Look at yourself! Thanks for the laugh!!

          • jay

            Macolyte sounds nice. But MACs are computers. You don’t know much about Apple do you?

          • igorsky

            Says the guy who’s sucking off Samsung.

          • Cheese

            Considering I don’t have a Samsung, yea, totally. Moron.

          • jay

            Says the tool for iPhoneys.

        • WTF?? Go see a doctor…how does this look like HTC??

      • jimb

        exactly. apple copied htc dorks. and for fucks sake, its just a variation on a flat rectangular fucking brick

        • jay

          Which Apple invented.

          • Toss3

            No they did not.

    • They say not to read the comments, but why miss out on this purest form of comedy?

    • The hardware and marketing are copied. But your thorough OS comparison convinced me Lenovo aren’t copying somehow.

    • flye

      The fanboys power here is over 9000!!!

    • Libscansuckmyass

      LOL. Funniest thing I read all day. How’s mom’s basement?

      • Cheese

        Not all of us live at mommies house like you.

        • flimbus

          I’m writing a play on mommies and commenters….

        • jay

          DUDE you can’t afford a good phone. How the F*** are we supposed to believe you?

  • Yikes

    I hope this isn’t a bad sign of things to come for Moto, get it together Lenovo.

    • Wali

      Yeah I hope Lenovo dosen’t shit on Moto.

  • Paully D

    I would happily buy one.

  • Fairy

    $330 for that kind of specs? obviously a rip-off!

  • Karly Johnston

    At least they didnt copy the 2yr old iPhone 5. Samsung, Xaiomi, Oppo, Huawei still haven’t made it to the current generation of copying Apple.

    • Anonymousfella

      The two year old i5 looks better than the current generation. If you have to copy, copy the better looking one

      • Karly Johnston


    • BD1971

      Yes because if it’s in the shape of a rectangle it must be copying. Or so Apple says.

  • do i smell another Apple Lawsuit :D

  • Anonymousfella

    Could’ve at least changed the wallpaper…

  • Seth Forbus

    aaaaand people say Samsung coppies Apple.

    • Cheese

      People are idiots, that’s why.

  • Vandal Paulius

    Well, somehow Iphone looks much better in pictures, while Lenovo looks ugly. I guess the point is at the bottom panel where Iphone button sits. Anyways, still using S2 with big battery and happy not to wonder about such stuff

  • John Johnson

    God forbid anyone make a white phone now. The horde shall descend upon them like the wrath of god.

    Rounded edges exist on every type of smartphone nowadays. Square edges are rare. The only other similarities here are color and the choice of displayed background.

    Honestly…if the device had been black, no-one would have made a peep…

    Why do people go looking to stir up controversy? Don’t we have enough legitimate conflict to go around???

    • Guest

      I think they have a black version as well. . . just sayin ;)

      • John Johnson

        …and no-one said a word about it. (Because it’s not white, and people would realize it looks nothing like the iPhone)

        Stupid drummed up controversy for the sake of ..what? Page-views? I doubt this gets more than lollipop-based articles around these parts, so that doesn’t even explain it.

        Some people just want to hate…

    • BD1971

      That is the best comment so far.

  • Oobiewan

    1 GB RAM, 2300 mAh battery for 330 USD? Where is that cheap?

    • Cheese

      Kind of like 1GB of ram and an 1810 mAh battery in the 6 for 699? How is 330 NOT cheap compared to the iphone?

      • Oobiewan

        Everything is cheap compared to an iphone. I’m compering this android devices

        • Cheese

          What other Android has these specs for this price? Other than maybe the Nexus line?

          • jay

            Android devices are cheaper than iPhone.

            C’mon man everyone already thinks your a moron, you’re only making it worse.

  • wat

    Lenovo get ripped off all the time, just look at all the Yoga designs that have been stolen; HP, Dell, Fujitsu have all done Yoga-like laptops, and Dell have straight ripped off the Yoga tablet. Etc, etc. Not that I am saying this is acceptable, but if companies can rip off Lenovo, they might aswell do the same to someone else.

    • Frank

      Good point. Lenovo was first to come out with the Yoga convertible designs, then others came out with Yoga-like copies two years later. Nobody is complaining about Dell copying Lenovo.

      • guest

        Copying features is fine. Great even.

        Copying cosmetics is the problem. That’s sleazy.

  • chanman

    Chinese market just wants iPhones lol. This will be the cheapest way to look like you have one. Lenovo will probably make pretty decent sales.

  • Michael Worker

    At least the camera is integrated in the body. Imo iPhone 6 is a huge design disappointment

  • marhensa

    1 GB of RAM.
    then I stop reading.

  • Vache Gabrielyan

    I think this is a very smart step in marketing, Lenovo shows that he can produce the same phone with better specifications, but with low price than Iphone does. So after that Iphone buyers may think themselfes like an Idiot.

    • RF9

      On the contrary I think they might be giving the China market exactly what they want.

      • Vache Gabrielyan

        So that is the second advantage of their step, Now I use lenovo P780, I like it, bat many android users want Iphone on Android OS, why not give them?

    • ttzero13

      Where did you get that better specs from?

  • dray

    This is for those of us who want to know what Android looks like running on an iPhone build…Thanks Lenovo…LOL

  • blanksheet

    Somehow I wonder, if it is possible that a “copy” is released so quick after the “original”. designing, developing and production before the actual release should take some months which make it hard to believe that the similarities are intended completely. I expect that the phone was similar to the iPhone 6 without intention before the release and earlier mock-ups but was ” polished” afterwards.

  • Bob’s Bilderbergers

    This is hilarious! Love the Apple trolling!

  • ahatch

    I think there is plenty of difference between them just because it has a same specs and very similar design I would be able tell them apart easy enough. Adds are similar but they are talking about the same features. If it fit in iPhone 6 case but it won’t because no touch I’d home button apples only differential in phones

  • sid

    Why did they have to copy.iphone 6’s ugly design? They shudve made it look like 5s rather! That was wayyy better! :P

    • Richard Earney

      Xiaomi got there first

  • Jax Spade

    Maybe Lenovo doesn’t feel they have a real device voice yet. Overall I would say that is hella sad and while it pains me to say it I hope Apple jumps on that with something. I can see from that why Lenovo kept Motorola together and in US still…

  • Ruby H.

    The US deficit with China is so large, I’d be surprised if they settle for just California. Apple would be part if the deal anyway so why all the fuss? ;-)

  • Mike Bastable

    Well done Android Authority for calling Lenovo out on this one. When something is so blatant it deserves ridicule. Lenovo is usually creative so this is strange….

    • jay

      Shame on Android Authority for picking on Lenovo when Giggle and Sammy have been doing it for years.

      • Mike Bastable

        bit true really

  • Daniel Bulanda

    I would probably buy the S90 over the iPhone.

  • A.J.

    I live in China and see everything from KFC, wine to movie plots being copied. It insults me as an American. Its not the fact that Lenovo copied design and even ads, its that there are no ideas in this place. They can only copy with minor tweaks.

    Sent from LG G3

  • Darktanone

    Like Xiaomi, they’re taking a page out of Samsung’s book. With the iPhone 6/6 Plus in such high demand and Apple taking in 86% of mobile profits, times are getting desperate for Android partners. Lenovo is about to learn that the iPhone 6/6 Plus is more than just the design (TouchID, ApplePay, Continuity, Hand Off).

  • crutchcorn

    I’m dissapointed Lenovo…

  • Elevated

    Hahahaha that is some funny shit. I like it.

  • Makes me wonder if this is the future for Motorola/Lenovo copying and not innovating not what I’d expect from Lenovo, if so this is very poor.

  • Darren White

    Who cares it’s China. Also what goes around comes around. Not only that it’s simply business, if there’s profit, do it. No foreign companies would dare sue a Chinese company in China, they all knew what they signed up for when they decided to do business there.

  • Kyle Ong

    Lets see beyond the design….(all design are inspired by…)
    The spec is a mid range…quad core (SD400 ?.) +1G ram + 13M camera with 2300mah batt.

  • sraj49

    You can not release a copy so quickly. There is a then around time of at least 6 months for tooling for hardware and probably more than a year for a model to be released on the market.

    • RF9

      I don’t see the copy in the phone as much as the marketing myself.

  • The-Sailor-Man

    Actually it looks much better than iPhone 6
    Not those fugly stripes on the back

  • Major_Pita

    This is a China only phone. China. Home of the folks who make all the iPhones. Most of them will never be able to afford one though. So Lenovo creates a phone that hopefully some Foxconn workers can afford to buy. Lenovo is simply supplying a demand. If Apple doesn’t like it they can try to sue Lenovo. In china. Right…..


    Once you get over any outrage that Lenovo is blatantly copying Apple, you start to wonder what this means for Apple.

    In the world’s largest smartphone market by far, a company like Lenovo (and Meizu and others) can blatantly copy your product and produce knock-offs within just 1 to 2 months and sell it at 1/2 to 1/3 your price. What’s most damaging is that arguably these knock-off products are better phones. The OS will be more powerful and reliable than IOS (no emergency patches) and it’s unlikely that these phones will bend, as Lenovo has first rate engineering.

    This is very bad new for Apple if they’re unable to stop this kind of imitation.

  • the_person

    no protruding lens… i wonder how it fares with bendgate hmmm

  • At least there’s no camera hump :D

  • xFlare

    Even though they are the same I feel like they couldn’t of copied Apple UNLESS** an insider of Apple leaked the designs to Lenovo.
    So unless the previous happened, I don’t think the Author grasps the concept of R&D and Production takes more than just a mere month. The analysis that Lenovo would have had to perform itself would have taken a few weeks to be approved and implemented let alone manufactured that fast.

  • Adam

    Android Vs IOS aside, this isn’t about who is better or who copied who, it’s simply that Lenovo, a very established company with their own brand identity and corporate culture who have very strong ties with IBM have made a blatant copy of another companies product. Yes apple add features from android etc. but at least they don’t just copy the galaxy note or HTC one and call it the new iPhone. It’s the same as handing in an essay you plagiarized from the internet or painting a woman smiling slightly and calling it “Mana Liza”. Regardless of the fact it’s Apple being ripped off (And I have no love for them), if you say this is acceptable or don’t see the issue here, you need to dial back the fanboy filters and readjust your view on copyrights.

    • Hipporama

      You nailed it. The comments in here are fucking cringeworthy. We all love Android, but for a company of Lenovo’s stature I expect better. There are fanboys, and then there are fucking retards. And most of the comments in here seem to be from the latter.

      • Vikum B. Wijekoon

        I fear that maybe lenovo is trolling apple? You know how when that Samsung tab looking so much like apple iPad lawsuit came out apple said that their customers thought Samsung tab looked much like iPad and confused and bought the Samsung one. Maybe lenovo is trying to use that as a marketing strategy

        • Cheese

          Please, nobody was confusing them, if you can’t see the HUGE fucking SAMSUNG on the front or on the BOX, you may be an idiot.

          • NetMage

            Like Samsung’s lawyers?

          • Cheese

            Obviously the Samsung lawyers were idiots.

          • divebus

            Actually, the Samsung lawyers couldn’t tell the iPad from the Galaxy Tab when the judge held them both up and asked them to identify which was which.

          • Cheese

            And as I said, they were idiots. They need to get their eyes checked.

          • Bart

            So I guess you think just plastering an ugly samsung logo on it makes it AOK to just rip off the entirety of the device then?

          • Cheese

            They ripped off the ENTIRE device? Get fucking real. Open your eyes.

          • Yo Pelao


          • Don’t cry about it

          • doug E.

            if you’ve used either device, you can easily tell them apart. For one, the galaxy tab was 16×9 aspect ratio and the iPad is 4×3. you can see that difference alone very easily from the distances they used in court.

            There also comes similarities due to how the technology is used. All tablets pretty much have to be a rectangle. Look at TV’s. All flat panel TVs look the same, and if you covered up the logo on all the TV’s at your local Best Buy store, you wouldn’t be able to tell which brand was which.

            The TV market seems to do just fine without everyone crying about other TV’s looking the same. You shouldn’t be able to patent a “rectangle with rounded corners” and shiz like that. That is dumb.

            That said, the lenovo phone is a blatant rip-off haha.

          • Seemore_Justice
          • Cheese

            Customers, customers were not confusing them, and if they just happened to miss the big fucking SAMSUNG on the front, well, you might be a redneck. A blind, moronic redneck.

          • jay

            or a normal person buying an “iPad”. Not everyone is a nerd like us.

          • MattEgansHairLine

            I remember this story, the reason why it caused such a storm was why so many were returned, the reason given was that it wasn’t an iPad!
            Face, hand, you know what to do!

          • jay


      • jay

        “We all love Android, but for a company of Lenovo’s stature I expect better.”

        Yeah but let’s expect less from every other iPhoney manufacturer.

      • BartonFink

        “retards”? Indeed, this is a lofty discussion.

    • Lenovo II

      “this isn’t about who is better or who copied who, it’s simply that
      Lenovo […] have made a blatant
      copy of another companies product”

      First you say it isn’t, but then you say it’s EXACTLY about who copied who. Which is it?

      • Dan Dorfman

        It’s not about the WHO, he was saying. It’s about the WHAT, the copying taking place. Hard to convey different gradients of emphasis on the internet.

    • PRC = cheap Chinese

      Agreed. The disgusting Chinese copy cats do it again.

      Every Chinese company does this. They literally release carbon copied versions of Apple or Samsung products. Right down to product details, print advertisements, and websites.

      One dirty Chinese CEO even tries to copy Steve Jobs’s dressing, talking, and presentation style.

      • jay

        “They literally release carbon copied versions of Apple or Samsung products”

        NO sir. Samsung copied Apple. So what about the “disgusting” Korean(sammy) and American(Giggle) companies?

        They’ve been doing it long before.

        • 4thqtrmasterpiece

          Naw dude, as much as I like to rag on Samsung, if you really think about it, there’s a difference between what a Chinese company like Lenovo does and what non-Chinese companies do.

          Samsung might do something that resembles the iPhone, but will make it distinct enough to not be a copy. Was it a bit close for comfort? Yeah, but it was at least different in many ways.

          Just like how Apple, or really any other non-Chinese company for that matter, might get inspiration from each other. That’s why Japanese, Korean, or American companies are fine in my book.

          But what Lenovo did was literally take the iPhone 6 and slap its name on the back. That’s pure copying.

          That’s probably why the OP is saying it’s disgusting, because it’s most in the Chinese blood to steal or copy this blatantly and unethically.

          • juggernaut866

            Different chipset, memory, screen, and battery. Must be the rounded edges then.

          • wolverine

            We’re talking about how the phone looks like. What kind of components it uses has nothing to do with how the phone looks like.
            This phone is almost an exact photocopy of the iPhone 6, and I’m not even a fan of Apple.

          • MattEgansHairLine

            Did I imagine that Similarsung paid Apple $1billion for copying?

            The list of companies that have issues with Similarsung’s ‘design department’ is pretty endless.

    • jay

      The new Nexus rips off the iPhone!! The new Galaxy s5 is also an iPhoney!!

      BREAKING NEWS!!!!!!!!

    • jay

      But but but Apple copied the “Mana Liza”!!!!

      -Fandroid logic.

    • Elevated

      Oh shut up and quit bitching gosh .

    • BZ

      You nailed it and also I don’t have to hate Apple in order to like Android. Fanboy regardless of what brand they support make the comment section of any blog/youtube video a waste of time.

    • N&LH

      ‘Yes apple add features from android etc’..So Android did not copy from IOS ?

  • Roger Pierson

    It was 1982.
    XEROX asked the same thing. Same exact thing, when Apple’s geniuses, ( we thought innocently) came to Palo XEROX’ Palo Alto campuses, and inquired about the inner workings of the XEROX Star. With its ground breaking GUI. A machine already being marketed and sold. One year plus later, ( 1983-4 ) Apple came out an exact duplicate copy of XEROX’ GUI on a machine called the Macintosh. Apple had copied Everything!! Down to the programming environment required to get everything working. XEROX even had paid the inventor of the mouse, a university professor from nearby Stanford to come on board with XEROX. Honorably! The opposite of Apple who just ripped off and screwed over XEROX. My count Apple owes XEROX tens and tens of Billions in today’s money. Remember, XEROX had it first. Had product selling. Utility companies, and law firms were customers.. So don’t mind it if us old timers just can’t find a tear for dear old Apple. It’s as if a wee bit of Karma revisits Apple.. History, and those of us who were Stunned by those ” Innocent looking Apple boys”, we won’t forget. We lived it!!
    Ps. Look closer, Lenovo’s rendition isn’t an “Exact copy ” LOL

    • bbydon

      You should re-read your computer history on the Xerox and Apple.

      Here is a good start http://www.folklore.org/StoryView.py?project=Macintosh&story=On_Xerox,_Apple_and_Progress.txt

      • rb763

        But…but…Roger was there! Didn’t you read his post? Exact duplicate he says! People don’t just make up stuff on the internet!

    • hipster

      Ask your Pop to sack your History teacher.

    • Picky Name

      So. Much. Stupid. In this one post. So much stupid.

    • tweisbach

      You’re way off. Steve Jobs and crew visited Xerox 1979, before the Star shipped in 1981. What they saw was demo of the Xerox Alto. If Apple could copy Xerox in a year it would be a miracle, but it took them several years, first with Lisa and later with Macintosh. In both cases it was a matter of using Xerox’s ideas, but many details were changed as other posters have mentioned. The development environment of the Lisa might have been influenced by Xerox, but the Macintosh definitely wasn’t. The Mac was way too underpowered to run tools like the Xerox development environment. Neither Lisa nor the Mac ran Smalltalk.

      Xerox got to invest $1m in pre-IPO Apple in exchange for the PARC visit.

      Also, as far as I know, the inventor of the mouse, Douglas Engelbart, never worked at or for Xerox.


    • RF9

      Didn’t Apple pay $1 million for that?
      It doesn’t make Lenovo ripping off Apple’s marketing copy any less pathetic, Apple must be doing something right if Lenovo and Xiaomi duplicate their marketing strategy.

      *No an Apple (or anything) fanboy

    • normm

      If you took two seconds to check, you’d find that what you’re saying is complete BS. Xerox took a large stake in Apple at a bargain price in return for letting them use some of their ideas (see “https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ferle2Uovks”), and what Apple came out with was radically changed. This was very different from MS, which was an Apple software vendor that closely copied the Apple UI to create the first Windows, and never had to pay anything because of a technicality in their contract.

    • divebus

      You made this up, your timing is wrong, you left out the stock Xerox bought and profited from in exchange for the demo and Xerox executives ORDERED Adele Goldberg to demo for Jobs and team. Xerox gave it away in exchange for stock because upper management had no clue about what they had. None. Copier heads. The Apple guys understood more about this in 10 minutes than Xerox execs understood at all.

      Apple came to look at the Alto, a few years before the Star 8010 workstation. Ever work on an Alto? I did when I worked at Xerox. It worked on popups instead of a top menu bar. Windows had to be opened manually instead of double clicking. Apple fixed that. Drag and drop? Overlapping windows? Apple fixed that too. Apple made lots of improvements themselves to bring out the Macintosh, so don’t shortchange their contributions.

      Get as mad as you want, but at least be accurate.

  • BZ

    Lenovo could do better.


    It actually looks better, they did alot better job with the antennas they don’t look like a bad plumber did them with bathroom caulking which is what Apples look like.
    Before anyone says of course you’d think that way look at your name your an Android fan, know that I use every OS from Windows to BlackBerry 10 to Android & IOS and I like them all for different things and after I get my Note 4 I’ll be grabbing an iPhone 6 because it is a very nice looking device just not those antennas they look terrible.

    • ttzero13

      I hope you realise that the iPhone 6’s antennas need to be much thicker because it is made to be compatible with most (if not all) of the world’s carriers…

  • YeOldeRam

    I’m ok when someone other than apple is doing the copying

  • well at least the camera isn’t poking out :P

  • Merckel

    What a shameless ripoff. WTF is WRONG with you people who praise, even worse, BUY copycat products? One day, should these people ever create anything original, I hope it gets ripped off as completely as Lenovo has done.


    • blanksheet

      have you ever heard something about Apple’s past? many of their great ideas and designs are copied. e.g. the past calculator design of the iPhone was a 1 to 1 copy of a calculator made by Braun. they overtook the idea of the mouse, the graphical interface of their early MAC, … Mr. Jobs was copying so many things without any bad conscious but in the moment, other companies were inspired by their products he talked about stealing and tried to sue them. in the recent past they copied many of the software features of android, e.g. the notifaction bar …
      so why are u buying products from a copycat, selling products with premium price?

      • Merckel

        Nice try, but a total fail. There is simply no comparison between Apple’s past and Lenovo’s latest ripoff. You’re not even good at “reinventing” history. lol.

        Remember, Apple WON $1B from Sammy’s flagrant copying. It’s not the other way around. If you can’t discern the degree to which Lenovo, and yes, Google are ripping off Apple, relative to your piss poor examples, I can’t help you.

        • Cheese

          And after all is said and done, and appeals have taken place, Samsung won’t owe them anything as the patents will eventually be invalidated.

          • Bart

            Courts are lame when it comes to tech, huh? This doesn’t’ make any of it right.

          • Swordmaker1949

            The point for invalidation have already been passed. Now it is in the level of appeal of law. Patent invalidation won’t happen. Samsung is losing in the market in any case.

          • jay

            Samsung has stolen from dozens of companies. Just read the latest headlines on how they don’t wanna pay Microsoft and they still owe Apple $1,000,000,000


          • Toss3

            They don’t want to pay because Microsoft is their direct competitor. It is Microsoft’s own fault for buying Nokia.

      • The iPhone calculator app used a button layout and colours from a Dieter Rams design for Braun done in the 1970s. It was a respectful hommage. They didn’t rip off an entire physical product.

        Apple LICENSED Xerox’s work on GUI interfaces and then changed it massively.

        • Cheese

          They paid for a tour, they didn’t license it. Don’t know why people keep saying this as if it’s any more true. If they had, Xerox wouldn’t have sued them.

          • yoshipod

            Apple allowed Xerox to buy pre IPO shares of Apple so they could also profit from the work Apple did based on the Original Xerox machine.

          • Cheese

            And yet, they sued them, for…..copying. It can’t get any simpler than that. If all this backdoor stuff had taken place as many like to claim, Xerox would have had no reason to sue.

          • links or it didnt happen.

          • Cheese

            Normally, I would say Google it, it’s pretty common knowledge but I’ll be a nice guy.


          • And Xerox lost.

          • Cheese

            They still sued them for copying.

          • divebus

            How did that turn out for Xerox?

          • jay

            I can sue you for copying too dumbass.

            All it means is that Xerox saw Apple making money faster than they had anticipated and wanted a bigger piece of the Apple Pie.

            Apple sued Samsung for copying too. Oh but you’re gonna dodge THAT subject right?

          • yoshipod

            Yes they did, and they lost. Xerox agreed to the deal in the beginning. They never thought that the GUI would be as valuable as it was, so they did not put much thought into developing it and marketing it. Xerox invited Apple to see what they were doing.

          • Cheese

            They agreed to let Apple steal stuff? Apple paid for a tour of the facility. Yes, they agreed to that. They didn’t license anything to Apple initially.

          • yoshipod

            Pretty much. They invited Apple to come view their work in exchange for being able to buy 100,000 shares pre IPO. The researchers who built it were upset because they understood what that meant. Xerox Management did not really care about the GUI, so they ignored what the researchers told them, because they wanted the stock.

            In addition, Apple did not simply copy what they saw. They made significant changes to the GUI, like the menu bar, the drop down menu, the trash can, direct manipulation of object, the mouse itself, etc.

          • jay

            Gosh you’re a moron. Geeez….


          • WRONG. Apple paid $1 Million of stock to Xerox for the right to use what they shared. You’re just an ignorant troll spreading FUD. read about it from the people in the room:


          • Cheese

            LOL! Ok…. if you say so.


            But hey, let’s keep playing ignorant to the facts. LOL

          • cranfordio

            If you are going to point to that article you may want to point to this one as well. http://www.nytimes.com/1990/03/24/business/most-of-xerox-s-suit-against-apple-barred.html

          • metta2uall

            In both NYT articles Apple doesn’t defend itself by saying that they licensed Xerox technology:
            “Apple also replied that while it might have borrowed ideas from Xerox, ideas were not protected by copyrights, only the way the ideas were expressed.”
            ”Apple intends to prove in court that the audio-visual expressions in the Lisa and Macintosh interfaces were wholly original to Apple and duly registered with the copyright office.”

          • Libscansuckmyass

            You trust the New York Times AND stroke off over Android? How’s it in mom’s basement?

          • Cheese

            I don’t know how it is, since I don’t live with my mommy like most of you Macolytes.

          • jay

            Fandroids can’t afford an iPhone.

          • chunkybeats

            We can, we just refuse to pay to be shortchanged…….

          • Darktanone

            This argument is silly. As I recall, from a research paper I did in college on the history of the computer, in the late 60s Xerox saw Douglas Englebart demo his computer system which had the first Graphical User Interface (GUI) and mouse among other features. He’s the inventor of the GUI and the computer mouse. Xerox was inspired by his work and the Xerox Alto, the system that inspired Steve Jobs to create the Mac, was the result. LIke Apple, Xerox did not invent the GUI. They were inspired by the work of the inventor.

          • e550mercedes

            Oh, Xerox lost that case, so what’s your point?

            Xerox v. Apple Computer[edit]

            Xerox Corp. v. Apple Computer was a 1989 case where Xerox sued Apple over its graphical user interface (GUI) copyrights.[155] A federal district court dismissed Xerox’s claims without addressing whether Apple’s GUI infringed Xerox’s.[156][157]


          • Bart

            Wrong, Xerox got pre IPO stock–in Apple. It would be worth more than you can imagine (just as MSFT stupidly SOLD shares) if they had kept it. They didn’t. Idiots on both counts. One, for being afraid to develop the ideas their own engineers had (and STEVE JOBS was about the ONLY ONE to appreciate) and idiots for selling their massive allotment of APPL shares for peanuts.

            Get your facts straight, and quit repeating Fandroid BS.

          • Cheese

            Facts are : Xerox sued them for copying. Fact. You can’t get anymore fact than that but go ahead and try.

          • drx1

            Fact – Anyone can sue anyone for anything.

          • drx1

            Apple also gave Xerox a bunch of stock and cash (or maybe just stock) of a pre IPO Apple Computer … yes, it was paid for.

          • Cheese

            It was pre-ipo stock to tour the facility. Nothing more.

          • jay

            And here’s sammy who won’t pay Apple the $1.000,000,000 they owe Apple and the money they owe Microsoft.

            But NO. Apple copied Xerox in the 80’s!!!! Trololol

          • jay

            The thing is Apple was a tiny company then compared to now. Apple was liscensing all kinds of stuff for cheap.

            A lot of people sold their Apple shares thinking they wouldn’t get any bigger.

          • Lenny

            And if there was any merit to Xerox’s lawsuit, the judge wouldn’t have dismissed it.

          • e550mercedes

            Xerox licensed it for $100,000,000 in non-voting Apple stock, and Apple’s design was radically different than Xerox’s as you can easily prove by doing a simple Google or Bing check, like the link below proves:


          • Cheese

            No, they didn’t, no matter how many times you say it, doesn’t make it any more true.

            “He said efforts to reach a settlement with Apple, including a licensing
            proposal, had been rebuffed. #1979 Visit Recalled But Xerox, based in
            Stamford, Conn., has begun entering licensing agreements with other
            companies, including Sun Microsystems Inc. and Metaphor Computer Systems
            Inc. And it announced in May that it intended to fully protect its
            licensing rights.”

          • Swordmaker1949

            Xerox’s efforts to reach a settlement because Xerox was in the wrong. They had no leg to stand on. Sun Microsystem’s and Metaphor’s GUIs were clearly based on Xerox’s Smalltalk GUI, but Apple’s was not. Apple had in hand the 1979 agreement.

            It is clear Apple would not give Xerox 100,000 shares of pre-IPO Apple common stock, with a value of over $1 million of pre-IPO, merely for a look-see tour of the Palo Alto Research Facility, Cheese.

            Steve Jobs had already had his visit by invitation for free and wanted his engineers to see what he had seen and negotiated an eight hour visit with Xerox management so they could. Eight hour look see is not worth $1,000,000. Steve Jobs could have just told them what he saw. No, it included in the written agreement the rights to what they learned. No other explanation covers such a cost. No theft of IP occurred. The agreement, which is available for review, stated that the exchange included the right to use what ever they learned in their visit. They were not permitted to take any code, or take any photographs, but could ask questions, and take notes, and could use any ideas they observed. It was, after all, a RESEARCH FACILITY. Use your head for more than a place to store a hat.

            Apple hired many researchers who had worked at PARC and some who had worked with Doug Engelbart and used their ideas, extending the GUI. Many of these researchers and developers kept contemporaneous notebooks and one even kept dated photographs of screen shots as the work developed. . . showing versions of Apple’s GUI under development that pre-dated some of Xerox’s work.

            Bruce Horn was there at the time of the PARC visit, while the people who are quoted in the New York Times articles you link to, the ones who filed the law suit by Xerox were certainly NOT there. Xerox could not even find their original copy of the agreement that resulted in their owning 100,000 shares of Apple which they sold after the Initial Public Offering for over $16 million, making a tidy profit for Xerox. Had they KEPT those shares, they would be worth somewhere around $25 BILLION today. That was a stupid move on their part.

            The lawsuit filed by Xerox in 1989 was instituted by a new CEO who was not familiar with the original agreement who assumed the IP had been stolen. . . even though there were significant differences in the GUI and there were other GUIs on the market much more similar to Xerox’s SmallTalk. Xerox’s Case was thrown our for two reasons. The first was that the statute of limitations had been long exceeded, and the second was that Apple introduced the original agreement including the transfer of the pre-IPO stock showing a quid-quo-pro exchange for the visits and the rights for what they learned on the visits. The judge stated in his summary judgement, throwing out the case, that Apple’s evidence was compelling, but that he had no need to rule on it, because the statute of limitations had long since expired making that point moot.

            The Xerox IP theft MYTH has been shot down so many times in many ways. So, no matter how many times you claim it, your shouting and claiming it does NOT make it true.

          • jay

            He’s an ignorant delusional fanboy.

            By his own logic he admits Samsung copied Apple but he won’t admit that!! lol

          • Toss3

            You’ve never seen the pre-iphone samsung phones have you? Palm OS and Windows Mobile came along way before iOS, and most companies were already working on touchscreen phones before apple’s announcement (and yes this includes samsung: http://www.osnews.com/story/26230/Samsung_reveals_its_pre-iPhone_concepts_10_touchscreen).

          • jay

            Xerox wasn’t gonna use the tech so they sold it to Apple. You know like how AuthenTec sold Touch ID to Apple?

      • jay

        Learn history before you make a tooljob of yourself.

        Keep the clowns coming AndroidAuthority!!
        Bravo!! what a circus!!

  • DT

    Makes sense, China is an apple crazy market and most people can’t afford the iPhone. This has the same metal design and quality it seems, but with the value of an android . Very lucrative o_o

  • Blatant ripoff. To all but the most rabid Androids.

    • Cheese

      Other than it looked completely different, had a huge Samsung on the front, totally blatant! /s

      • Guest

        Giggle Glasses not working? Or does your “spyware” augment reality?

      • jay

        Giggle Glasses not working? Or does your “spyware” augment reality?

  • aardman

    So many years after being acquired from IBM, today, at long last, Lenovo can proudly claim to be a true Chinese corporation.

    • Cheese

      Lenovo was never part of IBM. At…all.

      • aardman

        Perhaps I stated things awkwardly but Lenovo was a nothing in the international market until it acquired IBM’s PC division. So that was their identity back then, not as a typical copycat Chinese company but as a continuation of IBM’s proud tradition of blazing trails. Until today that is.

        Now they’re just another cheap five-buck whore like Xiaomi, Chery Automobile, and host of other shameless copiers.

  • 17Viswanathan

    its android, it should be called as development r growth

  • Michel

    To me it look quite similar to an HTC One M8

  • babbling_sid

    Does it bend though :P

  • Rushan

    Agreed, its a copy but I would chose this copy over the iCrap anyday

  • James LaBove

    As a fan/user of both iOS and Android… is it weird that I kinda want one? It’d almost be worth it just for the double-takes you’d get when someone looks at it.

  • Abhijit

    But Xiaomi Mi4 or Mi3 is still a better buy compared to this one in terms of price and specs

  • C Santana

    What a disgrace to Android. Screw you Lenovo

  • Guest

    Kelly is a girls name.

  • booHTC

    I wonder if it bends the same… Looks like they eliminated one of the weak points at the vol rocker cut out..

  • Thiago Francisco Gibran Campos

    Does it bend?

  • Szabolcs Galambos

    All smartphones are copies of GH198/N3210. They have screen and buttons. :)

  • Guest

    But this doesn’t bends. i will buy this instead of iPhone 6.

  • Anonymous

    But will it bend?

  • V2THE1

    Lol! I love it. The author states “come on Lenovo you’re better than that” but I feel they are just smart. They have enough money to manufacture several different Android phones so why not make one that appeals to some consumers who like the look of another manufacturer? That’s all about money dummies! Who’s above making money? I Hate Apple! Point blank period. But if using one was going to generate a bunch of money in my pocket I’d be using it. I just doubt they give a crap about us hating that they’ve created a product that resembles our hated rival.

  • fordcom

    Copy cat

  • fredphoesh

    I’d love to see the apple Corporation try to sue this one… HTC can whip out their M8 and show how apple corp copied THEIR design… a greater leap than the small hop from apple corp>Lenovo, but the point is valid. Apple corp cannot have it their way all the time. The difference between the original iphones and the samsung devices that were found to be infringing on copyright laws, is a LOT greater than the differences between MANY phones these days. The fact that only apple can have a circular home button (give me a fucking break) goes to show how messed up the US Patents office is.

  • David Košič

    After seeing the vibe z2 this is almost sad

  • Kool

    does it bend like the iphone ? :P

  • kickstand

    Has anyone tried to bend one yet?

  • lazyu

    This, by comparison, makes Samsung look like a saint!

  • Applemoron

    Awesome to see the appletards raging.

  • Bart

    Hey, no one ever stopped sham stung, I guess all the other copy cat wannabes are naturally going to follow suit. But the joke is on those who buy these as they aren’t iPhones and can’t run any of the same apps or enjoy any of the services Appel provides. At least they didn’t go so far as to put a fake Touch ID button on it, so it’s pretty obvious it’s not a real iPhone.

  • Justin M. Morris

    As much as I dislike Apple, it does appear that Lenovo copied the iPhone’s design; I’m an android fan for life, but I’m not biased towards matters like this. I just want to know Lenovo’s thought process when they were designing this phone. Surely they knew the design was going to cause controversy, including the angles of the phone which looks completely identical as the iPhone 6. If Lenovo ends up getting sued for this (they will in my opinion), they deserve it. This is unacceptable.

  • Looks better than iPhone 6.

  • Robert Adger-Barton

    who cares?

  • Brian

    At least there’s no camera bulge

  • Bambang Hermanto

    Over 7 billions people in the world, and everyone is expected to come up with his own creativity so as not to be called a copycat. I can understand how people don’t like their work copied and the copy later be acknowledged and perhaps more accepted. What I can’t understand is how people may consider this a blatant copy.

    As easy as you may see the similarities, so can you the differences. Similarities are not the SAME. And if this spurs arguments about patents, I will again fail to understand why shapes/forms should be patented. For instance, iPhone is not the first phone to have rounded edges. Even the most rectangular look phones or the older made have little rounded edges so as not to hurt your hands. Innovations are for the better of the world, not to stifle themselves!

  • Sisley

    In not an I phone hater but If, I had to choose between this and iphone 6. I would pick this phone because 1.) Android 2.) LOT Cheaper 3.) Freedom to root/install custom roms etc..

  • Andrew T Roach

    In China, Apple is the gold standard.

    Lenovo is simply cashing in on Apple’s advertising and brand loyalty. Which is 100% fine, because its China. Ethics don’t exist there.

  • Alfiejr

    folks, this isn’t merely a rip-off. it’s a capitulation – in sheer desperation, Lenovo hoping to eek out some profits in the Android race to the market bottom by mimicing a premium brand.

    but instead it will feel like buying a phony designer handbag in Chinatown.

  • oplix

    No surprise here as Ashton Kutcher now copies Steve Jobs at Lenovo’s shitty keynotes. Another pathetic KIRF company.

  • oplix

    I think Lenovo’s point here is that why only copy half way when you can just go 100%. They are trying to show other Android manufacturers to not be scared.

  • Przemysław Lib

    I always laught at those comparisions.

    With Samsung those are always so SO SO IDIOTIC.

    Come one.

    Apple DO NOT MAKE ANY DISPLAYS. 0, none, zip.

    They buy them at 3rd party.

    Lenovo is free to buy those too.

    (And that judge showing Apple Samsung tabs from few meters to some poor ;) layer? You guess it! Samsung did 90% of visible parts on BOTH. :D )

  • Shane Grogan

    The real question is, will it bend?

  • Wow.

  • jimob

    The iphone 6 is a blatant copy of the HTC m8. Why don’t you make a big deal out of that Android authority? Oh, and while you’re at it, fess up to your phony iphone 6 drop test.

  • Hosni

    Lenovo copied the iPhone 6 for four interconnected reasons: 1) iPhone is the best smartphone. 2) Lenovo has no good ideas of its own. 3) Lenovo shareholders insist on making profits by any means possible. 4) Courts don’t enforce smartphone patents,

    Everyone is entitled to their own opinion about which company makes the best smartphones. Lenovo voted for Apple’s iPhone.

  • BlogC

    Apple launches the iPhone 6, a blatant copy of Lenovo’s S90 “Sisley” – There, fixed it for you!

    Seriously, why can’t you spin this both ways? How could Lenovo possibly have turned around a ripp off in under a month? WTF!

    • The design of iPhone 6 was pretty well-known long before September 9—you’ll see that article was posted on March 31, before which some descriptions of the design had gotten around. The leaks just kept getting clearer from there, and eventually, culminating in bootable iPhone 6 built from parts 12 days before it was announced.

      Apple may have announced this phone almost 2 months ago, but the phone’s design has been clear for a lot longer than that.

  • Keith Ho

    $330 for an iAndroid? Price is good :)

  • af

    Fact – bears, beets, Battlestar Gallactica

  • That’s hilarious, you can’t buy the iphone in China, so lenovo made it happen, funny.

  • Miss_Ott

    wow just wow..

  • logic

    maybe there’s a deal behind that like HTC sis with his phone’s body, who knows? wait and see

  • Gadgetonomy

    Lenovo has created an ugly phone that looks like an ugly iphone 6. That’s the way i see it. I don’t have any sympathy for Apple however, they are an arrogant, greedy and narcissistic company that have done their fair share of dirty deeds.

  • mengy kun

    But does it bend like the iphone6?

  • heyaaa

    lol god i love the chinese

  • Aqwaman

    Why Lenovo, Why?

  • Rocky

    This is the reason I say that Apple fanboys are completely blind …..iphone6 is completely rip-off of Htc816 design
    ..so Lenovo has copied Htc not apple

  • Ant

    I saw this one on BGR:

  • Russ Turley

    The back of the Lenovo phone actually looks better than the iPhone.

  • Fifen

    I feel like they are just trolling everyone.

  • Sebdee28

    Before you reach for the pitchforks, remember that Lenovo was building this phone long before the i6 was released.
    Also, Apple is known for releasing smaller form factor, square metal edge phones for the past x years and the i6 was released only a few weeks ago.

    I’m sorry but I cant say Lenovo copied Apple in this case. To me the Lenovo phone looks more like a traditional Android phone than an Apple phone.

    • abazigal

      iphone 6 cases were leaked way before the final reveal. We even had OEMs selling copies (like the Goophone) before the iphone6 itself. It’s definitely possible for a replica to be created in so short a time.

  • ericsyre

    People are playing it way too sensitive over companies who have nothing to do with your tastes, your ideas or your desires. They all want to sell you their crap and profit off you. Lenovo just went ahead with their more accessible version of the iPhone. So what? Maybe other companies will consider selling their gadgets (who all are alike and pretty similar anyway) at a cheaper price now.

  • I like it. I love that lenovo was like, “silly apple, your phone is so simple, we ripped it off just for fun. just cause we can.” well played, Lenovo, well played.

  • Jerry Rich

    It’s not a decent copy of an apple unless it bends.

  • Pete

    Now we’re left with one question: Will it bend?

  • iPhoneSlut

    Well, blatant copy of iPhone and who gives a fuck about it anyway, reality is that this blatant copy is only for Chinese market and it is hardly going to hit markets outside of it. iPhone in China costs 1000$ so it shouldnt surprise anybody why Lenovo did it and they can do it because different rules and laws apply in China, so all of you that are crying about it just suck a Sisley for 300$

  • Todd

    I just popped over here and saw the article in the RH sidebar. What Lenovo has done is disturbing, but not uniquely so. Unfortunately Lenovo did not start this scheme, and no doubt will not be the last to employ it. I have been following technology since the invention of the wheel. Companies that cannot innovate, imitate. This has always been a sorry affair, but this particular instance is egregious. I don’t “love Android.” I am technologically impartial. Lenovo’s actions here cannot be legitimized under any reasonable system of’ well, justice of which I am aware. I dislike legal action as much as is possible, but sometimes it is a reasonable course. Working in technology(I am a semiconductor lithography process engineer) I see litigation all the time over turf. I have zero adoration for Apple and their products, but the Lenovo product should result in a “C&D”(cease and desist) order at the very least. I hope that Lenovo has also copied the iPhone 6’s penchant to bend..on the corporate level, Lenovo should follow suit..get bent, that is.

  • chunkybeats

    Who cares, its nice that for a change someone is copying Apple and they are getting their just desserts!

    In China the iphone is nothing compared to their home brewed companies who are doing great things in China.

    If I was any company I would be worried about market share outside of China because these bad boys will dominate and Apple and the rest are going to lose out!

    By the way Im a Sony user is very worried about these Chinese manufacturers.


    Sheesh, why are android fans such dicks to each other?

  • Aaron

    Uhh, there are only so many ways to make a rectangular phone.

  • Dhanaraj K A

    And the next lawsuit goes too……..Lenovo. :D Jk

  • keith williams

    wow, better buy some lenovo shares, the new iphone only came out a month ago and lenovo managed to copy it within a month? darn, apple takes two years just to put a new cpu into the mac mini,.

    • Dan Dorfman

      Designs were leaking on the internet for almost a year before the iPhone 6 came out, don’t be patronizing.

  • Dan Tankerous

    Looks like a Samsung Ativ S, just like the new iPhones.

  • juggernaut866

    Must be the rounded edges.
    Hell, Apple must have copied LG by putting a strip of silvery material around the edges.

  • Joseph St.Charles

    I really don’t see the big deal… The fact is, it’s not a blatant copy, their’s plenty of things that set it aside from Apple’s flagship. And more importantly, why do any of you even care about Lenovo’s handset design language? Especially since I can’t imagine any of you are ever even going to so much as fathom buying one of these. Not to sound like a total asshat, but doesn’t anyone on here have better things to be doing. I’m not trolling, I just stumbled upon the article and read a couple of the comments. But I mean really…?

  • iawnaek

    Does it bend like the iPhone? If it does not then it is a copycat that one up the original iPhone.

    • kristin

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  • MattEgansHairLine

    Lenovo and original are not two words I’d ever heard together before.

    Lenovo bought IBM’s hardware business over ten years ago, they still use the same cases from then.

    Why such a surprise that they copied every thing about iPhone 6? Lenovo/Motorola are just knock offs like the rest of roid, ask Chris DeSalvo and Andy Rubin.

  • Shawn

    IPhone 6 was a copy of of Samsung’s Ativ body and HTC M series rear. But these blind iFanboys Will never admit though, lol.