Lenovo Link hands-on and first look

by: Joshua VergaraJanuary 6, 2016

Smartphones and computers are both essential parts of our daily lives but Lenovo is aiming to bridge the gap between the two with its handy new Link accessory. Extending the power and capability of your computer to your phone is certainly not a new concept but Lenovo’s implementation innovates in a way that no one has done before.

The Lenovo Link is a small dongle that features a standard USB port on one end which connects to your computer and a microUSB on the other end to connect to your phone. When used with Lenovo’s software on your phone, it lets your virtualise your phone and control it in its entirety using the inputs on your computer.

Unlike other concepts – Samsung has previously attempted something similar which was limited to select Galaxy smartphones and Ativ PCs – the Link is compatible with any PC and any Android smartphone running Lollipop as long both have the Link software installed.

Once connected, the Link allows you to virtualise your smartphone into a window or full screen on your computer; anything you can do on your phone works when virtualised so if you’ve always wanted to play Candy Crush on a big screen, your wish has just come true.

The Link supports smartphone screens up to 1080p resolution and comes with 32GB internal storage. It lets you extend the inputs from your screen to your keyboard and even supports full PC shortcuts, such as typing a phrase on your computer, copying it and then pasting it onto your smartphone. Furthermore, if you’d rather make your computer an extension of your phone (rather than a mirror), the Link lets you set your smartphone as a left or right display.

Being able to control and virtualize your smartphone using your smartphone provides a lot of functionality and the tiny Lenovo Link provides a seamless experience and transition between the two.

The Link will be available from March 2016 and at a cost of $40, it’s an excellent piece of kit to have in your bag. What do you think and do you plan to buy the Lenovo Link? Let us know your views in the comments below guys!

  • Maff Mace

    Micro USB and 1080p?
    It’s already too low spec for new phones from the start!

    • Steffen Bauer

      Yes… But how many people have a 4k setup to display a quad HD phone?

  • nenslo

    I’m not entirely sure of the use case for this. What’s the point? What problem is it trying to solve?

    • theres a few apps i use that arent on windows, and some like feedly work much better on android, so i used bluestacks for a while to run a few apps inside windows but it’s a lot of effort to install apps since you need to download apps yourself and sideload them (the last time i used bluestacks anyway). something like this would make all that a bit easier

      • Julian Andres Klode

        After years, I have not yet figured out how to use feedly on Android. It’s a mess.

        I need to be able to swipe through all articles and not have them open in Chrome or just some of them.

        • yea it’s a mess. and they change it so much as well its hard to keep up. but i mainly like the android version because when you want to preview a website it opens it in its own browser. cant do the preview thing on windows for some reason and have to open up the site in chrome which sort of defeats the purpose of rss

  • Frankie Bloise

    will this work with any android?

    • Rishicash

      “the Link is compatible with any PC and any Android smartphone running Lollipop as long both have the Link software installed.”

  • Dis

    Does it work with tablets too?

  • Neelava Dutta

    There are apps which allows to do the same for free and supports from KitKat….one such which I use is mobizen….same functions over WiFi LTE or even USB….better than lenevo link

  • שמואל הממוטה

    a little question. what laptop was used in this article?

    • schwooba

      Looks like the X1 Carbon.

  • schwooba

    Doesn’t Samsung have something similar called Samsung Sync? It works over WiFi so you don’t need a dongle.

  • Marlon

    Does it change the phone while plugged in? (non-quick charge)

    • cyrusso

      yes it does.

  • exzi

    Is it like “My mobiler” (for windows phone) from 7-8 years ago?

  • Gustavo Parrado

    Have you guys seen a free extension for chrome called Vysor? it does pretty much the same, and without extra hardware

  • midi :D

    … or use Vysor, everyone can use chrome, then you can use Vysor, no manual installation needed, just connect your phone to your computer using ADB (USB or wirelessly), launch Vysor, let it do its thing, done!

  • Walking_Hat

    What will happen if the phone screen is quad hd? Will it be downscaled?

  • Yash Bhardwaj

    So you’re telling me that Lenovo has made a $40 dongle which does the EXACT SAME THING which Samsung SideSync can do without the dongle? That’s absolute nonsense. Why waste your money on a product when you can do the same thing without it?

  • PhoneTodd.com

    In order to use this device, do we know if the software has to be downloaded from the GooglePlay Store manually or will it download and install automatically once it is plugged up? My store specializes in smart phone repairs and we frequently have people wanting data extraction but the lcd or touch will be out. Most of the time, we can put screens on them temporarily to do it, but this could be a major time saver.

  • Ian Erwin

    I wonder if this would work in a car that has a screen and usb port?

  • I too belongs to Android family. All android products are value for money. Thanks for sharing excellent Information.

  • Tyler Fredrickson

    >still waits for the lenovo link to appear

  • Jox Díaz

    Still waiting for it…