Leaked image of the HTC One M10 looks a lot like the One A9

by: John DyeFebruary 5, 2016


Although the rumor mill has been churning about HTC’s 2016 flagship, we haven’t had much firm information on the One M10. That is, until today. A leaked photograph purported to be the front of the One M10 has surfaced, and it looks quite a bit like the One A9.

The One A9 caught some flak from design hounds back when it was released, with many complaining that it riffed so hard off Apple that it practically looked like an iPhone clone. If the image we’re looking at is indeed the One M10, then those same voices are going to be grousing again.

htc-one-m9-11See also: HTC One M10 reportedly launching with a QHD AMOLED display, fingerprint sensor and Snapdragon 82040

There’s no HTC logo on the front of this device, and it looks like the company has ditched the black bar that has haunted the One M series. An elongated, oval shaped home button rests on the bottom of the device, and there’s speculation that it’s also a fingerprint scanner. The volume and power buttons are housed on the right side of the phone, and the power button looks pleasantly ridged like the edge of a coin, which should make it immediately identifiable with a brush of the fingertip.

What we’re not seeing is the second front-facing speaker below the display, so that might mean that BoomSound speakers aren’t going to be making the cut on this model. All in all, this looks fairly in line with what we were expecting from the One M10. Solid metal construction and what looks like a 5.1-inch QHD AMOLED display. Under the hood, the device is rumored to run the Snapdragon 820 chipset, 32 GB of storage, and 4 gigs of RAM. We’re still expecting a microSD card slot for additional memory, and a 12 MP UltraPixel rear camera.

What are your thoughts regarding the these new shots of the M10? Everything you have been hoping for, or something of a let-down? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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  • Милен Стефанов

    Another iPhone clone and no BoomSound- HTC are dead…

    • Sweet Note

      They lost theyr killer feature. If only they had a Nexus HTC M10 with Boom speakers, well, it would be insanely better than what Samsung and LG could offer -.-

      • Ify Divine Nsoha

        I agree with both of you……….
        Nexus HTC M10 Boomsound + Headphones Beats audio/Boomsound feature + HTC M8 goodness >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> The competition

        • Милен Стефанов

          FUCK NO, DON’T GIVE Nexus line to HTC again, they’ll fuck up everything… Again…

          • The Nexus line was good with HTC. Better than with Motorola.

          • geospa300

            You,re a clown who forgets that it all started with the htc Nexus one and that htc put android on the map with its early phones.

          • Not arguing with you, but times do change. HTC may have started it, but doesn’t mean they get to print out inferior products just because they were there first.
            But I happen to like HTC. Not this monstrosity shown in the leak, but I like them. If they do get the Nexus line, I hope they do it justice.

          • Wolf Haylee

            Best comment so far, thanks for the insight. I feel the same way, I’ve been a fan of HTC since the touch pro series and they have always made great phones. If this truly is the next ONE phone, as much as it breaks my heart, I will have to switch to another phone brand.

          • Ismail Akram

            I’ve been die hard HTC fan but I switched to other oem in 2015 seems I am coming back to hTC again. I hope now there camera don’t embaras me. I don’t use camera much but having great camera in your phone gives you awesome feeling and confident.

          • Милен Стефанов

            Seriously? No kidding? Believe me- I DON’T forget nothing, but don’t give a fuck who started something. Only thing that I care is last 2-3 years (no more) of evolution…
            On one side Samsung go to premium materials + reduce bloatware, LG trying to find right way and even risk to not use overheating SD810, Huawei seriously change their portfolio (forget Nexus) and become third manufacturer in the world, Lenovo/Motorola show not one interesting device… In other words we see progress in general, not only using actual hardware…
            On other side are Sony and HTC… They made 1 good model (Z1 & M7) and since than nothing- same design, HTC in 3 flagship uses terrible camera, Sony produce great cameras but in same time make worst pictures amongst flagships… In same time their mid-range models are average as hardware, but are heavily overpriced… Result- both companies are DEAD.

          • geospa300

            You are a psychotic buffoon, goodbye.

          • Милен Стефанов

            Why? WHY? Are you going to hang yourself? Or blow your head off? Please, do me a favor- jump from a bridge (on pavement) or from a skyscraper…

          • Vernon Dickinson

            umm yeah.. the Nexus one was a blinding little handset.. and the Nexus 9 tablet is an absolute dream. To be honest.. if Nexus went exclusively with HTC, it would be like Carlsberg were suddenly making phones. The problem with Nexus is the mixed bag of manufacturers that are used to make various devices. HTC were making smartphones long before most people here had even heard of them. And that’s coming from someone who started with the HTC Alpine (O2 XDAIIi). When it comes to the balance between power, quality and affordability, HTC have been market leaders for almost 20 years.

          • Милен Стефанов

            Nexus 9 tablet is a dream? How dumb are you? Or some fucking idiot is paying you to drop shits like that? Or you are on shitty drugs again? Or some negro with big dick fucked you recently and you can’t think? Or maybe you are just another fucking shit…

            Nexus 9 is ONLY device that I break intentionally- this shit don’t deserve to exist…

    • Gavin Varitech

      Apple copies the HTC One M7… HTC continues
      to make phones with the design language they created… Two years later
      somehow HTC is copying the iPhone?

      • Милен Стефанов

        Stop that shit- DON’T GIVE A FUCK who started what. A9 is direct copy of iPhone 6- not similar, COPY and if you don’t see it you are dumb fuck… If M10 uses so called “design language” of A9 this mean just another COPY of iPhone- I do hate HTC, but even for me this will be GREAT MISTAKE…

        • John Quincy Adams

          Why are you even commenting? Go away.

        • The kind of trolling we all “miss”. Get a life man. Stop being a hater and use your energy elsewere. If you don’t like a brand, you don’t buy their products. Simple. Throwing shit over the internet just because you can…well…that’s lame.

  • Xeo

    HTC, Why u do this?

    • Marty

      Because you let them down so they’re not going to listen to you anymore. :P

    • Ismail Akram

      I wish an HTC phone with AMOLED display and stereo speakers. I do think HTC will make one for other region. I’ll buy HTC any handset which have SD820. I don’t want to see MediaTek in HTC phones.

  • Chief

    Wow it actually looks pretty damn sweet. The only resemblance to the A9 is the fact it has a screen and is shaped like a phone.

  • Casey Robertson

    I actually think it looks cool. Mind you, I liked the look of the iPhone 5s. Android fan here, nothing to worry about, just saying it looked nice, way nicer than what they make now anyway.

  • Sylvester Echols

    HTC you can do better. AND YOU KNOW YOU CAN!

    • Gio Rodz

      This is what I was expecting. Less space taken for the boom sound speakers, sleek design, better overall specs (display, audio, camera for God’s sake)

      • Less space for stereo speakers is quite impossible if you want the quality and power of the ones in the M8/9. Dropping the boom sound is a big mistake imo. A 5.2″ 2k AMOLED screen, a better camera and better battery life would have been the good upgrades. Plus maybe an even more competitive price vs. the S7/G5.

        • I don’t think anyone would mind a reduction in quality for the sake of a larger screen to body ratio. Sony can do it, so can HTC.

          • FYLegend21

            I agree but there’s people who consider Sony’s bezels still too big – they did it mainly to balance the side with the front camera and proximity sensor. The bottom edge just looks empty.

            As for HTC, if you look at teardowns for the M8 and M9 there’s almost nothing directly underneath the HTC logo.

        • FYLegend21

          I haven’t tried it but I’ve read that the Moto X Pure’s speakers are loud and still sound very good, yet they take up less space than HTC’s.

          The speaker grille design of the M-series looks nice but it wastes space. The speaker itself doesn’t have to take up so much space.

      • FYLegend21

        Moto X Pure? HTC just made BoomSound an excuse for the black bar but if they go to capacitive buttons like the X9 that would be a better excuse and the X9 has BoomSound still with much thinner bezels than previous HTC devices.

      • AS118

        Yeah, what you showed is nice, and I hope they go with that rather than an iphone lookalike. Boomsound is the reason I like HTC.

      • This was the render that had everyone so hype and the M9 was met with greater disappointment because it wasn’t anything like the render ..

      • Haik

        I am still “waiting” for this phone to come true :D

      • maxm01

        If only this became true.. I’d never buy another phone again and would live with it happily ever after :'(

  • George

    f&*#( iphone clone shame on you HTC

    • Wolf Haylee

      Actually, apple copied HTC after they released the M7.

  • Marty

    Finally! An HTC phone I will buy…if those rumored specs hold true.

  • RiTCHiE

    Hmm this does looks good and if they hammer the camera manual mode then this might be my next phone or the LG5 but i do like the 5.1inch sccreen on the htc.

    • Andrew White

      So agree. If there is the array of manual video/stills options coming to the G5 then this little (5.1″) powerhouse should do well.

  • Camilla/קמילה

    A Friend i know will be so disepointed from them for removing the boomsound front facing speakers.

  • Tom Kling

    Those Boom Sound speakers are the best in the phone market, how could they lose those?!?

    Also, HTC had some pretty sweet design language, and now they’ve succumbed to some pretty middle of the road design choices. I get that smart phones are just slabs with touch screens, but at least LG / Samsung and other players in the phone market are differentiating themselves.

    I remember having the original HTC One M7 and loving everything about it. All of HTCs choices since that original release have been questionable and have done nothing to make them standout in the smart phone world.

    I want HTC to succeed, but its clear they have no idea how to.

    • FYLegend21

      Too many people have been nagging about the black bar and wide bezels. They claimed there were internal components underneath the black bar but some teardowns suggest there isn’t anything under there (MAYBE parts of the digitizer but they could move that elsewhere). For the One X9 they finally got rid of the black bar but used capacitive buttons instead which makes the bottom bezel excusable. Other manufacturers have much less bezels though, like Sony, Alcatel, and Motorola.

    • Sami Cooper

      I’m still rocking my M7, into the third year now! I love it. Capacitive buttons mean I get the full screen, boom sound (great sound though the 3.5mm too) HD screen in a 4.7 inch compact screen. I want another m7 with a better camera and expandable storage

  • Diego

    So an m7 with upgraded specs?

    • Daikenkini

      … but removed front facing speakers!

  • AngryGoldfish

    No stereo BoomSound speakers, no sale. I’ve waited for over two years for a true sequel to my current ageing m7. HTC seriously can’t be considering letting go of one of their biggest selling points?

    • Andrew White

      Isn’t Apple doing away with the 3.5mm headphone jack.
      Give me bluetooth 4.1 or better and decent in-ear (with an external reciever) headphones and of course any combination of bluetooth speakers.
      Why the need for a crappy phone speaker/s anyway.

      • Babus Salam Turjo

        the front facing boomsound speakers are what set my M8 apart from most phones out in the market
        I get it that the phone has many aweseom features too, but not having the boomsound speakers is really going to make me think twice and consider other options before I buy this phone

        • AngryGoldfish

          Exactly. I would have bought the Galaxy S6 last year if I new that HTC were dropping the BoomSound speakers. If HTC does confirm they are dropping the BoomSound speakers, I’ll wait for the S7 and buy an S6 at a price reduction, or if the S7 really is a step above the S6, I’ll maybe splurge and go big. The S6 is plenty for my needs really. Either that or buy an One M8 at a cheap price somewhere.

          To answer Andrew White’s question, the convenience of stereo speakers on the phone is immense for my personal use. External bluetooth speakers are obviously going to be superior in sound, but they are an inconvenience.

        • Damien

          theres always the Nexus 6P?

          • Babus Salam Turjo

            That’s what I am saving money for currently :D

          • tommy

            I traded my M8 for a 6P. It was a nice upgrade!

      • THX-1177

        Because BoomSound speakers have more use cases than just listening to music.

    • Sami Cooper

      Haha, same here, into the third year on my M7. Need my stereo ff speakers, I’m pretty attached to them

  • jasonlowr

    That looks like a samsung + iphone. Wtf htc?

    • balcobomber25

      Which both were inspired by HTC’s original metal designs. It is a copycat industry.

      • jasonlowr

        Inspired- probably right. But A9 a completely clone of ip6- undeniable fact.

        • balcobomber25

          IP6 a complete clone of HTC One M7 – undeniable fact.

  • Esprit

    Meizu? Why it looks like M2 Note or MX5?

  • teomor

    Does anybody else think it’s utterly stupid to have a physical button below the screen but still use soft keys that take up space on the screen??? What are they smoking over there at HTC??

    • FYLegend21

      Especially since the X9 has Capacitive buttons. Why not make a power button/fingerprint sensor on the side like Sony. (though it’s possible Sony had patent issues as they’re not bringing fingerprint sensor to the US Z5)

      • teomor

        Why not use capacitive buttons like Samsung and give the screen back to the people? :)

        • FYLegend21

          They did for the One X9 which was announced in December, the first HTC phone with 3 capacitive keys since the Butterfly s. I agree with you that they should go back, but it might have something to do with Android’s UI and Google sticking with on-screen buttons on Nexus devices…

          There’s a possiblity they may announce an M10+ or Butterfly 4 in Asia that has stereo speakers.

          • Ismail Akram

            X9 looks really awesome I do wish they put fingerprint on back and give 2016 spec and features to it. I’ll consider that instead of M10. I think from 2011 to 2014 I’ve been very die hard HTC fan. But now they sort of lost me. But of course I am 99% sure I’d be getting HTC One M10 even I value stereo speakers a lot. But damn its HTC which satisfy me most. I even have iPhone 6s plus nexus 6p, Moto x 2015 pure. But they all are nothing like HTC. Actually it’s more of a personal statement and far from fact.

    • Rob nuttz

      It’s more of a fingerprint scanner than anything else… On my A9 I just turned the home button function off and use it only as a fingerprint scanner to wake and unlock the device. Not a big deal really.

  • Momo

    I think that it was the right decision to remove boomsound. I mean, I reaaaally loved it on my M7 but the average consumer doesn’t really care that much about the speaker placement. As long as it’s not tinny, everything is alright. What the average consumer does care about however is the “cool” fingerprint scanner and not having an ugly black strip with a logo which takes up precious space and destroys one hand usability. They wanna survive that’s why their priority is to make a product that appeals to average consumers. Like the iPhone does….*wink*

  • AS118

    Honestly, this looks like it might be the A10, the successor to the A9. I doubt they’d be stupid enough to make an M10 without stereo speakers. And if they are, well, I’ll see what the Xperia Z6 and the Idol 4 are like, I guess. I can always just buy a Z5 or Z5 compact too.

  • Josh Adams

    I have been hoping for HTC to make a comeback for some time now.

    Assuming this device is the M10, I’m amazed at how little HTC seems to have paid attention to criticism of its portfolio for the past two years (or longer, for some).

    Ever since the M8’s move to on-screen buttons, there has been nigh universal contempt for the large bezels surrounding the screen.

    Ever since the M8’s steadfastness to the UltraPixel paradigm, there has been vocal criticism of the camera prowess in a flagship device. This was echoed by the M9’s sensor lacking OIS in an arena with the S6 and G4.

    While many are quick to fault HTC for taking an iterative approach to their actual design, I still find it pleasing, albeit too rounded – I miss the M7’s slightly more squared dimensions.

    It’s almost as if HTC is intentionally failing to create an well-rounded device. It seems pretty simple:

    Stereo BoomSound speakers – to those complaining about the height of the phone, remove the excessive bezels, keep the screen at 5 inches; the height becomes negligible.

    Aluminium body – HTC is a pro at this.

    5″ QHD/FHD AMOLED – I’ve been spoiled by Samsung’s screen tech, but seriously, ditch LCD. 5″ is perfect for a broad-audience flagship. QHD is de facto now, but I would not detract from the phone if HTC went with FHD.

    REAR FINGERPRINT SENSOR – See the elegant examples provided by the Nexus duo and the Honor 5X. Adding a front sensor in the form of a button (or faux-button) when the phone didn’t have a physical button to begin with is ridiculous.

    USB-C with support for USB 3.1 – yes, that needs to be specified.

    Camera – this is an exceedingly grey area. Broad-strokes: OIS, F/2.0 or better, 4K capability. This will at least get their foot in the door. It would behoove HTC to throw in things like laser autofocus, improved UltraPixel tech, and high frame rate capability.

    MicroSD slot and waterproofing – because why not?

    This list would produce a phone worth buying in a world run by the S7 and G5.

    Or am I missing something?

  • Ronnie Brewer

    I will buy 2 of these m10!i love the design. I love apples design

  • Evans Akorli

    M7 still the best!

  • Shani

    I love the HTC One A9, but after owning the M7, M8 i had before, I seriously need the stereo speakers !!!

  • Javid Nazim Mammadov

    Come on, HTC, it’s like you have no experience in smartphone market. Why remove BoomSound? It had always been the best part of M series. This phone is going to be another big fail.

  • sexyboy

    thats good only if it have better spec than a9.

  • You know they don’t have the put the stereo speakers on the front .. Just put them on the sides of the phone. Yes I know that’s still not the best solution but throwing away your signature feature altogher isn’t smart.. Oh well. At least that huge black bar is gone.

  • riversdirect

    The M10 looks really nice. I might get it instead of the galaxy s7. I read that the T-mobile version of the S7 will use the exynos processor and I don’t want anything to do with that SOC after having owned the S6. My S6 had horrible battery life. It was so bad that I had to trade it in for an iphone 6s. The battery live on the iphone s6 is great unless you heavily use the camera like on Periscope.

    • charlie Jason

      S6’s issue is probably more related to battery size and software efficiency.
      SD810 probably would’ve been worse. I have the 6P and the battery life is only acceptable. Despite the massive battery.

  • Berkay


  • SaRPeR

    Looks like a Meizu phone.

  • TW

    Lack of boomsound is a deal breaker for me – I use it on my current phone daily. Me sticking with HTC depends on if X9 will go on sale in US. Anyone seen info on X9 making it to US?

  • Wolf Haylee

    It almost seems like HTC said to themselves hey, let’s see how bad we can fuck ourselves by making the M10 a cross between the iPhone, the A9 and the last 3 galaxy phones while taking out anything that set the ONE series apart from every other phone on the market. And for good measure we will put on a show separate from the other tech shows just to disappoint our loyal customers, by making them our wn special event to show said disappointing phone…..But that’s only if this is truly what the M10 looks like, I really hope that this is not what it really looks like….

  • Dusan

    This looks like some cheap shit. My last HTC was Desire HD and now I can’t think of owning a HTC phone.

  • nnorton44

    Looks like an iPhone 3GS

  • ssmithjr

    If they replace the two front stereo speakers with some finger print scanner garbage… I really don’t need to upgrade, I’m still happy with my M8.

  • AJ

    Looks like a samsung, would never buy this. Sticking to my m9.

  • THX-1177

    No BoomSound? Bye bye HTC.

  • Skyler Enola

    Don’t call it ONE (m10) if no boomsound speakers and full metal unibody. If the A9 got boomsound dual speakers grills (metal or glass) And IR blaster, I would have bought it already, that would be my m10. The only thing should be present on m10 from A9 is the camera. And we don’t need another A9.

    Just take m7 design (brushed finish will be appreciated), ditch the black bar and you have bigger screen, right size and add microsd, and 12up OIS camera! fingerprint? Put it at the back under the camera if you have to. Thats it, no major phone appearance redesign needed. m7 is legend .

    And it’s shame only m7 has real metal front speakers , m8 and m9 just plastics on front……

  • Chief

    I’d bet a lot of those here complaining about the change of design were probably the same ones complaining that the M9 was too similar to the M8. The M9 had boomsound but you morons went out and bought the Galaxy S6 didn’t you.

  • sprikitew

    should this be true
    HTC 10=One A9 therefor HTC 10=iPhone